Histoire de la conquête de l'Angleterre par les Normands: de ses causes et de ses suites jusqu'à nos jours, en Angleterre, en Écosse, en Irlande et sur le continent, Količina 4

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Stran 352 - I never hurt the husbandman, That use to till the ground ; Nor spill their blood, that range the wood, To follow hawk or hound. My chiefest spite to clergy is, Who in these days bear sway ; With friars and monks, with their fine sprunks, I make my chiefest prey.
Stran 356 - And come o' high degree ; And he is gone to Earl Richard To serve for meat and fee. Earl Richard had but ae daughter, « Fair as a lily flower ; And they made up their love-contract Like proper paramour. It fell upon a...
Stran 351 - Then with a dozen of his lords To Nottingham he rode : When he came there, he made good cheer, And took up his abode. He having staid there some time, But had no hopes to speed, He and his lords, with one accord, All put on monk's weeds.
Stran 354 - I am the king, thy sovereign king, That appears before you all : " When Robin saw that it was he, Strait then he down did fall. " Stand up again," then said the king, " I'll thee thy pardon give ; Stand up, my friend ; who can contend, When I give leave to live ? " So they are all gone to Nottingham, All shouting as they came : But when the people them did see, They thought the king was slain ; And for that cause th...
Stran 351 - He took the king's horse by the head : — " Abbot," says he, " abide ; I am bound to rue such knaves as you, That live in pomp and pride." — " But we are messengers from the king," The king himself did say ; " Near to this place, his royal grace To speak with thee does stay.
Stran 350 - E si m laissan per aur ni per argent, Mal m'es per mi, mas pieg m'es per ma gent, Qu'apres ma mort n'auran reprochament, Si sai mi laisson pres. No m meravilh s'ieu ay lo cor dolent, Que mos senher met ma terra en turment ; No li membra elel nostre sagrament Que nos feimes el Sans cominalment ; Ben sai de ver que gaire longament Non serai en sai pres. Suer comtessa, vostre pretz sobeiran Sal dieus, et gard la bella qu'ieu am tan, Ni per cui soi ja pres.
Stran 352 - Thou would not be sous'd, quoth he, But that my king thee sent. Nay, more than that, quoth Robin Hood , For good king Richard's sake, If you had as much gold as ever I told, I would not one penny take.
Stran 355 - I know what you mean, Come, take your gold again ; Be friends with me, and I with thee, And so with every man. Now, master sheriff, you are...
Stran 358 - And mony ane sings o' corn ; And mony ane sings o' Robin Hood, Kens little whare he was born. It was na in the ha', the ha', Nor in the painted bower ; But it was in the gude green wood, Amang the lily flower.
Stran 357 - Intill a robe o' red scarlet She lap, fearless o' harm ; And Willie was large o' lith and limb, And keppit her in his arm.

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