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Fees of Officers of State Courts.

recording a patent, 87 cents; for a copy thereof, for a copy of the return of any writ, 5 cents; for en43 cents; for recording a deed concerning slaves, sering special bail, 18 cents; for entering security or any personal matter or thing only, with a cer- for costs for persons out of the county, 18 cents; tificate of its proof or acknowledgment, 70 cents; for entering the appearance of the defendant or for a copy thereof, 52 cents: provided, however, defendants, where there is no attorney, in any that for a deed of gift for slaves only, or for a copy suit except by petition, 8 cents; for entering one thereof, there shall be allowed only 35 cents; for or more attorneys for each party, & çents; for recording a letter of attorney, 52 cents; for a cer- every petition, declaration, or other pleadings, extificate of the proof, or acknowledgment thereof, cept in suits by petition for debt, detinue, assump18 cents; for a copy of a letter of attorney, with sit, or trover, 18 cents; for a copy of any declarasuch certificate, 43 cents; for recording a bond, tion, special plea, or demurrer, 18 cents; for a with conditions other than for performance of cov- copy of any declaration, special plea, or demurrer

, enants in deeds of conveyance, or settlement of 18 cents; for a copy of a plea, if the general issue. lands, 35 cents; for a copy of a bond, with condi- 5 cents; for every trial, swearing the jury and tion, other than an appeal bond, the same; for a witnesses, filing all papers, and recording a gencopy


any other obligation or promissory note, eral verdict, 70 cents; for every trial where there 18 cents; for the probation of any will or testa. is a special verdict, or case agreed, and recordiog ment, and recording the same, entering the order the same, $1 13; for swearing the witnesses in or orders for appraising the estate, and for any every other cause, where there is no jury, or case other matter concerning the same, where the will agreed, except by petition, 18 cents; for filing the shall be contained in one sheet, 70 cents; and if papers of each party in every cause except by pethe will is contained in more than one sheet, for lition, and where there is a jury or case agreed, every such sheet, 35 cents; for a commission of 18 cents; for a copy of a special verdict or case administration of the goods of any person dying agreed, and everything therein set forth, or for intestate, for entering the order or orders for ap- making up a full and complete record, for every praisement, and for any other matters concerning thirty words, 2 cents; for entering every judg. the same, 70 cents; for recording an inventory, ment, or for a copy thereof, 18 cents; for filing a where the appraisement does not amount to more bill, answer, replication, and other pleadings in than thirty dollars, 18 cents; where the appraise- chancery, for each, 18 cents; for a copy thereof, ment exceeds that value, and is under one hun- for every thirty words, 2 cents; for a commission dred and fifty dollars, 87 cents; and where it shall to examine witnesses, 43 cents; for attending and exceed one hundred and fifty dollars, and is under writing depositions taken against inspectors before three hundred dollars, $1 75; and where it shall justices of the peace. $1 75; for entering every deexceed three hundred dollars, or there is no ap- cree in chancery, 26 cents; for filing the deposipraisement, $4 37; for a copy of a will or inven- tions in any suit, for each party, 8 cents; for evetory, if the original is contained in one sheet, 52 ry deposition taken in court, 18 cents; for a copy cents; if the original is contained in more sheets of a deposition, 18 cents; for administering an than one, for a copy of every such sheet besides oath in court not relating to the trial of any cause the first, 35 cents; for recording the age of a ser- then pending, and certifying the same, 18 cents; vant or slave, adjudged in court, 18 cepts; for a for every recognisance in court, 18 cents; for encertificate thereof, if required, 14 cents; for attend. tering the order or orders in any cause in one ing a court for examination of criminals and trial court, 26 cents; for entering every order for atof slaves, if the court is held for that purpose, (to tendance of witnesses, 18 cents; for a copy of any be paid by the public,) $3 50; for a copy of a list order, 18 cents; for recording the report of a jury of tithables in his precinct

, 35 cents; for the whole in the county, surveyor, auditor, or viewers, 35 fee for an ordinary license and bond, 87 cents; for cents; for a copy thereof, 35 cents; for taxing a copy of the rates of liquors, 26 cents; for a mar-costs to any judgment or decree where costs are riage license, certificate, and bond, 87 cents; for recovered, or for a copy of a bill of costs, if reevery search for everything above a year's stand- quired 20 cents; for a copy of an account, 18 cents; ing, if a copy be not taken, 8 cents; for reading for entering an appeal, and taking bond to proseanything, if a copy be not required, 8 cents. cute it, 35 cents; for a copy of the bond, 18 cents;

In Actions and other Suits.-For every writ for returning an appeal and security to the office other than such as are herein particularly men- of the court of chancery, or a district court, as the tioned, 18 cents; for a copy of such writ, 8 cents; case may be, 52 cents ; for returning a writ of er. for every writ of execution or scire facias, 26 ror, supersedeas, certiorari, or habeas corpus, 35 cents: for a copy thereof, 14 cents; for recording cents; for a copy of the proceedings of the cause the return thereof, 14 cents; for a writ of attach- wherein the appeal is granted, for every thirty ment in any action, 26 cents; for recording the words, 2 cents; for recording the acknowledgreturn thereof, 26 cents; for an attachment grant- ment of satisfaction of a judgment, 18 cents; for ed by a justice of the peace, returnable to the entering each order for a witness's attendance, (10 court, and recording the return, and putting the be charged to the party in whose behalf the witsame in the docket, 35 cents; for every summons ness is summoned, and taxed in the bill of costs, to summon a garnishee on such attachment, 18 if such party recover,) 18 cents; for a copy therecents; for filing every bail bond, or entering the of, to be taxed and charged in like manner, 18 bail returned, 18 cents; for docketiog every cause, cents; for an attachment thereon, to be charged except by petition, to be charged but once, 8 cents ; | to the party against whom the attachment shall

Fees of Officers of State Courts.

be issued, 18 cents; for the whole fee, chargeable one, for serving the declaration on every other for every petition for debt, detinue, assumpsit, or tenant, 30 cenis; for whipping a servant, to be trover, and all the proceedings therein, including paid by the owner, and repaid by the servant, 42 a copy of the judgment, and taxing costs, if re- cents; for whipping a free person by order of quired, except the respective fees for summoning court, to be paid by such person, 42 cents; for witnesses, entering attorneys, for every order for whipping a slave by order of court, to be paid continuance, and for issuing execution, where by the county, and repaid by the public, 42 any of those matters happen, 87 cents; for enter-cents; for taking a bond or bonds to the creding an attorney in such petitions, to be paid by the iior, under the act, entitled “ An act for reducing party by whom such attorney shall be employed, into one the several acts concerning executions and not to be taxed in the bill of costs, 8 cents; and for the relief of insolvent debtors," 63 cents; for a summons for several witnesses living in one for proceeding to sell on any execution on behalf county, if summonses for all be taken out at one of the commonwealth, or of any individual, if the time, 18 cents; for recording anything not here property be actually sold or the debt paid, the particularly mentioned, or for a copy thereof, for commission of five per centum on the first three every thirty words, 2 cents; for the acknowledg- hundred dollars, or ien thousand pounds of tobacment and proof of any deed in the county court, co, and two per centum on all sums above that, and for certifying the same to be recorded in the and one-half of such commission where he shall general court, 52 cents.

have proceeded to sale, and the defendant shall To the Sheriff or Sergeant, (as the case may have replevied; and no other commission, fee, or be.)-For an arrest, bond, and return, 63 cents; reward, shall be allowed upon any execution, exfor returning a capias non est inventus, 21 cents; cept for the expense of removing and keeping the for serving a scire facias 30 cents ; for serving property taken ; for serving an attachment, or for any person with an order of court, and making making distress upon the goods exceeding ten return thereof, 30 cents; for pillorying any per- dollars, if sold, the same fee as for serving an exson, 42 cents; for putting into ihe stocks, 21 cents; ecution where the goods do not exceed that value, for ducking any person, 42 cents; for putting in or are not sold, 63 cents; for every garnishee prison, and releasement, 42 cents; for serving a summoned on such attachment, 21 cents; for exsubpæna in chancery, 30 cents; for serving a ecuring any writ of distringas or attachment on summons upon a petition for debt, detinue, as- a decree in ehancery, the same fee or commission sumpsit, or irover, 30 cents; for serving a subpe- upon the amount of the value of the goods and na for a witness in any case in court, except sum- chattels recovered or money mentioned in such moned in court, 21 cents; for summoning an decree as is by law allowed for serving any other appraiser, auditor, viewer, or witness, to any execution ; for serving and returning a general or deed, will, or writing, if required to be summoned, district court writ, summons, or order, where the but not else, 21 cents; for summoning and empan- same is not comprehended in any of the foregoing nelling a jury in every cause wherein a jury shall articles, 63 cents; for making a proclamation, as be sworn, $1 05; for coming to attending the dis- the law directs, in proving wills or proceeding to trict court with the venire, and return of the venire outlawry, 42 cents; for selling a servant at public facias, the same as is allowed to a venire man, outcry, by order of the court, and all fees incident, (to be paid by the public,) and for attending the 42 cents; for keeping and providing for a debtor district with stolen goods where there is no renire, in jail, each day, 21 cents; for serving a justice's the same; for summoning the justices of the warrant, 21 cents; for summoning a witness becounty, and attending the court for the examina- fore a justice, 10 cents; for all public services of tion of a criminal, (to be paid by the public,) $4 the sheriff, to wit, attending the courts of claims, 20; for removing every criminal from the county empannelling grand juries

, publishing writs for jail, for every mile, 10 cents; for removing a debi- electing delegates or senators, and attendance,

by habeas corpus from the county jail io a dis- serving all public orders of court, (except against trici jail, for every mile, 4 cents; for executing guardians, where they shall stand out in contempt, every condemned person, and all fees incident to be charged to such guardian,) and all other thereto, (to be paid as aforesaid,) $5 25; for sum- public and county services, to be levied annually moning a jury upon any inquisition, survey, writ by the justices on the county, 25 cents. of dower, or partition, if the jury appear, $3 15; To the Coroner. For taking an inquisition on and if the jury do not appear, $1 57 ; for making a dead body, to be paid out of the estate of the a return of a writ of dower, partition, or in the deceased, if the same be sufficient, if not, by the nature of an ad quod damnum, $1 05; for every county, $2 80; for all other business done by day's attendance upon a jury in the country after him, ihe same fees as are allowed the sheriff for they are sworn, or attendance upon a surveyor the same services. when ordered by the court, $1 05; for serving a

Witnesses. For attending the county courts, writ of habere facias seisinam, or habere facias referees, commissioners, or other persons, for the possessionem, $1 05; for serving an attachment purpose of giving testimony, or on a survey of upon the body, 63 cents; for serving a writ of dis lands in the county where they reside, for every tringas issuing from a judgment in detinue when , day, 53 cents; and those residing in, and sumthe specific thing shall be taken, $1 05; for serv- moned from, another county, the same, together ing a declaration in ejectment, if against one with travelling expenses as in the superior courts ; tegant, 63 cents; and if against more tenants than for attendance in the superior courts, for every

9th Con. 2d Sess.-39


Fees of Officers of State Courts.

es, viz:

mile going and returning, each, 4 cents; for at the cause is determined, including all fees for tendance each day, $1 04 cents; in criminal cases, every necessary service thereon, and entering final either before the examining court or the district judgment, inclusive, 18s.; for every subpæna, procourt, the same as in civil cases.

vided the party insert no more than four witnesses in the same, 28.; for every execution or order of

sale, when necessarily issued and returned, includSTATE OF NORTH CAROLINA.

ing all services thereon, with taxing costs and A table of fees and compensation allowed by the laws copy, and entering satisfaction, 58.; for every

of North Carolina to attorneys at law, prothonota- scire facias against bail, with making an issue ries, registers, and clerks of judicial courts, to sheriffs thereon, or entering judgment without plea, inand coroners, to grand and petit jurors, and witness- cluding fees for every necessary service thereon,

provided that the party cast shall not be subject To the Attorney General.-For every bill of io this unless the scire facias is requisite and reindictment found, or presentment made. £1 68. 8d.; quired by the plaintiff, 8s.; for giving a copy of if the bill be found ignoramus, the prosecutor the record of any cause, when demanded by either shall pay 138. 4d.

of the parties, 6s.; for every recognisance, 28.; for To the Solicitor General.- The same allow- every order or rule of court, made in maiters forances and fees as the attorney general.

eign to the suit depending in court, and copy thereTo the County Solicitor.-For prosecuting for of, when demanded, 28. 8d.; for searching a record the State, in any matter, civil or criminal, in any out of court, 18.; for a commission to take the of the county courts, the same fees which are al- examination of a feme coverte or witnesses, in any lowed by law to the attorney general for the like cause depending, ihe return thereon entering and services.

all other services necessary thereon, 38.; for a To Attorneys.-For every suit in equity, £10; special venire facias, in an action of ejectment, for every suit in the superior court, where the or where the bounds of lands shall come in ques. title of lands shall come in question, £5; for all tion, when the said writ shall be issued, 88.; for a other suits originally commenced in any of the special verdict, demurrer, or motion in arrest of said courts on the law side, £5; in all appeals from judgment, and argument thereon, 4s.; for a writ any other courts to said superior courts, £5; in all of error, certiorari, or appeal, with a transcript of suits in the county courts, where the titles of lands the record, and all services necessary thereon, 88.; shall come in question, £5; in all other suits origi- for making out certificates of witnesses' or jurynally commenced in the said county courts, £2; men's attendance, 8d.; for every security taken in every appeal from the judgment of a justice of to prosecute plaintiff's suit, or pay costs, 2s.; for the peace to said county courts, £1.

entering the same, with the names of the security, To the Clerks and Masters in Equity.- For a 28.; for advertising the distribution of the busireport on an answer, 38.; for a report on an an- ness of the next term for each county, £1; for fisswer and plea, 4s.; for a report on a demurrer and ing the seal to any instrument of writing that may answer, 4s.; for an affidavit to an answer, 1s. 6d.; require the same, 28. 6d.; for indictment, calling for an affidavit to a bill, 1s. 6d.; for a separate the prisoner to the bar, charging or arraigning affidavit, 28.; for a copy of report by the office, him, receiving and entering his plea at length, copy-sheet containing ninety words, 28.; for cop- 10s.; for each recognisance, to be paid, so far as ies of proceedings and exemplifications, for each respects the person admitted to bail and his securicopy sheet, 28. ; for taking a bond, 18. 6d.; for ties, at the time when taken, 28.; for each subevery rule' given for service, 28. 6d.; for eve- pæna in State cases, 28.; for the trial, entering of ry rule not for service, 28. 3d.; for every: sub- final judgment, and issuing a copy of the sentence pæna, writ, or other process, 108.; for every de- of the court, 18s.; for each continuance of an indimus or commission, 58. 4d.; for every injunc- dictment, 4s. tion, 10s.; for drawing decrees, by the copy-sheet, To the Clerk of the County Court.-For every 48.; for enrolling a bill or answer, by copy-sheet, leading process returned to the first court, includ28.; for entering plea or demurrer, 28.; for recording all services, together with dismission or final ing depositions to perpetuate testimony, for each judgment, where either happens, 108.; for every copy-sheet, 28.; for search, 18.; for every dismis- presentment or indictment, 68.; for entering and sion, 28.; for a report stating an account, as much filing every recognisance, 28.; for every continuas the court may, in discretion, think adequate to ance or reference of any cause after the second the actual labor and trouble bestowed, not exceed-court, including all fees

, for every service necesing £25.

sary thereon. 38.; for the court at which the cause To the Clerks of the Superior Courts.-For is determined, including all services, 78. 6d.; for every leading process returned to the first court, every subpæna, provided the párty insert no more and all subsequent process, appearances, pleas, than four witnesses in the same, 1s. 6d.; for every rules, orders, and other services necessary thereon, execution or order of sale necessarily issued, inuntil the making up an issue, inclusive, and also cluding all services thereon, with taxing costs and for dismission or final judgment, where either copy, and entering satisfaction, 3$. 9d.; for every happens, or for confession of judgment, 10s.; for scire facias against bail, with making up an issue every continuance or reference of every cause thereon, entering judgment without plea, includafter the second court, including all the fees for ing all pleas for every necessary service thereon, every necessary service, 48.; for the court at which provided that the party paying costs shall not be

Fees of Officers of State Courts. subject to this unless the scire facias is necessary for calling every action in court, 4d.; for selling and required by the plaintiff, 6s.; for copy of the the estate of an intestate, to be allowed by the record of any cause, 4s. 6d.; for every order or court, not exceeding 2 per cent.; for summonrule of court, made on matters foreign to the suit ing every warden of the poor, to be paid by the depending in court, and a copy thereof, if demand county, 28. 14d.; for services of equity, process, ed, 28.; for entering on the minutes the probate and incidental thereto, the same fees as for the of wills, qualifying executors, making certificates, like services at law; for apprehending any crimirecording the will, and giving copy thereof, 88. nal, 108.; for conveying any person in his custody, for granting administration, taking bond, and all for criminal offence, to the jail where such person other services thereon, 8s.; for proving, and re- ought to be confined, at the rate of 6d. per mile; cording at length, and filing an inventory, account for each perons composing the sheriff's guard, 3d. of sales, or account current, exhibited by any ad- per mile; and 4s. for each day such sheriff shall ministrator, executor, or guardian, or for search, maintain said prisoner; for carrying any sentence copy, or certificate of the same, if the estate be or order, on the part of the State, into execution, under one hundred pounds, 28.; if above, 48.; for where the convict is to be corporeally punished, every marriage license and bond, 8s.; for search- 108.; for the execution and decent burial of a ing a record out of court, 28.; for proving or en- felon, £5. tering acknowledgment of lands or other estate, To Coroners. For attending on every inquest, and certifying the same, with order of registration, £1 48.; the same fees for discharging the duties of and examination of feme coverte without com- a sheriff as such sheriff would be entitled to by mission, 28.; for a commission to take the exami- this act for performing the same services. nation of a feme coverte or witnesses, in a case Jurors.- To each juror to the superior courts, depending in court, entering the return thereon, (except in the districts of Morgan and Salisbury, and other necessary services, 2s. 4d.; for guar- and the counties of Persan, Chowan, and Robedian or other bond taken in court, including all son,) for every thirty miles in going and returning, services, 68.; for indentures of apprenticeship 6s.; 10s.; for each day's attendance, 108.; to every for a special verdict, or demurrer, or motion in juryman who shall attend the superior courts for arrest of judgment, 3s.; for a writ of error or ap- the districts of Morgan and Salisbury, and from peal, with a transcript of the record, 88.; for mak- the counties of Chowan and Persan, for every ing certificates of witnesses' attendance, 8d.; for day's attendance 8s.; for every thirty miles he recording a mark or brand, and granting certificate shall travel in going to and returning from said thereof, Is. All other services done by the clerks courts, 8s.; and such sums as shall be necessarily of the said courts are ex officio, amongst wbich expended by him in crossing ferries. are all notices or writs of scire facias against jury- To Jurors attending the County Courts.-In men, and the courts may allow reasonable satis- most of the counties the jurors attending the courts faction for the same, por exceeding, per annum, are allowed nothing; in some, by particular laws, £20; for every security taken for prosecuting a they are allowed a compensation, which varies in suit or paying costs, 28.; for entering the same different counties, and is paid out of a tax to be with securities' names, 28.; for petition to correct levied in the county. error in grants or mean conveyances, 5s.; for af- To Witnesses.-Each person, who shall attend fixing the seal where requisite, 28. 6d. for record- any of the superior or county courts as a witness, ing processioner's certificate, 28. 6d.; for every shall be allowed for every day's attendance, and search of the entry taker's book, 18.; for copy of for every thirty miles he shall travel in going or every location, 18.; for issuing warrant, granting returning from the said court, 88.; for every day's certificate, and affixing the seal as directed by act attendance in the county courts, 4s.; and serriages. of 1796, c. 7, § 4, 4s.; for tavern license and bond, It may be proper to remark, that the currency and copy of tavern rates, 88.

of North Carolina is fixed by law at twenty shilTo Sheriffs.--For selling an orphan's estate, to lings for every two dollars and a half; but a pabe allowed by the county court

, not exceeding 21 per currency has been in circulation ever since the per cent.; for every arrest, 58. 4d.; for every bail- war, which is depreciated, and for many years bond, 28.; for serving copy of declaration, 18.; for past has been fixed by common consent at twenty serving a subpæna, for each person named there- per cent below par; that is to say, it has passed in, 28. 8d.; for pillorying a person, 58.; for an at

at the rate of twenty shillings for every two doltachment, the same as for an arrest, and, if further lars. In this currency, the fees of attorneys, clerks, trouble by moving of goods, to be taxed by the sheriffs, &c., have been generally paid; and, when court; for executing a warrant of distress or exe- they are paid in silver and gold, the dollars are cution against the body or goods, 21 per centum; received at the rate of two for every twenty shilfor summoning, empannelling, and attending on lings. every jury, in every cause in court, 18.; when a special venire shall issue by order of court, for

STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA. summoning each juror and attending the same, 28.; for putting a person in the stocks, and releas- Table of Fees established by an act of the Legislaturo ing, 58. 4d.; for every commitment, 28. 8d.; for of South Carolina, passed Feb. 14, 1791. every releasement, 28. 8d.; for serving a writ of Fees of the Secretary of State.–For every possession of land, 8s.; for serving and attending search, 8d.; for a commission for a place of profit, on any person on a habeas corpus, per day, 158. ; | 158.; for entering satisfaction on a mortgage, 18.;

Fees of Officers of State Courls. for recording a mark or brand, 18.; for recording and filing defendant's answer, and all necessary or copying any writing, for every copy sheet con- exhibits, £7; for drawing interrogatories in chief taiping ninety words, 5d.; for drawing a procla- for defendani's witnesses, drawing and engrossing mation and copy to the printer, to be paid by the cross-interrogatories, commissions, attending to State, 58.; for a militia commission to be paid by strike commissioners, where necessary, with inthe State, 4s.; for a pardon or reprieve, with the structions, £3 108.; for arguing exceptions on great seal, and recording, to be paid by ihe State. points of law before the master or judges at cbam58.; for attending the courts of justice with re- bers, when necessary, including notices, attendcords, 3s.; for finding the wax and appending the ance, and all incidental charges relative thereto, great seal to laws, to be paid by the State, for £2; for all other services in the cause, including each law, 28.; for a general commission of the serving judges with briefs, and except the decree, peace for any county or district, to be paid by the £3; for drawing and engrossing decree, per copy Siate, 108. 6d.; for making out a grant of lands, sheet, 5d. recording and fixing the great seal, 108.; for a tes

In the Superior Courts of Law. timonial with the great seal, 58.; for registering Plaintiff's Attorney.--For filling up writs, sigothe certificate of a person becoming a citizen, 58. ing, attendance to lodge the same with sheriff

, Fees of the Master and Commissioners in and all incidental charges, when settled before Equity.-For every summons, 18. 9d.; for every declaration filed, in cases where no bail is required; copy of a charge or discharge, 18.; for taking £1; for every extra copy of a writ and potice, le. every affidavit in writing, 18. 6d.; for every oath 6d.; for all subsequent proceedings whatever to administered, 6d. ; for taking every recognisance, the filing of the declaration, or obtaining inter28.; for every day's attendance in court on any locutory judgment inclusive, where no bail is recause, 38. 6d.; for taking the oath of every de- quired,' £1 58.; in all cases where special bail is fendant to an answer out of office, and attendance, required, 78.; for all proceedings subsequent to the 58.; for every attendance in office. on summons of former, including final judgment and verdict. 158.; either party, or their solicitors, 38. 6d.; for hearing for all other services whatever, including the and determining any contested matter, and order whole proceedings to the issuing of execution, inthereon, 58.; for making up and returning every clusive, 68.; for all exhibits in cases of covenant, report into court, but only one report to be charged per copy sheet of ninety words, 5d.; to the jury in each suit, 14s.; for commissions on sales, under in each cause tried, 58. decrees of the court, 3 per cent. for the first Aitorney's Fees in extraordinary cases. For hundred, and 1 per cent. on all sums above; for every demurrer, joinder, and argument on a point drawing each set of conveyances, £1 5s. of law, £1 58.; for every motion for new trial, or

Fees of the Register and Commissioners in in arrest of judgment, or special matter and argųEquity.- For affixing the seal of the court to sub-ment £1 58. ; for every renewal of writ or execupæna or other writ, and signing the same, 28. 6d.; tion, 58.; for filling up every writ of subpæna, and for affidavit of service of subpæna or other writ, four tickets, inclusive, 58.; for every rule to show 28. 6d.; for examining every witness, drawing de cause in arrest of judgment, copy and notice, and positions, exemplifications of proceedings in any motion for a new trial, 78.; for preparing every cause, if required, containing minutes of a decree, commission to examine witnesses, where peces. all orders of court, or for copies thereof, per copy sary, attending to strike commissioners, drawing sheet of pinety words, 5d.; for every search, 8d.; interrogatories in chief, and cross-interrogatories, for entering every cause for hearing, 18.; for at- and instructions, £2; to each material witness attending court in each cause, 38. 6d.; for reading tendiog the court, residing in the cities, towns, or all papers in a suit, 28.; for examining decree, villages where the courts are held, per day, 28. 4d.; affixing seal thereto, and attending the judges in to each witness from the country, including horse court to sign, and certificates of examinations, 48.; hire per day, 4s. 8d.; all witnesses to be allowed for notification to insert in gazette, by order of their ferriage and toll; for commencing, and prosecourt, and attendance on printer, 18. 6d. ; for affix- cutingand defending a suit, by summary proing every seal, and signing every commission to cess, £1. take answers, and examine witnesses, or for other Attorney's Fees in all cases of Dower or Partipurposes, 28. 6d.

tion.-All' fees from the commencement to the Fees of the Complainant's Solicitor in Equity.-end of the proceedings, all services inclusive, surPreparing and filing a bill in equity, with all ne- veyor's fees extra, £5. cessary exhibits, £7; for drawing interrogatories Attorney's Fees on Writs of Attachment.--In in chief for complainant's witnesses, and cross-in-addition to common costs on bond, note, or ac. terrogatories, drawing and engrossing commis count, except printer's bill, £3. sions, attending to strike commissioners, where Defendant's Attorney.--For appearance, filing necessary, with proper instructions, £3 108.; for bail, and imparlance, £1; for drawing and filing arguing exceptions of law before the master or plea, or demurrer, or other proceedings, previous judge at chambers when necessary, and attending to joinder in demurrer, or issue taken, 178 6d.; thereon, including all charges incidental thereto, for verdict in cases found for defendant. posted, £2; for all other services in the cause, including bill of costs, and attending taxation, copy, and BObriefs served on judges, except the decree, £3; for rice, including all charges, 108.; for drawing comdrawing and engrossing decree, per copy sheet, 5d. missions to examine witnesses, drawing interroga.

Fees to Defendant's Solicitor. For preparing 'tories, attending to strike commissioners, and in

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