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of agriculture it has tacitly been assumed that there is
a à demand for agricultural teachers, i.e., specialists who

devo te themselves exclusively to the teaching of agriculture.

It is obvious that such a teacher needs a different training

from one who teaches agriculture together with other subjects.

To be sure, the best work in agriculture cannot be done where

the teacher is burdened with many other duties, nevertheless,

if conditions make it impossible to employ a teacher of agri

culture alone, it is the duty of the agricultural college

to prepare teachers who will best meet these conditions.

In short, it is necessary to know

what the demand for

teachers to teach agriculture is, to what extent other duties

are imposed upon them, and what tangible rewards are offered.

The nature of the training courses will largely depend upon

these factors.

Other teaching duties.

The sphere of greatest usefulness will be in the rural

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the most typical, in the sense of the most frequent secondary school in the United States is the school taught by one teacher. The secondary school in the country with only one teacher outnumbers by a considreable figure all those with five or more teachers. Those with only one or two teachers outnumber by a considerable figure all the rest. Those with one, two, or three teachers are ten times as frequent as those with ten or more teachers and five times as frequent as those from five up to ten teachers." (1)

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Thus but two teachers did not teach other classes, while

more than half had five or more additional classes.


1913-14 Illinois had 116 special teachers of one science only

including 4 special teachers of agriculture; excluding the schools of Chicago 6.23% of the teachers of all subjects were teaching one subject only.(2) Jessup found but 19% of the teachers in 200 schools studied in this class.(3) Courts

shows that the teachers of the high schools accredited by

the North Central Association 39.6% of the teachers teach

5 periods daily, 31.0% teach 6 periods, and 2.8% teach


Since the same report shows that the median number

of units in agriculture offered is 1/2 unit,(168 school

giving that number as compared with 13 schools giving 4

units) it is evident that there cannot be many teachers who

teach agriculture alone.

The official school directory of

Wisconsin shows that the median number of teachers in the

53 schools receiving state aid for agriculture is only 4,


1, Robison.

op. cit. 2, Eikenberry. School Rev. 22:185, 1915. 3, quoted ibidem. 4, Study of the colleges and high schools in the North Central

Association. U.S. Bur. Educ., Bul.1915, 5. p.74-5, 109.

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