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$300 more than other teachers on account of teaching agriculture when in general high schools, and about $550 when in spe

cial schools. Agricultural teachers without college training in agriculture receive, on an average, as much as those with such training only when thet were high school principles, otherwise the average is much lower.

All this would indicate that teaching of agriculture

may be sufficiently remunerative to induce students to make

special preparation for such work.

The salaries paid them

are doubtless much higher than those paid to teachers of

other subject.

However, all reports have been based on a

small number of returns.

It is doubtful if the average high

school, especially the ones must in need of a trained agri

cultural teacher, can pay such salaries.

If they cannot,

then colleges will be able to prepare teachers of the special

schools only, or for the schools in other states where the

state gives much aid. The reports,now at hand, also fail
to show if it is general to pay a premium for professionally

trained teachers.



Certification of Agricultural


It might be assumed from the discussion on salaries

that the qualifications of teachers is largely a matter of

salary and that school were employing

as good a teacher as

they could afford.

But salary alone does not determine the

quality o

of teaching,

teaching, for the average school board is not able to pass upon such a complicated matter as is the pre

paration to teach; hence will largely rely upon the judgement

of the certifying agency and will employ anyone with a license

to teach who meets certain other requirements, e.g., personal

app?arance, church membership, salary demanded, etc. In the last analysis the qualifications required for a license to

teach are the qualifications which the majority of teachers

will have, for the minimum prescribed by law will invariably

come to be regarded as entirely adequate.

In a study on the preparation of teachers of agricul

ture, the question of the legal qualifications for teaching

is very important, and for two reasons:

First, the prepara

tion of teachers in general will not be higher than is demanded

by law, regardless of the most excellent training schools;

secondly, whatever the efficiency of the training school be,

it must meet the legal requirements tho they he absurd and

at variance with the principles of the school.

A school who se

graduates are not eligible to receive the state certificate,

will not exist very long.

Hence, it is to be expected that

certification laws have been a factor in the shaping of train

ing courses.

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