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Treaty of Peace, signed at Orebro, 18th July, 1812 .. (Extract) 125


Treaty, signed at Vienna, 20th May, 1815

Conditions of the Union of the States of Genoa with



See AUSTRIA, Vol. I.

pp. 45 and 53.

(Extract) 127

(Extract) 129


Treaty, signed at London, 26th September, 1816



Treaty, signed at Madrid, May, 1667


Treaty between Spain and the United Provinces, signed
at Munster in 1648

Cedulas of Privileges granted to British Merchants resi

dent in Spain, in 1645
July, 1670.

Treaty, signed at Madrid

Treaty of Peace and Friendship, signed at Utrecht, July.

(Extract) 157

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Treaty of Navigation and Commerce, signed at Utrecht 28th Nov.

9th Dec.



Separate Article respecting a Judge Conservator for the
Canary Islands



Capitulations and Articles of the Peace, of 1675
Treaty, signed at the Dardanelles, 5th January, 1809





Treaty of Peace, signed at Ghent, 24th December, 1814
Convention of Commerce, signed at London, 3d July, 1815
Declaration respecting the Island of St. Helena


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TREATY between Great Britain and Portugal. Signed at London, 29th of January, 1642.*

EXTRACT. (Translation from the Latin.)

ARTICLE I. It is concluded and accorded that there is and shall be for ever, a good, true, and firm peace and amity between the most renowned Kings, Charles, King of Great Britain and John the Fourth, King of Portugal, their heirs and successors, and their Kingdoms, Countries, Dominions, Lands, People, Liegemen, Vassals, and Subjects whomsoever, present and to come, of whatsoever condition, dignity and degree they may be, as well by land as by sea, and fresh waters; so as the said vassals and subjects are each of them to favour other, and to use one another with friendly offices and true affection; and that neither of the said most renowned Kings, their heirs and successors, by Himself or by any other, shall do or attempt any thing against each other, or their kingdoms, by land or by sea, nor shall consent nor adhere unto any war, counsel, or Treaty, in prejudice of the other.

II. That between the most renowned Kings aforesaid, and the vassals, inhabitants and subjects of each of them, as well by land as by sea, and fresh waters, in all and singular their Kingdoms, Dominions, Islands, and other lands, cities, towns, villages, havens, and Territories of the said Kingdoms and Dominions,' there is and shall be free commerce (in which there was in the time of the Kings of Castile, or hitherto hath been commerce) so that without any safe-conduct or other licence, general or


* Renewed by Article XXVI of the Treaty of 1810.


special, as well by land as by sea and fresh waters, the subjects and vassals of each King may and shall go, enter, and sail, in and to the Kingdoms and Dominions aforesaid, and the cities, towns, havens, shores, sea-roads, and territories of the same; and with carriages, horses, burdens, ships loaden or to be loaden, to bring in merchandizes to buy or sell, as much as they will, victuals, and upon just prices to make provision of things necessary for their sustenance and voyages; and to repair their shipping and carriages, of their own property, or hired, or borrowed by them, and from thence also with the same freedom to depart with their merchandizes, goods and things whatsoever, having paid only such customs and tolls as according to the ordinances of each place are at that time rated, and may thence go without let or impediment unto their own countries, or any other places where and how they please.

III. And that the subjects of each of the most renowned Kings before named, in the Dominions and Territories of the other, shall not be worse dealt withal than the natural subjects, in their sales and contracts for their merchandizes, as well for price as otherwise; but that the condition of foreigners and natural subjects shall be equal and alike as aforesaid, according to the practice of ancient Treaties made between the most renowned Kings of Great Britain and Castile.

IV. That the subjects of the most renowned King of Great Britain shall at their own free will and pleasure use and enjoy any kind of merchandizes and trading in merchandize, in the Kingdoms, Provinces, Territories, and Islands of the most renowned King of Portugal, in Europe; and that they shall, as freely and in the same manner exercise their trade of merchandizes in the places aforesaid as is permitted to the subjects of other Princes and States in league with the King of Portugal; neither shall they be more burthened with customs, impositions, or other taxes, than the inhabitants and subjects of the said lands, or other subjects of any nation whatsoever in league with the Portugals, and they shall enjoy the same privileges which were granted to the English before Portugal was united to Castile.

V. That whensoever the subjects of the King of Great Britain shall, with their ships, arrive at the havens of the most

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