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ART. 4. Work to the extent of sixty dollars in value or twenty days' faithful labor shall be performed by each company holding claims, within thirty days from the date of recording the same, as provided in article six of these laws, and the duly authorized representative of a company making oath that such money has been expended, or that such labor has been performed, shall be entitled to a certificate from recorder guaranteeing undisputed possession of such claims for the term of one year; and a like sum of money or amount of labor expended or performed within twenty days of each succeeding year, duly acknowledged as herein named, shall entitle the claimants or company, from year to year, to certificates of undisputed proprietorship and possession; and a company having a mill contracted for in good faith to the amount of five thousand dollars for the working of its claim or claims, the proper representative of the company making oath of the same, shall be entitled to receive from said county recorder a title-deed of said claim or claims, guaranteeing to the claimants or company, their successors or assigns, undisputed possession and proprietorship forever under these laws; provided that nothing in this article shall be at any time inconsistent with the laws of the United States.

ART. 5. Whenever the requisite amount of money or labor, as provided for in article four, has not been expended within sixty days from the adoption of these laws, the claim or claims thus neglected shall be considered abandoned, and subject to be located by any other party or parties.

ART. 6. Any person, a citizen of the United States, or any person having taken the necessary steps to become a citizen of the United States, shall be entitled to hold one quartz claim, as provided for in article second, and as many more as may be purchased in good faith for a valuable consideration, for which a certificate of proprietorship shall be issued by the recorder.

Art. 7. The discoverer of a new ledge or vein of quartz shall be entitled to two hundred feet for his discovery, and one claim additional, even though he is already in the possession of another claim taken up by himself, and the same benefit may be claimed for each and every discovery, although many discoveries may be made by one person.

(The above regulations were adopted by a meeting of the quartz miners of Sacramento county, held at Ashland, January 22, 1857, and are still in force. There are, however, very few quartz claims of any value in the county.)


The following regulations for the placer mining district of Columbia, Tuolumne county, California, are considered to be as good as any in the State:

ARTICLE 1. The Columbia mining district shall hereafter be considered to contain all the territory embraced within the following bounds: Beginning at the site of M’Kenny's old store, on Springfield flat, and running in a direct line to a spring on a gulch known as Spring gulch-said gulch running in a south ern direction from Santiago Hill. Thence, in a direct line from said spring, to the angle of the road leading from Saw-mill flat to Kelly's ranch, near Wood's creek. Thence, running along the ridge on the west of Wood's creek, to the southern bounds of Yankee Hill district. Thence, following the ridge, to the high flume beiween Columbia and Yankee Hill. Thence, following the New Water Company's ditch, to Summit pass. Thence, in a direct line to the head of Experimental gulch-including said gulch. Thence, following the upland, to a point opposite Pine Log crossing. Thence, following the upland, to the head of Fox gulch, and including said gulch. Thence, following the upland around, the head of Dead Man's gulch, to the site of the Lawnsdale saw-mill. Thence in a direct line to the place of beginning.

ART. 2. A full claim for mining purposes, on the flats or hills in this district, shall consist of an area equal to that of one hundred feet square. A full claim on ravines shall consist of one hundred feet running on the ravine, and of a width at the discretion of the claimant, provided it does not exceed one hundred feet.

ART. 3. No person or persons shall be allowed to hold more than one full claim, within the bounds of this district, by location; nor shall it consist of more thau two parcels of ground, the sum of the area of which shall not exceed one full claim; provided nothing in this article shall be so construed as to prevent miners from associating in companies to carry on mining operations, such companies holding no more than one claim to each member.

ART. 4. A claim may be held for five days after water can be procured at the usual rates, by distinctly marking its bounds by ditches, or by the erection of good and sufficient stakes at each corner, with a notice at each end of the claim, followed by the names of the claimants, and by recording the same according to the provisions of article 10.

ART. 5. When a party has already commenced operations upon a claim, and is obliged to discontinue for want of water, or by sickness or unavoidable accident, the presence upon the ground of the tom and sluices, or such machines as are employed in working the claim, shall be considered as sufficient evidence that the ground is not abandoned, and shall serve instead of other notice; the bounds of the claim still being defined, except so far as the marks may

have been obliterated by the work which has been done, or by other causes.

Arr. 6. Claims shall be forfeited when parties holding them have neglected to fulfil the requirements of the preceding articles, or have neglected working them for five days after water can be procured at the usual rates, unless prevented by sickness or unavoidable accident, or unless the miners have provided by law to the contrary.

Art. 7. Earth thrown up for the purpose of washing shall not be held distinct from the claim from which it was taken, but shall constitute part and parcel of such claim.

ART. S. Water flowing naturally through gold-bearing ravines, shall not be diverted from its natural course without the consent of parties working on such ravines; and when so diverted, it shall be held subject to a requisition of the party interested.

ART. 9. No Asiatics shall be allowed to mine in this district.

ART. 10. Any or all claims, now located, or that may be located and worked, can be laid over at any time, for any length of time not to exceed six months, by the person or persons holding the same appearing before the recorder of the district, with two or more disinterested miners, who shall certify over their own signatures that the said claim or claims cannot be worked to advantage, and by having the same recorded according to the laws of the district, and by paying a fee of one dollar; provided each claimant shall sign the record in person or by a legal representative, stating at the same time that said claim is held by location or by purchase.

ART. 11. There shall be a recorder elected, who shall hold the office for one year from the date of his election, or until his successor be elected, whose duty it shall be to keep a record of all miners' meetings held in the district; to record all claims, when requested by ihe claimants, in a book to be kept for that purpose, according to article 10; and to call miners' meetings, by posting notices throughout the district, when fifteen or more miners of the district shall present him with a petition stating the objeet of the meeting, and paying for printing notices; provided that, in the absence of the recorder, the above-named number of miners shall not be disqualified to call a meeting, at the place specified in article 16. He shall at all proper times keep his record book open for inspection.

Art. 12. No company or companies of miners, who may occupy the natural channel through any gulch or ravine for a tail-race or flume, shall have the exclusive right of such channel, to the exclusion of any company of miners who may wish to run their tailivigs into the same.

ART. 13. Any party or parties locating claims in gulches or ravines where such flumes or tail-races exist, shall first confer with the party or parties owning said tail-races or flumes, for the use of the same on such conditions as they may agree upon; and in case of a disagreement, each party shall choose two disinterested miners, and the four shall choose a fifth, who may determine the matter or matters in dispute.

ART. 14. Any compauy or companies of miners shall have the right to run their water and tailings across the claim or claims below them, if it can be done without injury to the lower claims.

ART. 15. The limits of this district shall not be changed without the consent of a regularly called mass meeting of the miners of the district.

Art. 16. No miners' meetings held outside of Columbia, for the purpose of making laws to govern any portion of the district, or to amend these laws in

any manner, shall be considered as legal.

ART. 17. All mining laws of this district, made previous to the foregoing, are hereby repealed.


ARTICLE 1. The boundaries of the district of San Juan shall be as follows: On the east the public road leading to Hess's crossing; on the south the road leading from the village of San Juan to Kentz’s tavern, and the ravine extending thence to Hatfield's crossing on the Middle Yuba ; and on the west and north the Middle Yuba

ART. 2. The dimensions of a mining claim in this district shall not exceed one lıundred and eighty feet in length by eighty feet in breadth.

ART. 3. No person shall be entitled to more than one claim by location, but the right to hold by legal purchase shall be unlimited.

Art. 4. To indicate possession of any claim or claims it shall be the duty of the owner or owners thereof, if not habitually at work thereon, to post on some conspicuous part of such claim or claims a notice stating the boundaries and dimensions thereof, and his or their intention thereon; and also to designate the prominent lines or corners thereof by suitable stakes or blazes. But in a claim or set of claims whereon work is being regularly performed, the presence of the owners thereof, or their representatives, shall be deemed a sufficient excuse for the absence of the notice herein before specified.

ART. 5. It shall be the duty of the owners of all that class of claims specified in the first clause of article 4 (i. e., those wherein work is not being regularly performed) to renew their notices once in every thirty days, except in the absence of water from the diggings, when it shall not be necessary.

Art. 6. If a person or persons in prospecting any claim or set of claims shall have expended the;eon the sum of five hundred dollars in money or labor, (labor to be estimated at the rate of wages current at the time, his or their right to such claim or claims shall be secure for the period of two years from the time such expenses were incurred; but after the expenditure of the said two years said rights shall be subject to the restrictions specified in articles 4 and 5 of these laws.

Art. 7. It shall be the duty of a recorder to be elected annually by the miners of the district; to make a record on application of the owners of the boundaries and dimensions of each and every claim or set of claims in the district, for which he shall be entitled to a fee of fifty cents for each record. On the sale or transfer of any claim in this district it shall be the duty of the purchaser to have such sale or transfer recorded.

ART. 8. It shall be the duty of all owners of claims that have been located or purchased previous to the date of this meeting to have such claim recorded on or before the first day of December, A. D. 1854, and all claims located or purchased after the date of this meeting shall be recorded within one week from the time of said location or purchase.

The above regulations were adopted on the 5th November, 1854. North San Juan is the largest hydraulic mining district in California.


The following are the regulations of the placer district of Pilot Hill, Calaveras county, California :

SECTION 1. Each tunnelling and shafting claim shall consist of one hundred feet in width to the man, and running through the hill on a parallel line with the commencement of the tunnel.

SEC. 2. That each company holding tunnel or shafting claims, in order to hold the same, shall be required to perform work to the amount of twenty-five dollars each week for a period not to exceed twelve months.

Sec. 3. That each gulch claim shall consist of one hundred and fifty feet in length by fifty in width to each man.

SEC 4. That each surface claim shall consist of two hundred feet in length by one hundred feet in width to the man.

Sec. 5. That each gulch aud surface claim shall be worked within three days after the date of location, if water can be obtained.

Sec. 6. That each tunnelling, shafting, gulch, and surface claim shall be marked off by stakes, or other marks, so that the boundaries of each claim can be distinctly traced.

(Pilot Hill and Kanaka Camp are not important districts, but their regulations are peculiar in some respects, and are therefore given here.)


The following are the regulations of New Kanaka Camp, in Tuolumne county: ARTICLE 1. (This article describes the boundaries of the district.]

ART. 2. Creek claims shall be two hundred feet in length, and from bank to bank.

ART. 3. Gulch or ravine claims shall be two hundred feet in length and fifty in width.

Art. 4. All claims on bars or flats shall be two feet in length and fifty feet in width.

ART. 5. It shall be required that all claims be worked one full day in three, when permanent water can be had, except in cases of sickness or legal cause.

ART. 6. All miners are entitled to one claim by pre-emption and one by purchase; provided such claims purchased shall be, on investigation, found to have been obtained in a legal or bona fide manner.

ART. 7. Chinamen shall not be allowed to own claims in this district, either by purchase or pre-emption.

ART. 8. All persons who find it necessary to cut a tail-race to their claims shall have the privilege of cutting through any ground below them, owned by other parties, provided it will not result to the injury of such parties.

ART. 9. It shall be required of all persons owning claims in this district to: designate the boundaries of said claims by digging a trench around the same.

ART. 10. All disputes arising in regard to mining shall be left to arbitration, each party to choose one man, and, in case of disagreement, they to choose an umpire.

ĀRT. 11. Arbitrators in all cases, for services, shall be paid for all time consumed at the rate of three dollars per day.

H. Ex. Doc. 29-16

Art. 12. All claims may be laid over, by having the same recorded, from the time ditch-water fails until it can be obtained again.

ART. 13. A recorder shall be chosen, whose duty shall be to keep a book of records, with the number of each claim recorded, from one to an unlimited number. It shall also be the duty of said recorder to go on to each and every claim recorded and post at either end of each claim a piece of tin, with the number stamped thereon, corresponding with the number on the book of record.


ARTICLE 1. This district shall be known as the Copper Cañon district.

ART. 2. The boundaries of this district shall be as follows, viz: Bounded on the north by the Angels' trail, east by Empire district, south by the O'Byrne Ferry district, and west by Black Oak, Four Spring Run, and Four Spring district.

AR'r. 3. A miner shall be entitled to one claim by location on a lead of one hundred and fifty feet in length and three hundred feet in width. Any miner discovering a new lead or vein shall be entitled to an extra claim of the above


ART. 4. Claims shall be duly staked at each end, with at least one notice posted in a conspicuous place on the claim, with all the claimants' names therein, and such a notice shall be posted up as aforesaid once a year at least, and during the month of August, in the presence of witnesses.

ART. 5. Companies of miners having adjoining claims, and working together only one of such claims, shall hold good the balance of claims.

ÅRT. 6. All claims, whether obtained by location or purchase, shall be represented in person or by proxy whenever they can be worked in conformity with the laws hereby prescribed.

ART. 7. There shall be one day's work done on each claim, or company's claim, once a month, commencing on the 1st of May and terminating on the 1st of December.

Art. 8. No claim shall be forfeited by sickness or legal inability of the claimant.

9. There shall be a recorder elected, whose duty it shall be to keep a correct copy of all claims in the district. It shall be the recorder's duty to visit the claims in person, and give an accurate description, landmarks, and also names of company occurring therein. His fee shall be fifty cents per claim.

ART. 10. When any dispute shall arise respecting claims in the district, each party shall select a disinterested miner to act as arbitrator to settle the matter in dispute, and if said arbitrators shall be unable to agree they shall choose another miner or referee, whose decision shall be final. All arbitrators and referees shall be chosen from the miners of this district.

Adopted August 3, 1860. .


The following are the main sections of a statute of the State of Nevada approved February 27, 1866 :

SECTION 1. Any six or more persons who are males of the age of twenty-one years and upwards, holding mining claims in any mining district, or who hold mineral lands not within the boundaries of any established mining district, may form a new mining district embracing said claims, at a meeting of such person's to be called by posting for five days in at least five conspicuous places within the limits of such proposed new district notices in writing stating the place and time for holding such meeting, describing as near as may be the limits of such proposed new district, and signed by not less than five of such persons. At

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