The Career, Last Voyage, and Fate of Captain Sir John Franklin

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Bradbury and Evans, 1860 - 111 strani

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Stran 86 - On England's annals, through the long Hereafter of her speech and song, That light its rays shall cast From portals of the past. A Lady with a Lamp shall stand In the great history of the land, A noble type of good, Heroic womanhood.
Stran 4 - Athens learn'd to please, To keen the wit, and to sublime the heart, In all supreme ! complete in every part ! It was not thence majestic Rome arose, And o'er the nations shook her conquering dart: . For sluggard's brow the laurel never grows ; Renown is not the child of indolent Repose.
Stran 85 - Captain M'Clintock's journals, how a woman's devoted love, and a generous nation's sympathy, at last cleared up the mystery which once hung over the voyage of her Majesty's ships Erebus and Terror, and secured to Franklin and his followers the honour for which they died — that of being the First Discoverers of the North- West Passa9e.
Stran 23 - ... from their birth to cold, fatigue, and hunger, no less than ten (native landsmen) were so subdued by the aggravation of those evils to which they had been habituated, as to give themselves up to indifference, insubordination, and despair, and finally, to sink down and die ; whilst of five British seamen, unaccustomed to the severity of the climate, and the hardships attending it, one only fell, and that one by the murderous hand of an assassin.
Stran 81 - ... and the brave. Bodily endurance has its limits, devotion to one's brother man its bounds, and halfway between Cape Victory where they landed, and Cape Herschel, it becomes apparent that if any are to be saved there must be a division of the party, and that the weak and disabled must stay behind, or return to the ships. One of the large boats is here turned with her bow northward, some stay here, the rest push on. Of those who thus remained, or tried to return, all we know is, that in long years...
Stran 22 - Franklin adds another to the many splendid records of the enterprize, zeal, and energy of British seamen — of that cool and intrepid conduct, which never forsakes them on occasions the most trying — that unshaken constancy and perseverance in situations the most arduous, the most distressing, and sometimes the most hopeless that can befal human beings...
Stran 36 - England, in order that the expedition might be completed with every necessary up to the latest moment before entering the polar ice. That voyage of thirty days had served to make the officers and men thoroughly acquainted with their chief, and with each other. Of him the warm-hearted Fitzjames writes: " That Sir John was delightful ; that all had become very fond of him, and that he appeared remarkable for energetic decision in an emergency. The officers were remarkable for good feeling, good humour,...
Stran 35 - I might find a good excuse for not letting you go, Sir John," said the peer, " in the tell-tale record which informs me that you are sixty years of age.
Stran 104 - None of these people had been there since 1857-58, at which time they said but little remained, their countrymen having carried away almost everything. Most of our information was received from an intelligent old woman : she said it was in the fall of the year that the ship was forced ashore ; many of the white men dropped by the way, as they went towards the Great River, but this was only known to them in the winter following, when their bodies were discovered. They all assured us that we would...
Stran 34 - Land : his sensitive and generous spirit chafed under the unmerited treatment he had experienced from the then Secretary of State for the Colonies, and sick of civil employment, he naturally turned again to his profession, as a better field for the ability and devotion he had wasted on a thankless office. Sanguine of success, forgetful of past suffering, he claimed his right to command the latest, as he had led the earliest, of modern Arctic expeditions. Directly it was known that he would go if...

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