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GUSTAVE FAUCHEUX, Bachelier ès Lettres, Bachelier ès Sciences, Instructor in French, 1226 Sacramento Street, San Francisco.

LOREN EDWARD HUNT, B.S., Instructor in Civil Engineering,

2625 Ridge Road, Berkeley.

SAMUEL ALEXANDER CHAMBERS, M.A., Instructor in French,

2223 Atherton Street, Berkeley.

MARTIN CHARLES FLAHERTY, Ph.B., Instructor in Argumentation,

2626 Durant Avenue, Berkeley.

HERBERT CHEster Nutting, Ph.D., Instructor in Latin,

2125 Cedar Street, Berkeley.

JAMES TURNEY ALLEN, Ph.D., Instructor in Greek and Classical Archaeology, 1633 Arch Street, Berkeley.

SIDNEY DEAN TOWNLEY, Sc.D., Instructor in Practical Astronomy, 2023 Bancroft Way, Berkeley.

ERNEST JULIUS WILCZYNSKI, Ph.D., Instructor in Mathematics,

2337 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley.

ALBERT WURTS WHITNEY, A.B., Instructor in Mathematics,

2630 Haste Street, Berkeley.

WILLIAM PEPPERELL MONTAGUE, Ph.D., Instructor in Philosophy, 2708 Haste Street, Berkeley.

ERNEST CARROLL MOORE, LL.B., Ph.D., Instructor in Education, 1526 Taylor Street, San Francisco.

WALTER SPANGENBERG MORLEY, B.S., Instructor in Assaying and Mill 2403 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley.


FRANK WATTS BANCROFT, Ph.D., Instructor in Physiology,

2513 Bancroft Way, Berkeley.

JOHN HENRY BARBAT, Ph.G., M.D., Instructor in Surgery and Surgical 590 Sutter Street, San Francisco.

Anatomy (M),

EDWARD BOOTH, Ph.B., Instructor in Chemistry,

1214 Harrison Street, Oakland.

WILLIAM JAMES HAWKINS, M.D., Instructor in Physiology (M),
Emma Spreckels Building, San Francisco.

RICHARD MARTIN HERMAN BERNDT, M.D., Instructor in Therapeutics 759 Folsom Street, San Francisco.


ALBERT EDWARD CHANDLER, B.S., Instructor in Civil Engineering, 1501 Ridge Road, Berkeley.

WILLIAM SCOTT FERGUSON, Ph.D., Instructor in Greek and Roman 2275 Piedmont Avenue, Berkeley.


GEORGE HENRY BOKE, M.A., Instructor in Jurisprudence,

University Terrace, Berkeley.

DERRICK NORMAN LEHMER, Ph.D., Instructor in Mathematics,

2924 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley.

WILLIAM AUGUSTUS LYNN, B.S., Instructor in Electrical Engineering,

Mechanics Building, Berkeley.

GEORGE BULKELEY WAKEMAN, Ph.D., Instructor in History,

2624 Bancroft Way, Berkeley.

EDWIN MORTIMER BLAKE, M.E., Ph.D., Instructor in Mathematics,

1910 Addison Street, Berkeley.

LEROY ANDERSON, M.S.A., Instructor in Dairy Husbandry,

2530 College Avenue, Berkeley.

WILLSON JOSEPH WYTHE, B.S., Instructor in Drawing,

825 Fourteenth Street, Oakland.

CHARLES REUBEN KEYES, M.A., Instructor in German,

2401 LeConte Avenue, Berkeley.

LINCOLN HUTCHINSON, M.A., Instructor in Commercial Geography,

2727 Bancroft Way, Berkeley.

ARTHUR STARR EAKLE, Ph.D., Instructor in Mineralogy,

2508 Benvenue Avenue, Berkeley.

GEORGE FREDERICK REINHARDT, B.S., M.D., Instructor in Physical 2327 Bancroft Way, Berkeley.


GEORGE RAPALL NOYES, Ph.D., Instructor in English and Russian,

2223 Atherton Street, Berkeley.


2440 Hilgard Avenue, Berkeley.

WILLIAM HENRY GORRILL, M.A., LL.B., Instructor in Law,

464 Prospect Avenue, Oakland.

THOMAS STANLEY SIMONDS, Ph.D., Instructor in Latin,

2245 Piedmont Avenue, Berkeley.

CHARLES ALBERT NOBLE, Ph.D., Instructor in Mathematics,

2727 Bancroft Way, Berkeley.

HARRY ALLEN ÖVERSTREET, A.B., B.Sc., Instructor in Philosophy,

1901 Milvia Street, Berkeley.

HARRY BEAL TORREY, M.S., Instructor in Zoölogy,

East Hall, Berkeley.


2530 College Avenue, Berkeley

HENRY CHALMERS BIDDLE, Ph.D., Instructor in Chemistry,

2821 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley.

WILLIAM CONGER MORGAN, Ph.D., Instructor in Chemistry,

2121 Durant Avenue, Berkeley.

GEORGE KIMBALL BURGESS, Sc.D., Instructor in Physics,

2747 Channing Way, Berkeley.

CHARLES CURTIS MAJOR, M.E., Instructor in Mechanical Engineering, 2523 Hilgard Avenue, Berkeley.

HENRY WASHINGTON PRESCOTT, Ph.D., Instructor in Latin,

2629 Haste Street, Berkeley.

GAILLARD THOMAS LAPSLEY, Ph.D., Instructor in History,

2223 Atherton Street, Berkeley.

CARLOS BRANSBY, M.A., Instructor in Spanish,

2727 Dwight Way, Berkeley.

THOMAS MILTON PUTNAM, Ph.D., Instructor in Mathematics,

2120 Channing Way, Berkeley.

IRVING HARDESTY, Ph.D., Instructor in Anatomy (M),

404 Central Avenue, San Francisco.

JOHN WILLIAM BASORE, Ph.D., Instructor in Latin,

2222 Atherton Street, Berkeley.

JOHN HENRY DYE, B.S., Instructor in Civil Engineering,

2445 Channing Way, Berkeley.

ALFRED LOUIS KROEBER, Ph.D., Instructor in Anthropology,

443 Eddy Street, San Francisco.

JOHN HECTOR MCDONALD, Ph.D., Instructor in Mathematics,

2200 Durant Avenue, Berkeley.


During the Summer Session of 1901:

BARRETT WENDELL, A.B., Professor of English in Harvard University: English Literature of the Elizabethan Period; and English Composition.

JOHN DEWEY, Ph.D., Professor and Head of the Department of Philosophy in the University of Chicago: Educational Psychology.

HENRY MORSE STEPHENS, M.A., Professor of Modern European and English History in Cornell University: History of British Rule in Asia; and, History of British Colonies and Colonial Policy. LIBERTY HYDE BAILEY, M.S., Professor of General and Experimental Horticulture in Cornell University: Principles of Nature Study; and, American Horticulture.

EWALD FLÜGEL, Ph.D., Professor of English Philology in Leland Stanford Junior University: Historical Grammar of the English Language; Interpretation of the Prologue to the Canterbury Tales; and, Lectures and Interpretations.

JAMES EARL RUSSELL, Ph.D., Professor of the History of Education and Dean of the Teachers' College in Columbia University: School Administration; and, Conference on School Administration.

Education in Leland Stanford Junior University: School
Administration; and, Conference on School Administration.

Hon. JOHN D. WORKS, Los Angeles: Legal Problems of Irrigation.

WILLIAM THOMAS, President of the California Water and Forest Association: The Work of the Association.

LEWIS ALBERT HICKS, C.E., Berkeley: Pumping Water for Irrigation.

During the first half-year of 1901-02:

CASPAR RENÉ GREGORY, Ph.D., D.Th., LL.D., Professor in Theology in the University of Leipzig: Education and Social Progress in Germany.

GOLDSWORTHY LOWES DICKINSON, M.A., Fellow and Lecturer, King's College, Cambridge; and Lecturer at the London School of Economics and Political Science: The White Man's Burden; and, Self-Government in the British Empire.

FRANCIS MELBOURNE GREENE, B.L., Lecturer on Art: The History of Art.

MAXIME KOVALEVSKI, Corresponding Member of the Russian Imperial Academy of Sciences: Social Institutions of the Russian Peasantry.

ALFRED CORT HADDON, M.A., Sc.D., F.R.S., University Lecturer in Ethnology, Cambridge; Hearst Lecturer in Anthropology: Primitive Peoples; Ethnographical Studies in British New Guinea and Sarawak.

During the second half-year of 1901-02:

MAX UHLE, Ph.D., Hearst Lecturer in Anthropology, and Director of the Excavations and Explorations of the University of California in Peru: Ancient Civilizations of Peru.

J. D. LIPPINCOTT, Resident Hydrographer of the United States Geological Survey at Los Angeles: Hydrography.

FRANCIS MELBOURNE GREENE, B.L., Lecturer on Art: The History of Art.

Monsieur HUGUES LEROUX, Lecturer for 1902 of the Cercle Français of Harvard University: Le Roman Contemporain.

SAMUEL ARTHUR KING, M.A., Lecturer on Public Speaking: The Essentials of Public Speaking.



1711 Euclid Avenue, Berkeley.

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