Handy Helps, No. 1: A Manual of Curious and Interesting Information

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E.L. Kellogg, 1886 - 286 strani

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Stran 52 - March" he did not doubt of a full house; that the poets of the theatrical corps had been trying to accomplish it, but had not succeeded.
Stran 80 - THE first thing we have to say respecting what are called new views here in New England, at the present time, is, that they are not new, but the very oldest of thoughts cast into the mould of these new times.
Stran 181 - Take counsel, execute judgment; Make thy shadow as the night in the midst of the noonday ; Hide the outcasts ; bewray not him that wandereth. Let mine outcasts dwell with thee, Moab ; Be thou a covert to them from the face of the spoiler : For the extortioner is at an end, the spoiler ceaseth, The oppressors are consumed out of the land.
Stran 263 - The uniformity of the copies increased the wonder. Informations were given in to the magistrates against him as a magician ; and in searching his lodgings a great number of copies were found. The red ink, and Fust's red ink is peculiarly brilliant, which embellished his copies, was said to be his blood ; and it was solemnly adjudged that he was in league with the Infernals.
Stran 56 - M'Henry, which the Admiral had boasted that he would carry in a few hours, and that the city must fall. He watched the flag at the fort through the whole day with an anxiety that can be better felt than described, until the night prevented him from seeing it. In the night he watched the bomb-shells, and at early dawn his eye was again greeted by the proudly-waving flag of his country.] Tune— ANACREON IN HEAVEN.
Stran 52 - ... and the violence of the spirit of party has never risen higher, I think not so high, in our country, as it did at that time, upon that question.
Stran 175 - Give me leave, my dear General, to present you with a picture of the Bastille, just as it looked a few days after I had ordered its demolition, with the main key of the fortress of despotism. It is a tribute, which I owe as a son to my adopted father, as an aid-de-camp to my general, as a missionary of liberty to its patriarch.
Stran 53 - The object of the author was to get up an American spirit, which should be independent of, and above the interests, passions and policy of both belligerents, and look and feel exclusively for our own honor and rights.
Stran 66 - The title did not, here, first belong to the descendants of Spanish, but of French settlers. But such a meaning implied a certain excellence of origin, and so 'came early to include any native, of French or Spanish descent by either parent, whose non-alliance with the slave race entitled him to social rank. Later, the term was adopted by — not conceded to — the natives of mixed blood, and is still so used among 'themselves.
Stran 76 - Out of the eater came forth meat, and out of the strong came forth sweetness.

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