A Digest of the Reported Decisions of the Superior Court of the Late Territory of Orleans ; the Late Court of Errors and Appeals ; and the Supreme Court of the State of Louisiana: Contained in the Fifty-six Volumes of Reports, from First Martin to Sixth Louisiana Annual, Količina 2

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Charles C. Little and James Brown, 1852 - 1747 strani

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Stran 1318 - ... as they are derived from, or founded on any act of congress, ever after be barred and become void, and the evidences of their claims never after admitted as evidence in any court of the United States, against any grant derived from the United States.
Stran 1104 - When one or more persons make an obligation to several persons for the performance of something for the common benefit of all the obligees, it creates an obligation which is joint in favour of the obligees.
Stran 890 - Agency, sec. 192. He is in general bound to obey the orders of his principal exactly, if they be imperative and not discretionary ; and in order to make it the duty of a factor to obey an order it is not necessary that it should be given...
Stran 1332 - Congress has the sole power to declare the dignity and effect of titles emanating from the United States, and the whole legislation of the federal government in reference to the public lands declares the patent the superior and conclusive evidence of legal title. Until its issuance, the fee is in the government, which, by the patent, passes to the grantee, and he is entitled to recover the possession in ejectment.
Stran 1082 - The damages due for delay in the performance of an obligation to pay money are called interest. The creditor is entitled to these damages without proving any loss, and whatever loss he may have suffered he can recover no more.
Stran 1590 - There is no particular form or ceremony necessary in the dedication of land to public use. All that is required is the assent of the owner of the land, and the fact of its being used for the public purposes intended by the appropriation.
Stran 904 - Our Code does not declare null a marriage not preceded by a license, and not evidenced by an act signed by a certain number of witnesses and the parties; nor does it make such an act exclusive evidence of a marriage. These laws relating to forms and ceremonies, here regarded as directory to those alone who are authorized to celebrate marriages, are intended to guard against hasty and inconsiderate marriages in defiance of parental authority.
Stran 1404 - Redhibitian, by the code,* being defined to be " the avoidance of a sale on account of some vice or defect in the thing sold, which renders it either absolutely useless, or its use so inconvenient and imperfect that it must be supposed that the buyer would not have purchased it had he known of the vice.
Stran 874 - Levi must be so interpreted as not to extend the authority given to him beyond that which is given in terms, or which is necessary and proper for carrying the authority expressly given into full effect...
Stran 1462 - Very essentially abridged the practice of such loans. The master cannot hypothecate for a pre-existing debt, and the necessity of the loan must be shown to have existed at the time it was made, and that the master had no other means of raising the money at marine interest; and when that fact is established, the misapplication of it by the master, without the knowledge and assent of the lender, will not affect its validity...

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