Annual report of the State Hospital Commission. 1899/1900

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State Hospital Commission, 1901

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Stran 1112 - Laws repealed. — Of the laws enumerated in the schedule hereto annexed, that portion specified in the last column is hereby repealed.
Stran 447 - ... superintendent of the poor of the county in which any such person may be, may apply for such order, by presenting a verified petition containing a statement of the facts upon which the allegation of insanity is based, and because of which the application for the order is made.
Stran 1085 - Maintain salutary discipline among all who are employed in the institution and enforce strict compliance with his instructions and uniform obedience to all rules and regulations of the hospital.
Stran 1092 - The commission may, at any and all times, examine and ascertain how far a licensed institution is conducted in compliance with the license therefor, and after due notice to the institution and...
Stran 1076 - The commission shall, annually, report to the legislature its acts and proceedings for the year ending September thirtieth last preceding, with such facts in regard to the management of the institutions for the insane as it may deem necessary for the information of the legislature, including estimates of the amounts required for the use of the state hospitals and the reasons- therefor; and also the annual reports made to the commission by the board of managers, of each state hospital 37— VOL, 3...
Stran 1104 - ... in which the hospital is situated may, upon such certificate and an opportunity of a hearing thereon being accorded the superintendent, and upon such other proofs as may be produced before him, direct, by order, the discharge of such patient, upon such security to the people of the state as he may require, for the good behavior and maintenance of the patient.
Stran 1103 - Governments shall furnish to the Commission, at such time and in such form as may be required by the Commission, the statistical information referred to in paragraph 1 (b) of this Article.
Stran 1108 - Cause full and fair accounts and records of all his doings, and of the entire business and operations of the institution to be kept regularly, from day to day, in books provided for that purpose, in the manner and extent prescribed in the by-laws.
Stran 1103 - ... to be paid by the treasurer of the state, on the warrant of the comptroller, to the treasurer of...
Stran 1083 - If there be neither parents nor guardian of the minor legally capable of giving consent, by the county judge of the county, or a justice of the supreme court of the district, in which the...

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