History of Higher Education in Rhode Island

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1894 - 210 strani

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Stran 1 - Whereas Mr. Roger Williams, one of the elders of the church of Salem, hath broached and divulged divers new and dangerous opinions against the authority of magistrates, as also writ letters of defamation both of the magistrates and churches...
Stran 5 - ... that one hundred acres should be laid forth, and appropriated for a school, for encouragement of the poorer sort, to train up their youth in learning, and Mr. Robert Lenthal, while he continues to teach school, is to have the benefit thereof.
Stran 17 - That into this liberal and catholic institution shall never be admitted any religious tests: But, on the contrary, all the members hereof shall forever enjoy full, free, absolute and uninterrupted liberty of conscience...
Stran 45 - ... effecting it. But soon afterwards some who were unwilling it should be there, and some who were unwilling it should be anywhere, did so far agree as to lay aside the said location, and propose that the county which should raise the most money should have the College.
Stran 61 - At the same time I must not omit to congratulate you, and all who have at heart the best interests of this educational enterprise, upon your obtaining the highly valuable services of Dr. SEARS as your General Agent, — services valuable not merely in the organization of schools and of a system of public education, but in the good effect which his conciliatory and sympathizing course has had wherever he has met or become associated with the communities of the South, in social or business relations.
Stran 5 - ... freely and fully have and enjoy his and their own judgments and consciences, in matters of religious concernments, throughout the tract of land hereafter mentioned, they behaving themselves peaceably and quietly, and not using this liberty to licentiousness and profaneness, nor to the civil injury or outward disturbance of others ; any law, statute, or clause, therein contained, or to be contained, usage or custom of this realm, to the contrary hereof, in any wise, notwithstanding.
Stran 1 - ... retraction ; it is therefore ordered, that the said Mr. Williams shall depart out of this jurisdiction within six weeks now next ensuing...
Stran 101 - The room appropriated to the Library, at the time when the Library Fund was raised, " was an apartment in University Hall, crowded to excess, unsightly and wholly unsuited for the purpose to which, from necessity, it was devoted." To remedy this defect, the Hon. Nicholas Brown erected at his own expense a beautiful edifice, for a Library and Chapel ; to which, in testimony of veneration for his former instructor, he gave the name of Manning Hall.
Stran 5 - ... do not actually disturb the civil peace of our said colony ; but that all and every person and persons may, from time to time, and at all times hereafter, freely and fully have...

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