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CHAPTER XXVII. 1772–1773.

Armorial Bearings. Duelling. Prince Eugene. Siege of

Belgrade. Friendships. Goldsmith's Natural History.
Story of Prendergast. Expulson of Methodists from
Oxford. “ Io Vino Veritas." Education of the People.
Sense of Touch in the Blind. Theory of Sounds. Taste
in the Arts. Francis Osborne's Works. Country Gentle.
inen. Long Stories. Beattie and Robertson. Advice to
Authors. Climate. Walpole and Pitt. Vicious Intromis-
sion. Beattie's Essay. Visit to Lichfield and Ashbourne


CHAPTER XXIII. 1769 - 1770.

" Foote." Trade. Mrs. Williams's Tea-table. James Fer-

gu$07. Medicated Baths. Population of Russia. Large

Farins. Attachment to Soil. Roman Catholic Religion.

Conversion to Popery. Fear of Death. Steevens.


'Tyers." Blackmore's “ Creation." The Marriage Service.
"The False Alarm." Percival Stockdale. Seli-examina.
tion. Visit to Lichfield -- and Ashbourne. Baretti's
Travels. Letters to Mrs. Thrale, Warton, &c. 207


Dr. Maxwell's Collectanea, Johnson's Politics, and general

Mode of Life. Opulent Tradesinen. London. Black-
letter Books. Anatomy of Melancholy." Government
of Ireland. Love. Jacob Behmen. Established Clergy.
Dr. Priestley. Blank Verse. French Novels. Père Bos-
covich. Lord Lyttelton's Dialogues. Ossian. "The Poet.
ieu Cobbler. Boetias. National Debt. Mallet. Marriage.
Foppery. Gilbert Cooper. Homer. Gregory Sharpe.
Poor or England. Corn Laws. Dr. Browne. Mr. Burke.
Economy. Fortune-hunters. Orchards. Irish Clergy 215


" Pamphleton Falkland's Islands." George Grenville.

Junius. Design of bringing Johnson into Parliament.

Mr. Strahan. Lord North. Mr. Flood. Boswell's Mar.

riage Visit to Lichfield and Ashbourne. Dr. Beattie.

Lord Monboido. St Kilda. Scots Church, Second

Sight. The Thirty-nine Articles. Thirtieth of January.

Royal Marriage Act. Old Families. Mimickry. Footc.

Mr. Peyton. Origin of Languages. Irish and Gaelic.

Flogging at Schools. Lord Manstield. Sir Gilbort Elliot



Montrose. Lawrence Kirk. Monboddo. Emigration. Homer.

Biography and History. Decrease of Learning. Promo-
tion of Bishops. Citizen and Savage. Aberdeen. Pro-
fessor Gordon. Public and Private Education. Sir Alex.
ander Gordon. Trade of Aberdeen. Doctrines of the
Trinity and the Atonement Johnson a Burgess of
Aberdeen. Dinner at Sir Alexander Gordon's War.
burton. Locke's latin Verses. Ossian

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Excursion Into France. Paris. Benedictine Monks. Choisi.

Palais Royal. Mrs Fermor. Palais-Bourbon. Fontaine-
bleau. Versailles. Trianon. Santerre, the Brewer. King's
Library. Sorbonne. St. Cloud. Sére. Bellevue. Meu-
don. Grande-Chartreuse. Luxembourg. Friar Wilkes.
St. Denis. Chantilly. Compeigne, Cambray. State of
Society in France. Madame de Boufflers. Voltaire. Dr.

Burney's Collectanea. Letters to Mrs. Montagu, &c.

Page 459


Keddlestone. Derby. Shaving. Nichols's " De Anima

Medicà." Dr. Dodd. Blair. Goldsmith. Monboddo's
" Air-bath." Early-rising. Sleep. Water-drinking.
Rutty's “ Spiritual Diary." Autobiographers. Imitators
of Johnson's Style. Biographia Britannica. Melancholy
and Madness. London Life." Profession of the Law. Em.
ployment. Dr. Taylor's “ Sermons." Actors



Law of Entail. Boswell's Melancholy. John Wesley. Cla-

rendon l'ress. Booksellers' Profits. Bolt Court. Mrs.
Thrale's Birth-day. Entails. Smith's “Wealth of Na-
tions." Lawyers and Law-suits. Scotch Militia Bill

Obligation in settling Estates. - Johnsoniana." Value of

Truth. Monastic Orders. Carthusians. Religious Aus-

terities. Wine-bibbing. Fasting. Influence of Education.

Arithmetic Sea Life

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Horace's Villa. Country Life. Great Cities. French

Literature. Old Age. * Upius Lacertæ." Potter's Æs.
chylus. 'Pope's Horner. Sir W. Temple's Style. Elphin.
ston's Martial. Hawkins's Tragedy. Insubordination.
Fame. Use of Riches. Economy Soldiers and Sailors.
Charles Fox. De Foe. Cock Lane Ghost. Asking
Questions. Hulks. Foreign Travel. Short Hand.
Dodd's Poems. Pennant. Jobuson and Percy. Streatham.


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Departed Friends. Argument. Testimony. Helen Maria

Williams. Knotting. Oxford. Newton on the Prophecies.
Nonjarors. Infidel Writers. Church of Rome. Whig
and Tory. Miss Adains, Fox and Pitt. Radcliffe's Tra.
velling Fellowships. Prayer. Jeremy Taylor. lfley.
Dr. Nowell. Rev. Henry Bate John Henderson, Balance
of Misery


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