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1 A PICHON. French Citizen at Phi Jadelphia, to M. COTELLE

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July 6, 1793

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Arading him to rather too remely It to affy fed that he call out militia and par Arong goard too aries missing for fake of the peare dth their true place, and counter revulation by mr of hich fuppeling it the grimey in order to prevent the of the United States captors from (sking poffeffion of her The That there is freng region in bel p this loft affertios. I agree. but that he will light infantry are accord:gly called out! and performed dory for wer three days ft with the oral ormar and ignity witheet kane ing for what parpole, except I have not a debt, for I Brmly believe him to be one of the bell men spoo rarth, inne. from the reports of the towa, which were. that it was to preferve the prize from port of his great talenia and inter being barut of run away with by the Briti publicanim I would be but pour and pitius com failure And the fastry were fo for their own conjeffures Est how great foch man, and lush safe ses of th impofed on by public report, as well as doft in our ective to attempt tracing was their ofanit et hea the truth was berty infelf with the resine the Ting the trip from the capture better it would be sỡng đưmn-calinen at length difcored wit that they bast ber of-speed, I hope without fenidat.on nahe Brit-They then felesly oppofisten to the ExERAL CENTIMET themifa, that had they known the real pralind, under the command of for an ar being therefore dested all oppoterlater at well & have beard many of of AMERICs, and we are not yet. Gede twe wines, the Brit including all the have obryed the governor's orders spared to and the earcation of them cause it being rolled out, they would orbitrary goverment de to have the las The reafe of the Executive of the aged contrary or for and de Surely if there be United States impoling this duty on C. principles the continent to coel the reging over for be caly Bed adet that thing us who are bocemons for by the refpiration of the beltume air of this alleged in be this, that the from in preferring prace with Brg chirally court had declared item and Spain, be they ought not to k liberty and equally Ton form to affed very fincere on. Colant of the Press Wet Inken. Ijodge of the hilt of it. wis to in show count on to Frame erde and jei lame thing or frang esfer the batonal laws, hich you gre the bent to Bep forward and fear the •ppearance of or learn to ear of all of the buffair powers ing toified in came of Frescames ferd bone pres compled spa by the watsufe you before the whole quid of payin May p your that astute you of big wooded the one dersi in cuftody of the Unit men muß be beyond all deakt was captured the form the forced the execution of shefe laws of the mandatet for contoking the fratered States unit fach time as it could be dease, joffice and honor, güde to through To the pleatings before julge Pum again? which you have waged was thefe general, fo for at regarded the people of deemed, wherber the colour I accuft you of boving trampled within the bounds of the procedieo of the Umied ScoİPE on this fubjen, Mr Levis unfels be three years pal Nebody but YOU (year under fact the decree of the eighth of This, however, is only farme for 10 g other areas to pare colour I mean has been guilty of an in fringement of thale very layou had (worn March the oth article of the antemed renting it to have been the real faise that the crait of artsy ought to have hich urged the Prefident to the shepherd then in the cafe cferred, that were To fupport Nobody but you opposed the caftruction of the ith of May, before it came into ex tock deals have been but fatef we ander an arbitrary government the fevereignty of the people and the DE Apace and you proclaimed open war CREWS of their reperíem camt alles patied into a decine, and tory tome public to have bad fome expls chief magiftrate might las heads on de If the name of FRENCHMAN had become thru the inf-ence of guns agrors at nation Brahe beliefs, without making fuck price and desain it gaida propre che cold be har But the aetate of the burdenfume 10 you if ofte on Pracomats. Paris, you oppofed its being sent to the myfler aus j-ece of work of Theon kand the sequence has been, as I am intermed, that Loned Spine bed no tuch power theintere es of your principles and fituating you had Bande till you had tune is thehet Miis fel: hun-f.. le rather an there was the great fun for the charts fasered that a political regeneraci 1 bis war the fubitane of and faries, and as he had been exterence would never ful men of your call them ones of Bention and Frighten national afembly from its be refsin order the dety of guarding the French what Mr Lewis declared Yo hod fair and open condotto be preferred Laccufe you of having pot a Were the are prize, he withed to be discharged by the that the executive did after exerci young to have declared to the world lame theriy But the Prefides left pomer, which Mr Lewis deed the ma that you never meant tohave a here in the to the hands of your days. rowninth to Mount Vernon in the gende Nay, they feard the peo gloriage 10-ls of France, that the fear of crate were planning a counter fevelop mt of this dispute, and the French Conrace & by their merit and iron 11, FREEDOM was a species of rainment on, you were always unwilling to wire youfles with the thizem of colourin ful red worm preseft again the by a guard of The refus illy adapted to your degenerate Romach bote proceedings declaring that day known, y the court dilcharged the Yen ought not, however to advocate order to eppafe Dem. & the daily increas power on earth has right to terfere or arren and the guard charged. ear laws and oppose them afterwing torrent of Valstoftiam acute you of between the Preach republie and its en the Lord An A by argouston, we Whenever a colony becomes weary of low having cut off hopes of main be pla are fel and in the blence of the Pres. mother enonery it is as more than jufting treaties contrary to the laws of w and by threatengan rndependenty dent of the United States -photo. that they Bud thake of its year to think that our go which you were neither Arong nor hardy fed in the late section of the athically in independence is appoind. wage wor I acceft you of court, and the prefent arrell and detecting however, though is undertake But ipfalt to injury 1 called for feparate care, and have trend order ward by grond, of the prize, was an overagement thould the its own wrak& of the republis eur able to in the mean time frigorates up for re-hand and of having meditated murder the shery of the official nincs grofping twice at a poor which it und des astmes of the moment you were of the minifter A cops of the stel was fat by Me Du Bring the cordial embraces of reconcilia en-in fart to loaded are yen with port, the Freach Conful, to governor M.S. in, bit before it had reached him, for bad crimes, that there is fusesely any thing of who I might aut juffly weeple yourpatched a letter to Mr. Doyent form. ing him that the ship William, power of Take the then warning. 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a good deal excited the public attention, I took for granted from Freneau's character, which had been marked as that of a good Whig, that he would give free place to pieces written against the aristocratical and monarchical principles these papers had inculcated.

"This having been in my mind, it is likely enough I may have expressed it in conversation with others, though I do not recollect that I did; to Freneau I think I could not, because I had still seen him but once, and that was at a public table at breakfast at Mrs. Ellsworth's, as I passed through New York the last year; and I can safely declare that my expectations looked only to the chastisement of the aristocratical and monarchical writers, and not to any criticisms on the proceedings of the government. Colonel Hamilton can see no motive for any appointment but that of making a convenient partisan; but you, Sir, who have received from me recommendations of a Rittenhouse, Barlow, Paine, will believe that talent and science are sufficient motives with me in appointments to which they are fitted, and that Freneau, as a man of genius, might find a preference in my eye to be a translating clerk, and make good title, moreover, to the little aids I could give him as the editor of a gazette, by procuring subscriptions to his paper as I did,-some before it appeared, and as I have with pleasure done for the labors of men of genius. As to the merits or demerits of his paper, they certainly concern me not. He and Fenno are rivals for the public favor. The latter courts them by flattery, the former by censure, and I believe it will be admitted that the latter has been as servile as the former severe. But is not the dignity and even decency of government committed when one of its principal ministers enlists himself as an anonymous writer, or paragraphist, for either the one or the other of them? No government ought to be without censors; and where the press is free, no one ever will. If virtuous it need not fear the fair operation of attack and defence; nature has given to man no other means of sifting out the truth, either in religion, law, or politics. I think it as honorable to the government neither to know nor notice its sycophants or censors as it would be undignified and criminal to pamper the former and persecute the latter."

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It was a time of fierce political excitement; the new Constitution not being in fair working order, was consequently exposed in its weakest point, that of its infancy, to the attack of its adversaries. "National Gazette" is said to have been, under Freneau, a powerful political paper; and for Jefferson to have such a powerful machine with which to fling his weapons at the heads of the government did not appear a very agreeable prospect to the opposite party. In speaking of the keenness and readiness of these weapons, Mr. Benjamin says, "What Tyrtæus was to the Spartans, was Freneau to the Republicans or antiFederalists.' Certainly he did a work, and a great one in his own way, for often what can be accomplished by no other means may be by ridicule, wit, and irony; and these Freneau could always bring to his aid. The first, a German critic has compared to a blow of the fist, the second to the irritating prick of a needle, and the third to the prick of a thorn.

In 1791 the Secretary of the Treasury proposed a "Bank of the United States," but this plan Jefferson violently opposed, deeming it unconstitutional and of a dangerous character, considering the feeling then existing in the Southern States; but Hamilton carried his point, and the bank was chartered in the same year, with ten million dollars as capital. The anti-Federalists were much opposed to this bank, and Freneau, who was always able, when pressed, to bring his muse to his aid, composed some doggerel for the occasion; it probably served to let off a little of his surplus

steam :

"George, on thy virtues often have I dwelt,
And still the theme is grateful to mine ear.
Thy gold let chemists ten times over smelt,
From dross and base alloy they'll find it clear.

Yet thou 'rt a man, although perhaps the first,
But man at best is but a being frail;

And since with error human nature's curst,
I marvel not that thou shouldst sometimes fail.
That thou hast long and nobly served the state,
The nation owns and freely gives thee thanks;
But Sir! whatever speculators prate

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She gave thee not the power to 'stablish banks."

Nevertheless, the "Bank of the United States" continued until President Jackson's time; but he, having always been its implacable enemy, vetoed the renewal of the charter in 1831; and at its expiration in 1836 it died the death, involving many interested in it. This act of Jackson's was considered a stroke of wisdom, but Freneau did not live to see it accomplished; he died the year before the renewal of the charter was vetoed.

One of the criticisms to which the newly framed Constitution was subjected was that of developing as much of a monarchical form of government, as well as its etiquette, as was possible. It was well known that the Secretary of the Treasury was in favor of curtailing State sovereignty and investing the federal authority with as great an amount of prestige as was consistent with a republican form of government; and that the Vice-President, according to his own words, considered the "love of superiority and desire of distinction, admiration, and applause the great springs of human activity, at least in all that related to politics, and that no government could be secure or permanent which did not provide for the reasonable gratification as well as for the due restraint of this principal passion; and that therefore a certain mixture of aristocracy and monarchy was necessary to that balance of interests and sentiments without which free governments could not exist." It was also well known that the chief magistrate inclined to English etiquette, as well as towards govern

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