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of these three shades or colors are as distinctly drawn as if painted.

For many years it had been supposed that this lake was bottomless; but recent soundings establish its greatest depth to be about fifteen hundred feet. Several small boats ply on the lake, either to fish for trout, which are abundant, or for the recreation of the guests at the Tahoe House or Glenbrook House. A small steamer, the Governor Blaisdell, plies upon it, for the accommodation and pleasure of travellers. Coming years will behold this rare gem of nature and its gorgeous scenery as the recreation-ground and watering-place of happy throngs of health and pleasure seekers.

CLEAR LAKE AND BORAX LAKE.—These sheets of water are in the centre of Lake county, about eighty miles directly north of San Francisco, forty miles from the ocean, east of the Coast Range, and about fifteen hundred feet above the level of the sea. The greatest length of Clear lake is about twenty miles; at both ends it is about eight miles in width, but contracts in the centre to about three miles. Close to the eastern side of this lake is Borax or Kayser lake, covering a surface of from two hundred to four hundred acres, according to the season. Great quantities of pure borax of the best quality are taken from the bottom of this lake.

Mirror Lake.—This fascinating miniature lake, situated in the famed Yosemite valley, formed by the spent waters of the Yosemite falls, bathes the foot of the North Dome, and covers a surface of about eight acres. It is noted for its transparent beauty. Here the overhanging mountains, trees, and foliage are all mirrored in the water below, as clear and lifelike as they stand upon its banks.

OWENS LAKE.—This lake is in Inyo county, two hundred and sixty miles southeast from San Francisco, and directly east of the principal chain of the Sierra Nevadas, in a country generally desolate and of little agricultural value. The extent of the lake is eighteen miles in length by eight in width. Owens river, a stream of pure water and considerable value, running from north to south, empties into this lake, the waters of which are so impregnated with alkali and chloride of soda that it is unfit for man or beast. Like most of the lakes in the southern section of the State it has no visible outlet, and is supposed to have some subterranean passage to the Pacific ocean.

Fall LAKE.—This lake is situated in the extreme northeast corner of Shasta county. It is about four miles in length and three in width, and is in Fall River valley.

SWAN LAKE.—Swan lake is in the western border of Lassen county, close to Plumas county. It is six miles in length and three in width, and high among the hills of the Sierras.

EAGLE LAKE.—Eagle lake is centred in Lassen county. It is of very irregular shape, and, like Swan Lake, is high in the mountains. It is twelve miles in length and about eight in width. Its waters are shallow.

Honey Lake—Is twenty miles northeast from Eagle lake, is in Lassen county, and eight miles west of the boundary line between California and Nevada. It is very irregular in shape; is fifteen miles in length and



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nine in width.' Its water is very shallow and of a saltish taste. It is situated in Honey Lake valley, a rich meadow and farming district; numerous streams empty into it, but it has no visible outlet. It derives its name from the honey-dew deposited upon the shrubbery and grass in its vicinity, by the honey-dew aphis, a species of bee sometimes found in desert and barren regions.

DONNER LAKE.-This beautiful sheet of water is in the southeastern corner of Nevada county, east of the main ridge of the Sierras, and twelve miles northwest of Lake Tahoe. It is four miles in length and one in width. The scenery and natural beauty of this lake are unsurpassed in the State; its shores are fast becoming a fashionable place of resort to the lovers of rural beauty

CLEAR LAKE.-Clear lake is near the southeast end of El Dorado county, sixteen miles south of Lake Tahoe. It is high in the Sierras, and its surroundings are beautifully picturesque. The area of this lake is two miles in length and one in width TRUCKEE LAKE.-Truckee lake is a small but beautiful

a sheet of water in the Sierra mountains, sixteen miles directly west of the eastern boundary of the State, and twelve miles northwest of Donner lake. It is in Sierra county, close to its southern line; is about one and a-half miles in length and three-quarters in width.

HIGHLAND LAKES.—These are three lakes almost in the centre of Alpine county, on a high ridge of the Sierras, surrounded by most gorgeous and imposing scenery of deep forest and beautiful meadow. The

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