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merchants at the port of lading. Upon importation into the port of Douglas of any such goods, the license for the same License when to must be delivered up to the Collector or Comptroller of be delivered up. that Port.--3 and 4 Wm. IV. c. 60. § 4.

Applications for import licenses must be made in writing, and delivered to the Collector or Comptroller of Douglas, between 5th

Applications for May, and 5th July, in each year, specifying the date, Licenses how to name, residence, and occupation of the applicant, thé be made. description and quantity of each article for which the license is required. Counterfeiting or falsifying license, penalty 5001.-0 5 & 9.

Goods imported by license into the Isle of Man, may not be re-exported, nor may such Goods be carried Coastwise Re-exportation, or from one part of the said isle to another, except in carrying Coastwise vessels of 50 tons burthen at the least, and in the of Lícense Goods, same packages in which such goods were imported into the said Isle, and Wine except in such packages or in bottles..3 and 4 Wm. IV. c.60. 10.

Goods which are the growth, produce, or manufacture of any Foreign country, cannot be exported from the Isle of Man to any part of the United Kingdom. Goods of the pro- Importations into duce or manufacture of the Isle of Man, may be im

the United King

dom from the Isle ported into the United Kingdom from the said Isle,' of Man. without payment of any duty (otherwise than any countervailing duty of excise*, or any coast duty payable on the like goods), but the exemption from duty is not to extend to any manufactures of thé said Island, made from materials the produce of any Foreign country; except manufactures of Linen and Cotton, made in and im. ported from the Isle of Man.3 and 4 Wm. IV. c. 52. $ 40. 3 and 4 Wm. IV. c. 60.9 11. 13 Before any goods shall be shipped in the Isle of Man for exportation to the United Kingdom, as being the produce or manufactüre of that Island, proof must be made by the written Certificate of declaration of some competent person, to the satisfaction of be produced. the Collector and Comptroller of the Customs at the port of shipment, that such goods, describing and identifying the same, are the produce or the manufacture, as the case may be, of the said island; and in such declaration shall be stated the name of the person by whom such goods are intended to be entered and shipped, and such person at the time of the entry (not being more than one month after the date of such declaration) shall make and subscribe a declaration before such Collector and Comptroller, that the goods to be shipped in virtue of the entry, are the same as are mentioned in such declaration. The Collector and Comptroller on demand, to give to the master of the ves-,

Certificate of Colsel a certificate of such proof of produce or manu. lector and Compfacture having been made, and such certificate shall troller, instead of be received at the port of importation in the United Governor, &c. Kingdom, instead of that of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor or Com

• See the Inland Duties of Excise payable in the United Kingdom, in page 161.

mander-in-chief of the said island, as heretofore required.-3 and 4 Wm. IV. c. 60. g 15.

Schedule of Goods Prohibited to be Imported into the Isle of Man. Goods, the produce or manufacture of places within the limits of the

East India Company's charter ; exeept from the United King.

dom. Cards, called Playing Cards ; unless in Packs, each containing an ace

of Spades duly Stamped and Marked for use in the Isle of Man, or

in the United Kingdom, Cotton Yarn, Cotton Cloth, Linen Cloth, Glass Manufactures, Woollen

Manufactures, unless bona fide laden in and imported directly from

the United Kingdom. British Distilled Spirits: Spirits of greater strength than one to nine over hydrometer proof, except

Spirits the produce of the British Possessions in America, or of the

Cape of Good Hope. All Goods prohibited to be imported into the United Kingdom to be

used or consumed therein, on account of the sort or description of

the same.-3 and 4 Wm. IV. c. 60. g 13. Cattle and Sheep may be imported into Great Britain from the Isle of

Man, and admitted to entry in the same manner, as they Cattle and

were usually admitted previously to the 5 Jan. 1826 *. Sheep.

Treas. Order, 7 June, 1826. This order has been extended Swine and to Swine and Pork, the produce of and imported from the Pork.

said Isle.—'Treas. Order, 1 Dec. 1826. If any decked vessel, bound from the Isle of Man to any port of Great

Britain or Ireland, shall have on board, for the use of the Limiting the seamen, any Spirits exceeding half a gallon for each seaquantity Spirits, Tea,

man, or any Tobacco exceeding one pound weight for each and Tobacco, seaman, or any Tea exceeding two pounds weight for the for use of Sea- whole of the seamen on board such vessel ; or if any open men, in decked boat, bound as aforesaid, shall have on board, for the use vessels or in open boats,

of the seamen, more than one quart of Spirits for each sea

man, or more than half a pound weight of Tobacco for each seaman, or more than one pound weight of tea for the whole of the seamen on board such boat, all such articles respectively, with their packages, and also every such vessel or boat, together with her guns, furniture, ammunition, tackle, and apparel, shall be forfeited.-3 and 4 Wm. IV. c. 60. § 14.


* See Ellis's Laws of the Customs for 1823, under the head of " Isle of Man."



(3 and 4 Wm. IV. c. 59 and 101 ; 4 and 5 Wm. IV. c. 89.)

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No goods shall be imported into, or any goods (except the produce of the fisheries in British Ships) be exported from any of the British possessions in America by Sea, from or to any place other than the United Kingdom, or some other of such possessions, except into or from the several ports in such possessions, called “ Free Ports*:".

List of Free Porrst.
Kingston, Savannah Le Mar, Montego Bay,
Santa Lucia, Antonio, Saint Ann, Falmouth,

Maria, Morant Bay, Annotto Bay, Black

River, Rio Bueno, Port Morant
Saint George.


Saint John's

San Josef...


Road Harbour.


New Providence,
Pitt's Town

Crooked Island.

Saint Vincent.
Port Saint George and Port Hamilton.... Bermuda.
Any Port where there is a Custom House. Bahamas.
Bridgetown ...

Saint John's, Saint Andrew's, and Welch Pool,

in the Island of Campo Bello, in the pro- New Brunswick.

vince of New Brunswick 1.

Halifax, Pictou

Nova Scotia.

Saint John's

George Town..

New Amsterdam.


Saint Lucia.

Saint Kitt's.
Charles Town



Cape Breton
Charlotte Town

P. Edward's Island.

6 Geo. IV. c. 114.9 2. * That is to say, possessing“ freedom of trade with foreign countries.” + See List of Free Ports, at the Cape of Good Hope, in page 218.

Order in Council, 1 April, 1835.

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St. Kitt's.

Canada. 230

And if any goods shall be imported into any port or place in the said possessions, other than the “ Free Ports” aforesaid; such goods shall be forfeited.-3 and 4 Wm. IV.c. 59. § 2.

Que fundong Nothing hereinbefore contained shall extend to prohibit the importation Newfoundland

or exportation of goods into, or from any ports orplae*** and Labrador. in Newfoundland or Labradors in British Ships.03.

Kingston, and Montego Bay
Kingston .

St. Vincent.
Halifax, Pictou, Liverpvolt, and Yarmoutht Nova Scotia.

New Providence,
Purt of Bisseterre...
Port of St. George

Port of Road Harbour.

San Josef ..

Quebec, Kingstont, and Montrealt

St. John's..

Saint John's, and St. Andrew's and Welch Pool,

in the Island of Campu Bello, in the pro- New Brunswick.

vince of New Brunswick I
Bridge Town


Cape Breton.

Port Louis....

Isl. of Mauritius,
Ca tries....

St. Lucia S. And whereas there are in the said possessions many places situated on

rivers and in bays at which it may be necessary to establish Free Ports ports for particular and limited purposes only, be it theremay be made fore enacted, that it shall be lawful for His Majesty, ia in Colonies

any Order in Council made for the appointment of any free port, to limit and confine such appointments respec. :

tively, to any and such purposes only as shall be ex. pressed in such Order:—3 and 4 Wm. IV. c. 59. § 4. The Collectors and Comptrollers of the said ports respectively, may

appoint warehouses from time to time, for the free ware Appointment housing of goods therein, and also declare what sort of of warehouses, &c.

goods may be so warehoused ; and the importers of anys

such goods may warehouse the same in the warehouses 80, () appointed, without payment of any duty on the first entry thereof.§ 36 & 37. Upon the arrival of any goods at any frontier port in the Canadas, they va

may be entered with the proper officer of the Cus. Goods passed on from toms at such port, to be warehoused at some ware. frontier ports in the housing port in the Canadas; and

be delivered

for limited purposes.



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* For a list of free warehousing ports at the Cape of Good Hope, see page 21%.

For the Warehonsing of Goods brought by land or inland Navigation, and of goods imported by Sea in British Ships.

ingvis 1997 # Order in Council, 1 April, 1835. Order in Council, 30 Sept., 1835.,

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housing port, under bond to his satisfaction, for the due arrival and warehousing of such goods at such port.-$38.

Goods warehoused at any warehousing port in any of the British possessions in Anierica, may (on being duly entered) be delivered by the proper Officer of Customs, Removal of warehonsed without payment of any duty, (except for any de- goods, to another port

in same possession. ficiency thereof), for the purpose of removal to another warehousing port in the same possession *, under bond 10 the satisfaction of such officer, for the due arrival and re-warehousing of such goods at such portt.—$45.

All goods, the growth, produce, or mauufacture of the Island of Mauritius, and all goods which shall have been imported into the Island of Mauritius, and which shall be imported into any part of the United Kingdom, or into any of his Majesty's Goods from Mauritius

to be treated as West possessions, shall be liable to the payment of the

India goods. same duties, and be subject to the same regulations, as the like goods the growth, produce, or manufacture of His Majesty's Islands in the West Indies, or having been imported into such islands, and imported from thence into the United Kingdom, or into any such possessions respectively,would on such importation be liable to the payment of, or would be subject unto; and upon the exportation of any goods from the United Kingdom to the Island of Mauritius, they shall be liable to the same duties, and entitled to the same drawbacks, as would be charged and allowed on the like goods exported from the United Kingdom to His Majesty's islauds in the West Indies; and all goods imported into, or exported from the Island of Mauritius, from or to any place, other than the United Kingdom, shall be liable to the same Duties and Regulations, as the like goods would be liable to, upon importation or exportation into or from his Majesty's islands in the West Indies; and all ships and vessels whatever, arriving at or departing from the Island of Mauritius, shall be liable to the payment of the same

Vessels arriving at and duties, and subject to the same regulations, as they departing froin

. would be liable to, if arriving at or departing from any of his Majesty's islands in the West Indies.—3 and 4 Wm. IV. c.59.

It shall be lawful for any of the subjects of the King of the Netherlands, being Dutch Proprietors, in the colonies of De

Dutch Proprietors merara and Essequibo, and of Berbice, to import in

in Demerara, Dutch ships, from the Netherlands into the said Essequibo, and Ber. Colonies, all the usual articles of supply for their bice, may supply

their Estates from estates therein; and also Wine imported for the


Holland, poses of medicine only, and which shall be liable to a duty of ten shillings per ton, and no more; and in case seizure be

Removing to a different possession, is deemed exporting. + On a question relating to the removal of Tea from Newfoundland to another British Possession in America, the Lords of the Committee of Privy Council for Trade gave it as their opinion:"That the whole of those Possessions should be considered as one place in the view of the law upon the subject; and consequentiy the Tea, having been duly imported into any part of that place, is virtually inported into the whole, and is therefore free to be carried to any other part.- Min. Com. Cus. 29 October, 1834.



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