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GUERNSEY, JERSEY, &c. continued.

No Goods which are prohibited to be imported into the United Kingdom from foreign countries*, shall be imported from any


of the said Islands, although the manufacture thereof, if the materials of which such Goods be made, are the produce of any foreign countryf.-9 Geo. IV. c. 76. § 5. No Goods shall be imported into the United Kingdom from the Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney, and Sark, except in British Ships; nor shall any Goods be exported from the United Kingdom to the said Islands, except in British Ships, on forfeiture of the Goods and Ship, and of 1007. by the Master of the Vessel.-6 Geo. IV., c. 109, § 7, 8, and 22.

Trade between

the United King

dom and Guernsey, &c. to be in British Ships.

Tea, Spirits, Tobacco, and Snuff.

All bonded Goods may be exported from the United Kingdom to Guernsey and Jersey, in regular Traders of not less than forty Export Ship. tons burthen. Tea cannot be imported into the above Islands except from the United Kingdom, nor can any Spirits, or Tobacco, or Snuff, be imported into said Islands in Ships of less burthen than 100 tons, (except from the United Kingdom in Vessels of 70 tons or upwards,) nor can Wine be imported into Guernsey§, &c. in Vessels of less burthen than 60 tons Spirits must be in packages of not less content than 40 gallons, Tobacco and Snuff in packages of not less than 450 lbs. each, under penalty of forfeiture, with the Ship, &c.—6 Geo. IV. c. 114. § 81; 7 Geo. IV. c. 48. § 48; 2 and 3 Wm. IV., c. 84, § 50 and 51.-Spirits, Tobacco, and Snuff may be exported from Guernsey and Jersey, in Vessels of not less than 70 tons burthen.-Min. Com. Cus. 2 June, 1826.

&c. Produce of

Oil, Fish, Staves, &c. the Produce of the British Colonies, may be admitted for home consumption into the Ports of the Oil, Fish, Staves, United Kingdom, through Guernsey, or Jersey, upon British Colonies. proof that the Goods have been imported into those Islands, and exported from thence in British Vessels, and upon the regular certificates that the articles are the produce of the British Colonies.-Treas. Order, 14 Sep. 1824, and 2 March, 1826.

See Table of Prohibitions, in page 3.

+ As inconveniences were apprehended in the importation into the United Kingdom after the 5 Jan. 1826, of the produce of the Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney, and Sark, of such descriptions as were prohibited to be imported from other countries, in consequence of a construction which might be put upon the Act 6 Geo. IV, c. 107., the Lords of the Treasury, (by letter dated 21 Nov. 1825,) gave it as their opinion, that it was not the intention of Parliament in the consolidation of the Regulations of the Customs, to abridge the privileges of those Islands, as enjoyed under the usual construction of the Acts then in force, and directed the Commissioners of Customs to issue instructions to their Officers to prevent the application of the prohibitions contained in the 52nd Section of the said Act, to the produce of those Islands :-but the above clause (as far as relates to Goods manufactured from foreign materials) has since been enacted.

Except British Plantation Rum.

Wine may be imported or exported in any quantity.

Spirits, in bottles, may be imported or exported in square-rigged Vesseis of 100 tons burthen, or upwards.-1 and 2 Wm. IV., c. 84. § 51.

GUERNSEY, JERSEY, &c. continued. Parties wishing to re-export Coals imported from the United Kingdom into Guernsey and Jersey, must direct the person Re-exportation of exporting the Coals from the United Kingdom to Coals imported said Islands, to express in the entries, that the Coals from the United Kingdom. are to be exported from thence to foreign parts, and to pay the duty due in cases of direct exportation to foreign parts; -on the arrival of Coals at Guernsey or Jersey, with cockets shewing them to have been so entered, entries for the same must be passed at those Islands, in virtue of which the Importers will be entitled to export (by regular entries outwards) from thence to foreign parts, (within twelve months,) any quantity of Coals, not exceeding the quantities so imported.-Treas. Orders, 18 July, 1826, and 19 July, 1831.


The Governor, or other Person administering the Government
of New South Wales and its Dependencies for the
time being, is empowered, by proclamation or other-
wise, to levy the following duties on Goods, Wares,
and Merchandize, imported into that Colony from the
United Kingdom.-3 Geo. IV. c. 96. viz.

On all Spirits, the Produce and Manufacture of the United
Kingdom, the gallon...

On all Rum, of the British Plantations in the West Indies, im-
ported directly from the United Kingdom, the gallon.

On all other Spirits, so imported, the gallon..
On all Tobacco, so imported, the lb...
On all Foreign Goods, imported direct from any Port in the

£ s. d.

0 10 0

0 10 0 0 15 0

04 0

United Kingdom, upon every 100%. in value thereof 15 0 0
And so in proportion for a greater or less quantity.

The Governor, or other Person administering the Government of New South Wales, may, by any order or proclamation, discontinue or reduce any such duties from time to time as occasion may require, and also from time to time revive any such duties so discontinued or reduced, and again levy the same; but it shall not be lawful for any Governor, or other person administering the Government of the said Colony, to order the levying or raising of any higher rate of duty.-3 Geo. IV. c. 96. § 3. The Governors and Councils of New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land shall not impose any tax or duty, except only such as it may be necessary to levy for local purposes; and the purposes for which every such tax or duty may be so imposed, and to or towards which the amount thereof is to be appropriated and applied, shall be distinctly and particularly stated in the body of every law or ordinance imposing every such tax or duty.-9 Geo. IV. c. 83.

Governor and Council not to impose Taxes or Duties except for local purposes.

Spirits may not be imported into New South Wales, or its dependencies, of greater strength than seven per centum above hydrometer

NEW SOUTH WALES, continued.

Any Flax, and any Wood being eight inches square or upwards, fit for Ship building, and any Bark, or any solid vegetable extract, to be used solely for the purpose of tanning Leather, such Articles being the Growth or Produce of the Colony of New South Wales, or any of the Settlements or Dependencies thereof, or of Norfolk Island, or Van Diemen's Land, or of New Zealand, and imported direct from the said places during the remainder of the period of ten years, to be reckoned from the 1st January, 1823, may be so imported duty free.-6 Geo. IV. c. 111. § 10.

For the certificate necessary to be produced on such importations. see page 86.

Goods, the produce of New South Wales and Norfolk Island, and Wood Goods, the Produce of, and imported from, Van Goods, the Diemen's Land, on importation into the United Kingdom, Produce, &c. are admitted to entry on payment of the same duties as if imported from the British possessions in America.-Treas. Orders, 16 Dec. 1803, and 31 May and 23 July, 1830.


It is directed that, as the Convict Ships and Transports do not enter and clear out at the Custom House, no Article of Merchandize shall be permitted to be shipped on board such Vessels, beyond what may be required as sea stores, for the use of the Officers, Crew, and Passengers, unless accompanied by the Proprietors, who may be provided with a passage on board any such Vessel.-Treas. Order, 27 March, 1821.


ABBREVIATIONS used in the Work..

AFRICA, certain Possessions therein, described

see also Asia.

ALDERNEY-See Guernsey.
ALIENS; Masters of Vessels to report number of Aliens on board
to declare name and profession, and deliver Passport, un-
der penalty for neglect or refusal; Officer of Customs to
register declaration, and forward it to the Alien Office,
and to deliver Certificate to Alien; Alien, within a week
after arrival, to produce or transmit Certificate to Alien
Office, and declare place of future residence...
to declare residence half yearly; power vested in Secre-
tary of State to require a more frequent declaration; Pe-
nalty on Alien for making false declaration, &c...
Certificate to be forwarded to Alien, setting forth place of
abode, &c.; Penalty on Alien for not having Certificate,
or residing elsewhere: Alien on departing from United
Kingdom, may have his Passport sent to the Port of Em-
barkation, and delivered to him on making declaration;
new Certificate to issue in lieu of such as are lost, and to
be granted without fee

Penalty for forging or altering Certificates; Prosecution
of Offences

not to affect Foreign Ministers or their Servants, nor Aliens
who have heen resident seven years, nor Aliens under
fourteen years..

AMERICA, Treaty with

see also Asia.

ARTICLES, parts of, or which are not in a complete state, prohi-
bited, if subject to duty according to value

ASIA, AFRICA, and AMERICA, what Goods the produce thereof,
may only be imported through Europe.

AUSTRIA, Commercial Treaty with

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AVERMENT that an offence has been committed within the limits of
a Port, evidence of the fact...


BAGGAGE of Passengers arriving from abroad, may be deposited, and
remain in the King's warehouse for 6 months without pay-

ment of duty




Articles of Baggage for devotional, or professional purposes;
Watches, Fowling Pieces, Pistols, and British built Car-
riages in use

Glass in Dressing and Medicine Cases, and Spirits, and Eau
de Cologne; Regulations as to entry of Baggage
Newspapers brought by Passengers, unbound, free of duty
of Passengers exported...

Shipment of, at Gravesend.

BARILLA, used in bleaching Linen, duty paid thereon to be re-


BARRELS, of British manufacture, returned

BEEF, salted, must not be exported from the Warehouse as Stores
BILL OF SIGHT, entry by


Goods landed by, fraudulently concealed, forfeited; deli-
very on Deposit; perfect entry to be made; in what cases
Bill of Sight not required..

BILL OF STORE, how to be obtained; limitation of time for the re-
importation of Goods by Bill of Store .....

Goods which may not be reimported by Bill of Store.....
Books, old Account Books to be delivered free of duty; Regula-
tions as to the importation of Books

BOUNTIES of Customs and Excise, payable on certain Articles, the

produce or manufacture of the United Kingdom, exported















[blocks in formation]

BRITISH Possessions Abroad, Abstract of the Trade with.




description of Foreign Ships permitted to Trade therewith 5 & 261

[blocks in formation]

East India Company's Charter, for purposes of Trade with
the British Possessions in America...


Cape of Good Hope deemed to be within the limits of the



Duties on Goods imported into..

List of Free Ports and Free Warehousing Ports

Prohibitions and Restrictions on Goods imported into
BULL RUSHES, measurement of, for duty..

BURNING GLASSES, how to be charged with duty.

CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, duties on Goods imported into..

deemed to be within limits of East India Company's Char-


CARTOONS and BASKETS, containing Prunes, when inner Packages,

free of duty






93 & 259


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