Slike strani


WHILE Bards sublime on nervous pinions

Him Heaven, in spity to his angat prayer,

Gavo (to preferve the breed) a fon and heir.
But why to distant elimes for learning room? VARUS, 'twixt vanity and thyme,
'Tis Madam's will to educate a horne.

Neglects his shop in evil time,
A reverend Tutor plies ;, the place be gains: Till foundering in poctic mire,

And parts for future <lory: To please his patron, most he sacks his brains,

His detts grown high, bis lodgings higher, And quick resolves, on entering hi; abode

He gains the attic story. (So wills the Pre bis offspring's wit to you t) Thus the gay lark falutes the morn, To celebrate Tom's birth-day by an Ode. Thus foars aloft when upward born The important day arriv'd, cach takes his On Fancy's ffuetering wings ;.. place,

Each moment fees him higher rite, And mute attention dwells on every face. With added vigour to the skies,

The Tutorņow, to make his Ode complete, And as he mounts he fings. • Invokes the Mures from their hallow'd leat ;

CAIUS FITZURBAN. Poetic pomp preldes o’er every line, And thus the Bard begins : --" Hail Sacred Nine!''

The fillowing Lines, with fome Love Sox. " Hold I cries the fire, " You're wrong,

NIIS, were presented, by their AUTHOR, as I'm alive!

30 JULIA. “ Hail sacred Nine-Why rounds the boy's but Five."


And aim to reach that fame which rever S O N N E T.


Sound the barth epic trump loud heard asar, O Lord bow glaricus are thy works, thy sbaugbes

Whofe blasts proclaim the horrid din of wat ; are very deep. Pfalm xcii. Ver. 5.

To ruthless Despots awful lessons fing, EXPRESSIVE sentence from the regal " A State fubverted and a murder'd king

bard, Worthy our praise and worthy our regard :

While ethic poets in didactic strains, The love of deep philofophy we find

Polish th' instructive verse which Vice reEngrafted strongly upon David's mind;

strains ; Stié his research thi air, through carth Praise mental peace, fair Virtue's matchlets and sea,

meed; And thus he 'fums up all : Who's like to

Or tune to rural themes their Dorick reed: thee,

While the keen Satirist, in humour strong, My God, my King! Ah who of human race

Points his sharp gibe, or Smacks the Bloody Çan e'er explore il'infinity of space?

thong ; How far the universe extends below, Or where the conecs

Goads Aum bring Conscience 'til the fears vise, or white shey

her creft, goi

And Arikes with venom'd fangs the guiky What the sun ist í fix'd onth'eternal throne,

breast, "Is known to thee, gicat God, and live alone!

Then turns the pollon to a healing balm ; Gleirious thiy works, through all Creation feen, So Egypt's prieAs the deadly ferpent charm, How vast thy knoxvledge ! and trail man's

'Till round their heads the harmless reptiles how mean!"


And superstition hails their fears divine : HIILST Austrian cagles on her tygers White comic Bárds to decent mirth invite, fwoop,

Or with bald farce the roaring creud delight; un To Gallia's apes, lo! British lions floop ! While Tragedy in regal fate appears, Said Col.

AD OXONIAN. And cultur'd minds luxurious melt in tears, * The Afronomy of Contets is at prefent very imperfect, and, from the greatest part of their course being beyond the reach of mortal eye, it appears likely to remain fo.6,

** Anaxagoras, we are informed by Jofephus, declared the sun to be a red-hot fent, and fiftered death at Athens for his opinion. Newton impaginės it to be a great earth hiade hot by internal fires of the volcanic kind. Profeffor Wilrop and others fuppare it to be a valt zin dark globe, surrounded by a mining aemospheric matter ;. buc all their opinions are corjectural.

Aluding to modern negovations. Voltaire observes, I La France est un pais ou des ribng-, 45 cgat des degris."



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The infection spreads, and seizes foon the The cottage ciling health arouedas mul!

cinthe crystal Houd, the mountain brecze, Hark! that decp groan and half convulfive Has oft been chang d for gloamo profound,

For turmoil, inoife, and pale difcatei af: I in a lower sphere contented move, Wlien by the magic of the spell, M; Mure

e can raisc her voice to nought lur And all thy futt seducing pow*r; -19 of love.

Thou bid'it the restless passions (well, But thould dear Julia view with fond re- And blacken ev'ry palling hour; 536

gard The humble efforts of her tender Bard,

E'en Love forfakes bis silver throne, Should the approve my unambitious lays,

When from his low you twang the dart, More prired than fame would be ter artless And Beauty to thy Court is fiown, praise;

To lure from constancy the heart A The height of ev'ry wish I then thould gain, Yet oft' well pleas'd, I now retrace ** Nor have I itrung my lyre or lung in vain; The white wingid hours as they few, Beyond a world's applause her vo.ce would Begui'd by thy actractive grace, prove,

To youthful fancy ever new. Who taught me first the worth of virtuous love,

The deep-mark'd hrow of age maturé. Warm'd my fond bufom with the pureit Thy fading garlands will disclaim, fiames

For love well try'd, and friendthip pure,
And bade esteem the maddefi faljon tame. • All changing lustre will disdain.
From Friendship's hallow'd rises loe. Lurt 'Variety, then cealë thy ire,

If at thy Mrine no more I bend;
So farinks the tiger from an ladian's fire, Thy altars fair gay youth admire,
Stokes the deep junyte", dark embarrafs't way, But, ah! to age thou art no friend.
And leges unliarm d his Ble ating beauteous


MARIA The threat'ning growl now ends in cloleful


Froni METÁST AS10. His breast and fides transfixt with many a spine;

OH, frown not, Julia; never will I more The helpleti lamb its tender Hepherd leada

Force on thine car, the cender tale os 10 fater pasture in more open meads ;

Jove; Feeds the sunk pile or makes the embers. I would but warn thes, that with fullen roas glow,

The threat'ning form already shakes the And waits prepaid wipear the fivage foe.

grove. 08. 6.


I come to help thee, drive thy theep to fold; u go

Though much I love, I court nor thy dir.
thou! who, whether nymph or maid, The tender tale of love is yet untold,
Variety the poets name,

But the rough tempeft cages o'er the plain. For thy fantastic playful fhade

The duft in whirlwinds violates the sky, How many fly the paths of Fame !

Abrendy see the forked lightnings glare, fie thee the Inug domestic fire,

The scattered birds in wild amazement dy, The Mauon clad in frugal charms,

“ And horror broods upon the croubled Are fadly left, for new defire

air." To revel in thy wanton arms.

At think not on thy flock, but halte away, Yee not the wily luring at

And f:ek for fafety in yon fheltering grove ! With whicli the thoughtlefs you enslave, Still, fill thou pantek; with thee I will ftay, Can ever heal the wounded heart,

Shield thee from danger, but not speak of Can ever brave Lise's stormy wave.

love. Liko some bright meteor's faithless light Heed not the thunder; with thee I'll remain; Thas leads the trav'lor far astray.

My lovely Julia, there's no danger here ; So thou, deceiv'f the roving light,

Soon will the troubled sky be calm again, Of thosc entangled in thy way... "

And I will fileno vanith with chy fear. To calm tontent a secret foe,

1 yet Aill thou trembléit in the circling arms ! Yet woaldit thou to thy children tell Oh fear not, Julia, I will quit thy fade; The only blifs we own below*);

· Encheck d i gaže in rapture on thy charms, Amid thy fairy bowers dwell;

And terror gives me what tby love denied.

dain ;

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Chase not away the fond delufve joy,

SONNET, Still thus enfold thy trembling hand in

Composed in early Spuist. mine, Tho' the calm sky cach tender bliss destroy, UNMOV'DI see the sun his course perform, Bids me despair, and every hope refign.

And all the various change of season bring;

The sky, once blotted hy the wintry ftorm, The form is past, yet still my Julia fighs, Nor does Me yet my ralh caress reprove;

Now glows to welcome mild and genial

springi Ah sure 'tìs pity glistens in thine eyes, And thy feigned terror but conceals thy

But ah! to me, pale Sorrow's child, in vain love.

He rolls in heaven his golden firc along, Then frown ye skies, ye ceardless tempests

And calls the flowers to deck thie mead again,

And wakes the sweetness of the feathery Foar, Amidst your rage a heartfelt calm I've

throng. found ;

Others may joy to fee the purple Morni Nov will I ting of smiling spring no more, Spread with her role ate tint; the raftern Of ' Ahcpherds pipe, nor violet painted

skies; ground.

J. G. Inhale the fragrance of the scented thorn, THE PRODIGAL.

And view the fowrets clad in various dyes; OH! world! thy flipp'ry turns *!” I, But, by pate Care and Love alternate

torn, who of late

How dull they seem unto my humid eyes! Rang’d-evity.wilere fo volatile and gay,



Confin'd in this drear cell-ah, cruel fate!
In vain regret pals each returning day.


; RE fair Eliza's face I knew, “It was not always thus f "when fortune

Concentnient crown d my coti), Smild,

My cares of life, alas ! feen'd

dleyye** Then friends pri teis'd attachmenç firm

Vain pomp i envicd not;

194 217"-1 and true:

The Tory hours flew (wift away,

aspisnin But I, alas.! am not the first beguil's

I pip'd with merry glee;

I w False friends too many have sud cause to

No lark, that ħail'd the riling day,

Was half fo say or free. Mild rue!

(brighe, To affluence born, with prospects gay and

Remerabrance paints the pleasing faene, Blithe anrt alert I criter'd on Life's stage ;

When first she won my heart; s 10:56 But chofe gay visions have deceiv'd my fight,

Her beauteous (ace, her, graceful mico, And scenes of darker hue my hours engage.

Shone unadorn d by art. 4210 cirliti

Now lonely ward'ring thro' the grovs, From infancy indulg'a in every thought,

My bolom fill'd with care, biotii sisi I Each'with prevented by parental care,

1 cone my pipe to hapless love, 11091; A * Wisdom has' dearly and too late been bought,

And mourn my abfent fairogist ,'! And/Folly yields her place to black Depair!

The wretch enllay'd on Afric's coast Devoted to the joys of Youth and Health,

More freedomi knows than 1, 7103 To all my passions a submiffive fave,

Content is Aed, blest peace is loit, Soon I conium a chat copious store of wealth,

In vain I heave the figh. A generous, bec.coo lavish father gave,

Come then, (weet Hopel and foothie my grief; Ere, cwo and twenty years iad o'r me

Thy smiles oft chear my breaft;

(fate; Tis thou alone can't give relief, * That father bow'd bencach the stroke of

And make a lover bleft. Poffels d of all che riches he anali'cby


R.A. I acted all the farce of pomp and Prate.

SONNET Hounds, botses, equipage, all' fed my pride IMITATED FROM X LATIN VERSION 5Y F. Whate 'op' was cortly, and wliate'er was GRAY, OF AN ITALYAN ONZ

Sig. ABBATE BUON DELMONTES My Mort-lived riches, for a time, fupplied, -

LUSIT amicitiæ interdun, velatus amicu The' metcor's bright, but transitory glare !

El benè compofita vette fefellit Amor. The ardent, fascinating love of play. Mox iræ alfw.npat cultus, faciemque mi. Completed loon what folly bad begun ;

nantem, Thus through efsnels to ruin paves the way! Inque adcum versus, verfus, et in lachry: Thus, Pleasure's lawless course, is quickly

.!r) 1 རྣམ ༣y) 14 ༔ 1༩.ཀ•ཐུ༣་

Ludentem fugę, nec lachrymanti, pec crede in wipunen vops.bas W P. TAYLOR.,

furentnu poslas Casprofiler Siff. 15:57 1796.jad: bis his

Idem et dilla.nili, semper, in ore Desend NIE Shakespeare's & Carloiaríus.** si tine!

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+ Jane Slowe,

ten 6 101 DO'N 1:) Oig bland!

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of it


ana IN Friendship's femblance guilefully attir'd,

f 10n. Love cama, a welcome unfuspected guest;

O DE 20.
Fond fimple I his cordial warmth admir'd, "Η Ταντάλου ποτ' έση, &c..
And claip'd the faithless traitor to my ON Phrygian Şipy’lus while me moun'alo

Niobe to
For Friendship formid, in pure affection true, From Tereus' rage while progrè Red,

In Delia all a friend could with I found ; A fleeting Swallow me was made .
Her sender, kind, unchanging truth I knew; 1, for your lake, my girl, would be
I lowd the frierd, nor the that love dif. A Mirror where you yourself-might foe;

Or, to enjoy a place more dear, But foon the Power had doff'd his mild dif.

A Petticoat for you to wear. guise,

I would be Water, might I have ist?

MA Unwonted tumults all my soul poffefs d ;

The bliss your lovely limbs to lave;'
Hopes, fears, despair, alternate tears and fighs I'd for your bosom be a Wreatbe,
My heart distraught, and ravimh'd all my And 0, what luxury were mine,

Or Ointment on your charms to breathe;

A Cellar round your neck to thine ;
What boots that to regain my peace I strove ?
To know, and be her friend, what is it but To tread on me alone but deiin!

Or even a Slipper, would you then
to love?
R. J'M**s*n.

· R. }*M**S*N. S Τ Α Τ Ε PAPER.

1. Josv OPFICIAL Note, published by the pation, and to throw all the odium

FRENCH DIRECTORY, respecting the upon the Freoch Government. Such Reports spread, that an Esyox from was also the object of Mr. Wickham's the British CABINET had arrived Note, and such is the view of the prewith Proposals of Peace to the sent publications in the English Papers. DIRECTORY.

This object will appear evident,' if we D DIFFERENT Papers have advanced only refcét how difficult it will be for

that ap English Plenipotentiary had the ambitious Government of England arrived at Paris, and had presented to wish for a peace, which will take himself to the Executive Directory, but from it its maritime preponderance; re' that his propositions not being satisfac. establish the liberty of the feas, give a tory, he had received orders to quit fresh spring to the Spanish, Dutch, and France directly."

French Navies, and carry the indu&try All these atfercions are equally false. and commerce of the two nations to the

The mention made in the English highest pitch of prosperity. Papers of the fending of a Minifer to But no further credit will be given to Paris to treat for peace, recals to mind the pacific intentions of the Britith Mi. the overtures made by Mr. Wickham to niftry, when it is evident thar English the Ainbassador of the Republic at Balle, gold, the intrigues and infinuations of and the reports spread respecting the the British Cabinet, prevail more than 'million of Mr. Hammend to the Court ever at the Court of Vietina, a Ad form of Prullia.

one of the principal obftacles to those We have not forgot the insignificancy, pacific negociations whith that Court or rather the duplicity and the Punic (if left to itfelf) would willingly enter style of Mr. Wickham's Note. Ac- into

mi ** LOA cording to the partisans of the English Another, motive, not to believe the Min itry, it was at Paris that Mr. Ham• Pacific intencions of the Brivina Mipittry mond was to come tu talk of peace, and is, the moment they have chosen to when it was known he was going to spread such reports. The English Prullia, the fame persons aflerted that Nation are impatient under the continu. he was going to accelerate peace; and ation of the war. Some answer must yet the object of that negociation is now be given to their complaints and Preknown to have been to engage Pruffia proaches. The Parliament is going, so 10 break the Treaty with the Republic, meet. Some means must be found to and rejoin the Coalition. The Court of shut the mouths of those Speakers who Berlio ffaithful to its engagernents)

re: are againk the war. The 'levying of pulsed those perfidious proposals. The new taxes mut be justibed; and to ob Britih Ministry, however, by calling tain all these ends the Britim Miniftry that intrigue a million of peace, added must have to announce, that the French to the hope of giving a new enemy to

Gorernment refuses all reasonable pro.


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HOUSE OF LORDS. ON Tuesday, Sepe: 27 the fort ser. charge the important truft which, has a

fion of the New Parliament was pretead been comuniteed to my care and opened by a Commiffion from his Ma- management.. jesty. The Commitions were the The Lord Chancellor addrchied vir. Lord Chancellor,' the Archbith np of Addington nearly as follows: Canterbury, and the Lord President of "MK, ADDINGTON, the Council. Mr. Ha fell and the " His Majely having already receive other Clerks, with feveral Members of “ed the most ample and abundant tefti. the Houte of Commons, attended, and monies of the very abie, honchi, and the Lord Chanceller informed them, honourable manner in which you have that 'bis Majesty deferred acquainting filled the high and important kation to them with the important fubjeéts which which you are now called for the third induced him at that present moment to time, and the talents and integrity with call his Parliament, until they had which you have performed the various chosen & Speaker. For this purpose arduous duties attached thereto, has they retired to their own House, and all commanded us to fignify unto you, that the Lords that were then present took he is perfectly farisfied with the choice the necessary oaths,

of she Commons, and that through the

medium of this Committion, be; in the WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 23. The Lord Chancellor, and the other

fullest manner, gives his approbatiog to Commillioners being fearedi the

you as their Speaker." Throne, the Uther of thu Black Rod

The Speaker being approved of, ad(Sir Francis Molyneux) was lent to the

dressed the Commillioners in his official House of Commons, to command their capacity vearly to the following effect :

* MN LORDS. W fit auendance in the Landis, in order 10

“ Since the choice of the Commons fignity their choice of a Speaker, and to

of Great Britain has received his Ma. return the person to choren. In a few minutes ine Biack Rind returned, fol. femei it peculiarły wy dury at this montent

jufty's royal afsent and approbation, I lowed by, about 300 of the Commons, with. Mr. Addington at their head.

to declare the high senle to feel of the Being come to the bar of the Lords, Tame time to return my und grateful

honour cupferred on me, and at the Mr. Addington addrefled their Lord and humidle acknowledgınents, to bis Lips to the following purport:

Majetty, for this laft and additional park * MY LORDS,

of tis Roral and moft gracious tavuur. " la cbedience to the commari's of Amidst the various qualifications which his Majesty, signified through the me. the high and important 15uon to dium of this Cummillion, the Members which I have bad the honour to be of his Majefty's Houfe of Commons called, demands from the perfon; who have procieded to the choice of a fills it, I hope I may daiter svielf Speaker, to act as their organ during that to integrity at leaf I can lay eiarmi the continuance of the presene Parlia- and that a diri and steady attachment, ment, and it is now ny duty to inform and ardent love for the Conftitution of your Lordihips, that such choice has this country, and the moft zealous and fallen upon me, and that I now stand ftudious endeavours to attain a thoroughi here rerurned by the Commons of Grear knawledge of the laws, cuftoms, and Brirain as their organ for the purpose -usages of Parliament, have been the un. of fubmitting their choice to his Majesty remitting and invariable objects

my for his moft gracious approbation. If in attention. In the course of the various what has been done, any thing thould duties I thall have to fulfil in the execube deemed amifs, or in any manner not tion of the great rruit sow committed to agreeable to the wish or desire of His Ma- my charge, I have to entreat and hope, jesty, it is farther my duty to request,hat that whatever language I may chance to in fignifyieg his Majesty's disapprobation ufe, his Majesty will always be pleased

thereof, he will be graciously pleased to to put tive most favourable confruction gemit back again to the Commons their on my words. Yight, and signify his cettimanes, "that "WMY LORDS thev ehufe antither Speaker, who may flo'farther conformity to my day! be intre confonant to his Majesty's pleác phere; bv petition to his Majefty affect and fure, and who may be more able to dif- clair all the ancient and various sights

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