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By-laws, how enacted, etc.

Of the assess

ing and collecting of taxes.

Providence, on application to it made in behalf of the aggrieved owner.

"Sec. 9. The qualified voters of said fire district shall at any legal meeting, have the power to enact by-laws, consistent with this charter, prescribing the duties and powers of the officers of said fire district and regulating the appointment of men into hose companies and hook & ladder companies for the protection of property within the district. Such hose companies together with the hook & ladder companies shall constitute the fire department within the fire district, under the command of the chief marshal, and shall be governed by the fire district. Such companies shall also be subject to the provisions contained in chapters 152 and 200 of the public statutes, and all acts in amendment thereto, and to the exemptions, privileges and remedies therein provided.

"SEC. 10. The qualified voters of said fire district at their legal meetings may order taxes to be assessed and collected on the real and personal property of the inhabitants within the fire district, which taxes shall not exceed thirty cents on each one hundred dollars of said property in any one year or period of twelve months' time; except that a larger amount may be ordered assessed and collected whenever such action becomes necessary to cover damages payable under section 8 of this act."

SEC. 2. This act shall take effect upon its passage and all acts and parts of acts inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed.




It is enacted by the General Assembly as follows:

May 14, 1923.


boundaries of.

SECTION 1. All that portion of Pontiac within Pontiac Fire the town of Warwick which is bounded and described as follows: Beginning at Meshanticut brook follow division line north-easterly between the town of Warwick and the city of Cranston to the north-east corner of the Dutee Arnold plat, so-called, thence southerly along boundary between Dutee Arnold plat and land belonging to Carrie L. Hicks to the New York, New Haven and Hartford R. R. thence easterly along south fence of railroad to Staffords crossing on Main street, so-called, thence westerly in the centre of Main street to Greenwich avenue, thence south on Greenwich avenue to south side of Pawtuxet river, thence north 250 feet on south side of Pawtuxet river, thence southerly in a parallel line 250 feet from Greenwich avenue to a fence on the south side of residence and orchard of Hilda Fish, thence south-west along said fence to Greenwich avenue, thence north on Greenwich avenue to division line between land belonging to B. B. & R. Knight, Inc. and the Swedish Lutheran church, thence south-west along said line straight to the Pawtuxet river, thence northerly in Pawtuxet river to the cove bridge on land of Robert H. Arnold, thence north to nearest point on boundary line between land belonging to Robert H. Arnold and Walter E. Stafford, thence westerly along said boundary line of the New York, New Haven & Hartford R. R. then continue westerly from said railroad on line between land belonging to Robert H. Arnold and

Powers of.

Who eligible to vote in meetings of.

Annual meeting of

First organization meeting of.

Joseph Tedeschi and wife Marie, to Meshanticut brook, thence north along east bank of said brook to the boundary line between Warwick and Cranston which is the point of beginning, is hereby incorporated into a district to be called the Pontiac fire district in the town of Warwick. Said district may have a common seal, sue and be sued, and enjoy the other powers generally incident to corporations.

SEC. 2. Every owner of real estate or personal property within said district, who has. within the year next preceding paid to the town of Warwick a tax assessed upon said property valued at least at one hundred and thirty-four dollars, and who is qualified to vote in the election of the city council of any city or upon any proposition to impose a tax, or for the expenditure of money in any financial town meeting within the state of Rhode Island, shall be an elector and eligible to vote in all meetings of the district.

SEC. 3. The annual meeting of said district for the election of officers, for fixing a tax rate, or for any other transaction of business shall be holden on the second Tuesday after the first Monday in January of each year. The first organization meeting shall be holden on the first Monday in May, A. D. 1923, at 8 o'clock p. m. at some convenient place within the district, and may be called by any one or more of the persons qualified to vote therein according to section 2 of this act. A vote by ballot shall be taken at said meeting upon the proposition, "Shall the Pontiac fire district be established according to the act of incorporation passed by the general assembly of the state of Rhode Island?", and if a majority of the persons so voting shall vote "Yes" then the said Pontiac fire district shall be established according to the provisions of this act. If a majority

of the persons so voting shall vote "No" then this act shall become null and void.

SEC. 4. The qualified electors of the district at Officers. each annual meeting or at any other special meetings when vacancies occur may elect officers who shall be qualified electors of said district to serve one year or until the next annual meeting or until others may be elected in their stead, which officers shall consist of a moderator, clerk, treasurer and collector of taxes, also a board of fire wardens' of five members. All officers shall be properly sworn in for their duties. Said electors may also appoint and establish a fire Fire company. company with proper officials and by-laws under the provisions of this act.

SEC. 5. The qualified electors of the district, at any of their legal meetings, shall have power to order such taxes, and provide for assessing and collecting the same, on the taxable inhabitants and property in said district as they shall deem necessary for the purchasing or rental of hydrants, also fire extinguishing apparatus and land and buildings for housing the same, for the payment of the current expenses of the district, also for the payment of any indebtedness that has been or may be incurred by the district, and such taxes so ordered shall be assessed by the assessors of said district on the taxable inhabitants and property therein, and in the assessing and collecting of said taxes such proceedings shall be had by the officers of said district, as near as may be, as are required to be had by the corresponding officers of the town of Warwick in assessing taxes, and the collector of taxes for said district shall for the purpose of collecting taxes assessed by said district, have the same powers and authority as are now by law conferred on collector of taxes for the town of Warwick. Said district


of the

assessing and
collecting of

Of the issuing of notes and


Board of fire wardens to act as assessors

and auditors.

Fire wardens to make corrected list of voters, etc.

may impose a penalty by way of percentage on the tax if not paid at the appointed time not exceeding eight per cent. per annum, as they shall deem necessary to insure punctual payment: Provided, however, that the tax assessed and payable in any one year under the provisions of this section, shall not exceed five mills on each dollar of said valuation.

SEC. 6. Said district may authorize and empower its treasurer to raise money upon its note or notes signed by the treasurer and chairman of wardens in such sum or sums as it may determine by vote at any regular or special district meeting: Provided, however, that said sum or sums shall not exceed in the aggregate the sum of ten thousand dollars in any year and provided, further, that the obligations of said district at any one time shall not exceed in the aggregate ten thousand dollars, and said note or notes, so issued, shall be obligatory upon said district in the same manner and to the same extent as other debts lawfully contracted by said district.

SEC. 7. The board of fire wardens shall act as a board of assessors, and also as a board of auditors of all bills, accounts, books, etc., pertaining to the district, the chairman of the wardens shall sign all bills before same are payable by the treasurer.

SEC. 8. The fire wardens shall make a corrected list of the names of all persons entitled to vote in any regular or special meeting and deliver same to the moderator before such meeting properly certified. They shall also have printed, or typewritten, notice or placard containing such corrected list of voters, also place and time of meeting, the same to be posted in five public places within said district not more than ten days nor less than five days before the time appointed for such district meeting, and the list so made and certified shall be used in determining

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