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Emperor Francis a party to the treaty of the Holy Alliance, 26 Sept. 1815
A party to the secret treaty of Verona, the 22nd of November, 1822
Declaration of Congress, eight powers-abolition of the Slave Trade, 8th of February 1815 180
General Treaty of Congress, Vienna, 9th of June, 1815. Navigation of rivers—river Po, du-



ties, Towing paths, rivers Rhine, Neckar, Maine Moselle, Meuse, Scheldt
Treaty. Ionian Islands, Paris, Novem. 5, 1815. Independence, Protection of Great Britain
Ld. high commissioner constitutional charter, armed force, national flag, commerce with
Austria, acceding powers, consuls, etc. collectors of customs, naturalization
Declaration of Congress, five powers, Slave Trade, Verona, on18th of November, 1822
Treaty with Switzerland for the mutual surrender of criminals, 14th of July, 1825
Treaty with Brazil, Vienna, 16th of June, 1827
Necessity of a public minister at Vienna, in 1781. p. 484. Wm. Lee, commissioned to repre-



sent Congress of the United States at Vienna, p. 471.-Retires from Vienna . .
Holy Alliance, treaty of, between 1. Austria, 2. Prussia, S. Russia, to lend one another, on
every occasion, and in every place, assistance and support; other powers may be received
into the Holy Alliance


Holy Alliance, additions to Secret Treaty of Verona, 22d November, 1822, ratified by Aus-

tria, France, Prussia and Russia
See Great Britain.

. 179

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Independence, act of August 1, 1822...............
Treaty of Commerce

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Declaration of Independence, 18th of November, 1830
Treaty acknowledging Independence by the five great powers, to wit: Austria, France, Great
Britain, Prussia and Russia-Provinces, boundaries &c.

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Navigation, between his Britannic Majesty and the Emperor of
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, August 17th, 1827...
Right of naming and placing cousuls, liberty of conscience, British to enjoy same rights
in civil and criminal matters, as Brazilians-deserters to be dismissed, or given up-re-
ciprocal liberty of commerce and navigation-duties same as most favored nation,-
contraband-ports in Asia open to Brazil.

Treaty between Brazil and the Hanse Towns, November 7th, 1827.....

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On the footing of the most favored nation, [consuls, religion, &c. as in the above withG.B.]
Prelim'y treaty of peace, betw. La Platte and emperor of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Aug. 281828
Emancipation-A Brazilian to Mr Jefferson on the emancipation of his country, May 4, 1787
Brazilian Blockade. Mr Raguet, minister to Brazil .....
Deserters, mutual delivery of, Capt. Biddle to Admiral Guedes, 21st December, 1827.....
Right of search, Captain Biddle to Admiral Guedes, January 25th 1828..
Proposal to search for Deserters, Commodore Du Plantys, of French navy, to Commodore
Elliott, United States navy, June 11, 1826...
Departure of the United States Diplomatic agent, Mr Raguet, from Rio Janeiro, Mr Clay's
letter to, Jan. 20, 1827.......




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Treaty of Commerce and Navigation, with Austria, Vienna, June 16th, 1827.....
Friendship, Commerce and Navigation, with Prussia, Rio de Janeiro, July 9th, 1827
Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation, with Netherlands, Rio. de Jan. Feb. 20, 1828
Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation, with Portugal, concerning the recognition of
the Independence of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, August 29th 1825....
Convention-Abolition of the slave trade, Rio de Janeiro November 23d, 1826
See Great Britain.


Treaty between Peru and Bolivia, Pequisa July 6, 1828,

Treaty of Federation with Peru, Chiquisaca, November 15, 1826,


Independence, act of, July 9, 1816,

Treaty of Amity Commerce and Navigation between His Britannic Majesty and La Plata,
Buenos Ayres February 2, 1825.

Independence, recognition of, a topic at Aix la Chapelle in October 1818,
Independence-Aguirre, Thompson, and De Forrest's applications to the government
of the United States for recognition of Independence, 634 De Forrest's creden-
tials, and application for an Exequatur as Buenos Ayrean Consul General,
Mission of Messrs Bland, Rodney and Graham to the La Platte in 1820,
Extracts from their instructions from the Department of State-the abuse of Privateer-
ing, 638. Mr Forbes,efforts successful in forbidding the granting of Privateer Com-
missions, 638 United States proposition to acknowledge its Independence, March 8,
1822. 640. Congressional Report on the above. 612. Minister Plenipotentiary
appointed to Buenos Ayres, (with same Instructions as furnished to the Ministers on
the Panama mission,)

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Independence act of Jan. 1, 1818, 633. Aguirre, private agent from, to the C. States
in 1817, 634. Political Mission of Messrs Bland, Rodney, and Graham in 1817..
Privateers, Instructions relative to, 638. Public Minister appointed by U. S. to Chili..
Treaty of Friendship, Alliance, Commerce, and Navigation, Santiago, November 20, 1826.
Treaty of Friendship and Alliance, between the United Provinces of the Rio de la Plata, Buenos
Ayres, January 1819,

Treaty of Perpetual Union, League, and Confederation, between Colombia, and Santiago
de Chili, October 21, 1822,

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See Chili.

..... .............3

La Platte. Prelim'y treaty of peace betw. the republics of the United provinces of La Platte
and the Emperor of Brazil, August 28, 1828....
Indedependence of Montevideo declared-election of deputies to take place—govern-
ment of Banda Oriental to cease, &c.—constitution to be formed-troops of both parties
to remain temporarily, but not to interfere in politics-navigation of the river Platte to
be free to both.




Treaty of Friendship, Alliance, Commerce and Navigation with Chili Santiago, Nov. 20, 1826 691
Treaty of Friendship and Alliance with Chili, and Buenos Ayres Jan. 1819.
See Great Britain.











See Brazil.

Peru. Treaty of peace betw. the Republic of Colombia and Repl'c of Peru, Sep. 29, 1829 233
Solemn promise to forget the past, and to promote mutual good and wellbeing-military
to be reduced-limits same as ancient vice-royalties of New Grenada and Peru, line to
commence from river Tumbes on the Pacific ocean-river navigation to be free, duties
same to each as natives

Sée Peru.

Laws, extracts from the Criminal and Civil Code,


Edict of Faou Kwang, concerning the United States Ship Vincennes on her visit to Canton 696


Treaty. Peace, friendship and Commerce with Great Britain, Kiel, 14th January, 1814. 163

Prizes, prisoners, Danish Colonies, etc. Commercial relations, slave trade abolition, se-
questrations on property: privileges of Depot at Straslund, renewal of ancient treaties
See Great Britain.


Claims-Act of February 25th 1831 to provide for the adjustment of Claims, under the
Convention of the 28th March, 1830.

Additional article, limitted time of one month for acceptance by the Porte of the Treaty.
Convention. Sovereignty of Greece, London, May 7 1832.

Crown offered to Prince Otho of Bavaria, and accepted etc.
Greek Protocol of February 3, 1830.
See Great Britain.


Greece-Treaty of Settlement, London, July 6, 1827,

Mediation of the friendly powers, Greeks to hold of the Sultan as of a superior Lord, to
pay tribute, territorial limits to be settled at a future negotiation-restoration to be
guaranteed, etc.

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See Austria, 178,181,183, 187


- 684

Buenos Ayres,


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See Muscat,
Netherlands, - 165
- 206




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· 192

Sicily, -

West Indies, -


Greece, 175, 217,

Hanseatic Repub.
Treaty of Peace, between Great Britain and France. Signed at Utrecht, 31st March, (11th
April) 1713, restoration of the bay and straits of Hudson, buildings, forts, satisfaction
to the Hudson Bay Company, also St. Christopher, Nova Scotia, Port Royal or Annapo-
lis Royal-French subjects excluded from fishing on the eastern coasts of Nova Scotia,
within 30 leagues of the coast, beginning from Sable Island. France at liberty to catch
and dry fish, on Cape Breton, etc.

Definitive Treaty. Newfoundland Fishery, Paris, 10th February 1763.

Cape Breton Fishery in the Gulf St. Lawrence;

Definitive Treaty. Newfoundland Fishery, Versailles, 3d September, 1782. Limit of Fishery

off Newfoundland, and in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, declaration, etc.

Declaration. British Versailles, 3d September, 1783, to prevent disputes, procuring wood,

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shelter, etc.

Counter Declaration. French, same date, fully satisfied,neither party to fish beyond the mid-
dle of the Newfoundland channel,

Definitive Treaty of Paris. Peace and Amity. Paris, 30th May 1814. Navigation of the Rhine
and other rivers. Malta. Restoration of the French Colonies and fisheries, cession of
Tobago, St, Lucia, Isle of France, Spanish part of St. Domingo, Guadaloupe, French
Guyana,property, etc. and fortifications in India, Newfoundland, St. Lawrence fisheries,
Antwerp, private claims domains of France in ceded countries, bonds and deeds, archives,
maps, etc. belonging to different countries, Slave Trade, Confiscations etc.

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Slave Trade, add. Article, between Great Britain and France,Abolition of the Slave Trade 152

Imperial Decree of Napoleon abolishing the Slave Trade, 29th March, 1815,
Convention between Great Britain and France; Commerce and Navigation, London, 27th

January 1826. Reciprocity, tonnage and other duties, reciprocal duties on goods im-
ported or exported, direct re-exporting produce tó Asia, Africa, or America; bounties,
drawbacks, privileges of navigation of the most favored nation, extention of Convention
to all possessions in Europe, trade with British and French Colonies,
Treaty of Commerce and Navigation, between Queen Anne of Great Britain, and Louis, XIV
of France, concluded at Utrecht, 11th of April, 1713...........


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Free ships shall make free goods-contraband specified.
West Indies-British Order in council granting to French vessels, certain privileges, June
1st 1826; table of articles...
Duties, repeal of. An act to amend an act of 6th year of his late Majesty to regulate the trade
of the Britsh possessions abroad, 22d April, 1831-repeal of duties on meal, bread, rice,
live stock, bacon, wood, lumber, imported into British possessions in America, or in
the W. Indies certain temporary additional duties on lumber from foreign countries &c. 160
Duties, tonnage. Act of the British Parliament to regulate the trade of the British pussess-

ions abroad, 5thJuly, 1825-reciprocal tonnage duties between Canadian & U.S. vessels. 160
Fisheries. Act of the British Parliament relating to the fisheries carried on upon the banks
and shores of Newfoundland, Sd June 1824. Privileges of Foreigners under treaty-
fulfilment of treaties with foreign powers....
India..-Trade of foreign nations with India, 1th July, 1797, Imports and Exports of


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countries in amity-Regulations of the East India Company,

Note. To satisfy inquiries that have been made, as to the extent to which American ves-
sels are admitted in the British Possessions,at and beyond theCape of Good Hope,it
is deemed proper to state, that vessels of the United States are entitled, by the thurd
article of the Treaty of Commerce of 1815,to trade with Calcutta, Madras, Bombay
and Prince of Wales Island; but not with Singapore;-and that they are also ad-
mitted to trade with the free ports at the settlement of the Cape of Good Hope,
which are Cape Town, Simons Town, and Port Elizabeth; and with any other free
ports in the Mauritius, in Ceylon, or inAustralia, which may be established by or-
der in Council. Department of Stute, Washington, December 21, 1833.

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Portugal. Treaty of Friendship and Commerce, Lisbon, 27th December 1703,

Perpetual admission of British woollens and of Portuguese wines, duty
Prussia-Convention. Commerce and Navigation, London, April 2, 1824.

Treaty of Peace between Great Britain and Denmark, Kiel, 14th January 1814, (see Den-


Convention. Colonies of the Netherlands, London August 13, 1814.
Colonies Restored. Cape of Good Hope, Demerara, Essequibo and Berbice excepted,
cession of Bauld in exchange for Cochin, Commerce with British India, Security of per-
sons, ete. abolition of Slave Trade,

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Reciprocal abrogation of discriminating and countervailing duties on ships and produc-
tions, import and export of national produce and manufactures, duties on imports and
exports, drawbacks.


Eicily. Commerce and Navigation, London, September 26, 1816.......


Abolition of privileges,&c. in favor of Great Britain and other powers, on footing of the
most favored, personal privileges, security of property, visits, reduction of duties, vessels
and subjects of the Ionian Islands.



Additional Articles-Compensation to Sweden for Guadaloupe; Cession of Bernagore,etc, 167
Treaty-Netherlands with Great Britain. Prevention of Slave Trade, Hague 4th May, 1818. 168
Reciprocal right of visit, indemnity for illegal detentions, instructions, judgment without
appeal, disposal of condemned vessels, and Slaves, etc.

Sardinia. Treaty. Territory and Commerce, Vienna, May 20, 1815.......

Union of Genoa and the Imperial fiefs to the Sardinian States, island of Capraja-rights
and privileges of the Genoese-free port of Genoa-Duty of transit-tribunal and cham-
ber of commerce.









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Colombia. Treaty. Amity, Commerce and Navigation, Bogota, 18th April, 1825......
Freedom of commerce and trade with the British colouies, duties, pilotage, salvage,&c.
national vessels, brokers, consuls, personal security in case of rupture, religion, funerals
abolition of the slave trade.
Buenos Ayres. Treaty. Amity Commerce and Navigation, Buenos Ayres, 2d Feb. 1825. 237
Freedom of commerce-trade with Britain-colonies, duties, prohibitions, Salvage, &c.
on vessels of above 120 tons, national vessels, property administration of justice, taxes,
consuls, security of persons, religion, burial places, abolition of slave trade, &c.
Muscat. Treaty. Abolition of Slave Trade, Muscat, September 10, 1822.

Prohibition against sale of Slaves, punishment of offenders, British agent in Zarnzibar,
seizure of slave vessels by British cruizers, ship's passes.
Persia-Definitive Treaty, Commerce, Tehran, 25th November, 1814.
Madagascar-Treaty, Slave Trade and Piracy, Tamatave, 23d October, 1817.

Cession of sale, or transfer, of slaves or other persons, consideration for loss of revenue,
protection of the King Johanna, suppression of piracy, etc.
Mexico-Treaty of Amity Commerce and Navigation, London, 26th December, 1826. . 223
Reciprocal freedom of Commerce, Post Office packets, Coasting trade, British Colonies,
duties, salvage, etc. national vessels, brokers, agents, etc. Police of ports, Diplomatic
agents and consuls, personal security, religion, privileges in the Bay of Honduras under
Convention with Spain of 1786, (see Spain) abolition of the Slave Trade.

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Convention. Commerce and Navigation, London, September 29th, 1825.

Reciprocal duties and charges on vessels, freedom of trade, reciprocal duties on imports
and exports, bounties etc. duties on personal property.
See Great Britain

Note on the Germanic confederation,



Report laid before the British Parliament on the civil and political condition of Hayti, or St
Domingo, by Charles McKenzie, British Consul General, September 9, 1826

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Convention. Pacific Ocean and North West Coast of America-St. Petersburgh, 16 (28th)
February 1825. Navigation and fishing line of demarcation, trade to Sitka or Novo
Archangelsk, liquors, arms, victualling, shelter, &c. Duties,

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Pelation of the Colony of Liberia towards the United States
Opinion of the Att'y Gen'l of United States as to the powers of the agency on the coast Africa 695




Treaty [of Akerman] between Russia and Turkey, explanatory of the treaty of Bucharest,
Akerman, October 25, 1826. Sublime Porte promises to repair damages done by the
Barbary Corsairs to Russian vessels, and use his endeavors to prevent future depredations,
free passage of the Canal of Constantinople, etc.
Treaty of Peace between Russia and Turkey, Adrianople,September 14th,1829. Enmity and
differences to cease, Moldavia, Wallachia, the Banat of Crayova, Balgaria, Dobridge
from the Danube, Silistria, Hirsova,Matzia, Isakiya, Todlza, Babadag, Bazardjik, Var-
na, Pravedy, and the whole extent of the Balkan, from Emine Bouzoun to Kazan, Jom-
boli, Adrianople, &c. to be restored; Pruth the limit of the two empires, Russian subjects
to enjoy liberty of Commerce, Dardanelles open to them;for losses since 1806,1,500,000
ducats of Holland to be paid Russia, and, also, a sum of money to be regulated by mutual
accord. The Porte declares his adhesion the treaty of London, 6th July 1827, etc. . 209



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