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TENNENT, and felt somewhat melted and refreshed. In the season of communion, enjoyed some comfort; and especially in serving one of the tables. Blessed be the Lord! it was a time of refreshing to me, and I trust to many others.

"Most of my people, who had been communicants at the Lord's table, before being present at this sacramental occasion, communed with others in the holy ordinance, at the desire, and I trust to the satisfaction and comfort of numbers of God's people, who had longed to see this day, and whose hearts had rejoiced in this work of grace among the Indians, which prepared the way for what appeared so agreeable at this time. Those of my people who communed, seemed in general, agreeably affected at the Lord's table, and some of them considerably melted with the love of Christ, although they were not so remarkably refreshed and feasted at this time, as when I administered this ordinance to them in our own congregation only. A number of my dear people sat down by themselves at the last table; at which time God seemed to be in the midst of them. Some of the by-standers were affected with seeing those who had been aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers to the covenant of promise,' who of all men had lived without hope and without God in the world,' now brought near to God, as his professing people, and sealing their covenant with him, by a solemn and devout attendance upon this sacred ordinance. As numbers of God's people were refreshed with this sight, and thereby excited to bless God for the enlargement of his kingdom in the world; so some others, I was told, were awakened by it, apprehending the danger they were in of being themselves finally cast out; while they saw others from the east and west preparing, and hopefully prepared in some good measure, to sit down in the kingdom of God. At this season others of my people also, who were not communicants, were considerably affected; convictions were revived in several instances; and one, the man particularly mentioned in my journal of the 6th instant, obtained comfort and satisfaction; and has since given me such an account of his spiritual exercises, and the manner in which he obtained relief, as appears very hopeful. It seems as if He, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, had now shined into his heart, and given him the light of,' and experimental knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.'

"In the afternoon God enabled me to preach with uncommon freedom, from 2 Cor. v. 20. "Now then we are ambassadors for Christ," &c. Through the great goodness of God, I was favoured with a constant flow of pertinent matter, and proper expressions, from the beginning to the end of my discourse. In the evening I could not but rejoice in God, and bless him in the manifestations of grace in the day past? Oh it was a sweet

and solemn day and evening! a season of comfort to the godly, and of awakening to some souls! Oh that I could praise the Lord!

June 9. "Enjoyed some sweetness in secret duties. A considerable number of my people met together early in a retired place in the woods, and prayed, sang, and conversed of divine things; and were seen by some religious persons of the white people to be affected and engaged, and divers of them in tears in these religious exercises. Preached the concluding sermon from Gen. v. 24. “And Enoch walked with God," &c. God gave me enlargement and fervency in my discourse, so that I was enabled to speak with plainness and power; and God's presence seemed to be in the assembly. Praised be the Lord, it was a sweet meeting, a desirable assembly. I found my strength renewed, and lengthened out even to a wonder, so that I felt much stronger at the conclusion than in the beginning of this sacramental solemnity. I have great reason to bless God for this solemnity; wherein I have found assistance in addressing others, and sweetness in my own soul.

"After my people had attended the concluding exercises of the sacramental solemnity, they returned home; many of them rejoicing for all the goodness of God which they had seen and felt so that this appeared to be a profitable as well as comfortable season to numbers of my congregation. Their being present at this occasion, and a number of them communing at the Lord's table with other Christians, was, 1 trust, for the honour of God and the interest of religion in these parts; as numbers I have reason to think, were quickened by means of it."

On Tuesday, he found himself spent, and his spirits exhausted by his late labours; and on Wednesday complains of vapoury disorders and dejection of spirits, and of enjoying but little comfort and spirituality.

June 12. "In the evening enjoyed freedom of mind and some sweetness in secret prayer. It was a desirable season to me; my soul was enlarged in prayer for my own dear people, and for the enlargement of Christ's kingdom, and especially for the propagation of the Gospel among the Indians, far back in the wilderness. Was refreshed in prayer for dear friends in New England and elsewhere. I found it sweet to pray at this time; and could, with all my heart say, 'It is good for me to draw near to God."


June 13. "Preached to my people upon the new creature, from 2 Cor. v. 17, If any man be in Christ,' &c. The presence of God seemed to be in the assembly. It was a sweet and agreeable meeting, wherein the people of God were reVOL. X.


freshed and strengthened; beholding their faces in the glass of God's word, and finding in themselves the works and lineaments of the new creature. Some sinners under concern were also renewedly affected; and afresh engaged for the securing of their eternal interests.

"Baptized five persons at this time, three adults, and two children. One of these was the very aged woman, of whose exercises I gave an account in my diary of Dec. 26. She now gave me a very punctual, rational, and satisfactory account of the remarkable change which she experienced some months after the beginning of her concern, which I must say, appeared to be the genuine operations of the Divine Spirit, so far as I am capable of judging. Although she was become so childish through age, that I could do nothing in a way of questioning with her, nor scarcely make her understand any thing that I asked her ; yet when I let her alone to go on with her own story, she could give a very distinct and particular relation of the many and various exercises of soul, which she had experienced; so deep were the impressions left upon her mind by that influence and those exercises which she had experienced. I have great reason to think, that she is born anew in her old age: she being I presume, upwards of eighty. I had good hopes of the other adults, and trust they are such as God will own in the day when he makes up his jewels.'

"I came away from the meeting of the Indians this day, rejoicing and blessing God for his grace manifested at this sea


June 14. "Rode to Kingston to assist the Rev. Mr. WALES in the administration of the Lord's supper. In the afternoon preached but almost fainted in the pulpit. Yet God strengthened me when I was just gone, and enabled me to speak his word with freedom, fervency, and application to the conscience. -Praised be the Lord, out of weakness I was made strong." I enjoyed some sweetness in and after public worship, but was extremely tired. Oh, how many are the mercies of the Lord! To them that have no might he increaseth strength.'


Lord's day, June 15. "Was in a dejected, spiritless frame, so that I could not hold up my head, nor look any body in the face. Administered the Lord's supper at Mr. WALES' desire, and found myself in a good measure unburdened and relieved of my pressing load, when I came to ask a blessing on the elements. Here God gave me enlargement and a tender affectionate sense of spiritual things, so that it was a season of comfort, in some measure to me, and I trust, more so to others. In the afternoon, preached to a vast multitude, from Rev. xxii. 17— And whoever will,' &c. God helped me to offer a testimony for himself, and to leave sinners inexcusable in neglecting his grace. I was enabled to speak with such freedom, flu

ency and clearness, as commanded the attention of the great. Was extremely tired in the evening, but enjoyed composure and sweetness.

June 16. "Preached again; and God helped me amazingly, so that this was a sweet refreshing season to my soul and others. Oh, forever blessed be God for help afforded at this time, when my body was so weak, and while there was so large an assembly to hear. Spent this afternoon in a comfortable agreeable manner."

The next day was spent comfortably. On Wednesday, he went to a meeting of ministers at Hopewell.

June 19. "Visited my people with two of the Reverend correspondents. Spent some time in conversation with some of them upon spiritual things; and took some care of their worldly


"This day makes up a complete year from the first time of my preaching to these Indians in New Jersey. What amazing things has God wrought in this space of time, for this poor people! What a surprising change appears in their tempers and behaviour! How are morose and savage Pagans, in this short period, transformed into agreeable, affectionate, and humble Christians! and their drunken and Pagan howlings turned into devout and fervent praises to God; they who were sometimes in darkness are now become light in the Lord.' May they walk as children of the light and of the day! And now to Him that is of power to establish them according to the gospel, and the preaching of Christ-to God only wise, be glory through Jesus Christ, for ever and ever, Amen."

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General Remarks on the preceding Narrative of a Work of Grace at Crossweeksung. I. On the Doctrines preached to the Indians. II. On the Moral Effects of preaching Christ Crucified. III. On the Continuance, Renewal, and Quickness of the Work. IV. On the little appearance of False Religion.


"AT the close of this Narrative, I would make a few General Remarks upon what, to me, appears worthy of notice, relating to the continued work of grace among my people.

I." On the Doctrines preached to the Indians.

"I cannot but take notice, that I have in general, ever since my first coming among the Indians in New-Jersey, been favoured with that assistance, which, to me, is uncommon in preaching Christ crucified, and making him the centre and mark to which all my discourses among them were directed.

"It was the principal scope and drift of all my discourses to this people, for several months together, (after having taught them something of the being and perfections of God, his creation of man in a state of rectitude and happiness, and the obligations mankind were thence under to love and honour him,) to lead them into an acquaintance with their deplorable state by nature, as fallen creatures; their inability to extricate and deliver themselves from it; the utter insufficiency of any external reformations and amendments of life, or of any religious performances, of which they were capable, while in this state, to bring them into the favour of God, and interest them in his eternal mercy; thence to show them their absolute need of Christ to redeem and save them from the misery of their fallen state; to open his all-sufficiency and willingness to save the chief of sinners;-the freeness and riches of divine grace, proposed without money and without price,' to all that will accept the offer; thereupon to press them without delay, to betake themselves to him, under a sense of their misery and undone state, for relief and everlasting salvation ;-and to show them the abundant encouragement the Gospel proposes to needy, perishing, and helpless sinners, in order to engage them so to do. These things, I repeatedly and largely insisted upon from time to time.

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*As the General Remarks in this chapter and the next were appended by BRAINERD to his Journal which terminated June 19, 1746, this is obviously the proper place for inserting them.

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