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caring been pleased to express, in his This was much opposed-by a few

Pried ending a petion to Paris for negociathg mert Sanderson Glyn, Le Mefurier,

Peace, he did not feel himself ivclined and the Lord Mayor Elect; as also the o bring forward his intended morion, Commoners Kenible, Sutherland, Dix-3 or an Address to his Majesty to dismiss on, Leckey, Powelly Neunberg, Syms, 31, present Mini&ers.

and Pearkesta Oa w nich Mr. Deputy Leekey, in The question being put, the amend. order that it might receive a complete ment was agreed to by majority of 12 gatire, propold the question himielf; Members: there being only.oae Alder caring his intencion of opposing its man and 13 Commoners again it. cendency,

A Committee was then appointed to Mr, Kemble seconded it, in order draw up the Address; which being har the public might be in pollellion of done, it was unanimoully agreed to he true sense of the Court.

and ordered to be presented by the whole Mr. Birch, after a long and appro- Couri. priate Speech, proposed the following Lord Camelford, since his retora Amendment ; To leave out all the home, has challenged Capt. Vancouver, vords of the mocion except the word late of the Discovery, for alledged ili

That and the fullowing to be füb, treatment in the South Scas. The Caps Bizuted in their stead" A dutiful and tain asserts that his Lord hip brought Opal Address be presented to his Ma- the disagreeable circumstances he com ety, molt humbly ta express our grate plains of on himself, by his own 'ill-be. al thanks for tris molt gracious com- haviour, and that what he did was nie munication to both Houles of Parlia.. cessary for the preservation of disci. dent of his Roval intention to send pline; under this conviétinn, he offered immediately a person to Paris, with full to submit the mauer to any one Flag pomers to negociate for the restoration Officer, and if he was of opinion the fa general Peace ;-and to cxpress our Captain was liable, by the laws of ho Dull fanguine hopes, that the measure nour, to be called on, he would chearMaz, lead to a juft, honourable, and fully give his Lordship Satisfaction, Colid Peace for Britain and her Allies : Lord C. declined submitting to this ap. o congrarulace his Majesty on the gene-, peal, and threatt ned personally to insult ral attachment of his people to the Brio Captain Vancouver, which he attempted rb Conftitution; and on the energy


to execute last Wednesday, when Capwisdom of the laws, which have re- tain Vancouver was walking in Bond, prefed the endeavours of those who street, but was prevented by the Capwished to introduce anarchy and confu- tain's brother warding off the blows. fion into the country :-0 affure his Capr. V. has since applied to the laws Majesty, that thould the event of ne- for protection, and the matter will be in gociation prove ineffectual, and fruftrare vestigated by the Court of King's Berich. nis endeavours to secure, for the future, By a letter from Belfaft, dited Friday : the general tranquillity, this Court the 8th inft. we learn, that eight men will, io the utmoft of its power, support were taken up in that town for High and aflix his Majesty, to oppose, with Treason, and conveyed to Dublin, under cocrealed a&ivity and energy, the fure a strong escort of dragoons. The town ther efforts with which this country may was surrounded by a troop of cavalry, have to contend ; as the only means of and another of infantry. Among the obtaining, at a future period, the fub- number taken up are two or three of tantial Peace we have a right to expect.” the Proprietors of the Norsbern Star. MONTHLY OBITUARY. AUGUST 14.

At Homerton, Thomas Ladlam, esq. AT Cibraltar, Delves broughton, esq. eldest 13. At Maidttone, Ms. Henry Hodgins,

son of the Rev. Sir Thomas Broughton, scene panter to the Theatre Royal Covent bart. of Dodington-hall

, Cheshire. Surt.

9: At Alva, near Stirling, in his 14. At Coul, in the county of Rols, Sic 94th year, Mr. Robert Morris, late of Park, Alexander Mackensis, major-general in the

East-India Company s service. 11. At Greenhill, Alexander Wright, Young At Chellea, Joseph Malpas, esq. aged 11 oft son of Tho.nas Wsigbe

formerly of Wood Street, Cheaptide

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etti ,

Sinja Frith-Street, Scho, David Gcorgs sir John's real states in Leicenerhire and Lacovala se of the Auditor's office. other counties amoune in old rents to near

56. Mias Edward Cox, of Bow.lanc, 10,ocol per ann. in which the property of Clearfirleyway

timber is immense: the personal estate conbits Mr. George Lancaster, Abchurch lane. of near 200,oool. in funded money, cath, and CAT Keatinglon, Mr. Peler Clauyet, of bank bills. By a former will, the of Geneva. »

the male branch of the Danvers were made 24.12.2Mr.J. W. Dodd, of, Drury-lane fole heirs,; but this was lately revoked foon Theatre, an excellent actor. He began hiq after the birth of his daughter's son. xatrical career in the North of Englard, 22. Ac Farcham, the Right Hon. Lord satterwards was the prircipal performer, on Cranston. He was lately appointed Governor tilse Norwich Mage, and on 3d Octaber 1765 of Grenada, to which place he was about to appeared the first time at Drury lane in the cake his departure. elvaracter of Faddle, in The Founoling. Since Ai Aberdeen, Captain James Skene, in ling thar pericd he had upiturnily been engaged at 69th year., vahe fame Theatre..

23. At Eromley, in Kent, Mrs. Hawkers .. Samuel Weely, csq. of W¢cly hall, Ex-x. worth, relict of the lare Dr. Hawkesworth

Laitly, Ac Fannlam, Surry, Stephen At Hackney, John Beach, e q. dirgdor. Elmer, 1q, one of the oldeN members oi thie the Roy. Exchange Affurance Companya Royal Academy

At D.ngwal), Rusfire, Andrew Roburilor Lately, William Johnson Temple, LL. B. clq. of Blackwells, formeriy rector of Manhead, in the county Lady Gunston, reli&t of Sir John Guntion, of Devon, to which he was prefented by the knt. aged S$. Eard of Lifburne, and exchan, ed it for St. Mr. John Mayer, attorney ar Law Wilgeole

. Glavids. He was tormerly of Trinity-ball, At Dundee, Captain Hugh Campbell, Cambridge. He was the Author of An the ad battalio 1 of the oth Fencible regimen. Exay on the Clergy. Svo. 1774. Historical Lately, at Bath, aged 79, Captain

id Memoirs. Svo. And the Cha. Watson, who signalized himself in ile Amie racter of Mr. Gray, adotted by Mr. Malon rican war, and cook from the enemy do kla and Dr. Johnson, in their respeclive Lives of than 127 prizes, that Author.

24. At Coates, near Edinburgh, the Roy

. 18. Mr. Stephen Fletcher, formerly book and Right Hon. Jolin Earl of Glencain, ix St Her in Oxford, in his &20 year,

the 46th year of his age, I be Rev. Samuel Bouinc, furnier!y minister Lately, aç Colchester, Ms. Powel, matron of the Oaogon Chapçi, in St. George's, Nor. of Chelsea Hospital, sister of the latç. Dr. wich.

Powel, matter of St. Johns College, fam.
Samuel Rotten, esq. High Wycombe, Bucks. bridge.
Mrs. Stednian, wife of the Rev. Thomas Lately

, at Duponte, in the county of Nor. Stedman, vicar of St. Chad's, Shiewsbury. thampton, the Rev. Thomas Flethst sicar

Lalely, at Wyke, near Bath, in his 7oth year, of Blakcay. David Saunders, of West Lavington, Wilts. Lately, a Kinfalç Lieutenant Ryder, of the

19. Mís. Lryanc, trus.k maker, the corner Sligo Militia, ionoi Mr. Ryner Late of Coys' of Sa Paul's Church yarder

Garden Theatre, His death was, occafioned At Peckham, in Surry, aged 88, Richard by a wound received some time anco, in a Jackson, D. Director of Donhead Sc. Alary, duel., por Wills, for more duan tes a century, and Lately, at Illington, in his seth ysato Mr. fcrinerly of Magdalen College, Oxford. Edward Harding, eldett fon of Mr, Sylvefter

Fari Kilmarncok, Mrs William Morris, lur. Harding, an artist of merit. gron and man.n.idwife, aged 85.

26. At lrwio in Scotland, James Montcor oord Bincheitsrokaged 85,

; ils Hon. Tho. meric, esq. of Khaikewart, one of the magirLyon, or Hetton Hoult, in gbe county of crates of that place. O Darbamylnother texthe late gand unułę tu the 27. Mrs. Fenhoulet, wife of James, la

picient, Lord Stratoniutt. 279.14300 r boulet, eg. of Desy-Nrect, Soho ,,, IAR Éaficho deloon, Hangs, Charles Gre- Miró Emilia Lawson, sitter oz sic Wired 2. gehty elgur. l. 11 #1

Lawson, baita

land 21. At Bath, Sir Jeluy Danvers 4 Swith- At Cro, don, Nicholas Donnithorne bequcathed his immenfa landesli chates, and Ar Edinburgh, in his 76th year, Mr. John Hopefrontal propertit en luis.poly chridd, the Meduldigaet, stare con te. Sir John Medi

Mrs. Beidet, witglof the Hot Angulus But. na, an eminent historical and portrait Painter ler (secondsuses the Coundcls of Lanclaol of Scotland in the latt and begitning of this :ough) wl.olim. taken the name of Danych century. His peculiar talent was the rescu.

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og from decg and ruin some of the best cola,

tis from the Indies

colonel Hoteles tance of which was afforded in the collection colonel of the

Bza rešittent of fooc, and incinof kings in the palace of Holyiood. hoore; ber of partiament for Yamonth in er the renovation of which will long appears Lately, at Richmond; Mrs. Lewed hidoy monument of his merit.

of the fate Dean of Oflory.

19709). At Worceltet, Ms. Crane, Woollen-manu. 7. In his 87th yeal, Thomas Reid, D.D. facturer, of Bromsgrove.

professor of Moral Philofophy the universin Mrs. Aindie; wite of Dr. Abidie, of Lina ty of Glatgow, He was wonderful example coln's Inn Square.

of early proficiency in mathematics, lince he Mr. John Dto, of Chipping, in Hertford. was master of sír Maac Newton's Prine pia hire, in his 70th year.

at the age of twenty. He wrore femme plupere 28. Mr. Peter Bunnel, of Bedford- ftrect, in the Philofophical Transactions on mathak Covent Garden, one of the dire&ors of the matical fuhjects, which do hith mbichrhehom. Hand in Hand, in his 7?thyeat. But his fame chiefly refts on this Aratapihal

At Sheen, Miss Kay, niece of Brook Wat. Writings, in which he maintains the danifie ian, eta

of common sense againit fee ptice and foverely A Bath, Mifs Ann E tivardes, daughter of arraigns the philosophy of Locki, whom he the late Admiral Edwardes.

considers as the great promoter, though whin. Ar Berwick upon 'Tweed, James Wood, tentionally, of meiltrn scepticism. His works efq. aged 75 years.

are : 1. An Enquiry into the Hunan Minia, Lately, the Rev. John Youde vicar of High- on the Principles of Contmon' Seðfe. 8vo. tam in Kent, and formerly fellow of St. John's 1764. "5. Estays on the intelectuai Porvers Colleges, Cambridge, where he proceeded of Man. 4to. 1785. The "Forterochele B.7! 1965, and M.A: 1768. He tranfired was answered by Dr. Prientley; who, with this Tekmathus into blank verfe, publithed at ulual politeness, told 'Dr. Reid, that his Chefter in 3 Vols. limo. i7y!,

ignorance was a disgrace to ang. daiter. 30 Att mer in Suity, Richard Coffin, efq. my

Als aged 85 years.

Ac Caroline Park, in his Szd ycat, Sirfjohn sip Archibald Grant, of Monymus, bart. Stuart, o: Allanbank, bare: OCTOBER 1, At Fulham, Mr. Williain Ar Little Berkhatead, Herte,, Jano Col. Caddiek, cf Piccadilly, ironmonger.

lins, aged 102, 4 poor industrious woman, * At Bath, in his 76th year, the Rev. Dr. who, a very few days before her dédth saltJames Fordyce, many years paitor of the ed more than four miles, carrying a baskestof Ditrentini Con Tegacion in Monk well itrees, vegetables under her ärm is sim London (see Page 238.)

At Southanipton, the Rew-Richard Davide At Kincardine Lodge, Sir Edward •Banner- many years sector of Newbery and Higlaman, bart.

Chlore. '09

pando solistan -70% Ar Town Malling, Kenie,' Mifs Ceary, ' S. Mr. Jolin Leathley, or ippot Claptoet dabegticer of the larc Admira Şir Francia 9. Mr. Joha Hadisy of Sun County Gurn. Geary, bart.


* v , visis. At Dlicbleys; EtTex, Mrs. Pickett, wife At Offtont, Suffok, aged. They the Roy of Mr. Alderman Pickett.

Luke Leake, rector of that placeive Batto At Newlands,

near Ramsgate, Gilbert Bed 10. At Highgate, Mr. Henry Petea Xmil, ford, eiq. m ordem

merchant, many years a director of the Royal At Marchomly, Mr. Leigh, steward to Sir Exchange Insurance Company. Richard Hill, bart.

35. At Sead Heath, Surrey, Me G.Berley, Lafely, Ann Keighly, of Hundet, rear jun. aged 27.

M: {1!3 Titu Leeds, aged 100 years,

She was mocher, 12. Mr, Wiliam Blake, Fuliner, Bucks, grandmochter, and great grandmother to 293 aged 73. children. She was carried to church by 12 Mr. George Maxwell, metcane, Cario., great-grandchildren, and heart;00 of het * Wwti! ? progeny areended her funeral.

Lately, at Greensrich, Mr. Williams, one Lady Dashwood, wife of Sir Henry of the coronêrs for Kent Je broda Dashwood, bart

Elis M

175 14: At Snart Ibrook, on Epping, Forest, Lately, at Brompton-row, Major-generad Sir John Hopkins, knt. and adderman of William Robarts.

Castle Baynard Ward. 6. Harry Stark, efq. fate of Fifethire, North Mrs. Olderlhava, relia of fames.Oldeslo ay al Britain. 7. TOR 1

studhiba TA Sri el. bf battisor DAN

Al Aberdeen, Duncan Forbes Mitchell, esq. !oh 19. Mrs. Burney, wife of Dr Burney, of 32 Thaniton,

16510in Jerut) $! Chekea callege. "91): s11ual mga beste al nitratto. Toda to 2:113) feb. 10.)



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י 26 יום בזמן

571 a

7s. sl. 158.60 57. a 57


be 35.6d. 151.168.66 28

å 58 573 a 58


577 571 a? 57 a 50


175.66 sli 6s. 60. sl.


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733 73 746

13.dií. 13.1. Prir. 13 dir. 113 dir. 13 dir, 12.dil: 2 dir

. 175

851 11515-1617
86 161
86; 1103-16

17 18 191 20 148

741 87 163-16

59 69a 66

751 89 16 $•16
595 bolag
70% 891 1169-16 7

. 61. 6s.


38$ fa 381

lotus. fol. 6s N. B. In the į por Çeat, Confols the highest and leweft Price of each Day is given ; in the other Stocks the highed Price only

7 dir

, 61.


European Magazine,


14 B

1796. [Embellilled with, 1. A Portrait of WILLIAM OLDYS, Esq. And, 2. A VIIx of


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. Page Some Account of William Oldys, Esq. 315 The Absent Man. By Joseph Moser,

316 Table Talk, including characters and

Anecdotes of Marquis Townshend

Dr. Franklyn- and Dr. Mead, 319
On Pope's Homer (Continued), 321
Trandation of the Emperor of China's
- Letter to the Dalai Lama, on the Death

of Terhoo Lama; being a Sequel to
the Account of the Journey of the

Tethoo Lama' printed in Vol. XXVI.
CP: 249,

"Hearne's Journey from Prince of Wales's

Fort, in Hudson's Bay, to the Nor.
thern Ocean,
Charge bf Samuel Lord Bishop of Ro.

chester to the Clergy of his Diocese,

at his Primary Vifitation in 1796, 330 Brands Historical Estay on the Principles of Political Asociations in a State,

333 Sir William Jones's Institutes of Hindu

Law :/, the Ordinances of Menu, according to the Glors of Culluca, comprising the Indian Syftem of Duties, Religious and Civil (Concluded],

335 Wakefield's better to Thomas Paine, in

Reply to his Decline and Fall of the
English System of Finance,

340 Colquhoun's Treatise on the Police of

the Metropolis (Concluded], 341 Translation of the Letters of a Hindoo * Rajah Concluded),

344 with various other Articles, on the Plan

2 MONTHLY CATALOGUE, Lycoplina:scásandra, L. 323, 324, 225, explained,

349 Theatrical Journal, including the Plan and Character of “ Fortune's Fool,"

Comedy, by Mr. Reynolds-" The Charity Boy, a Mutical Entertain ment, by Mt. Cross-and“ The Conspiracy," a Tragedy, by Mr. Jephson

Page with accounts of various new Pero formers,

{* 350 Poetry, including The Prophecy of

Queen Emma, by William Julius
"Mickle (not inserted in his Works)-
Elegy viji. Lib. iv. of Ovia's Tristium,
freely translated— Elegy-Epigram
The Vicar and Hour Glals,

353 Wearmouth Bridge, Desultory Remarks on the Study and

Practice of Music, addressed to a young,
Lady while under the Tuition of an

eminent Master (Continued), 357 Droffiana, Number LXXXVI. Anecdotes

of illufttious and extraordinary Persons,
perhaps not generally known. (Conti- :
nued] ; including, Ann of Austria,
Queen of Louis XIII, St. Vincent de
,Paul-M. Foucquet + Abbe Brotier
Duc de Vendome-William the Third,
King of England - Fenelon, Archbifhop

of Cambray,
Journal of the Proceedings of the First

Session of the Eighteenth Parliament of

Great Britain (Continued),
State Papers, including General Washi-

ington's Address to the People of the
United States, on his Resignation
Decree of the Court of Spain against.
Great Britain-Memorial debvered to
the Minister of the French Republic
for Foreign Affairs, by Lord Malmef-
bury--Report to the Directory by the y
Minister for Foreign Affairs, the 4th
Brumaire (Oct. 25) - Answer of the

Foreign Intelligence, from the London

Gazettes, &c. &c.
Domestic Intelligence,

385 Continuation from p. 378 of Lord

Malmesbury's Correspondence with

M. Delacroix, Monthly Obituary, Prices of Stocks.




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Printed. for. J. SEW ELL; Cornhill,

and J. DE BR E T T, Piceadily. VOL. XXX. NOVEMBER 1796.


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