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EDWARD J. WICKSON, M.A., Professor of Agricultural Practice and

Superintendent of University Extension in Agriculture. GEORGE W. Shaw, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Agricultural

Chemistry CHARLES W. WOODWORTH, M.S., Assistant Professor of Entomology.

1. Amateur Horticulture in California.

Professor WICKSON. A course especially designed to assist beginners in the growth of fruits, vegetables, and flowers for home use and adornment, or to furnish material for nature study in the schools: (a) Discussion of the horticultural adaptations of California climates

and soils. (b) Modifications of exposures, temperatures, and soils practicable

by amateurs. (c) Suggestions on garden design and arrangement and selection of

plants for various purposes. (d) Propagation of plants for home or school gardens. (e) Cultural methods: planting, cultivating, pruning, irrigation, etc. (f) Plant protection against insects, fungi, etc. (g) Plant improvement, with special reference to the achievements

of California plant breeders. These discussions will be largely informal: full participation by pupils by suggestion or question is requested in order that local and individual needs may be duly considered. 2 units.

M Tu W Th F, 10. 13 Agricultural Building.

2. Human Foods.

Assistant Professor SHAW. A discussion of human foods from the standpoint of their composition, use, and adulteration:

(a) Modern methods of investigation.
(6) The principles of nutrition.
(c) Their chemical composition.
(d) Their economic use and relative cost.
(c) Their adulteration. 1 unit.
Lectures: M Tu Th, 4. 13 Agricultural Building.

ENTOMOLOGY. 1. Classification of Insects. Assistant Professor WOODWORTH.

Six lectures on the literature of Entomology designed to assist beginners in identifying insects.

Lectures: W, 4. 13 Agricultural Building. 2. Laboratory Work.

Assistant Professor WoodWORTH. Practical work in the identification of insects by comparison with the University collection and by the use of books. Those designing to take this course should bring a collection of insects with them or should make one during the session. Particular attention will be given to the arrangement of excursions to near-by points for this purpose.

Laboratory: W, 1-4. 14 Agricultural Building.

Courses 1 and 2 may be taken separately, but for credit must be taken together; credit for both 1 unit.


A few lectures will be given, at dates to be announced later, by GIFFORD PINCHOT, M.A., Forester of the United States Department of Agriculture.


GEORGE F. REINHARDT, B.S., M.D., Instructor in Physical Culture.
ELEANOR S. BANCROFT, M.D., Assistant Clinician in the Medical

LOUISA A. PLACE, Assistant in Physical Culture.

Instruction for men will be conducted in the Harmon Gymnasium, and for women in the Hearst Gymnasium. The courses are open to all students who desire personal improvement by means of systematic exercise.

Students will be required to undergo a medical examination before work may be taken in the Gymnasium. The medical examinations will be conducted for men by Dr. Reinhardt, for women by Dr. Bancroft. In addition, a physical examination will be necessary in every case in order that exercises adapted as nearly as possible to individual needs may be prescribed. The physical examinations for men will be conducted by Dr. Reinhardt, for women by Miss Place

The fee for the medical examination will be $2.00. A fee of 25 cents is required for the use of a locker. The regular gymnasium suit costs from $3.50 to $5.00.

In connection with the regular work in Physical Culture there will be an opportunity for the students of the Summer Session to visit the various points of interest in the vicinity of Berkeley. There will be walking trips to Bolinas, Tamalpais, Redwood Cañon and Wild Cat Cañon, and a driving and walking trip to Mount Diablo. The expense of the longer trips will be announced later.

1. Course for Men.


Exercises with chest-weights, dumb-bells, bar-bells, Indian clubs, and exercises without apparatus. Basket-ball and other recreative exercises.

M Tu W Th F, 4. Harmon Gymnasium.

2. Course for Women.

Miss PLACE. Relaxing exercises, mat exercises, walking, the developing appliances, chest-weights, dumb-bells, bar-bells, Indian clubs, and exercises without apparatus. Basket-ball and other recreative exercises.

M Tu W Th F, 4. Hearst Gymnasium.


H. MORSE STEPHENS, M.A., Professor of History and Director of

University Extension. GARRICK M. BORDEN, M.A., Secretary for University Extension and

Staff Lecturer.

A series of conferences on University Extension will be held during the Summer Session, in which representatives of existing centers have promised to take part. By general discussion and by private consultation plans will be advanced for future development of University Extension in California. The Director will be glad to consult all interested daily in the Observatory, from 3:15 P.M. to 4 P.M.



[blocks in formation]

University Meetings will be held at 4 p.m. on certain Wednesdays, to be announced later, in the new amphitheatre.


During the first week of the Summer Session (Thursday, June 25, to Wednesday, July 1), 11-12 daily, Room 15, South Hall.

After the first week, Tu Th F, 4-4:30, Room 8, North Hall.

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