Slike strani

145° 30'. It was discovered by Cook in 1769, and | 616. It is ill-built; and, with the exception of the was supposed by him to be 9 m. in length from NE castle by which it is commanded, and an alms-house, to SW, and 3 m. in breadth; and to be inhabited. it contains nothing worthy of notice. Fairs are held

CHÁINAT, a town of Siam, on the r. bank of the monthly. Meinam, 115 m. NNW of Yuthia.

CHALAIZONE-CATO, a town of Greece, in the CHAINEZ, a mountain of Brazil

, in the prov. of Morea, on the W coast, 7 m. SW of Arcadia. Matto-Grosso, which terminates at the Paraguai, in CHALAMONT, a canton, commune, and town of S lat. 19° 18'.-Also a name by which the E arm of France, in the dep. of the Ain, arrond. of Trevoux. the Rio Porrudos, an affluent of the Paraguai, is The cant comprises 11 com. Pop. in 1831, 5,565; sometimes distinguished.

in 1841, 6,003. The town is situated on a mounCHA-ING, a town of China, in the prov. of Koei- tain, near two extensive ponds, 22 m. E of Trevoux. tchou, district of Ngan-chan, 155 m. SW of Koei- Pap. 1,561. It contains an hospital, and has 6 anyang

nual fairs. CHAINGY, a commune of France, in the dep. of CHALANCHES (LES), a hamlet of France, in Loiret, cant. and 7 m. W of Orleans. Pop. 1,705. the dep. of the Isere, cant. of Bourg d'Oysans, and

CHAINTRE', a commune of France, in the dep. com. of Allemont-en-Oysans. In the vicinity are of the Saône-et-Loire, cant. of La Chapelle-de- extensive mines of silver, antimony, &c., discovered Guinchay. Pop. 542. Wine is grown in the en- in 1767. virons.

CHALANÇON, a commune and town of France, CHAINITZA, a town of Turkey, in the sanjak of in the dep. of the Ardeche, cant. of Vernoux, 19 m. Hersck in Romelia, on an affluent of the Drin. SW of Tournon. Pop. 1,043.

CHAINTRIX, a commune of France, in the dep. CHALANTHRISTA, a town of Greece, in the of the Marne, cant. of Vertus. Pop. 267. It con- Morea, on the r. bank of the Kaminitza, 15 m. from tains a paper-mill.

the entrance of that river into the gulf of Patras, and CHAISE DIEU (LA), a canton, commune, and 12 m. SSE of the town of that name. town of France, in the dep. of the Haute-Loire, ar- CHALARONNE, a small river of France, in the rond. of Brionde. The cant. comprises 14 com. dep. of the Ain, which takes its rise in the environs Pop. in 1831, 10,660; in 1841, 11,407. The town is of Marlieux, cant. of Chalamont; passes Châtillonsituated near the sources of the Sénouire, 18 m. E les-Dombes; and, after a total course of 18 m. from of Brionde. Pop. 1,923. It derived its name from SE to NW, falls into the Saône on the 1 bank, a a celebrated Benedictine abbey which was built here little below Toissey. in 1406, but suppressed in 1562. The Abbey church CHALAUTRE (LA GRANDE), a commune and is a fine Gothic structure, and contains the mau- town of France, in the dep. of the Seine-et-Marne, soleum of Pope Clement VI. Lace forms the chief cant. of Villiers-Saint-Georges, 5 m. NNW of Noarticle of local manufacture. Numerous fairs are gent-sur-Seine. Pop. 1,089. held here.

CHALAUX, a small river of France, in the dep. CHAISE-LE-VICOMTE (LA), a commune and of Nievre, which takes its rise in the com. of Plantown of France, in the dep. of Vendee, cant. and 7 chey, and throws itself into the Cure, on the l. bank, m. E of Bourbon-Vendee. Pop. 2,007.

a little below a village of the same name, after a CHAISKOE, a lake of Russia in Europe, in the total course from S to N of 24 m. of which about 27 gov. of Archangel, district and 30 m. SW of Pineg. are floatable. It is about 30 m, in length, and 6 in breadth.

CHALBUANCA, a town of Peru, in the dep. of CHAITUR. See CHITUR.

Ayacucho, on the r. bank of the Pachachaca, 120 m. CHAI-YA, a town of Lower Siam, cap. of the SE of Huamanga. district of the same name, situated on the gulf of CHALBURY, a parish of Dorset, 5 m. NNE of Siam, on the road from and 100 m. NNE of Ponga. Wimborne. Area 440 acres. Pop. 152.

CHAKANOVA, a town of Russia in Europe, in CHALCAN, or CHALCKAUN, a district of India, the gov. of Vilna, district and 16 m. NNW of Chavli

. lying between the great salt morass called the Runn, CHALA (Point), a high rocky point on the ter- on the S, and the frontiers of Ajmere, on the N; bemination of the morro or mount of that name, on the tween the parallels of 24° and 25° N. It is an arid coast of Peru, in S lat. 15° 48', W long. 74° 31'. It sandy tract, thinly inhabited by Rajputs of the Sodha bears WNW W 17 leagues from Atico point. tribe and Sindeans.

CHALABŘE, a canton, commune, and town of CHALCEDON. See KADI Kor. France, in the dep. of the Aude, arrond. of Limoux. CHALCHUAPA, a large well-built village, of the The cant. comprises 16 com. Pop. in 1831, 11,348; state of San Salvador in Central America, in the disin 1841, 11,498.-The town is situated on the r. bank trict of Santa Anna. The principal occupation of of the Lers, at the entrance of two fertile valleys, 15 the inhabitants is rearing hogs. m. WSW of Limoux. Pop. 3,385. It contains a CHALCIS. See EGRIPOS. parish church and an hospital; and has manufacto- CHALCO, a town of Mexico, in the state of Mexries of cloth and other woollen fabrics, and woollen ico, at the NE extremity of a fresh water lake of the spinning-mills. Six fairs are annually held here, same name, 18 m. SE of Mexico. Pop. 3,000.—The the trade of which consists in cattle, mules, horses, lake, which is only 3 ft. 11 inch. above the level of pigs, sheep, articles of wooden, iron, and earthen the city of Mexico, (Thompson,] is navigable for flatware, wool and woollen fabrics, linen, mercery, &c. bottomed boats from C. to that cap. by means of the On an eminence above the town is the castle, and a narrow canal of Iztapalapan. This canal, both evenfine statue in bronze of the first lord of Chalabre. ing and morning, is covered with canoes in which the

CHALADE (LA), a commune and town of France, natives convey the produce of their gardens, fruit, in the dep. of the Meuse, cant. of Varenne, on the flowers, and vegetables, to the Mexican market. Biesme, 22 m. W of Verdun. Pop. 666. It contains [Ward.] Moveable chinampas, or floating gardens, some bottle-works.

which were numerous at the time of the conquest, CHALAIS, a canton, commune, and town of still exist in this lake. They are rafts formed of France, in the dep. of the Charente, arrond. of Bar- reeds, rushes, roots, and brushwood, and covered with bezieux. The cant. comprises 16 com. Pop. in 1831, mould obtained from the bottom of the lake. They 10,234; in 1841, 9,066. "The town is situated on the are moved by the winds, but can also be pushed in r. bank of the Tudé, 21 m. SE of Barbezieux. Pap. I any direction by means of long poles. Some of them, forming parallelograms of from 300 to 400 ft. in length, of Inen, in the district of Kelaristakh, in the prov. of and 20 ft. wide, are fixed.

Mazanderan, and flows N to the Caspian. CHALCOMBE, or CHACOMBE, a parish in North- CHALIERS, a commune and village of France, amptonshire, 3} m. NNE of Banbury. Area 1,730 in the dep. of Cantal, cant. of Ruines, on the l. bank acres. Pop. 488.

of the Truyère, 8 m. SE of Saint-Fleur. Pop. CHALCOVATCH, a village of Turkey, in Bul- 1,489. garia, situated between Shumla and Dobral, in a val- CHALINARGUES, a commune and village of ley in the Balcan range, 2 or 3 m. broad, and running France, in the dep. of Cantal, cant. and 5 m. ÑE of E and W.

Murat. Pop. 1,499. CHALDÆA. See BAGDAD.

CHALK, a parish in Kent, 24 m. SSE of GravesCHALDON, a parish in Surrey, 5 m. NE of Rei- end. Area 2,040 acres. Pop. 385. gate. Area 1,380 acres. Pop. 197.

CHALK-LEVEL, a village in Cumberland co., CHALDON-HERRING, or East CHALDON, a in the state of North Carolina, 44 m. S of Raleigh. parish in Dorsetshire, 91 m. WSW of Wareham. --Also a v. in Humphrey's co., in Tennessee, 70 m. Area 3,000 acres. Pop. 285.

W of Nashville.-Also a v. in Pittsylvania co., VirCHALE, a parish in the isle of Wight, 7} m. SSW ginia, 150 m. SW of Richmond. of Newport. Area 1,880 acres. Pop. 610.

CHALKE. See KALKI. CHALETTE, a commune and village of France, CHALKY BAY, a bay near the SW angle of the in the dep. of Aube, cant. of Chavanges, on the S island of New Zealand. Port C. or Port South, on Voire. Pop. 350.

the SE side of the bay, is an excellent harbour, 3 m. CHALEURS BAY, or BAY-DE-CHALEUR, a bay, long by 1 m. broad. the largest in the estuary of the St. Lawrence river, CHALLA (PASS OF), a pass in the E cordillera which, with the river Restigouche, which falls into it, of the Peruvian Andes, in S lat. 17° 40'. Alt. 14,700 divides Canada and New Brunswick. Point Miscou, ft.-- Pentland. in N lat. 47° 58', W long. 64° 30', forms the S point CHALLACOMBE, a parish in Devonshire, 10 m. of the bay, and Cape Mackerel, on the Canadian side, NE of Barnstaple. Area 5,450 acres. Pop: 305. the N point. The two capes are only 15 m. distant CHALLANS, a canton, commune, and village of from each other; but the length of the gulf, from France, in the dep. of Vendée, arrond. of Les Sables. Point Miscou, W to the mouth of the Restigouche, - The cant. comprises 6 com. Pop. in 1831, 11,160. is about 85 m. Its breadth varies from 15 to 30 m. -The com. is 22. m. N of Les Sables. Pop. in 1841, Its circumf., reckoning from Cape Despair round to 3,832. Miscou, is 185 m. The bay teems with cod. From CHALLES, a commune and village of France, in this bay to Quebec, and for some miles upwards, on the dep. of Sarthe, cant. and 10 m. SE of Le Mans. the N side, the country is of a bold mountainous Pop. 1,258. character, and covered with dense forests; on the S CHALLOCK, a parish in Kent, 4 m. E of Charside, except within 20 m. of the head of the bay, the ing. Area 3,620 acres. Pop. 429. interior is low, although along the shores the cliffs CHALLOW (East and West), two chapelries in are in some places 200 ft. perpendicular. In this the p. of Letcomb-Regis in Berks, 1 m. W of Winbay are several islands, the principal of which are tage. Pop. of East C., 336; of West C., 248. Miscou, about 10 m. in circumf., and Shippigan, CHALMARI, or CHILMARI, a town of Bengal, in which is 20 m. in length. There are increasing set- the district of Rangpur, on the Brahmaputra river, in tlements all round the shores. The tides are regular N lat. 25° 25', E long. 88° 42'. within the bay, and the navigation is not difficult. CHALMAZELLE, a commune and village of In 1534, Jacques Cartier sailed into this bay, and France, in the dep. of Loire, cant. of Saint-Georgesfrom the intensity of the midsummer heat which en - Couzan, 12 m. NW of Montbrison. Pop. he then experienced, gave it the name of Bay-de- | 1,135. Chaleur.

CHALMERS (CAPE), a promontory at the SW CHALFIELD (GREAT), a parish of Wiltshire, 3 extremity of the island of Abingdon, in the Galapam. W of Melksham. Area 1,200 acres. Pop. with gos group, in N lat. 0° 30', W long. 90° 48'. Little C., 59.

CHALMERS (PORT), a harbour on the W coast CHALFONT ST. GILES, a parish and village in of Montague island, in Prince Williams' sound, off Bucks, 3 m. SE of Amersham. Area 3,550 acres. the coast of Russian America, in N lat. 60° 16'. Pop. 1,228. William Penn, the founder of Pennsyl- CHALMERS (PORT), or HOPUTAI, a township in vania, was buried in the cemetery of the Society of the New Zealand company's settlement of Otago, on Friends in this v.; and here Milton resided during the E coast of the Middle island of New Zealand, the great plague in London, in 1665, while he com- 150 m. S of Banks's peninsula. It is on the W shore pleted his great poem.

of the narrow channel between the outer and inner CHALFONT ST. PETER, a parish in Bucks, 4 m. portions of the harbour of Otago, or about midway ENE of Beaconsfield. Area 4,930 acres. Pop. 1,483. between the entrance of the harbour and its head, on

CHALFORD, a chapelry and village in Glouces- a peninsula-formed bay nearly identical in shape to tershire, 2 m. NE of Minchinhampton, on the Stroud-Port Jackson. Every available part of the ground water canal. Broad cloth is manufactured here to has been taken advantage of to form two sections a great extent.

along the shores of the bay, and extending back to CHALGROVE, a parish in Bedfordshire, 4 m. the opposite bay. At high water the harbour is NNW of Dunstable. Area 2,130 acres. Pop. 818. navigable to within 2 m. of the town for vessels of In an engagement with Prince Rupert upon Chal- 60 or 70 tons, and small schooners and boats are grove-field, a large open plain of nearly 100 acres, constantly plying between Dunedin and Port Chalon the 18th of June 1643, the patriot John Hampden mers, easily landing their cargo on the beach or received his death-wound, near a spot now marked jetty; but at low water a long flat beach, which by a plain monument erected on a mound of turf.- might be reclaimed, presents a great obstacle to the Also a parish in Oxfordshire, adjoining the above. navigation of the bay. The weather is here variable, Area 2,120 acres. Pop. 691.

particularly in April, May, June, and July, which is CHALING, a lake of Mongolia, in the division of considered the rainy season. The pop. of the port Kokonor.

and the adjacent bay amounts to about 150 souls. CHALIS, a river of Persia, which rises to the E CHALMOUX, a commune and village of France, in the dep. of Saone-et-Loire, cant. of Bourbon-dence for a short time. It has been repeatedly ravag. Laney. Pop. 1,151.

ed and burnt; and it suffered greatly during the reCHALON, a hamlet of France, in the dep. of ligious wars of the 16th cent. Charente-Inférieure, com. of Le Gua, on an arm of CHALO-SAINT-MARS, a commune and village the Seudre, about 10 m. from the sea. Pop. 132. of France, in the dep. of Seine-at-Oise, cant. and 4 A considerable quantity of salt is made here. m. W of Etampes. Pop. 956.

CHALONAIS, an ancient division of France, in CHALOSSE, an ancient district of France, in Burgundy, of which Verdun-sur-le-Doubs was the Gascony, of which the cap. was Saint-Sever. It is cap. It is now comprised in the dep. of Saone-et- now comprised in the dep. of Landes. Loire. Also an ancient division of Champagne, of CHALOUPE, a river of Lower Canada, which falls which the cap. was Chalons-sur-Marne, now com- into the St. Lawrence opposite Isle Randin, at a point prised in the dep. of La Marne.

1 m. above Berthier. CHALONNES, or CHALONNES-SUR-LOIRE, a can- CHALTON, a parish in Southamptonshire, 5} m. ton, commune, and town of France, in the dep. of SSW of Petersfield. Area 3,470 acres. Pop. with Maine-et-Loire, arrond. of Angers. The cant. com- the chapelry of Idsworth, 659.–Also a hamlet in the prises 5 com. Pop. in 1841, 11,973.—The cant., on p. of Toddington, in Bedfordshire. Pop. 224. the l. bank of the Loire, at the embouchure of the CHALUS, a canton, commune, and town of France, Layon, had a pop. in 1841, of 4,927.

in the dep. of Haute-Vienne, arrond. of Saint-Yrieix. CHALONS - SUR - MARNE, or CHAALONs, an -The cant. comprises 8 com. Pop. in 1841, 8,234. arrondissement, canton, and commune of France, in –The com. and town are on the Tardouère, 15 m. the dep. of La Marne.—The arrond. has an area of NW of Saint-Yrieix. Pop. 1,944. Richard Caur-de162,174 hect. Pop. in 1841, 51,068. It comprises the Lion received his death-wound while besieging the 5 cant. of C., Ecury-sur-Coole, Marson, Suippes, and castle of C. in 1199. Vertus.—The cant., comprising 16 com., had a pop, CHALVEY, a chapelry in the p. of Upton in of 17,189 in 1831; of 20,294 in 1841.—The com. and Bucks. Pop. 674. town is situated in a plain on the r. bank of the CHALVINGTON, a parish in Sussex, 5 m. W of Marne, 27 m. SE of Reims, in N lat. 48° 57' 22", E Hailsham. Area 1,690 acres. Pop. 192. long. 4° 21' 20"; at an alt. of 109 metres or 357 ft. CHAM. See KHAM. above sea level. It is surrounded by a wall and CHAM, or KAMM, a town of Bavaria, in the circle ditch, and is pretty regularly built, though the great- of Ober-Pfalz-Regensburg, on the r. bank of the Reer part of the houses are of wood. The cathedral gen, 30 m. NE of Ratisbon. Pop. 2,080.-Also a has two fine open- wrought spires. The hotel-de-parish and v. of Switzerland, in the cant. of Zug, at the ville is a good building. The principal manufactures NW

extremity of the Lake of Zag, at the point where are leather, cutlery, cooperage, and hosiery; and it the Lorze issues from it to join the Reuse. Alt. 1,340 forms an entrepot for wool, oil, and agricultural pro- ft. above sea-level. Pop. 1,162. In the neighbourduce. C. is the see of a bishop, a snffragan of Reims, hood is the Cistercian abbey of Frauenthal, foundwhose diocese embraces the arrond. of C., Epernay, ed in 1231. Sainte-Menehould, and Vitry-le-Francais. It pos- CHAMA, a large river of Venezuela, in the prov. sesses a tribunal of commerce, a communal college of Merida, which rises on the N side of the Sierra a diocesan seminary, a normal school, a school of Nevada de Merida; flows SSE past Merida; then arts and manufactures, a botanical garden, and a bends round towards the N, and falls into the bottom public library of 20,000 vols. Pop. in 1789, 11,362; of the gulf of Maracaybo. in 1831, 12,413; in 1841, 13,163.-C. was the Catalau- CHĂMA, a town of Upper California, on the r. num or Duro-Catalaunum of Roman times. In its bank of the Rio Brava-del-Norte, 50 m. NW of Santa neighbourhood Aurelian defeated his competitor Te- Fe, and 25 m. NNW of the confluence of the tricus in 271; and, in 451, the combined forces of the Chamas. Romans and Visigoths defeated Attila.

CHAMAGNE, a commune and village of France, CHALON-SUR-SAONE, an arrondissement, can- in the dep. of Vosges, cant. of Charmes, near the r. ton, commune, and town of France, in the dep. of bank of the Moselle. Pop. 594.—The celebrated land. Saone-et-Loire. The arrond. has an area of 172,614 scape painter, Claude Gellé, better known as Claude hectares. Pop. in 1831, 120,461; in 1841, 127,882. It Lorrain, was born here. comprises the 9 cant. of Buxy, Chagny, C., Saint- CHAMAH. See BOOSEMPRA. Germain-du-Plain, Givry, Saint-Martin-en-Bresse, CHAMAKHI. See SHAMAHKI. Mont-Saint-Vincent, Sennecey, and Verdun-sur-le- CHAMAKI, a port on the SE coast of the island Doubs. The cant. comprises 24 com. Pop. in 1831, of Formosa, in N lat. 22° 9'. 26,533. The commune and town are situated on the CHAMALA, a town of Mexico, in the prov. of r. bank of the Saone, at the mouth of the Canal-du- Sonora, at the mouth of the Bayona river, on the r. Centre, 36 m. N of Macon, and 30 m. ESE of Au- bank, 40 m. W. of Acaponeta. tun; in N lat. 46° 46' 53", E long. 4° 50' 53"; at an alt. CHAMALACON, or CHIMILCON, a river of Honof 178 metres or 584 ft. above sea-level. It is a clean duras, flowing N into the gulf of Honduras at a point well-built town, with a fine quay facing the river. It ENE 12 m. from Porto Cavallos. is the seat of the departmental assize court; and has a CHAMALARI, or CHUMALARI, a peak of the Hitribunal of commerce, a communal college, and a malaya mountains, on the frontiers of Butan and public library of 10,000 vols.-Its manufactures chief- Tibet, in N lat. 28° 4', E long. 89° 23', 125 m. N of ly consist of stockings, hosiery, vinegar, mustard, and Cutch-Bahar, estimated alt. 25,000 ft. The Samahydraulic cement. It has an active commerce in nang pass to the W of C. has an estimated alt. of wood, wine, vinegar, wheat, and flour; and forms an 15,744 ft. above the level of Calcutta. important entrepot for the transit commerce of the CHAMALIERES, a commune and village of Saone and the Canal-du-Centre. Steam-boats sail France, in the dep. of Haute-Loire, cant. of Vorcy. betwixt this town and Lyons; and a large fair is an- Pop. 1,025.-Also a commune in the dep. of Puy-denually held here on the 25th of June. It is on the Dome, 1 m. W of Clermont. line of the Paris and Lyons railroad now in process CHAMANT (SAINT), a commune of France, in of execution. Pop. in 1789, 9,646; in 1841, 13,465. the dep. of Cantal, cant. of Salers, on the r. bank of This town was the Cabillonum or Caballinum of Pto- the Bertrand, 11 m. SE of Mauriac. Pop. 987.lemy. The kings of Burgundy made it their resi- | Also a com. of France, in the dep. of Corrèze, cant. of Argental, 15 m. SE of Tulle. Pop. 1,237. Coal | in 1838 was returned at 15,916.—About 1} m. to is wrought in the environs.

the N of the town is a small v. known as Old C.CHAMARTIN, a town of Spain, in New Castile, The Lyons railroad is now being pushed forward to C., in the prov. and 4 m. N of Madrid, partido of Colme- whence it is proposed to carry it up the valley of the nar Viejo.

Arc by Montmahan and Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne CHAMAS (Saint), a commune, town, and small as far as Modane at the foot of the N crest of the port of France, in the dep. of the Bouches-du- Graian and Cottian Alps. From this point it is proRhone, cant. of Istres, on the N side of the Etang de posed to carry the line by a tunnel under Mont CeBerre, 19 m. from the sea, and 23 m. W of Aix, Pop. nis to Bardonneche on the Mandovine river, so as to in 1841, 2,443. It is divided by a hill into two parts, connect the line with Susa on the S side of that imwhich communicate by a tunnel; one of these districts mense Alpine barrier. The tunnel, according to the is very ancient, and is surrounded by old ramparts, the plans which have been submitted to the Piedmontese other called the Partus is modern. The streets are parliament, will measure 12,290 metres, or nearly 7 broad and well laid out, and the houses well built. m. in length; its greatest height will be 19 ft.; greatThe public squares and fountains, and the church and est width, 25 ft. Its elevation above sea-level at town-house, are also worthy of notice. The locality Bardonneche will be 4,092 ft. Its execution will, it is celebrated for its oil and olives. At a short dis- is estimated, occupy five years; and its cost is calcutance from the town, near an old Roman bridge over lated at 14,000,000 francs. The connecting lines of the Touloubre, are two triumphal arches.

rail ascending to the tunnel on either side, are to conCHAMASSY (Saint), a commune of France, in sist of 8 inclined planes of about 5,000 metres, or 2} m. the dep. of the Dordogne, cant. of Saint-Cyprien. each, worked by stationary engines; and their cost is Pop. 1,025.

estimated at 21,000,000 francs more: making a total CHAMAYA, a town of New Grenada, in the in- expense of 35,000,000 francs.-C. was the Camberium tendancy of Assuay, prov, and 30 m. SW of Jaen, on or Camberiacum of the Middle ages. The dukes of the l. bank of the Maranon, at the junction of the Savoy resided here before the removal of their seat Guancabamba.

of government to Turin. The French and Spaniards CHA-MA-YNG, a town of Mongolia, near the E laid siege to this place in 1742, but did not gain posbank of the Thola or Edzinoui, 350 m. ESE of Kha- session of it till 1748. The French held possession of mil, and 40 m. N of Chao-ma-yng.

it from 1792 to 1815, during which period it was the CHAMBA, a district of India, in the Punjab, on cap. of the dep. of Mont Blanc.-Grillet Dict. Hist. the banks of the Ravi. Its cap., of the same name, du dep. du Mont-Blanc et du Leman. 1807, 2 vols. 8vo. lies in N lat. 32° 17', E long. 76° 5'.

- Dict. Geog. CHAMBAVE, a village of Piedmont, in the prov. CHAMBHARGUNDA, a town of Hindostan, in and 15 m. E. of Aosta, on the l. bank of the Dora- the prov. of Aurungabad, 60 m. ENE of Punah. Baltea. Pop. 1,000. The environs are celebrated CHAMBIRA, a town of New Grenada, in the infor their wine.

tendancy of Assuay, on a river of the same name, CHAMBERET, a commune and town of France, 170 m. NW. of its confluence with the Amazon. in the dep. of Correze, cant. of Treignac, 27 m. N of CHAMBLAY, a commune of France, in the dep. Tulle. Pop. 2,656.

of the Jura, cant. of Villers-Farley, on the r. bank of CHAMBERS, a county of the state of Alabama, the Losne. Pop. 1,154. It has a considerable trade U. S., comprising a superficies of 700 sq. m., border- in timber. ed on the E by the Chattahoochee river. It presents CHAMBLY, a commune and town of France, in an undulating surface and a generally fertile soil. the dep. of the Oise, cant. of Neuilly-en-Thelle, on Pop. in 1840, 17,333.- The cap. is Chambers or La the Ru-de-Meru. Pop. 1,321. It is generally wellFayette, a village consisting of a few dwellings, 164 built, and is surrounded by numerous handsome m. SE of Tuscaloosa.

villas. It contains numerous flour-mills, manufactoCHAMBERSBURG, a town, cap. of Franklin co., ries of arms, gold, silver, and silk tissues, cord, &c., in the state of Pennsylvania, U.S., 45 m. SW of Har- and has two annual fairs. In the environs are extenrisburg, finely situated in the valley of the Coneco. sive tile-works. cheague creek—a branch of the Potomac river. Pop. CHAMBLY, a county of Lower Canada, in the in 1842, 4,030.

district of Montreal; bounded on the NW by the CHAMBERTIN, a celebrated vine - district of river St Lawrence; on the NE by the co. of VerFrance, in the dep. of the Côte-d'Or, cant. and com. chères; and on the SE by the Chambly river. It is of Gevrey, 6 m. S of Dijon. It comprises an area of 33 m. in length; and averages 9 m. in breadth. Area 25 hectares, and produces annually about 150 pieces 211 sq. m. Pop. in 1831, 15,483.-The river C., someof Red Burgundy wine of the best quality.

times known as the Sorell or the Richelieu, issues CHAMBERY (ITAL. Ciamberi], a town of the Sar- from Lake Champlain, and after a course of about 70 dinian states, the cap. of Savoy Proper. It stands in m. though a fertile and well-settled country, in which a fertile plain, near the confluence of the Leysse it passes Champlain, Lacolle, Isle-aux-Noix, St Jean, [L'Eysse or Alisso) with the rivulet Orbanne (Alba- Chambly-Beloiel, and St. Ours, joins the St. Lawrence no]; at an alt. of 930 ft. (Penny Cyclop.), 870 ft. [Gui- 45 m. below Montreal, at Fort William IIenry, at the bert], 900 ft. (Langlois] above sea-level, 43 m. dsw head of the delta of the expansion of that river known of Geneva. Viewed from the hills on the side of Aix, as Lake St. Peter. It is 250 yards wide at its debouch; it appears to advantage, environed with gentle emi- but its breadth increases towards Lake Champlain; nences covered with vineyards, with the Alps in and the different admeasurements of the length of that the background; but its streets are somewhat gloomy lake vary much chiefly in consequence of the different and crowded, and Simond is content to describe it estimates made of that portion of it which may be negatively as "a small town, not old, not ugly, and considered as an arm or prolongation of the lake.rather clean.” None of its public buildings are wor. The v. of C. is seated 40 m. up the river; and 7 or thy of special notice. It contains 7 convents, a royal | 8 m. still higher up is Fort C., which was a port of college, several hospitals, and a library of 16,000 vols. great importance during the late war as the headIts manufactures consist of silk gauze, fine woollens, quarters of from 6,000 to 7,000 troops. The town of paper-hangings, straw hats, thread, and leather. c. St. Jean, 2 m. above Fort C., is the custom-house at is the seat of an archbishop, of a supreme court of which all goods passing by Lake C. into or out of justice, and the Royal academy of Savoy.--Its pop. | Canada are entered. About 12 m. above St. Jean, and 12 m. below Rouse's point, is the British naval on, near the Loise. Pop. 1,633. It contains a station on Isle-aux-Noix.—The C. canal, completed bleachery. in 1843, at a cost of 400,000 dollars, extends 12 m. CHAMBOULIVE, à commune of France, in the from St. John's or Dorchester—which is 157 m. from dep. of the Corrèze, cant. of Seilhac, 15 m. N of Whitehall at the head of Lake Champlain, and at the Tulle. Pop. in 1841, 3,093. In the vicinity is a head of the steam-boat navigation on the river C.-to mine of sulphur. the v. of C., so as to complete the navigation inter- CHAMBRAY, or CITTA-Nova-DI-CHAMBRAY, the rupted by the C. rapids. See CHAMPLAIN (Lake). cap. of the island of Gozzo, in the Mediterranean.

CHAMBOIS, a commune and town of France, in It is situated on the SE coast; and is defended by a the dep. of the Orne, cant. of Trun, on the Dive, 7 strong citadel. It was founded in 1749. m. NE of Argentan. Pop. 677. It has manufac- CHAMBRE (LA), a town of Savoy, in the prov. tories of common woollen fabrics and iron-works. of Maurienne, on the r. bank of the Arc, at the con

CHAMBOIS, a township in the p. of Bedlington, fluence of the Glandon, at an alt. of 1,610 ft. above county of Durham, 7} m. ESE of Morpeth, at the sea-level, and 6 m. NW of S. Jean-de-Maurienne. mouth of the Wansbeck. Pop. 109.

Pop. 800. It contains an old castle. CHAMBOL, a commune of France, in the dep. of CHAMBREY, a commune of France, in the dep. the Côte-d'Or, cant. of Gevrey, 13 m. SW of Dijon. of the Meurthe, cant. and 4 m. from Chateau-Salins. Pop. 493. The environs produce the most highly Pop. 784. Gypsum is wrought in the environs. esteemed wines in Haute-Bourgogne.

CHAMBRONCOURT, a village of France, the CHAMBON, a canton, commune, and town of dep. of the Haute-Marne, cant. of Saint-Blain. Pop. France, in the dep. of the Creuse, arrond of Boussac. 220. The cant. comprises 12 com. Pop. in 1831, 8,417; CHAM-CALLAO, a cluster of eight islands off in 1841, 8,703. The town, called also Chambon- the coast of Cochin-China, in N lat. 15° 54', within Ville, is situated in a fertile basin, at the confluence | 15 m. of the S entrance of Turon harbour. Their of the Tardes and Vouize, 18 m. SE of Boussac. aspect is bold and barren, covered with low wood, Pop. 2,125. It contains extensive tanneries, and and bare masses of rock. On a bay on the SW side possesses a considerable trade in cattle. Fairs are of the largest island, which is about 4 m. in length, held monthly. This town is supposed to have been is a small v. A strong current sets between these the cap. of the ancient Cambiovicenses, and still con- islands and the main.--About 17 m. to the SSE is a tains the ruins of a temple attributed to that people, small islet known as Cham Callao False. as well as some Roman antiquities.-Also a commune CHAMDO, CHANGTO, or TSIAMDO, a canton ana in the dep. of the Loir-et-Cher, cant. of Herbault. town of Tibet, in Wei, or Anterior Tibet, at the conPop. 607. Wine is grown in the environs. ---Also a fuence of the Bouroung or Satchou with the Malcommune in the dep. of Puy-de-Dôme, cant. of Besse. chou or Omtchou, 360 m. NE of Lassa. Pop. 1,115.–Also a hamlet in the dep. of the Haute- CHAMEIX, a village of France, in the dep. of Vienne, cant, and 6 m. from Limoges and cant. of Corrèze, cant. of Seilhac, 8 m. NW of Tulle. Pop. Condat. Pop. 128. Fine clay is extensively wrought 1,082. in the environs.

CHAMELET, a commune and town of France, CHAMBON (Le), a commune of France, in the in the dep. of the Rhone, cant. of Bois-d'Oingt, on dep. of the Haute-Loire, cant. of Tence, 12 m. SE the l. bank of the Azergue, 11 m. W of Villefranche. of Yssingeaux. Pop. 2,400.

Pop. 889. It contains manufactories of muslin, and CHAMBON (LE), or LE CHAMBON-FEUGEROLLES, calico bleacheries. a canton, commune, and town of France, in the dep. CHAMERY, a commune of France, in the dep. of of the Loire, arrond. of Saint-Etienne. The cant. the Marne, cant. of Verzy. Pop. 641. The environs comprises 10 com. Pop. in 1841, 16,408.—The town afford good wine. is 5 m. $W of Saint-Etienne. Pop. 4,028.

CHĂMESSON, a commune of France, in the dep. CHAMBONAS, a commune of France, in the of the Côte-d'Or, cant. and 6 m. SW of Châtillon-surdep. of Ardèche, cant. of Les Vans, on the Chassezac, Seine, on the r. bank of the Seine. Pop. 326. It 15 m. SW of Largentière. Pop. 1,286.

contains some iron - works, and has three annual CHAMBON-CAMPAGNE, a hamlet of France, fairs. in the dep. of the Creuse, cant. and com. of Chambon- CHAMEYRAC, or CHEMEIRAT, a commune of Ville. Pop. 608.

France, in the dep. of Corrèze, cant. and 4 m. W of CHAMBORD, a village of France, in the dep. of Tulle. Pop. 1,338. the Loir-et-Cher, cant. of Bracieux, on the l. bank CHAMEZA, a town of New Grenada, in the inof the Cosson, 3 m. from the Loire, and 9 m. E of tendancy of Cundinamarca, prov. and 30 m. SE of Blois. Pop. in 1841, 321. It contains a magnificent Tunja, on the Casiana. castle, founded by Francis I., and finished by Louis CHAMISSO, an island of Russian America, in the XIV., and formerly one of the principal residences of bay of Good Hope, in Kotzebue's sound, in N lat. 66° the kings of France. It is built of black stone, and 12, w long. 161° 46'. [

[Beechey.) Its surface is contains a spiral staircase of remarkable structure. swampy, and rises to 231 ft. above the sea. The The park, enclosed by walls, comprises an area of shores are steep, except on the E, where it ends in a 6,000 hectares, and is one of the finest in France. low sandy point. This castle was for many years the residence of CHAMMES, a commune of France, in the dep. of Stanislaus Leczinsky, king of Poland. was be- Mayenne, cant. of Sainte-Suzanne. Pop. 1,100. stowed by Louis XV. in 1745 upon Marshal Saxe; by CHAMO. See GOBI. Louis XVI. upon the family of Polignac; and by CHAMOGA, a river of Gojam in Abyssinia, which Napoleon upon Marshal Berthier. In 1821 it was flows in a SSW course to the Abai, through the lower purchased for the duke of Bordeaux. The village mountain country bounding that river. It is a decp possesses a few manufactories of woollen fabrics.

rapid brook in the rainy season; but at other times CHAMBOST-SUR-CHAMELET, a commune of its channel is almost without water.—Beke. France, in the dep. of the Rhone, cant. of Saint- CHAMOND (SAINT), a canton, commune, and Nizier-d'Azergues. Pop. 1,010.

town of France, in the dep. of the Loire, arrond. of CHAMBOŠT-SOUS-LONGESSEIGNE, a com- Saint-Etienne.—The cant, comprises 9 com. Pop. mune of France, in the dep. of the Rhone, cant. in 1831, 20,696; in 1841, 22,073.—The town is situof Saint-Laurent-de-Chamousset; 27 m. W of Ly- | ated in a fertile valley, at the confluence of the Gier

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