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ABBREVIATIONS.-ACADEMIC RECORD.-In the statement of academic record, U. – University; C.-College; S.-School; Sm. =Seminary; Hs. =High School; A.- Academy; Inst. Institute (or Institution).

PERIOD OF RESIDENCE.-8=Resident during Summer Quarter, 1913; a= = Resident during Autumn Quarter, 1913; w=Resident during Winter Quarter, 1914; sp- Resident during Spring Quarter, 1914.

+ Graduate students studying abroad.

In the list of subjects following the academic record the principal subject is placed first; (fel.) indicates "fellow" in department.

NOTE. The naming of a degree not followed by the name of an institution in parentheses is understood to mean a degree conferred at the University of Chicago. Where no state is mentioned, Illinois is understood.



I. DOCTORS OF PHILOSOPHY PURSUING SPECIAL COURSES Andrassy, Eugene Charles de, s, Chicago. Ph.D. (Kolozevar, Russia) '02. Political Economy (fel.).

Barnes, Jasper Converse, 8, Maryville, Tenn. A.B. (Marietta C.) '90; A.M. (ibid.) '93; Ph.D. (U. of Wooster) '00; Ph.D. '13. Psychology, Political Science.

Beers, Ethel Ella, s, Chicago. A.B. '97; Ph.D. '12. Latin, Greek.

Conant, Carlos Everett, s, Chattanooga, Tenn. A.B. (Lawrence U.) '92; Ph.D. '11. Sanskrit, German.

Dresden, Arnold, s, Chicago. (U. of Amsterdam) '03; Ph.D. '09.



Fertig, James Walter, s, Murfreesboro, Tenn. A.B. (U. of Nashville) '90; A.M. (ibid.) '91; Ph.D. '98. History.

Fletcher, Harvey, s, Provo City, Utah. S.B. (Brigham Young U.) '07; Ph.D. '11. Physics, Mathematics.

Hall, Robert Anderson, 8, Minneapolis, Minn. A.B. '05; Ph.D. '07. Chemistry, Physics.

Hamilton, William Albert, s, Beloit, Wis. A.B. (Indiana U.) '96; Ph.D. '03.


Higley, George Orwin, s, Delaware, Ohio. S.B. (U. of Michigan) '01; S.M. (ibid.) '93; Ph.D. (ibid.) '05. Physiology.

Holderman, Elizabeth Sinclair, s, Berea, Ky. A.B. (U. of Michigan) '04; A.M. (ibid.) '05; Ph.D. (ibid.) '11. History.

Hulbert, James Root, w, sp, Chicago. A.B. '07; Ph.D. '12. English.

Jensen, Gerhard H., a, w, sp, Chicago. S.B. (Cornell U.) '99; Ph.D. '96. Botany.

Jones, Florence Nightingale, w, Chicago. A.B. (Oberlin C.) '83; A.M. (U. of Michigan) '91; Ph.D. '03. Romance.

Juchhoff, Frederick, 8, Kansas City, Mo. Ph.B. (Kansas City U.) '09; A.M. (ibid.) '09; Ph.D. (ibid.) '11. Political Economy.

Kelso, John Bolton, s, Wooster, Ohio. A.B. (Washington and Jefferson U.) '94; Ph.D. (U. of Leipzig) '01. Greek.

Kildahl, Nielsine Johanna, w, sp, Chicago. A.B. (U. of North Dakota) '98; A.M. (ibid.) '00; Ph.D. '09. Botany.

King, Jessie Luella, s, Richmond, Ind. S.B. (Earlham C.) '04; Ph.D. (Cornell U.) '11. Physiology.

Knott, Thomas Albert, w, Chicago. A.B. (Northwestern U.) '02; Ph.D. '12. English.

Kuschke, Charles Gustave, sp, Chicago. A.M. (Columbia U.) '08; Ph.D. (U. of California) '12. Mathematics.

McArthur, Erna Maria, w, Chicago. Ph.B. (U. of Vienna) '09. Comparative Religion.

McGuigan, Hugh, s, Fargo, N.D. S.B. (North Dakota Agricultural C.) '98;
Ph.D. '06. Physiology, Chemistry.

Milroy, Ina Annette, s, Detroit, Mich. Ph.D. (U. of Berlin) '04. Chemistry.
Newcomer, Charles Berry, a, w, sp, Des Moines, Ia. A.B. (U. of Nebraska) '89;
A.M. (ibid.) '90; Ph.D. (U. of Berlin) '99. Romance.
Phillipson, Paul Herman, w, Chicago.

'11. German.

A.M. (Western Reserve U.) '01; Ph.D.

Riley, Edgar Francis, s, Baldwin, Kan. A.B. (Baker U.) '00; Ph.D. '06. Philosophy.

Riley, Elmer Author, s, Baldwin, Kan. A.B. (Baker U.) '05; Ph.D. '11. History. Sharp, Lester Whyland, a, Alma, Mich. S.B. (Alma C.) '08; Ph.D. '12. Botany.

Smith, Henry, s, Metamora. A.B. (U. of Illinois) '03; A.M. '03; Ph.D. '07. History.

Smith, Newland Farnsworth, s, Danville, Ky. Ph.B. (Northwestern U.) '92; Ph.D. '09. Physics.

Stokey, Alma Gracey, 8, Oberlin, Ohio. A.B. (Oberlin C.) '05; Ph.D. '08. Botany.

Sutherland, Arthur Howard, s, Urbana. A.B. (Grand Island C.) '99; Ph.D.

'09. Psychology.

Sutherland, Edwin Hardin, s, Liberty, Mo. A.B. (Grand Island C.) '04; Ph.D. '13. Sociology.

Tashiro, Shiro, a, Togo, Japan. S.B. '09; Ph.D. '12. Physiological Chemistry. Tolman, Judson Allen, Jr., s, El Paso, Tex. A.B. '00; A.M. '03; Ph.D. '11. Latin, Greek.

Tracy, Henry Carroll, 8, Milwaukee, Wis. A.B. (Dartmouth C.) '02; A.M. (Brown U.) '05; Ph.D. (ibid.) '10. Anatomy.

Twiss, Edith Minot, s, Cleveland, Ohio. A.B. (Ohio State U.) '95; S.M. '07; Ph.D. '09. Bacteriology.

Vincent, Stella Burnham, s, Chicago. S.B. '06; Ph.D. '12. Psychology. White, Marion Ballantyne, s, Champaign. Ph.B. (U. of Michigan) '93; A.M.

(U. of Wisconsin) '06; Ph.D. '10. Mathematics.

Williams, Kenneth Powers, 8, Bloomington, Ind. A.B. (Indiana U.) '08; A.M. (ibid.) '09; Ph.D. (Princeton U.) '13. Mathematics.

Wilson, Albert Harris, s, Saundersville, Tenn. S.B. (Vanderbilt U.) '92; S.M. (ibid.) '93; Ph.D. '11. Mathematics.

Wilson, Norman Richard, s, Winnipeg, Can. A.B. (U. of Toronto) '99; A.M. (ibid.) '01; Ph.D. '07. Mathematics.






NOTE.-Students are admitted to candidacy for higher degrees by vote of the Faculty on approval of the thesis subject and fulfilment of other conditions under the regulations.

Where the name of the student appears in the list with the degree of Ph.D. indicated, it will be understood that the degree was conferred during the academic year.

Aase, Hannah Caroline, s, a, w, sp, Elkpoint, S.D. A.B. (U. of South Dakota) '06. Botany.

Abbott, Edwina, s, Lane, Kan. A.B. (U. of Illinois) '08; A.M. (ibid.) '09; Ph.D. '13. Psychology, Neurology.

Adams, Harold Stanard, s, a, w, sp, Pittsfield, Mass. A.B. (Williams C.) '11. Chemistry (fel.).

Aitchison, Alison Esther, s, Cedar Falls, Ia. S.B. (Iowa State U.) '07. Botany. Albaugh, Mary Frances, a, w, sp, Greencastle, Ind. A.B. (De Pauw U.) '08.


Alden, Harold Lee, s, w, sp, Williams Bay, Wis.
Astronomy (fel.).

A.B. (Wheaton C.) '12.

Alexander, Claude Collier, 8, Albany, Mo. A.B. (Missouri Valley C.) '04; A.B. '10. History.

Alexis, Joseph Emanuel Alexander, s, Whitehall, Mich. A.B. (Augustana C.) '05; A.M. (U. of Michigan) '06. German.

Allen, Carlos Eben, s, Carbondale. A.B. (Carleton C.) '94; A.M. '03; Ph.D. '13. Greek, Latin.

Allen, Edna Mabel, s, sp, Amherst, Wis. S.B. '11; A.M. '14. History.

Allen, George Delwin, s, Toledo, Ohio. A.B. (Oberlin C.) '08; S.B. '10. Zoology.

Allen, Thomas George, a, w, sp, Rockford. A.B. (Beloit C.) '09. Semitics (fel.).

Anderson, Theodore Wilbur, a, w, sp, Salina, Kan. A.B. '13; A.M. '14. His

tory, Greek.

Arnoldson, Torild Washington, a, w, sp, Chicago. A.B. (Monmouth C.) '00;

Ph.D. '14. German, Romance.

Atwater, May Marks, s, Chicago. A.B. (Oberlin C.) '90; A.M. '13. Greek. Atwood, Jane Kellogg, s, Chicago. A.B. '05. Geography.

Atwood, Winfred McKenzie, 8, Mount Vernon, Ia. A.B. (Cornell C.) '07; S.M. '11; Ph.D. '13. Botany.

Ayer, Fred Carleton, s, Tempe, Ariz. S.B. (Upper Iowa U.) '02; M.S. (Georgetown U.) '05. Education.

Ph.B. '12. Sociology.

Bacon, Margaret Gray, a, w, sp, Chicago.
Bailey, William Marshall, s, Holton, Kan. A.B. (Campbell C.) '01; S.B. '13.

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