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36. Mineral oils, raw and refined, and other fuel used for


37. Castor oil.

38. Paraffin wax.

39. Lubricants.

40. Lathes of all kinds and other machines and tools suitable for use in the production of munitions of war.

41. Tinplates.

42. Coal and coke.

43. Mine timber.

44. Flax.

45. Maps and plans of any place within the territory of any belligerent, or within the area of military operations, on a scale of 1/250,000 or any larger scale, and reproductions on any scale, by photographs or otherwise, of such maps and plans.

1. Foodstuffs.

Conditional Contraband.

2. Forage and feeding stuffs for animals of all kinds.

3. The following articles, if suitable for use in war: Clothing, fabrics for clothing, boots and shoes.

4. Gold and silver, in coin or bullion; paper money.

5. Vehicles of all kinds, other than motor vehicles, available for use in war, and their component parts.

6. Vessels, craft, and boats of all kinds, floating docks, apparatus for dry docks, and their component parts.

7. Railway materials, both fixed and rolling stock, and materials for telegraphs, wireless telegraphs, and telephones. 8. Fuel, other than coal, coke and mineral oils.

9. Linseed oil.

10. Horseshoes and shoeing materials.

11. Harness and saddlery.

12. Tanning material of all kinds, including the extracts used in tanning.

13. Timber of all kinds, raw or manufactured (especially hewn, sawn, planed, and grooved timber), with the exception of mine timber; wood tar.


BELGIAN LAW granting to Persons who have acquired Belgian Nationality, in virtue of Articles 7 and 17 of the Law of June 8, 1909, a term of one year to renounce that Nationality. Laeken, May 26, 1914.*

ALBERT, Roi des Belges,

A tous présents et à venir, Salut.

Les Chambres ont adopté et nous sanctionnons ce qui suit: Article unique. Les personnes qui sont devenues Belges, faute d'avoir fait la déclaration prévue aux articles 6, 7 et 17 de la loi du 8 juin, 1909†, seront admises, dans le délai d'un an à dater du jour où la présente loi deviendra obligatoire, à décliner la nationalité belge, en déclarant, dans les formes requises par la loi de 1909, leur intention de recouvrer ou de conserver la nationalité étrangère.

Promulguons la présente loi, ordonnons qu'elle soit revêtue du sceau de l'Etat et publiée par le "Moniteur."

Donné à Laeken, le 26 mai, 1914.

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BRITISH ORDER IN COUNCIL applying the Second Part of the Medical Act, 1886, to Belgium. London, January 7, 1915.*

At the Court at Buckingham Palace, the 7th day of January,



Lord President.

Lord Chamberlain.

Sir Maurice de Bunsen.
Sir Frederick Ponsonby.

WHEREAS by the Medical Act, 1886, it is provided (amongst other things) that His Majesty may, from time to time, by Order in Council, declare that the Second Part of the said Act shall be deemed, on and after a day to be named in such Order, to apply to any Foreign Country which in His Majesty's opinion affords to the medical practitioners of the United Kingdom such privileges of practising in the said Foreign Country as to His Majesty may seem just, and from and after the day named in such Order in Council such Foreign Country shall be deemed to be a Foreign Country to which the said Act applies, within the meaning of the Second Part thereof, and that until such Order in Council has been made in respect of any Foreign Country the said Second Part of the said Act shall not be deemed to apply to any such Country.

And whereas the Kingdom of Belgium affords, in His Majesty's opinion, to the registered medical practitioners of the United Kingdom such privileges of practising in Belgium as to His Majesty seems just, during the continuance of the present War.

Now, therefore, His Majesty doth hereby, by and with the advice of His Privy Council, order, direct, and declare that the Second Part of the Medical Act, 1886, shall be deemed, from the date of this Order, to apply to the Kingdom of Belgium, until it is otherwise ordered.

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LIST OF ACCESSIONS to the Treaty of Commerce of August 1, 1911,* between Great Britain and Bolivia.

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DENUNCIATION of the Extradition Treaty of November 13, 1872,* between Great Britain and Brazil.



March 14, 1913.†

*See Vol. 13, page 180.

† Took effect September 14, 1913.

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