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JACOB GOULD SCHURMAN, A.M., D.Sc., LL.D., President. THOMAS FREDERICK CRANE, A.M., Dean, and Professor of the Romance Languages and Literatures.

THE REV. WILLIAM DEXTER WILSON, D.D., LL.D., L.H.D., Professor of Moral and Intellectual Philosophy, Emeritus. GOLDWIN SMITH, D.C.L., LL.D., Professor of English History, Emeritus.

SAMUEL GARDNER WILLIAMS, A.B., Ph.D., Professor of the Science and Art of Teaching, Emeritus.

GEORGE CHAPMAN CALDWELL, B.S., Ph.D., Professor of General Chemistry and of Agricultural Chemistry.

BURT GREEN WILDER, B.S., M.D., Professor of Neurology, Vertebrate Zoology, and Physiology.

HIRAM CORSON, A.M., LL.D., Professor of English Literature.
WATERMAN THOMAS HEWETT, A.B., Ph.D., Professor of the
German Language and Literature.

HORATIO STEVENS WHITE, A.B., Professor of the German Lan-
guage and Literature, and Dean of the University Faculty.
JOHN HENRY COMSTOCK, B.S., Professor of Entomology and
General Invertebrate Zoology.

THE REV. MOSES COIT TYLER, A.M., L.H.D., Professor of
American History.


EDWARD HITCHCOCK, JR., A.M., M.D., Professor of Physical
Culture and Hygiene, and Director of the Gymnasium.
JAMES MORGAN HART, A.M., J.U.D., Professor of Rhetoric and
English Philology.


of the History and Philosophy of Religion and of Christian Ethics. JER EMIAH WHIPPLE JENKS, A.M., Ph.D., Professor of Political Economy and Civi! and Social Institutions.

LUCIEN AUGUSTUS WAIT, A.B., Professor of Mathematics. GEORGE LINCOLN BURR, A.B., Professor of Ancient and Mediæval History.

CHARLES EDWIN BENNETT, A.B., Professor of Latin.

HENRY MORSE STEPHENS, M.A., Professor of Modern European History.

SIMON HENRY GAGE, B.S., Professor of Microscopical Technology, Histology, and Embryology.

GEORGE WILLIAM JONES, A.M., Professor of Mathematics. JAMES EDWIN CREIGHTON, A.B., Ph.D., Sage Professor of Logic and Metaphysics.

EDWARD BRADFORD TITCHENER, A.M., Ph.D., Sage Professor of Psychology.

GEORGE FRANCIS ATKINSON, Ph.B., Professor of Botany with special reference to Comparative Morphology and Mycology. RALPH STOCKMAN TARR, B.S., Professor of Dynamic Geology and Physical Geography.

THE REV. NATHANIEL SCHMIDT, A.M., Professor of Semitic Languages and Literatures.

GEORGE PRENTICE BRISTOL, A.M., Professor of Greek.

†WALTER FRANCIS WILLCOX, LL.B., Ph.D., Professor of Social Science and Statistics.

CHARLES DEGARMO, Ph.D., Professor of the Science and Art of Education.

EVANDER BRADLEY MCGILVARY, A.M., Ph.D., Sage Professor of Moral Philosophy.

LOUIS MUNROE DENNIS, Ph.B., B.S., Associate Professor of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry.

GEORGE SYLVANUS MOLER, A.B., B.M.E., Assistant Professor of Physics.

HERBERT CHARLES ELMER, A.B., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Latin.

JAMES MCMAHON, A.M., Assistant Professor of Mathematics.

WILLIAM RIDGELY ORNDORFF, A.B., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry.

†WILLIAM ALEXANDER HAMMOND, A.M., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Ancient and Mediæval Philosophy.

ERNEST GEORGE MERRITT, M.E., Assistant Professor of Physics. JOSEPH ELLIS TREVOR, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of General Chemistry and Physical Chemistry.

WILLARD WINFIELD ROWLEE, B.L., D.Sc., Assistant Professor of Botany with special reference to Comparative Histology and Systematic Botany.

† Absent on leave.

CHARLES HENRY HULL, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Political Economy, and Secretary of the University Faculty.

DUNCAN CAMPBELL LEE, A.M., Assistant Professor of Elocution

and Oratory.

FREDERICK BEDELL, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Physics. GILBERT DENNISON HARRIS, Ph.B., Assistant Professor of Palæontology and Stratigraphic Geology.

ADAM CAPEN GILL, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mineralogy and Petrography.

JOHN HENRY TANNER, B.S., Assistant Professor of Mathematics, and Secretary of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

WILDER DWIGHT BANCROFT, A.B., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry.

GRANT SHERMAN HOPKINS, D.Sc., Assistant Professor of Veterinary Anatomy and Anatomical Methods.

FREDERICK CLARKE PRESCOTT, A.B., Assistant Professor of Rhetoric.

EVERETT WARD OLMSTED, Ph.B., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of French.

MARK VERNON SLINGERLAND, B.S. in Agr., Assistant Professor of Economic Entomology.

WILLIAM STRUNK, Jr., A. B., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and English Philology.

BENJAMIN FREEMAN KINGSBURY, A.B., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Microscopic Methods, Histology, and Embryology. ARTHUR FAIRBANKS, A.B., Ph.D., Acting Assistant Professor of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy.

HARRY HUNTINGTON POWERS, M.A., Ph.D., Acting Assistant Professor of Social Science.

GEORGE DAVIS CHASE, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Comparative

College, and Lecturer on English Literature.
ARTHUR FARWELL, B.S., Lecturer in Music.

HOMER JAMES HOTCHKISS, A.M., M.M.E., Instructor in Physics.
FREDERICK JOHN ROGERS, M.S., Instructor in Physics.
ERNEST ALBEE, A.B., Ph.D., Instructor in Philosophy.
HENRY HAYDEN LANNIGAN, Instructor in Gymnastics.
JOHN SANDFORD SHEARER, B.S., Instructor in Physics.

DANIEL ALEXANDER MURRAY, Ph.D., Instructor in Mathematics.

LEWIS LEAMING FORMAN, Ph.D., Instructor in Greek.

JOHN IRWIN HUTCHINSON, A.B., Instructor in Mathematics.
FRANK EMIL LODEMAN, A.M., Ph.D., Instructor in French.
VIRGIL SNYDER, D.Sc., Instructor in Mathematics.

BERT BRENETTE STROUD, D.Sc., Instructor in Physiology,
Vertebrate Zoology, and Neurology.

ELIAS JUDAH DURAND, A.B., D.Sc., Instructor in Botany, and
Assistant Curator of the Cryptogamic Herbarium.

ALFRED AUSTIN MOORE, A.B., Instructor in French.
GEORGE BURRIDGE VILES, A.M., Instructor in German.
BLIN SILL CUSHMAN, B.S., Instructor in Chemistry.

ELLEN BRAINARD CANFIELD, Instructor in Physical Culture at
Sage College, in charge of the Gymnasium for Women.

THEODORE WHITTLESEY, Ph.D., Instructor in Chemistry.
CHARLES LOVE DURHAM, Ph.D., Instructor in Latin.


JACOB SEGALL, Ph.D., Instructor in French.

DAVID IRONS, A.M., Ph.D., Instructor in Philosophy.

GEORGE ABRAM MILLER, A.M., Ph.D., Instructor in Mathematics.

ISAAC MADISON BENTLEY, B.S., Ph.D., Instructor in Psychology. CHARLES HENRY RAMMELKAMP, Ph.B., Instructor in American History.

HEINRICH RIES, Ph.B., A.M., Ph.D., Instructor in Economic Geology.

MARCUS SIMPSON, A.M., Ph.D., Instructor in German.

OSCAR MILTON STEWART, Ph.B., Ph.D., Instructor in Physics. HECTOR RUSSELL CARVETH, A.B., Ph.D., Instructor in Chemistry. KARL MCKAY WIEGAND, B.S., D.Sc., Instructor in Botany, and Assistant Curator of the Phanerogamic Herbarium.

GEORGE NIEMAN LAUMAN, B.S.A., Instructor in Horticulture. JAMES ALBERT WINANS, A.B., Instructor in Elocution and Oratory.

CHARLES NELSON COLE, A.M., Instructor in Latin.

ANDREW EDWARD TUCK, Ph. B., Instructor in Military Science and Tactics.

EUGENE PLUMB ANDREWS, A.B., Curator of the Museum of Casts.

FRED CLARKSON FOWLER, Mechanician in the Department of Physics.

ROBERT SHORE, Assistant to the Professor of Botany, and Head Gardener.

CHARLES ROBERT GASTON, Ph.B., Assistant in English.
ALFRED ERNEST TAYLOR, A.M., Ph.D., Assistant in Chemistry.
GEORGE ARMSTRONG SMITH, B.S. in Agr., Assistant in

BENTON SULLIVAN MONROE, A.M., Assistant in English.
GUY MONTROSE WHIPPLE, A.B., Assistant in Psychology.
ARTHUR LYNN ANDREWS, M.L., Assistant in English.
GEORGE TRACY HASTINGS, B.S., Assistant in Botany.

AGNES MARY CLAYPOLE, Ph.B., M.S., Assistant in Microscopy,
Histology, and Embryology.

ERNEST BLAKER, B.S., Assistant in Physics.

GEORGE MATTHEW DUTCHER, A.B., Assistant in English

MORRIS ROGERS EBERSOLE, B.S., Assistant in Chemistry.
HEINRICH HASSELBRING, B.S.A., Assistant in Botany.

ROBERT CLARKSON BROOKS, A.B., Assistant in Political

NATHAN AUSTIN WESTON, M.L., Assistant in Political Economy. JUDSON FREEMAN CLARK, B.S. in Agr., A.M., Assistant in


WILLIAM ALBERT RILEY, B.S., Assistant in Entomology.

GEORGE ABRAM EVERETT, A.B., Assistant in Elocution and Oratory.

FRANK HOWARD HAUSNER, Assistant in Elocution and Oratory. CHARLES F FLOCKEN, Assistant in Microscopy, Histology, and Embryology.

WILLIAM FAIRFIELD MERCER, Ph.M., Assistant in Microscopy, Histology, and Embryology.

JOHN EDGAR TEEPLE, B.S., Assistant in Physiological Chemistry. GEORGE WALTER STEWART, A.B., Assistant in Physics. ROBERT BYRON BLAKESLEE, M.E., Assistant in Physics.

ROLLA ROY RAMSEY, A.M., Assistant in Physics.

EDMUND SEWALL SMITH, B.S., Assistant in Chemistry.

DARWIN ABBOTT MORTON, B.S., Ph.B., Assistant in Chemistry. ROBERT FISCHER, B.S., Assistant in Chemistry.

CHARLES GEORGE LEWIS WOLF, B.A., C.M., M.D., Assistant in Chemical Research.

JAMES OTIS MARTIN, B.S.A., Assistant in Geology.
ANDREW CURTIS WHITE, Ph.D., Reader in Greek.
EDWARD GODFREY COX., A.B., Reader in English.

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