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The Summer Session of six weeks is designed for teachers and other persons who are unable to attend the University during the fall and spring sessions. There are at present no formal entrance requirements, except that applicants must be persons of good moral character and must be considered by the faculty to be of sufficient maturity and intelligence to profit by attendance upon the exercises of the session. The courses of instruction are mainly of university grade, and credit toward university degrees may be given to attendants who comply with such conditions of work and examinations as may be imposed by the instructors in charge. The tuition fee is $15, regardless of the number of courses taken. An Announcement of the Summer Session is issued in April of each year and may be obtained by addressing the Dean of the Summer Session, Berkeley, California.

The first term of the Summer Session of 1918 began June 24 and ended August 3.

The second term began August 5 and ended September 14.

In addition to the usual session at the University in Berkeley a Southern Division of the Summer Session has been established and will be conducted at the new High School building in Los Angeles.


In return for the Infirmary fee, each student is entitled to consultation, and medical and hospital care at the Infirmary, on the campus. The daily average of dispensary consultations and treatments exceeds a hundred and fifty. Full hospital care is given in case of serious illness. There is no charge, beyond the Infirmary fee, for ordinary medical or hospital service; but if a surgical operation or a special nurse be required, the cost must be borne by the patient. A small hourly charge is made for dental service.


NOTE. In the columns showing number of students, the upper left-hand figures refer to men, the lower to women; the figures on the right side are totals.

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NOTE. For more detailed statistical statement coneerning officers and students, see separate leaflet to be obtained from the Recorder of the Faculties.

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NOTE. For more detailed statistical statement concerning officers and students, see separate leaflet to be obtained from the Recorder of the Faculties.

A, Subject, 41.

Absence, leave of, 81.

Academic Senate, 10.

Accredited schools, admission from, 29.

list of, 30.

Administration of the University, 10.
Administrative officers, 6.

Admission, from accredited schools, 29.
from normal schools, 37.
from Oriental schools, 39.


from secondary schools outside of Cali-
fornia, 38.

methods of, 27.

on teachers' diplomas, 37.
regulations concerning, 74.
to advanced standing, 38.
to graduate courses, 39.

Admission requirements, 14.
Advanced standing, 38.
Agricultural theses, 82.

Agriculture, curriculum of the college of,


Appointment registry, 91.

Appointment secretary, 88.

Architecture, curriculum of the school of,

45, 65.

Associated students, 87.

Athletics, regulations concerning, 82.

At large, students, 26.

Authority of instructors, 77.

B, Subject, 41.

Board and lodging, 86.

Books and stationery, 87.

Calendar, 3.

California College of Pharmacy, 9, 23.
California Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, 8.
California School of Fine Arts, 9.
Chemical engineering, course in, 62.
Chemistry, curricula of the college of, 61.
candidacy for honors in, 61.

Citrus Experiment Station, Riverside, 13.
Civil Engineering, curricula of the college
of, 59.

Classification, regulations concerning, 74.
Climate of Berkeley, 11.

College of Dentistry, 9, 21.

College Entrance Examination Board, 27.
Colleges and departments of the University,


Commerce, curriculum of the college of, 49.
Committees, Regents, 5.

Conditions and failures, 80.
Correspondence instruction, 89.
Credit, regulations concerning, 76.
Curriculum for nurses, 63.

Curricula, 49-73.

recommendations for, 20.

Dean of the Lower Division, 85.
Dean of Women, 85.

Deans, duties of, 85.

Deficiencies, admission with, 25.

Degrees conferred in several colleges. 13.
regulations concerning, 84.

Dentistry, College of, 9, 21.

Departments of the University, 8.
Discipline, 82.

Dividing of entrance examinations, 29.

Economic geology curriculum, 58.

Education, School of, 68.

Electrical engineering course, 57.

Employment, 87.

Engineering curricula, 56-61.

Engineering theses, 82.

Examinations, entrance, 27.

regulations concerning, 78.

Excess matriculation credit, 25.

Expenses of students, 85.

Extension, University, 89.

Failures and conditions, 80.

Fees, gymnasium and infirmary, 86.
laboratory, 86.

law library, 86.

Final examinations, regulations concerning,


Forest utilization, curriculum in, 55.
Funds, 12.

Gas engineering curriculum, 57.
General information, 85.

Grades of scholarship, 79.

Graduate courses, admission to, 39.

Graduate division, 84.

Graduate School of Tropical Agriculture, 9.
Gymnasium fee, 86.

Hastings College of the Law, 9, 22.
Home Economics, 22, 46.
Honorable dismissal, 81.
Honorable mention, 41, 83.

Honors, candidacy for, 41, 48, 61.

regulations concerning. 83.

Hooper Foundation for Medical Research, 9.
Household Economics, 46.

Hygiene, required, 76.

Imperial Valley Experiment Station, 8.
Infirmary, 92.

Infirmary fee, 86.

Instruction, organization of, 13.

Irrigation engineering curriculum, 59.
Junior certificate, 41.

summary of requirements for, 43.
Jurisprudence, School of, 68.

Laboratory fees, 86.

Law, Hastings College of the, 9, 22.

course in the academic colleges, 22, 68.

Law library fee, 86.

Leave of absence, 81.

Letters and Science, college of, 40.

Lick Astronomical Department, 9.

Life diplomas, admission on, 37.
Limited students, 26.

Liquor law, one mile, 85.

Lodging and board, 86.

Los Angeles Medical Department, 9.

Lower division, 40.

Matriculation, deficiencies, 25.

examinations, dividing of, 28.
requirements for, 14, 43.

Mechanics, curricula of the college of, 57.
Medical School, 9, 69.

Metallurgy curriculum, 58.

Military engineering, curriculum in, 60.
Military science, 76.
Military uniforms, 86.

Mills Observatory, 9.

Mining, curricula of the college of, 58.

Natural science prescribed, 45.

Normal school graduates, admission of, 37.
Nurses, curriculum for, 63.
Officers, administrative, 6.
Organization of instruction, 13.
Organization of the University, 10.
Oriental schools, admission from, 39.
Petroleum engineering curriculum, 58.
Pharmacy, California College of, 9, 23.
Physical education, 76.
Preparatory subjects, 15.

Professional schools and colleges, 13.

Public health, curricula in, 45, 70.
Railroad engineering curriculum, 59.
Regents, 4, 10.

Registration, routine of, 75.

Regulations concerning students in academic
departments, 74.

Requirements for admission, 14.

for matriculation and junior certificate,

Residence at the University, 40.

Sanitary Engineering curriculum, 59.
Scholarship grades, 79.

Scripps Institution for Biological Research,


Self-support of students, 87.

Senate, Academic, 10.

Site and climate, 11.
Special students, 26.

Statistics concerning officers and students,

93, 94.

Status of students, 14.
Study-list limits, 76.
Subject A, 41.

Subject B, 42.

Summer session, 92.

Surplus matriculation credit, 25.

Theses in engineering and agriculture, 82.
Tuition, 85.

Undergraduate curricula, 13.
Uniforms, military, 86.

Units of work and credit, 76.
University Extension, 8, 89.
University Farm, 9.
Upper division, 46
Y. M. C. A., 87.


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