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Administrative Bulletins of the University of California

1921-22. No. 8

ORGANIZATION OF THE UNIVERSITY The University of California is an integral part of the public educational system of the State. As such it completes the work begun in the public schools. Through aid from the State and the United States, and by private gifts, it furnishes instruction in literature and in science, and in the professions of engineering, art, law, medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy. Concerning tuition fees apply to the Recorder of the Faculties for a schedule of such fees with a statement of exemptions, published August, 1921. The instruction in all the colleges is open to all qualified persons, without distinction of sex. The Constitution of the State provides for the perpetuation of the University, with all its departments.


Letters of inquiry concerning the College of Agriculture should be addressed to the Dean of the College of Agriculture, Berkeley, California.

For the following circulars of information concerning the several colleges and departments of the University apply to the Mailing Division, President's Office, University of California, Berkeley, California. The Circular of Information, Academic Departments (Colleges of Letters

and Science, Agriculture, Commerce, and Engineering, and the first two years of Medicine). Containing general information about the University, its organization, government, requirements for admission to undergraduate status, requirements for degrees, and expenses.; Price, 10 cents. Sent by mail by the Mailing Division, Presidrat's Office, for 15 cents. Detailed information is given in

the other publications mentioned in this list. The Annual Announcement of Courses of Instruction in the Academic

Departments. Price, 25 cents. Sent by mail by the Mailing Divi

sion, President's Office, for 30 cents. The Announcement of the Graduate Division. The Annual Commencement Programme. Containing the list of degrees

conferred, scholarships, prizes, and other honors.
Specimen entrance examination papers.
The Annual Announcement of the School of Education.
The Annual Announcement of the School of Jurisprudence.

(Continued on third page of cover)

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