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gerent powers to pass through it, on condition that they do not there establish the theatre of the war, nor poffess themselves of entrenched positions, &c. &c.

Given at Berlin, August 5th, 1796, old flyle, and the
18th Thermidor, 4th year of the French Republic.


Treaty of Peace concluded between the French Republic and his Royal

Highness the Infant Duke of Parma, Placentia, and Guastalla, under the Mediation of his Majesiy the King of Spain, exercised by

the Marquis Del Campo, his Ambassador to the French Republic. THE HE French Republic and his royal highness the infant Duke

of Parma, Placentia, and Guastalla, desiring to re-establish the ties of amity which formerly subsisted between the two states, and to put an end, as much as in their power, to the calamities of war, have accepted, with eagerness, the mediation of his Catholic Majesty, and have named for their plenipotentiaries, that is to say, the Executive Directory, in the name of the French Republic, the citizen Charles Delacroix, minister of foreign affairs, and his royal highness the Infant Duke of Parma, Messieurs the Count Pierre Politi and Don Louis Boll ; who, after having exchanged their respective powers, have determined upon and concluded definitively the following articles, under the mediation of his Catholic Majesty, exercised by the Marquis del Campo, his ambaffador to the French Republic, who has also presented his full powers :

Article I. There shall be peace and amity between the French Republic and his royal highness the Infant Duke of Parina; the two powers shall carefully abstain from every thing that may alter the good harmony and union established between them by the present treaty.

II. Every act, engagement, or anterior convention, on the part of one or other of the two contracting powers, which might be contrary to the present treaty, thall be considered as null and void. In consequence, during the course of the present war, neither of the two powers shall furnish to the enemies of the other any fuccours in troops, arms, warlike ainmunition, provisions, or money, under whatever title and denomination it may be. .

IIÍ. The Infant Duke of Parına engages not to permit the emigrants, or banished persons of the French Republic, to stop or sojourn in his state.

IV. The French Republic and his royal highness the Infant Duke of Parma engage to remove the sequestration from all the

effects, effects, revenues, or goods, which may have been seized, confiscated, detained, or fold, from the citizens or subjects of the other power, relative to the present war, and to admit them to the legal exercise of the actions or rights belonging to thein.

V. The contributions ftipulated in the convention of armistice, signed at Placentia on the 20th of last Floreal, between General Buonaparte in the name of the French Republic, and the Mar. quises Pelleviene and Phillippo delle Rosa in the name of the Infant Duke of Parma, shall be fully discharged. There shall neither be levied nor exacted any other'; if there have been levied any contributions in money, or required any fupplies in provifions, beyond what is settled by the said convention, the contributions in money fhall be reimbursed, and the provisions paid for at the cusrent price at the time of delivery. There shall be named on each part, if necessary, commissaries to execute the present article.

VI. From the signature of the present treaty the states of his royal highness the Infant Duke of Parma shall be treated as those of friendly and neutral powers; it there shall be supplied any necessaries to the troops of the Republic, by his royal highness or his subjects, they shall be paid for at a price agreed upon.

VII. The troops of the Republic shall enjoy a free passage through the states of the Infant Duke of Parma.

viil. One of the contracting powers shall not grant a free passage to the troops of the enemy of the other.

IX. The French Republic and his royal highness the Infant Duke of Parma defiring to establish and augment by ftipulations, reciprocally advantageous, the commercial relations that existed between their citizens and refpective subjects, determined as follows:

X. Silks, grain, rice, olive oil, cattle, cheese, wines, and other articles, the produce of the estates of his royal highness, shall be exported to the territories of the Republic without any restrictions bevond those which the exigencies of the country may render necessary. The said restrictions shall never attach folely and especially upon the French citizen. There shall even be granted every degree of preference for the purchase of the objects (mentioned or alluded to in the present article) of which circumstances may fufpend or restrain the exportation.

XI. All articles being the produce of the Republiz, its colonies or fisheries, shall be imported, free of duty, into the states of his royal highness, and exported from France, subject only to such restrictions as local circumstances may render necessary.

XII. All articles of French manufacture thall likewise be imported to the states of his royal highness, unless he may deem it expedient, for the prosperity of his own manufactures, to impose certain restrictions or prohibitions ; but these restri&ions shall in no case operate against French manufactures exclulively, to which bis royal highness even undertakes to give all the preference fic can consistently with the prosperity of the manufactures of his own states.

The above articles shall be executed with the most scrupulous reciprocity for the introduction of the manufactures of his royal highness's states into France.

XIII. The mutual duties on exports and imports shall be regulated by a separate convention : in case that such convention thould not be ratified by the Republic, it is expressly agreed that the said duties shall be reciprocally ascertained and collected in the mode observed with the countries the most favoured by the Republic.

XIV. The produce of the lands of the Republic, her colonies and fisheries, shall be conveyed freely through the states of his royal highness, or lodged in warehouses on their way to the other states of Italy, without the payment of customs, and liable only to a certain toll on their passage, for the support of the highways; which shall be, regulated with all possible dispatch, and founded on a moderate footing between the contracting parties, at so much per quintal per league. The toll shall be payable at the first office for entering the goods.

.The above article shall also be in force in all part of the Republic; and all goods and merchandise the produce of the states of his royal highness the Infant Duke of Parma shall be subject to the same regulations as above. And,

As the right of toll above mentioned has been retained only with a view to contribute to the support of the bridges and highways, it is expressly ftipulated that the goods and merchandise conveyed by the rivers and navigable canals fall be reciprocally exempt from duties of every description.

The contracting parties respectively shall adopt the necessary measures for the due execution of the present and preceding articles.

XV. In conformity to the sixth article of the treaty concluded at the Hague, the 22d Floreal, 3d year, the peace concluded by the present treaty is declared common with the Batavian Republic.

XVI. The present treaty shall be ratified, and the ratifications exchanged in one month at most from the present day, exclusively. Done at Paris, in the 5th year of the French Republic,

one and indivisible.

COUNT Politi.
Louis BOLLA,



His royal highneis ftipulates to grant a remission of one-fourth of the rights of importation on the goods and merchandise, being the produce of the Republic, her colonies, fisheries, and manu

factures, factures, destined for the home consumption of the states, and also the right of exportation on the goods and merchandise, the produce of the states, and destined for the foreign posseflions of the Republic; provided the French Republic agree to a reciprocal diminution of duties.

1. On the goods and merchandise arising from the states of his royal highness, at their entry on the territory of the Republic.

11. On all goods and merchandise, the produce of the Republic, on being exported for the states of his royal highness. Done at Paris, the day and year as above. (Signed) CH. DELACROIX

Louis BOLLA.



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