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tive or perfon fo charged fhall be found, would justify his apprehenfion and commitment for trial, if the offence had there been committed. The expenfe of fuch apprehenfion and delivery fhall be borne and defrayed by those who make the requifition and receive the fugitive.

Art. XXVIII. It is agreed, that the firft ten articles of this Treaty fhall be permanent, and that the fubfequent articles, except the twelfth, fhall be limited in their duration to twelve years, to be computed from the day on which the ratifications of this Treaty fhall be exchanged, but fully fubject to this condition-that whereas the faid twelfth article will expire, by the limitation therein contained, at the end of two years from the figning the preliminary or other articles of peace which fhall terminate the prefent war in which his Majefty is, engaged, it is agreed, that proper measures fhall by concert be taken for bringing the fubject of that article into amicable treaty and difcuffion, fo early before the expiration of the faid term, as that new arrangements on that head may by that time be perfected, and ready to take place. But if it fhould unfortunately happen, that his Majefty and the United States fhould not be able to agree on fuch new arrangements, in that cafe all the articles of this Treaty, except the first ten, shall then ceafe and expire together.

Laftly. This Treaty, when the fame fhall have been ratified by His Majefty, and by the Prefident of the United States, by and with the advice and confent of their Senate, and the refpective ratifications mutually exchanged, shall be binding and obligatory on His Majesty, and on the faid States, and shall be by them refpectively executed and obferved with punctuality, and the most fincere regard to good faith; and whereas it will be expedient, in order the better to facilitate intercourfe and obviate difficulties, that other articles be proposed and added to this Treaty, which Articles from want of time and other circumftances cannot now be perfected-it is agreed, that the faid parties will, from time to time, readily treat of and concerning fuch articles, and will fincerely endeavour fo to form them, as that they may conduce to mutual convenience, and tend to promote mutual fatisfaction and



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friendfhip; and that the faid Articles, after having been duly ratified, fhall be added to, and make a part of this Treaty. In faith whereof, we, the underfigned Minifters Plenipotentiary of His Majefty the King of Great Britain, and the United States of America, have figned this prefent Treaty, and have caufed to be affixed thereto the Seal of our Arms.

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Printed for F. DEBRETT.

N INQUIRY into the ORIGIN and MANNER of CREATING PEERS, by RICHARD WERT, Efq. late Lord Chancellor of Ireland. Price 35...




The PARLIAMENTARY REGISTER; or, The Hiftory of the Proceedings and Debates of LORDS and COMMONS; containing an Account of the most interesting Speeches and Motions, authentic Copies of all important Letters and Papers laid before either House during the LAST SESSION. In Three large Volumes, 8vo.

The PARLIAMENTARY RÉGISTER of the Firft, Second, Third, and Fourth Seffions of the PRESENT PARLIAMENT, from 1790 to 1794, in Twelve Volumes, 8vo, Price 51. 14s. 6d. half bound and lettered.

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The WORKS of JOHN HALL STEVENSON, Efq. containing CRAZY TALES, FABLES for GROWN GENTLEMEN, LYRIȡ EPISTLES, PASTORAL CORDIAL, PASTORAL PUKE, MACARONY FABLES, LYRIC CONSOLATIONS, MORAL TALES, MONKISH EPITAPHS, ESSAY on the KING's FRIENDS, &c. including feveral PoEмs, now firft pynted from the ORIGINAL MSS.. with NOTES, and a PREFACE by the Editor; illuftrated with a View of Crazy Caftle, and the Conftellation, engraved by Milton; elegantly printed in Three Volumes fmall 8vo, Price is. in boards.


A NARRATIVE of the BRITISH EMBASSY to CHINA, in the Years 1792, 1793, and 1794 containing a faithful, interesting, and impartial Relation of the various Circumftances of the EMBASSY, with Account of the Customs and Manners of the Chinese; and a Description of the Country, Towns, Cities, &c. By ÆNEAS ANDERSON, then in the Service of his Excellency Earl Macartney, K. B. Ambaffador from the King of Great Britain to the Emperor of China. Edition, elegantly printed in One Volume 8vo, Price 7s. in boards. The PEERAGE of ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, and IRELAND,. or the Ancient and Prefent State of the Nobility; containing a Genealogical Account of the respective Peers, whether by Tenure, Summons, or Creation, their Defcents and Collateral Branches; Births, Marriages, Iffue, Chief Seats, Coats of Arms, Crefts, Supporters elegantly engraved, and literal Tranflations of the Mottos. To which are annexed, the Extinct and Forfeited Peerages, and an Alphabetical Index of all the Family Names of the Peers, and Titles of their Eldest Sons. To which is prefixed, Elegant Portraits of his MAJESTY, the PRINCE of WALES, and the DUKE of YORK, &c. from Drawings by Mr.. Dayes, and engraved by Mr. Angus. In Three large Volumes, 8vo, Price 11. 4s. in boards.

A NEW EDITION of the above Work is in the Prefs, confiderably improved.

An HISTORICAL DISSERTATION upon the Origin, Sufpenfion, and Revival of the Judicature and Independency of the IRISH PARLIAMENT. With a Narrative of the Tranfactions in 1719, relative to the celebrated Declaratory Law. To which is annexed the Standing Orders of the Houfe of Lords, extracted from the Journals of Parlia ment in Great Britain and Ireland. By HERVEY, VISCOUNT MOUNTMORREȘ, F.R.S. & M. R. I. A.

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