Slike strani

Potomac Creek, bridge over, a wonder-Reno Capt., makes a daring reconnais-
ful structure, 205.

sance, 65.
Potter Capt., makes a daring reconnais- RENO, JESSE L., at West Point, 6; becomes
sance, 65.

Brigadier General, and commands brigade
POTTER, ROBERT B., at Roanoke, 41 ; in N. C. Expedition, 22; in Hatteras inlet,
wounded at Newbern, 65; commands 51st 25, 27; lands his brigade, 40; ardent nature
N. Y., 223; in command of division in the of, 41; in the battle of Roanoke Island, 41,
Ninth Corps, 262, 521; President of milita- 42, 43; battery named for, 46; lands troops
ry commission to try Vallandigham, 269; and marches towards Newbern, 56; at the
goes to Mississippi, 282; in command of battle of Newbern, 57-60, 63; his estimate
Corps, 317, 514; sketch of, 317; up the of Stearns, 67; promoted to Major General,
valley of the Holston, 325; in command at 75; at the battle of Camden, 81-83; com-
Lenoir's, 332; retreats to Campbell's, 335; is mands division, 84; commands the Corps,
relieved, 358; commands division, 367, 521; 107, 513; Pope's estimate of, 107; on the
in the Wilderness, 373, 374; near Spottsyl- Rappahannock, 108; at the second battle
vania, 379, 384; at the North Anna, 392; at of Bull Run, 110, 111. 112; at the battle of
Cold Harbor, 397; brilliant action of, be- Chantilly, 113; at the battle of South
fore Petersburg, 409; approves the mine Mountain, 122-128; is killed, 128; sketch
project, 422; ordered to the crest be- of, 128; McClellan's estimate of, 130; Burn-
yond mine, 435; bravery of, in crater, 439, side's estimate of, 130; universal testimony
441; examined by court of inquiry, 454; to his gallantry, 130; his enthusiasm and
goes to the Weldon Railroad, 465; is bre- daring, 131.
vetted, 465; repels enemy, 466; in battle of Renshaw, R. T. Lieut., commands gun-
Poplar Spring Church, 467; goes to Notto-boat, 22 n.
way Court House, 472; before Petersburg, REORGANIZATION, 363.
476; assaults Petersburg, and is severely Reynolds Capt., commands battery at
wounded, 484; in department of the East, Bull Run, 15, 17.
488; resumes his profession, 489.

Reynolds, J. F. Gen., commands divis-
Prescott, Maj. killed, 493.

ion in Virginia, 111; commands corps in
Private Soldiers, claims of, recognized, Army of the Potomac, 210; at the battle of

504; in Ist Rhode Island become officers, Fredericksburg, 214, 217, 218.

Reynolds, Silas Master, commands gun-

Rhines, L. C., Maj., killed in front of Pe-
Prouty, M. F. Lieut., commands battery, tersburg, 413
in siege of Fort Macon, 74.

Rhode Island, Burnside's hold upon the
Pugh, Geo. E, Vallandigham's counsel, people of, 7; RHODE ISLAND REGIMENT,
Pulaski Fort, to be taken, 31: is repos- THE FIRST, 12; General Assembly of,
sessed, 74.

thanks Burnside and his command, 19 and
Quacken bush, S. P. Lieut., commands votes a sword to him, 50; presentation of
gunboat, 22 n.

sword from, 90; Burnside is elected Gov-
Quartermaster, Burnside, of the Boun- ernor of, 464.
dary Commission, 8.

Rhode Island, Ist, Burnside commands,
Quartermasters, 519.

13; at Annapolis and Washington, 14; in
Raid, Stuart's, 163; Averill's contemplated, battle of Bull Run, 16; returns home, 19;

236; Pegram's, 262; Sanders's 291; John prisoners from, exchanged, 89; privates of,
Morgan's, 291, 301. Wheeler's attempted, become officers, 505.

Rhode Island, 2d, in Burnside's brig-
Raines, commands rebel battery at Antie- ade, 15; in battle of Bull Run, 16; crosses

the Rappahannock, 214.
Randall, Maj., testimony of, 456.

Rhode Island, 4th, in N. C. expedition,
Rapidan, the Ninth Corps on, 107; Army 22; at Roanoke Island, 42, 45; leaves Roa-

of the Potomac quiescent on, 327; Army noke Island, 53; gallant charge of, at New-
of the Potomac, moves from, 371; Burn- bern, 61; occupies Morehead City, 71; at
side crosses, 372.

Fredericksburg. 225; in the crater, 449; in
Rap pa hannock, the Ninth Corps on, Roster, 526.
108; Army of the Potomac on, 187; de- Rhode Island, 5th, in N. C. expedition,
scription of, 204; gunboats in 205; Burn- 22; makes reconnaissance for landing, 39;
side attempts to bridge, 212; army crosses, at Roanoke Island, 43; bravery of, in bat-
214; army re-crosses, 228; Burnside makes tle of Newbern, 61; on the way to Beau-
second attempt to cross, 243; Ninth Corps fort, 70; marches into fort Macon, 74; in
crosses, 372.

Roster, 533.
Rathbone, Henry R., commissary of mus- Rhode Island, 7th, at Fredericksburg,
ters, 520.

224; in Mississippi, 281; in front of Peters-
Raulston, Col., killed in front of Peters- burg, 409; in the crater, 439; near l'egram
burg, 413.

house, 468; garrisons fort Sedgwick, 474;
REBELLION, THE LAST YEAR OF THE, 361. in Roster, 526.
Rees, Henry Lieut., goes in to mine, to Rhode Island, 7th battalion, in Roster,
re-light fuses, 436.

Regiments composing the Ninth Corps, Rhode Island, 12th, in Kentucky, 279;

in Roster, 527.
Remarkable declaration of Grant, 460. Rhode Island, 1st light artillery, battery
Remington, Daniel S., Quartermaster, D, in Roster, 527. See Buckley.

Rhode Island, 1st light artillery, battery

tam, 136.

F, in N. C. expedition, 22; is landed at command to Goldsborough, 23n; active in
Hatteras, 36; in Roster, 533.

the storm, 27; fights the rebel fleet off Eliza-
Rhode Island, 1st light artillery, battery beth City, 47, 48; sends expedition to
H, in Roster, 527.

Edenton, 49; in command of fleet, 54; sails
Rice, Lt. Col., killed, 493.

for Newbern, 55; active in co-operation,
Richards, Wm. V., aide de camp, 518. 68; is thanked by Congress, 75.
Richardson, Gen., commands division Russell, Col., commands brigade of col-
at Antietam, 133; killed, 151.

ored troops, 470, 524.
Richmond, McClellan operates against, Russell, Charles S. Col., killed at Roanoke

87; information of capture of, 92; McClel- island, 46; battery named in honor of, 47.
lan defeated before, 102; Mr. Lincoln's Salem burnt by Morgan, 295.
letter respecting campaign against, 165; Sampson, Capt., killed, 493.
Burnside's plan for reaching, 178; road to, Sanders, fort, spoken of, 343; attacked,
barred, 189; Grant hopes to capture, 391; 348; enemy repulsed from, 349; description
Grant essays to approach, 394; Butler fails of, 350.

in moving against, 405; is invested, 418, Sanders, W. P. Col., makes a raid into
Richmond, Lewis, a staff officer, 21, 514; East Tennessee, 291; fights Morgan at

promoted to Lieut. Colonel, 104; at head- Chester, 297; commands at Loudon, 329;
quarters Army of the Potomac, 182; is dis- goes to south of Knoxville, 332; fights
tinguished and brevetted, 495; a private in enemy near Marysville, 339; makes a bril-
Ist Rhode Island, 505.

liant fight before Knoxville, 340; is mor-
Ricketts, Capt., loses battery at Bull Run, tally wounded and dies, 341; notice of, 341;

17; commands division at Sonth Mount- Burnside's estimation of, 341; fort named
ain, 126.

for, 341.
Ripley, Capt., killed, 493.

Sanitary Commission, labors of, no-
Rivers, H. W., medical director of Ninth

ticed, 382, 501,
Corps, 497, 498, 515.

Sayles, Welcome B., Lt. Col., killed at
ROANOKE ISLAND AND ITS CAPTURE, 29. Fredericksburg, 224.
Roanoke island to be occupied, 30; plan Scammon, E. P., Col., commands brigade
for attack upon, 32; defences of, 33, 35; in Kanawha division, 124, 161, 522; at An-
commands approaches to Norfolk, 34; tietam, 135, 142, 146; commands department
troops landed on, 39, fight the battle of, of West Virginia, 300; commands division,
40-44; is surrendered by the enemy, 45; 520.
garrisoned by our troops, 51; troops leave Schall, Edwin, Col., Major of 51st Penn-
for Newbern, 52; a base of operations, 79; sylvania, 80; killed, 492; commands brig-
commanded by Hawkins, 84.

ade, 523.
Robertson, Capt., commands battery at Schneider, E. M., private in 57th Mass.,

Antietam, 140.
Robertson, Jas. M., commands artillery Schofield, Gen., commands in Tennes-

noticed, 414.
brigade, 532.
Rockwood, T. H., Maj,, falls in the cra- schriver, Col., judge advocate of court of

ter, 443.
Rodman, Isaac P. Col, at battle of New, Scott, Winfield, Gen., general in chief, 20;

inquiry, 452.
bern, 61; gallant charge of, 61; promoted
to Brigadier General, 75; in command of

relieved, 29; a brevet Lieutenant General,

brigade, 84; commands division in the
Ninth Corps, 122, 521; at South Mountain, Second Corps in Maryland, 119; in Vir-

J. A., aide de camp, 518.
125; at Antietam, 135; fords the creek, 146Second Corps in Maryland, 119; in Vir-
presses on towards Sharpsburg , 146; is at-

ginia, 169; at Fredericksburg, 211, 226;
tacked by Hill, 147; is wounded, 148, death

Couch commands, 211; Sedgwick com-
of, 152; sketch of, 152; a faithful, devoted,

mands, 249; Hancock in command of, 373.

See Hancock.
Christian man, 155; order respecting the
death of, 155n.

Sedgwick, fort, called fort Hell, 471;
Roemer, J. Capt., commands battery in

Ninth Corps attacks from, 482.
Mississippi, 283; at Knoxville, 343; in Vir- SEDGWICK, John, Gen., commands division
ginia, 376, 385; brevetted, 474.

at Antietam, 138; is wounded, 139; coin-
Rohrback, Mr. Rodman died at house

mands the Ninth Corps, 249, 513; sketch of,
of, 154.

249; transferred to sixth corps, 250; in
Romeyn, James, Lieut., A. D. C., 518.

Virginia with Grant, 374; is killed, 377;
Rosecrans, W. S. Gen., commands in

notice of, 378.
western Kentucky and Tennessee, 265; Seibert, Adj't, killed near Knoxville, 493.
Vallandigham transferred to the custody Seward, W. H., meets peace commission-
of, 273; Burnside submits plan of move-

ers at Hampton Roads, 473, 475.
ment to, 278; moves to Chattanooga, 304; Seymour, Gen., skilfully maneuvres at
hopeful despatch from, 311; to occupy Dal-

South Mountain, 126.
ton, 313; needs aid, 314; fights and is de- Shackleford, Gen., pursues Morgan,
feated at Chickamauga, 315;, pent up at

294–299; is commended, 299; at Cumber-
Chattanooga, 323; is relieved from com- land Gap, 309; in East Tennessee, 313; pur-
mand, 328; commends Morton, 416.

sues enemy after battle of Blue Springs,
Ross, Lieut. Col., deposes in favor of Fer-

rero, 459.

Shaw, Henry M., Col., commands rebel

troops at Roanoke, 35; surrenders, 45.
Rowan, s. C., Commander, second in Sheridan, Phil. H., Gen., commands

see, 162.

cavalry in Virginia, 419,434; makes a bril- marches towards, 371, 376; battles around,
liant campaign in Shenandoah valley, 463; 377, 378, 383, 385; army leaves, 389.
operates on the left, 481, 482

Sprague William, Governor of Rhode
Sherman, T. W. Gen., operates in South Island, 13, 14; recommends voting a sword
Carolina, 31.

to Burnside, 50.
Sherman, W. T. Gen., commands brigade Squirrel Level road, operations upon,
at first Bull Run, 16; his great campaign,

467, 468.
162; commands army in Mississippi, 282; Stahl Gen., checks enemy near Fairfax
in front of Jackson, 283, 284; the great C. H., 238.
campaign of, in its germ in Burnside's Stanley, killed near Knoxville, 493.
plan, 323; commands fifteenth corps, 327; Stanley, Edward, military governor of
marches from Memphis, 328; clears Grant's North Carolina, 89.
right flank, 330; approaches Chattanooga, Stannard's Mills, Ninth Corps near,
344; joins Grant, 347; marches for Knox- 389.
ville and arrives at Marysville 352; letter Stanton, E. M., Secretary of War, ap-
of to Burnside, 352; his magnificent move- proves Burnside's course, 52; at Norfolk,
ments through the South, 475.

88; acting as general-in-chief, 103; has an
Shillinglaw, Rob’t S., aide de camp, interview with Burnside, 238; second in-

terview with Burnside, 246; authorizes the
Shind house, brilliant action near. 409.

recruitment of Ninth Corps, 365.
Shurtliff, G. W.aide de camp, 518. Staples Ernest, master's mate, com-
Sickles, D. E.. Gen. commands division mands gunboat, 22 n.

in the Army of the Potomac 169, 210, 219. Starke Gen., rebel killed at Antietam, 151.

Sigel Franz, Gen. lingers at Gainesville ham's case, 510.

110; to remain at Centreville, 180; suggests Stead man killed near Knoxville, 493,
plan of operations, 182; at Fairfax 0. H., Stearns, Frazar A., writes account of
205; ordered to Stafford C. H. 208.

charge at Roanoke, 41; killed at Newbern,
Sigfried, J. K, commands brigade of col- 66; sketch of, 66.
ored troops, 442, 444, 523.

Stedman Fort, battle of, 476, 481.
Simmons, Capt. commands battery at Steele Gen , commands a force in Missis-
Antietam, 142.

sippi, 282.
Simm s. Capt. commands battery at Knox- Stephens, A. H., a peace commissioner,
ville 343n.

Sinclair, Col. commands a rebel regiment Stevens Fort, attacked by enemy, 418.
at Newbern, 59.

Stevens, Isaac I. Gen., joins Burnside
Sixth Corps in Maryland, 119; in Vir- at Newport News, 94; commands division

ginia, 169; at Fredericksburg 210; Sedg- in Ninth Corps, 104, 520; is killed at Chan-
wick commands, 250; losses of, at Antie- tilly, 114; sketch of, 114; burial of, 116; a
tam, 150, 255; distinguishes itself before heroic soldier, 116.
Petersburg, 484. See W. F. Smith and Stevenson, Thomas G. Col., commands

24th Mass., 78,533; commands brigade, 84;
Skinker's Neck, a peninsula formed by commands division in Ninth Corps, 367,
the Rappahannock, 204; Burnside propo-

521; in the Wilderness, 373; is killed near
ses to cross at, 205, but decides not to do Spottsylvania C. H. 379; sketch of, 379;

Burnside and Foster's opinion of, 380; his
Slaight, T. C. Capt., a staff officer, 21.

character, 381.
Slocum, Col., killed at Bull Run, 17. Stone, Charles P., at West Point, 6.
Slocum, Gen. commands at Harper's Fer-Stonem an Gen., commands corps in
ry, 205, 208.

Army of Potomac, 168, 210, 215, 218.
Slocum's Creek, troops landed at, 55. Stringham, Flag oflicer, importance of
Smith, Caleb B. Hon., appoints Burnside

operations of, 32.
to cadet, 5.

Stuart, J. E. B. Gen , raids around Mc-
Smith Gen., commands division in Mis- Clellan, 163; at Fredericksburg, 218, 219;
sissippi, 286.

is good-natured to Chaplain Ball, 503.
Smith, Lieut. Col. of 20th Mich., killed Sturgis, s. D. Gen., commands division
near Knoxville, 493.

in Ninth Corps, 122, 171, 211, 521; at South
Smith, W. F. Gen., commands sixth

Mountain, 124, 125; at Antietam, 135, 141,
corps at Fredericksburg, 210, 214, 220; com-

143, 146, 148; at Fredericksburg, 223, 224;
mands Ninth Corps, 250, 513; sketch of, sumner, E. V. Gen., commands corps in

is relieved, 262.
250; is relieved, 251; at Cold Varbor, 396) | Sumner: E. V.Gen., commands corps in
in front of Petersburg, 405, 406.
Smith, W. Kirby, at Bull Run, 17.

113; commands corps in Maryland, 119,
South Carolina, Burnside's grand-

132, 138; commands right wing, 136; com-
father settles in 4; troops of, bombard

mands grand division, 187, 210; marches

to Falmouth, 187; sends his grand division
Sumter, 12; islands of secured, 20; little

across the Rappahannock, 214; his orders
doing in 87.

for battle, 216; bravery of his command,
South Mountain, description of, 123; 225; longs to direct in person, 226; an ex-
battle of, 124.

perienced soldier, 227; is relieved, 244.
Spa ulding Capt., in charge of pontons, Sumner, Samil S., aide de camp, 517.

190, 194; his account of pontons, 192. Sumter Fort, bombarded, 12.
Spottsylvania Court House, Grant Swayne Justice, opinion of, 272.

so, 208.

Swinton, Wm. Mr., writes a critical his Twelfth Corps in Maryland, 119; its losses

tory of the Army of the Potomac, 254; at Antietam, 150, 255. See Mansfield.
makes very superficial criticisms on Burn- Twenty-third Corps. See Hartsuff and
side and the Ninth Corps. 254; falls into White.
grave errors, 255; misconceives plan of UNION THE, South to separate from, 11; the
battle, 256; malevolence of explained, 257; North aroused to defend 12.
makes an incredible statement and is ex’ United States, 1st artillery, company
pelled from the army, 399 n.

C, in Roster, 533
Sykes, Gen., commands division in Mary- United States, 2d artillery, battery D,

land, 119, 132, 133, 134; at Fredericksburg, in Roster, 532
210, 226.

United States, 2d artillery, battery E,
Taliaferro, Gen., commands rebel re- in Roster, 532.

serves at Fredericksburg, 219; Meade at- United States, 2d artillery, battery L
tacks, 220.

and B in Roster 532.
Tebbs's Bend, Col. Moore's brilliant United States, 2d artillery, battery M,
fight near, 293.

in Roster, 532.
Tennessee exploits in, 89. See East | United States, 3d artillery, battery 0,

in Roster. 532.

United States, 3d artillery, battery G,

in Koster, 532.

210. United States. 3d artillery, battery L

and M. in Roster. 532.

-SOUTH | United States, 4th artillery battery, in

Roster 532
THE CAMPAIGN IN MISSISSIPPI, 279. United States, 4th artillery, battery E,

in Roster, 532.
THE DELIVERANCE OF EAST TENNESSEE, United States 5th artillery, battery A,

in Roster, 532.
THE DEPARTMENT OF NORTH CAROLINA, United States,5th artillery, battery lig

in Roster, 532.
THE DEPARTMENT OF THE OHIO, 261. United States. 4th infantry, in Roster,
THE FIRST COMMANDER OF THE NINTH | United States, 10th infantry, in Ros-

ter, 532.
THE FIRST RHODE ISLAND REGIMENT, 12. United States colored troops. 19th in-
THE LAST YEAR OF THE REBELLION, 361. fantry in crater, 443; in Roster 532.
THE MINE, 418.

United States colored troops, 23d in-
THE ORGANIZATION OF THE NINTH CORPS, fantry, in the Wilderness, 377; in crater,

443; in Roster, 532.

United States colored troops 27th in-

fantry, in crater 445; in Roster, 532.
THE WILDERNESS AND SPOTTSYLVANIA, United States colored troops 28th in-

fantry, in crater, 443; in Roster 533.
Thomas Capt., commands battery in East United States colored troops. 29th in-
Tennessee, 313 n.

fantry, in crater, 443; in Roster. 533
Thomas, Geo. H. Gen., supersedes Rose- United States colored troops, 30th in-

crans, 328; sends Elliott to Knoxville, 352. -fantry, in crater 444; in Roster 533.
Thomas, H. G. Col., commands brigade of United States colored troops, 31st in-
colored troops, 443; 523.

fantry, in Roster, 533.
Thompson Tort, description of, 57; at- United States colored troops, 39th in-
tacked, 58; taken, 62.

fantry, in Roster, 533.
Thornton's Gap, rebel forces near, 169. United States colored troops, 43d in-
Tid ball, John C. Gen., at Fort Stedman, fantry, in crater 445; in Roster 533.
477; chief of artillery, 517.

Upham. Capt. of 58th Mass., killed 493.
Tilling hast, Chas. Capt., killed at New- Vallandigham C. L., of Ohio, opposes
bern, 66.

the federal government, 268; makes a se-
Tilling hast, O. H., at West Point, 6. ditious speech and is arrested, 268; is tried
Titus, Herbert B. commands brigade. 524. by military commission, 269; sentenced to

imprisonment, 269; applies for writ of
Tobey, Samuel B., Jr. Quartermaster, 519. habeas corpus, 270; opposed by District
Tom, information given by, 33.

Attorney Ball, 271; defended by Pugh, 272;
Toombs, the rhodomontade of, 147.

the writ refused, 273; sentence commuted
Totten, Joseph G., Prof. at West Point 6.

to banishment, 273; sent to rebel lines,

goes out of the country, and at last returns,

278; trial of, causes excitement, 274; con-
Tranter's creek, engagement at, 90.

demned by public sentiment, 274; has the
Travers, Lieut. Col. shot in front of Pe-

permanent stigma of treason upon him,
tersburg, 413.

276; Burnside's statement in case of, 510.
Treason, brand of, fixed on Vallandigham Van Buren, James L. Maj., a member of
and his friends 276.

military commission to try Vallandigham,
Treat R. B., Capt on Cox's staff, 162 519. 269; sketch of, 495; his fidelity and manli-
Truce flag of disregarded by rebels, 329. ness commended, 496; death of, 496; char.
Tucker, Campbell, aide de camp, 518.

acter of, 497; aide de camp, 517.

Van Ness W. W., Quartermaster, 519. Corps, 359; commands division, 359, 367;
Van Vliet, Frederic, aide de camp, 517. moves Corps to Alexandria, 368; in the Wil
Vermont 17th, before Petersburg, 409; in derness, 373, 374; at the crossing of the Ny,
Roster, 525.

376; near Spottsylvania C. H., 379, 385; at
Vermont 3d, light artillery battery in the North Anna, 392; crosses the Pamun-
Roster, 525.

key, 395; at Cold Harbor, 397, 398; crosses
Vicksburg, operations against, 281; Ninth the James, 408; before Petersburg, 410;

Corps in rear of, 281; name of inscribed makes a gallant fight at the Norfolk R R.,
upon the flags of the Corps, 288.

412,413; has an interview with Meade, 432;
Virginia, an admirable region for defence, ordered to attack, 434; in the battle of the

402; considerations of campaign in, 403. mine, 440; censured by court of inquiry,
Virginia, 1st artillery, in Roster, 532. 453; testimony of, 454; testimony concern-
Virginia, 1st cavalry, in Roster, 532. ing 459; at the Weldon R. R,, 465; brev:
Volunteer Aides de camp, at Fredericks- etted, 465; at the Pegram farm, 467, 469;
burg, 533.

at Hatcher's run, 470; receives Peace Com-
Von Egloffstein, F. W. Col. of 1030 missioners, 473; before Petersburg, 475; at
New York, 84.

battle of fort Stedman, 477; at assault on
Wagner Jacob Lieut., Quartermaster, 519. Petersburg, 482; enters Petersburg and
Walker Gen., commands rebel division occupies it, 486; issues farewell order, 488;
in Maryland, 121; at Antietam, 136.

commands in Michigan, 488; is mustered
Walker, Lindsay Col., commands rebel out, 489.
artillery at Fredericksburg, 219.

Williams Gen., commands twelfth corps,
Warren, Gen., commands fifth corps, 119, 138.
376; engages the enemy, 377; at the North Williams, Geo. S. Aide de camp, 518,
Anna, 391; at Cold Harbor, 397, 407; before Williamson, R. S., in North Carolina,
Petersburg, 408; at the battle of the mine, 65; engineer, 516.
434, 445; testimony of, 461; at the Weldon Wilson Col. of Grant's staff, visits Burn-
R.R., 465; at the Pegram farm, 467; at Not- side, 331.
toway C. H., 472; moves to the left, 481. Wilson Gen,, commands cavalry in Vir-

Wei'a, S. M. jr. Col., captured in crater, Wiltsie killed before Knoxville, 493.
449; commands brigade, 524.

Wisconsin 37th, in Roster, 532.
Welsh, Thomas Gen., commands division | Wisconsin 38th, in Roster, 532.

of Ninth Corps in Mississippi, 282, 521; Withington, W. H. Col., commands
before Jackson, 283; moves towards Can- 17th Michigan, 125, 531.
ton, 287; is stricken by disease and dies, Wolford Col., commands cavalry in Ken-
289, character of, 290; commands brigade,

tucky, 293, 294; attacks Morgan, 298; in
Wheeler, a rebel raider, 277; attempts a

East Tennessee, 318; is defeated at Phila-

delphia, 329.
raid, upon Rosecrans, 324; is defeated by Woodbury, D. P. Gen., engineer officer
Mott, 346.

in charge of pontons, 190; has interviews
Whipple Gen., commands division at with Halleck, 191; is not told of the need
Fredericksburg, 210, 216.

of celerity, 192; gives account of ponton
White, Julius Gen., commands in Ken- affair not creditable to Halleck, 194; testi-
tucky, 264; moves troops in Kentucky, 292;

mony of, 195; oversight of, 196; Halleck
at Loudon, 318; at Lenoir's, 332; at Camp- wishes him called to account, 199; ordered
bell's Station, 336; at Knoxville, 343; be-
fore Petersburg, 433; at the Weldon R.R.,

to lay bridges, 211, tries to do so, but fails,

213, succeeds, 214.
465; resigned, 465 n.; relieved, 467; com- W right Capt.,

commands battery in Ninth
mands division, 521.

Corps, 385, 386, 526.
Wild. E. A. Col., wounded at South Moun- Wright, Chas. J. Lieut. Col., wounded in
tain, 125.

the crater, 445.
.Wilderness, battle of the 372.

Wright, H. G. Gen., relieved by Burn-
Willard, Sidney, Maj. 35th Massachu- side at Cincinnati, 261; succeeds Sedgwick
setts, killed, 223.

in command of sixth corps and is attacked,
WILLCOX, ORLANDO B., commands brig-
ade at Bull Run, and taken prisoner. 17;

390; corps of crosses the James, 408; is sent

to Washington, 463; offers to assist Parke
commands division in Ninth Corps, 122, at Fort Stedman, 480; corps of, distin-
520; at South Mountain, 124, 125; at An- guished in attack on Petersburg, 485.
tietam. 135, 142, 146; commands_Ninth Wright Samuel, assistant adjutant gen-
Corps, 162, 513; sketch of, 171; at Freder- eral, 515.
icksburg, 211, 223, 225; relieved by Sedg- Young, Capt. of 2d Michigan, killed in cra-
wick, 249; commands in Kentucky, 262,

ter, 492.
278; commands in Indiana, 282 n., 291; | Young men, the patriotism and self-de-
raises troops and goes to East Tennessee, votion of, 505.
317; at Blue Springs, 325; commands at Young man, John C., assistant adjutant
Greeneville, 329; operations of, during the general, 514.
siege of Knoxville, 354; commands Ninth 'Zoellner, killed before Knoxville, 493.


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