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report, accompanied by a bill regulating the value of foreign silver coins within the United States. The bill and report were committed.

The engrossed bill from the senate, supplementary to an act for the relief of purchasers of public lands and for the suppression of fraudulent practices at the sale of Mr. White, of New York, from the same committee, public lands, was read the third time, and passed as to which was referred the bill from the senate concern-amended by the house. ing the gold coins of the United States, also made a long The engrossed bill for the erection of a national armo and detailed report thereon, accompanied with an amend-ry on the western waters, was read the third time; and ment to the said bill; which report and bill were also being on its passage, And after remarks from several gentlemen, was or


On motion of Mr. Buchanan, three thousand addi-dered to lie on the table-98 to 56, or rejected. tional copies of these reports were directed to be printed for the use of the members of the house.

The speaker laid before the house a letter from the secretary of the treasury, transmitting copies of the instructions given on the 5th and 9th August, 1830, to collectors of the customs, under the 10th section of the act of the 19th May, 1828, [the new tariff act] and to the appraisers of New York, on the 30th June, 1830-read and laid on the table.

The speaker laid before the house a memorial of Geo. Davis, of N. Orleans, upon the subject of certain wrongs said to have done him by the courts of the United States. Referred to the cum on the judiciary. The speaker laid before the hou Jatter the secretary of the navy, transmitting the papers called for by the house on the 18th instant, relating to the capture and detention of the negroes on board the slave ships Constitution, Louisa, and Mariano-laid on the table. The engrossed bill respecting the navy pension fund, was read a third time and passed.

The engrossed bill "for the relief of certain importers of foreign merchandise," was read a third time, and put on its passage,

Mr. Spencer, of N. Y. moved to suspend the rule, for the purpose of enabling him to move to take up the bill respecting the silk culture, but the motion requiring two-thirds, was lost.

Several bills concerning the District of Columbia were attended to-but the bill to improve and pave Pennsylvania avenue, was called up, and on motion of Mr. Wickliffe, was laid on the table, without a word being uttered in its behalf.

The bill making appropriations for the public buildings, &c. was then taken up, and read item by item, and several heavy items were stricken out.

The proposed appropriation of 6,000 dollars, for forniture for the president's house, was stricken out; but restoreu i tre sum ur 0,000. It was vidured, as amended, to a third reading.

Thursday, Feb. 24. Several memorials were presented, and private bills reported.

Mr. Cambreleng; from the committee on commerce, to which was referred the bill from the senate to estab

lish ports of delivery at port Ponchartrain and Delaware city, reported the same with an amendment, which

And being amended, on the motion of Mr. Hunting-being concurred in, the bill was ordered to a third readton, was passed.

Several bills were ordered to be read a third time.

ing to-morrow.

The engrossed bill to regulate the foreign and coasting trade in the northern and northwestern frontier;

The house proceeded to the consideration of the bill authorising the president of the United States to select a site for the erection of an armory on the western wa-fice department;


The engrossed bill to amend the act to reduce into one the several acts establishing and regulating the post of

The engrossed bill to extend the limits of Georgetown

After remarks on the bill by Messrs. Chilton, Blair, in the District of Columbia; Johnson, of Ken. Vance and Denny, the previous question was called by Mr. Standefer, and the bill passed-the

79 to 70.

The house then took up the bill for the relief of certain insolvent debtors of the United States.

Mr. Buchanan supported the merits of the bill. Mr. Williams thought it would place too great a power in the hands of the treasury department. Messrs. Johnson, of Ken. Wayne, Storrs, of N. Y. and Huntington, supported the bill. Mr. Semmes, moved to limit the operation of the bill to three years, which was agreed to. Finally, it was ordered to be engrossed for a third reading. [It was passed next day-130 to 22.]

Wednesday, Feb. 23. Many matters were attended to which will appear hereafter. Among the reports was one for the reliet of the representatives of David Dardin, owner of the horse Romulus, in the revolutionary war!

Were severally read a third time, passed, and sent to senate for concurrence.

The bill for carrying on certain roads and works of internal improvements, and providing for surveys was Mr. Pettis moved to amend the item for the taken up. improvement of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, by inThe motion was lost. Mr. Polk serting Missouri. moved to strike out the appropriation for surveys-this notion was lost by a vote of ayes 66, noes 109, and the bill was ordered to a third reading.

Mr. Everett reported a bill providing for a compilation of congressional documents, which being twice read, Mr. Everett moved that it be engrossed for a third reading. Mr. Lea moved to commit the bill, which motion was negatived. The bill was afterwards laid on the table by the casting vote of the speaker.

The engrossed bill to provide for the appointment of Mr. Letcher, from the committee on internal im-commissioners to prepare a code of laws for the District provement, to which was referred the memorials from of Columbia, was read the third time, and the question inhabitants of the states of Ohio, Kentucky, and Missou- on its passage was taken by yeas and nays, and being ri, praying for an appropriation for such an improve-yeas 76, nays 96, the bill was REJECTED. ment of the Ohio river as will render the same navigable The engrossed bill making appropriations for the pubat all seasons as high up as Pittsburg, for small steam- lic buildings and other purposes connected with them, boats, made a favorable report, which was read, and was read the third time, and, after some debate on some laid on the table. of the items, and an unsuccessful motion to recommit it, the bill was passed.

Mr. Foster continued his remarks on the resolution to print 6,000 additional copies of the judiciary reports. The house proceeded to the consideration of the bill from the senate, to authorise the secretary of the navy to make compensation to the heirs of Taliaferro Livingston, and Thomas W. Armstrong, for the maintenance of fifteen Africans illegally imported into the United States.

A long debate followed. Mr. Whittlesey opposed and Messrs. Polk, Mercer, and Mc Duffie supported it. It was passed.

Another long debate took place on the bill for the relief of the sureties of Amos Edwards. Messrs. Sterrigere, Ellsworth and Butes opposed, and Messrs. Daniel, Letcher, Spencer and Wickliffe, supported it. It was passed-72 to 46.


Mr. Drayton reported a bill making an appropriation for the repair of fort Delaware, and for ascertaining the legal title to the Pea Patch; which was twice read and made the order of the day for to-day.

Mr. Pettis, by leave, presented a memorial from the legislature of Missouri, asking the location and exten sion of the Cumberland road to the seat of government of that state; and also asking for the removal of ob structions to the navigation of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.

Mr. Pettis also presented another memorial from the same legislature on the subject of certain Indian de predations; which memorials were laid on the table, Mr. P. stating that bills were already before the house, on which he intended to use these memorials. VOLUME XXXIX.

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