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Constitution, Ordinances, and Laws of 1866.
Special Laws of 1855–56, 1856, 1859-60, and

General Laws of 1855-56, 1856, 1859-60, 1861,

1861–62, 1863, and of 1864.
Compiled Laws, 1859-64.
Texas Reports, Vols. 21, 22, 23, 24, and 26.


Acts, Resolutions, and Memorials, passed at the

several sessions of the Legislative Assembly of Utah.

Vermont .........

Senate Journal, sessions of 1853, 1855, 1865,

and 1866.
House Journals, sessions of 1865 and 1866.
Legislative Documents of 1866.
Laws, sessions of 1854, 1855, 1856, 1865, and

Adjutant and Inspector-General's Report, 1865,

2 copies; and Adjutant-General's Report of

1866. Registration Reports of 1862, 1863, and 1864. Annual Report of the Auditor of Accounts for

1865, pamphlet. Ninth Annual Report of the Board of Educa

tion, pamphlet.
Tenth Annual Report of the Railroad Commis-

sioners, pamphlet.
Vermont Reports, Vols. 36, 37, 38, and 39.

Virginia ...

House Journal, sessions of 1859-60, 1861, 1861-2,

1862–3, 1863-4, 1865-6, and of 1866–7. Senate Journal, sessions of 1855–6, 1857-8,

1865-6, and of 1866–7. Senate Journal and Documents, sessions of

1859-60, 1861, 1862-3, and 1863. Senate Journal, (Wheeling and Alexandria.)

1862, and Extra Session of 1862. House of Delegates' Journal, (Wheeling and

Alexandria,) 1861, 1862, 1862-3, 1863-4, and

Legislative Documents of 1861, 1861-2, 5 vols.;

1862-3, 1863-4, and 1865-6.
Message and Documents of 1861, and of 1863.
Journal of the Convention of 1861.
Documents of the Convention of 1861.
Constitution of Virginia, adopted February,

Laws, sessions of 1860, 1861-2, 1862–3, 1863-4,

1865-6, and 1866–7.

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Virginia ....

Laws, sessions at Wheeling and Alexandria,

1861, 1862, 1862–3, 1864, and 1865. Board of Public Works on Railroads in 1860 and

1861. Same on Turnpikes in 1860.
Governor Pierpont's Letter to the President on

Abuse of Military Power.
Grattan's Reports, Vols 15 and 16.


Washington ....

Council Journals, sessions of 1851, 1854-5,

1860–61, 1861–62, 1862–3, 1863-4, 1664-5,

1865–6, and of 1866–7. House Journals, sessions of 1854, 1854-5,

1860-1, 1861-2, 1862-3, 1864-5, 1865-6, and

1866-7. Laws, sessions of 1854, 1860-1, 1861–2, 1862–3,

1864-5, 1865-6, and of 1866-7. Opinions of the Supreme Court to January

29th, 1864.

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Senate Journal, session of 1866.
Constitution and Statutes of Virginia and West

Virginia, 1861-66.
Laws, sessions of 1863, 1865, and 1866, pamph-

Auditor's Report for 1865.
West Virginia Reports, Vol. 1.

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Wisconsin Reports, Vol. 18. Department of the Inte-Two copies each of the following: rior, United States.... Executive Documents, 1851-59, Vol. 10, part

2; 1861-62, Vol. 5, parts 2 and 3 ; 1862–63, 12

vols. in 14; 1863–64, 16 vols.
Senate Documents, 1862–63, 1 vol.; 1863, 1 vol.,

Special Session; 1863-61, 1 vol.
House Miscellaneous, 1862–63, 2 vols. ; 1863–61,

3 vols.
Senate Miscellaneous, 1862–63, 1863–64.
House Reports, Committee and Court Claims,

1862–63, 1863–64.
Senate Reports, 1862-63, 1863-64.
Commerce and Navigation, 1862–63, 1863.
Patent Office Reports, 1863, 2 vols.
Smithsonian Reports, 1863–64.
Eighth Census, 1860, 4 vols.
Coast Survey, 1863.
Report of the Conduct of the War, 1862-63,

Vol. 2, part 1; Vol. 3, part 2; and Vol. 4,

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part 3.

House Journal, 1862-63, 1863-64, 1865-66.
Senate Journal, 1862–63, 1863-64.

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Department of the Inte

rior, United States .... U. S. Statutes at Large, Vol. 13, 1 copy. Postoffice Department... Annual Report of the Postmaster General for

1865, pamphlet.
Postoffice Laws and Regulations of 1866.

Congressional Library.. Writings of James Madison, 4 vols.

Catalogue of Congress Library, 1864.
Catalogue of additions made to the Library of

Congress in 1866.
Smithsonian Institute... Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collection, Vols. 6.

and 7. Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, Vol.


Sanitary Com'n., U. S... United States Sanitary Commission Documents,

Vols 1 and 2.
United States Sanitary Bulletin, 1863–65.

Commissioners of Prison
Association of N. Y.. Report on the Prisons and Reformatories of the

United States and Canada.

California Prison Commission .......

First Report of California Prison Commission.

City of San Francisco... Municipal Reports, 1865–66, 2 copies.

Great Register of San Francisco.

California Agricultural
Society ....... Transactions of the California Agricultural

Society for 1858, 1859, 1860, 1861, 1863, and
1864–5, 6 vols.

Bache, A. D..............

United States Coast Survey, 1863.

Bean. E. F...........

History and Directory of Nevada County, 1867. Conness, Hon. Jobn...... Inter-Oceanic Railroads and Canals, 1866.

Cowan, Edgar.....

Catalogue of additions made to the Library of

Congress from December 1st, 1864, to December 1st, 1865.

Davis, C. I.........

Astronomical and Meteorological Observations

made during the year 1861.
Inter-Oceanic Railroads and Canals.

Field, David D............. New York Codes, 9 vols.

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Folger, R. M.

Exchange Tables of British Sterling. Harkness, H. W .......... Fuchs, C.-Hamburg's Newbau.

Nicholson's Construction of Staircases.

Pocock, W.F.-Designs for Churches.
Higby, Hon. Wm......... Reports on the Conduct of the War, 1865, 3 vols. ,

Commerce and Navigation Reports of 1860–63.
Patent Office Reports, Arts and Manufactures,

1862, 2 vols.; 1863, 2 vols.
Message and Documents, (abridgement,) 186+-5,

and 1865-6, pamphlets.
United States Navy Register, 1866, pamphlet.
Memorial Address-Life and Character of A.

Eighth Census of the United States; Manufac-

tures, 1860; Mortality and Miscellaneous Sta

tistics, 1866.
Report of the Department of Agriculture, 1864.
Messages and Documents of 1865–66, 2 vols.
Report of Joint Committee on Reconstruction,


McGinnis, R., (Alderman
of the city of N. Y).... Manual of the Common Council, New York

City, 1866.
Lincoln Obsequies.

McRuer, Hon. D. C....... Land Office Report, 1865.

Pioche, F. L. A............. Frignet Ernest, La Californie History.

Swett, John.............

California Teacher, Vols. 2 and 3.

Yale, Gregory.

Mining Claims and Water Rights.

The Trustees of the Library bave been desirous of procuring complete sets of the Law Reports of all other States, in which they bave succeeded as well as could have been expected, as it is almost impossible to procure the early reports. Since our last report we have added the Delaware Reports to the Library, and we now bave all the Law Reports that have been published in the United States, with the exception of ten volumes; and California cun boast having one of the best Law Libraries in the United States. It is true many other libraries may have a greater number of books, but an examination of their catalogues will show that they are made up of old editions of Law Treatises, and Acts, and Journals of State Legislatures, whicb are but of little value.

Of the miscellaneous books purchased during the years eighteen buvdred and sixty-six and eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, a large proportion are scientific works, among wbich are many valuable books on mining. Considerable additions bave also been made to the historical dopartment, particularly California history. Now that every department of science and literature is well represented in the Library, particular attention should be given to the collection of books on California, as our Library should contain every one written about our own State.

A catalogue, arranged alphabetically by authors, and also according to subjects, bas been printed and will be found useful to members of the Legislature and others for reference.

All books added to the Library since the catalogue was printed are catalogued in manuscript, both alphabetically and according to subjects, so that no difficulty is experiened in ascertaining wbat books are in the Library.

Since the adjournment of the last Legislature an additional room has been fitted up and is now used for library purposes.

The Library is insured for the sum of seventy-five thousand dollars ; the premium on this insurance was paid out of an appropriation made by the last Legislature for that purpose. The policies expire in July next, and further appropriation will be necessary for the next two years.

The amount of money in the Library Fund at the date of the last report of the Trustees, was six thousand nine hundred and four dollars and two cents. Since that time the Secretary of State has paid in seven thousand three hundred and thirty-one dollars and fifteen cents, and from members of the Eighteenth session of the Legislature, six hundred dollars-total, fourteen thousand eight bundred and thirty-five dollars and seventeen cents. Of this sum there has been paid for books, ten thousand four hundred and ninety-three dollars and seventy-two cents; for binding, six hundred and ninety-two dollars and twenty-five cents; for freight on books, four bundred and forty-six dollars and sixty cents; for magazines and the Sacramento Union, two hundred and four dollars; for rent, six hundred dollars; for shelving and furniture, five hundred and forty dollars and fifty-tbree cents—total paid out, twelve thousand nine hundred and seventy-seven dollars and ten cents, leaving a balance of one thousand, eight hundred and fifty eight dollars and seven cents.

The Legislature, at the last session, made an appropriation for rent, for shelving and furniture, and for postage, expressage and contingent expenses, but as we could not use said appropriations until the commencement of the eighteenth fiscal year, it was necessary to pay all such expenses that accrued prior to July first, eighteen hundred and sixty. six, out of the Library Fund, except a portion of tho rent for which an appropriation had been made.

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