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Danish thip, from St. Domingo, bound to Altona, belonging to Sc. Thonias : detained by the Surprise.

Spanislı velfel Union, from Laguira, bound for Cadiz, laden with cocoa and indigo: taken by ditto.

Danish schooner, from Porto Rico, bound to St. Thomas, laden with coffee : detained by ditto.

French schooner (name unknown): destroved by ditto.

American brig Jane Maria, from Curaçoa, bound to New York, laden with specie, indigo, cocoa, and tobacco : detained by ditto.

Danish schooner Foresight, from Acquin, bound to St. Thomas, laden with coffee : detained by the Surprise and Diligence.

Danish floop Ark, of 2 guns, from St. Thomas, bound to Jamaica, in ballaft: detained by the Galgo.

Spanish schooner, laden with mahogany: taken by ditto.

Spanish fchooner Santa Catalina, laden with dry goods and provisions : taken by ditto.

Spanish schooner Del Carmen, from Porto Rico, bound to Jamaica : detained by ditto.

Spanish vesel Bona Ventura : taken by ditto.
Spanish vessel Dolorosa: taken by ditio.
Spanish vessel Nostra Senora del Carmen : taken by ditto.

Spanish vessel Nostra Senora del Carmen, from Cuba, bound for Nuranger, laden with fustic and brazil : taken by the Quebec.

Spanish felucca Noftra Senora de la Avita, from Porto Cavello, bound tu Cadiz, laden with cocoa : recaptured by the Volage.

Spanifh schooner Nostra Senora de Alta Gracia, laden with coffee : taken by ditto.

American brig Harmony, from Laguira, bound to Charlestown, laden with coffee, sugar, &c.: detained by ditto.

Swedish brig Betsey, laden with coffee and fugar: detained by the Volage and Echo.

Spanish schooner Senta Madelina, trading to St. Domingo : detained by the Volage and Calypso.

Spanish schooner St. Josef, from Truxillo, bound for Kingston, laden with gums and indigo: detained by the Swallow.

Spanish schooner Nostra Senora de Arangaze, laden with indigo arid fpecie : taken by ditto.

American schooner Fame, belonging to Charlestown, laden with flour, foap, candles, and claret: recaptured by the Bonetta.

American schooner Maria, from the Bay of Honduras, belonging to Kingston : detained by ditto.

Spanish schooner Dorothea, from Kingston, bound to St. Jago de Cuba, laces with salt, bains, candles, and spirits : detained by the Merlin.

Spanish schooner St. Raphael, laden with hides : detained by ditto.

Spanish fchooner, from St. Martha, bound to Jacquemel, laden with cocoa and leather : taken by the Echo.

French schoner, laden with provisions and dry goods : taken by ditto.

Spanish brig, laden with cochineal, indigo, and sugar : taken by the Amphion.

Spanish brig Conception, laden with sugar : taken by di-to.
Spanilh schooner: taken by ditto.

Spanish schooner, from Maracaibo, bound to Curaçoa, laden with fuftic; taken by the La Legere,

Dutch Dutch fchooner, from Acquin, bound to Curaçoa, laden with coffee taken by ditto.

Spauish felucca, laden with cocoa : taken by ditto.

Spanish brig, laden with Tortola fugar, logwood, cotton, cochineal, &c.: taken by the Amphion and Acasta.

American brig Fanny, laden with cotfee and sugar: detained by the Retribution.

American schooner Fame, laden with dry goods and wine : detained by ditto.

American schooner Relief, laden with sugar and coffee: 'detained by ditto.

American schooner Union, laden with logwood, sugar, and cotton: detained by ditto.

American Noop Sukey, laden with coffee, logwood, and fustic: detained by ditto.

American schooner Trimmer, laden with wine, crockery-ware, &c.: detained by ditto.

Danish schooner Charlotte : detained by the Carnatic and Retribution.

Spanish schooner San Pablos del Mundo, laden with jerk beef: taken by the Acasta, Queen, Brunswick, and Aquilon.

Spanish schooner General Maffaredo, from Havannah to Campeachy, laden with dry goods : taken by the Acasta and Queen.

Spanish brig, laden with mules and fuftic: taken by the Sparrow cutter.:

Danish brig Diana, from St. Domingo to St. Thomas, laden with mahogany: taken by the Loweltoffe.

American schooner Eliza, from. Gonaives, bound to Cape François, laden with coffee : taken by the Aimable.

Spanish schooner Del Rosario, from Laguira, bound to Cadiz, laden with cocoa : taken by ditto.

Danish schooner, from St. Domingo, bound to St. Thomas, laden with mahogany: detained by ditto.

American schooner John, from Curaçoa, bound to New York, laden with coffee, hides, &c.: detained by ditto.

American soop Crocodile, from Curaçoa, bound to New York, laden with indigo and coffee : detained by ditto.

Danish brig Henry and James, from St. Domingo, laden with mahogany: detained by ditto.

American fhip Aftrea, from Laguira, bound to New York, laden with cocoa : detained by ditto.

Spanish schooner Nostra Senora de la Ciuta, from Porto Cavello, bound to Cadiz, laden with cocoa : taken by ditto; since retaken on her passage to Jamaica.

Spanish floop: taken by the Trent.
Danish schooner, laden with fustic and bides : detained by ditto.

Spanish floop Del Carmen, laden with cocoa and hides : cut out of the west end of Porto Rico by ditto.

Spanish brig, from the Spanish Main, laden with fustic: taken by the Sprightly cutter.

French schooner La Creole du Cuba, in ballaft: destroyed by the Lark: British floop Lively: recaptured by ditto. French fchooner La Volante, in ballaft: destroyed by difto.

E 2

Spanilha pacifh floop, in ballaft: destroyed by ditto. Fiench schooner La Trompeuse, from Jeremie to St. Jago, laden with salt : taken by ditto.

French fchooner Trois Amis, laden with coffee: taken by ditto. French loop (name unknown), in ballast: taken by ditto. French fchooner (name unknown), from Jeremie to St. Jago, laden with talt: detained by ditto.

American schooner Freedom, from Turk’s Illand, bound to St. Jago, laden with salt: detained by dinto,

Spanish floop Fortune, from Porto Bello, bound to Kingston, laden with cattle: detained by ditto.

Spanish fi hooner Misericordia, from Old Spain, bound to St. Jago, laden with dry goods: taken by ditto. -Two privateer larges: taken by ditto,

French Hoop Hazard, in ballaft : destroyed by ditto. - American vettel Little Charlotte, of Providence : recaptured by the Arab.

American schooner Potomack: detained by ditto.
Spanislı vellel Del Carmen, of St. Domingo: taken by ditto.
Danish schooner Eagle: detained by ditto.
American schooner Friendflip, laden with coffee and indigo : detained
Danislı schooner Tredinia : detained by the Arab and Surprise.

Spanish felucca (name unknown), laden with jerk beef : cut out of a small bay two leagues to the westward of St. Jago by the boats of the Stork.

Spanish schooner Santa Trinidada : taken by the Stork.
American fchooner Polly, laden with provisions and shingles: detained
Spanish schooner La Conception: cut out by the boats of ditto.
Danish brig Christian: detained by ditto.

Spanish lugger, from Cadiz, bound to Vera Cruz, laden with brandy, wine, &c.: taken by ditto.

Spanish fehooner (name uņknown), laden with coffee: cut out of a creek by the Stork's boat and Abergavenny's tender.

Spanish vesel (name unknown): cut out of a creek by ditto.

Spanith felucca Victoria, from Tobasco, bound to Jamaica; laden with specie, logwood, and cochineal : detained by the Nimrod.

Spanish xebec Pacaro: taken by the Meleager.

Spanish brig El Maiste, from Vera Cruz, laden with copper, hides, and soap: taken by ditto.

American schooner Experiment, laden with rum and fugar: recaptured by the Musquito.


by ditto.

by ditto.

Almiralty Office, July 22. Copy of a Letter from Admiral the Earl of St. Vincent, K. B. to Evan Ne. pean, E.; dated on board the Ville de Paris, at Sea, the 14th of July.

Sir, I HEREWITH transmit, for the information of the Lords Commillioners of the Admiralty, a letter with its several enclosures, which I have received from Rear-admiral Sir John Borlase Warren, giving an ac


count of an attack made by the boats of his Majesty's lips under his oro cers, on a convoy near ihe island of Neirmoutier, of which I highly approve, and of the spirited conduct shown on the whole occasion.

I am, Sir, &c.


My Lord,

Renozon, Bourneuf Bay, July 2. I BEG leave to inform your Lordship, that, having received informa. tion that a fhip of war with a large convoy of the enemy were lying within the island of Noirmoutier, which had assembled there from Sable d'Olonne, destined for Brest, I judged the destruction thereof might be of great confequence to his Majesty's service; I anchored therefore with his Majesty's Thips named in the margin * on the ist instant, in the Bay of Bourneuf, and directed the boats of the squadron to follow Captain Martin's orders for their farther proceedings, and I take the liberty of referring your Lord ship to the enclosed letter for a particular account of the transactions on the ist and 2d instant. .. Although owing to an accident a part of the men have been made prisoners, and four wounded in their retreat upon this occafion, yet, from the loss the enemy has sustained, I hope the enterprise wili meet your Lordship's approbation, as well as the gallantry and presence of mind displayed by Lieutenant Burke upon the above critical service, with the zeal and bravery of the several officers and men employed under him., and I trust will recommend them to your Lordship’s notice and protection. I have the honour to remain, &c.


Fisgard, at Anchor in Bourneuf Bay, July 2. I BEG to inform you, the boats of the ships named in the margin + were formed into three divisions yesterday evening, under the directions of Lieutenant Burke, to attack the armed vessels and convoy lying within the sands in Bourneuf Bay, moored in a strong position of defence, and under the protection of fix heavy batteries at the south-east part of Noirmou. tier, besides fianking guns on every projecting point. At twelve o'clock, after much resistance and considerable loss on the part of the enemy, we had possession of La Terese, four armed vessels, and filteen fail of merchantmen, the whole of which were burnt on finding it impossible to bring them out; and this essential service would have been accomplished in the most satisfactory manner, if the boats, in returning, could have found a passage over the fand-banks; but unfortunately they took the ground, and in less than ten minutes were perfectly dry, at the same time exposed to a continual fire from the forts and 400 French soldiers formed in the rear; but, in opposition to this, they determined to attack other vessels of the enemy, and secure one sufficiently large to receive all the party, which they did; and with great intrepidity, exertion, and strength, drew her upwards of two miles over the sands, until they were up to their necks in water, before she would float; but I am sorry to add, that four officers and 88 of the valuable men employed in this glorious enterprise are prisoners, though from every report there are only a few wounded. I fincerely congratulate you on having succeeded with so little loss in this important service, all the veffels being laden with corn and valuable cargoes, much wanted for the fleets in Brest; and I am sure you will be highly gratified with the gallantry and uncommon perseverance manifelted by the officers and men upon this occasion.


* Renown, Defence, Fisgard, Lord Nelson (cutter).
+ Renown, Fisgard, and Defence.

I fincerely mand,

I have the honour to be, &c.


A Lift of Vefsels taken and burnt by the Boats of his Majesty's Ships Renecos,

Figard, and Defence, the 2d of July, with the Number of Officers as Men employed on that Service, under the Orders of Captain Martin,

Amed Veffels. Ship La Terese, of 20 guns.-A lugger, of 12 guns.—2 schooner gunboats, of 6 guns each.-s cutter of 6 guns.—Total, 50 guns.

Merchant Vessels. Fifteen fail, all laden (as well as the armed vessels) with flour, corn, provisions, bale-goods, and thip timber, for the fleet at Brest.

Number of Men employed.
Renown~-3 officers, 4 petty'officers, 37 seamen, and 20 marines.
Fifgard-2 Officers, 2 petty officers, 31 seamen, and 13. marines.
Defence-2 officers, 5 petty officers, 45 seamen, and 28 marines.
Total 7 officers, 11 petty officers, 113 seamen, and 61 marins.

Number of Men who forced a Retreat.
Renown 28-Fisgard 46-Defence 26–Total 100.

Number of Men taken Prisoners. Renown-1 officer, 1 petty officer, 21 seamen, and 13 marinesFisgard—2 seamen—Total 2. Defence-3 petty officers, 30 seamen, and 21 marines-Total 54. Total --- officer, 4 petty officers, 53 seamen, and 34, marines.

Names of Officers employed. Renown--Lieutenants Burke, Thompson, and Ballinghall, marines (wounded and prisoners).

Fifgard--Lieutenants Dean and Gerrard, marines.
Defence--Lieutenants Garret and Hutton, marines.


Total 36.


From the LONDON GAZETTE, July 26, 800,

Atlmiralty Office, July 26. Copy of a Letter from Vice-admiral Lord Keith, Commander in Chief of his

Majesty's Ships and Vefsels in the Mediterranean, to Evan Nepean, Ejq; dated on board the Minotaur, at Sea, the 24th of June.

Sir, I HAVE the honour of enclofing, for their Lordships' information, a lift of vessels captured by his Majesty's fhips employed under my com

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