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IX. No perfon fhall be plundered or infulted, on account of the opinions he has hitherto profeffed.

Answer. Agreed to.

X. Two vellels of the Republic, lying in the harbour, fhall be granted to the agent of the Executive Directory, to ferve as covered boats. The crews of these two veffels fhall, however, be confidered as prifoners of war.

Answer. Refused; but every accommodation that can be defired by the agent general of the Executive Directory fhall be granted.

XI. The inhabitants, of every colour, fhall be allowed to return immediately to their respective homes, without infult or molestation. Anfwer. Agreed to.

XII. The fick and wounded of the garrifon fhall be taken care of in the fame manner as the English, and, on their recovery, shall be en- • titled to the fame terms as the other prifoners.

Anfwer. Agreed to.

XIII. All the articles of this capitulation fhall be faithfully and ftrictly obferved by both parties.

Anfwer. Agreed to.

Additional Articles.

Proper officers to be named by the agent general and commander in chief, to take the neceffary orders for the furrender of Gros Iflets, Souffriere, and Vieux Fort, and other pofts that may be occupied in the ifland. The means of conveyance fhall be found for the faid officers. Stores and provifions of all kinds to be delivered by the French commiffaries to the British commiffaries authorized to receive them on the furrender of the different pofts.

[blocks in formation]

Morne Duchaffeaux, St. Lucia, May 25, 1796.

Return of the killed, wounded, and miffing, in the Island of St. Lucia, from the 28th of April to the 24th of May inclufive.

At the attack of Morne Chabot, the 28th of April, 1796.

53d Regiment—1 ferjeant, 12 rank and file, killed'; ' 1 captain, 2 lieutenants, 2 ferjeants, 44 rank and file, wounded; i drummer, 8 rank and file, miffing.

Attack at the Out Pofts, the 1ft of May.

Battalion of grenadiers-5 rank and file killed. 48th Regiment-1 rank and file killed.

York Rangers-1 captain, 4 rank and file killed.

Battalion of grenadiers-1 major, 1 lieutenant, 15 rank and file wounded.

48th Regiment-1 captain, 1 ferjeant, 10 rank and file, wounded. York Rangers-1 captain, 8 rank and file, wounded.

Attack upon the Enemy's Batteries, the 3d of May.

28th Regiment-3 rank and file killed,



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44th Regiment-4 rank and file killed. 57th Regiment-2 rank and file killed.

Lieutenant-colonel Malcolm's corps-3 rank and file killed 14th Regiment-1 captain, 1 ferjeant, wounded.

28th Regiment-3 lieutentants, 15 rank and file, wounded. 42d Regiment- lieutenant, 4 rank and file, wounded.

44th Regiment-2 captains, 1 lieutentant, 17 rank and file wounded. 57th Regiment-1 ferjeant, 8 rank and file, wounded.

Lieutenant-colonel Malcolm's corps—1 lieutenant-colonel, 2 rank and file, wounded.

14th Regiment-5 rank and file, miffing.

44th Regiment-1 lieutenant, 16 rank and file, miffing.

Lieutenant-colonel Malcolm's corps—2 captains, 1 lieutenant, 7 rank and file miffing.

Attack upon the Vigie, the 17th of May.

38th Regiment-1 lieutenant killed.

31ft Regiment-2 lieutenant-colonels, 2 captains, 2 lieutenants, & ferjeants, I drummer, 101 rank and file, wounded.

48th Regiment-2 rank and file, wounded.

31ft Regiment-2 captains, 2 ferjeants, 61 rank and file miffing. Attack at Ferrand's, the 17th of May.

Royal Etrangers-1 rank and file killed.

Lowenftein's corps-1 captain, 1 enfign, 9 rank and file, wounded. Royal Etrangers-1 captain, I enfign, 2 ferjeants, 12 rank and file, wounded.

Lowenftein's corps-1 ferjeant, 11 rank and file miffing.

Royal Etrangers-2 rank and file mifling.

Attack upon the Enemy's advanced Pofis at Morne Fortune, the 24th of May. 27th Regiment-1 major, 22 rank and file, killed.

48th Regiment-2 rank and file killed.

Royal Engineers-1 lieutenant wounded..

Royal Artificers-2 rank and file wounded.

27th Regiment-1 major, 2 captains, 3 lieutenants, 1 enfign, I ferjeant, 64 rank and file wounded.

48th Regiment-4 rank and file wounded. York Rangers-S rank and file wounded.

At different attacks from Morne Petit, from the 3d to the 24th of May.

27th Regiment- rank and file killed.

28th Regiment—1 rank and file killed. 44th Regiment-1 rank and file killed. 28th Regiment—1 rank and file wounded. York Fuzileers-4 rank and file wounded.

Total-1 major, 1 captain, 1 lieutenant, 1 ferjeant, 62 rank and file, killed; 3 lieutenant-colonels, 2 majors, 12 captains, 14 lieutenants, 3 enfigns, 14 ferjeants, 1 drummer, 329 rank and file, wounded; 4 captains, 2 lieutenants, 3 ferjeants, i drummer, 112 rank and file, miffing.

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Names of Officers killed, wounded, and missing.


Major Knevitt Wilfon, of the 27th Regiment; Captain Kerr, of the York Rangers; Lieutenant Nuttall, of the 38th regiment.


Lieutenant-colonel Malcolm, (fince dead.)

Lieutenant-colonels Hay and Arbuthnot, of the 31ft regiment. Major Napier, of the 63d regiment; and Major R. H. Malcolm, of the 27th regiment.

Captains Stewart, of the 53d regiment; Coghlan, of the 1ft Weft India regiment, attached to the 48th; Baker, of the York Rangers; Henry Coxe, of the 14th regiment; Johnstone and Tuffie, of the 44th regiment; Murray and Sauvrell, of the 31ft reigment; Louifendhalle, of Lowenftein's; William Gillman and Alexander Dunlop, of the 27th regiment; and Bariac, of the Royal Etrangers.

Lieutenants Collins and Carmichael, of the 53d regiment; Torrens, of the 63d reigment; W. F. Dalton, J. Grady, (mortally) and William Irvine, of the 28th regiment; Gregory, (dangerously) of the 44th regiment; Frazer, of the 42d regiment; Hackflaw and Sullivan, of the 31ft regiment; Ch. Sillery, Sampfon Le Mefurier, and George Elliot of the 27th regiment; and Fletcher, of the Royal Engineers.

Enfigns Chirion, of Lowenftein's; De Courtray, of the Royal Etrangers; and George Milligan, (fince dead) of the 27th regiment. Quarter-mafter John Struthers, of the 27th regiment, flightly wounded, and not included above.


Captain Loriac and another captain, of Malcolm's corps, both fince returned.

Captains Johnston and Walker, of the 31ft regiment, fince found to be dead.

Two lieutenants, of Malcolm's corps, fince returned.

Return of Ordnance, Ammunition, and Stores, captured on the Island of St. Lucia, May 27, 1796.

Brass Ordnance.

5 Six pounders, ferviceable.

2 Four pounders, (French) ferviceable
I Three pounder, ferviceable

2 One pounders, (English) ferviceable

1 One pounder, (French) ferviceable

1 Thirteen-inch mortar, unferviceable

3 Eight and half inch mortars, (French) ferviceable

I Five and half inch mortar, ferviceable; 1 ditto, unserviceable

1 Four two-fifths inch mortars, ferviceable

2 Six-inch howitzers, (French) ferviceable

Iron Ordnance, ferviceable.

9 Thirty-fix pounders, (French)
6 Twenty-four pounders

1 Twenty

[blocks in formation]

20 Thirteen inch, unferviceable

10 Ten inch, unferviceable

10 Eight inch, unferviceable

120 Five and half inch, ferviceable

107 Four and two-fifths inch, ferviceable

1 Engine for drawing fuzees, ferviceable

25 Dozen of portfires, ferviceable

37 Barrels of powder, (French) 200lb. each barrel

800 Muskets, ferviceable; 609 ditto, reparable; 147 ditto, unfer


730 Bayonets, ferviceable

340 Cartouches with belts, ferviceable; 521 ditto, unserviceable 20000 Mufket cartridges, (French) ferviceable

6500 Ditto, (English) ferviceable

Icoo Mufket flints, ferviceable

20 Swords, ferviceable: 13 ditto, unferviceable
1 Bellows, ferviceable; i ditto reparable.
2 Anvils, ferviceable


Brafs Ordnance.

1 Six pounder, ferviceable.

Iron Ordnance.

1 Eighteen pounder, ferviceable

3 Twelve pounders, (1 fpiked)

Four and half pounder fwivel, ferviceable 2 Thirteen inch mortars (spiked)


1 Iron twenty-fix pounder, on standing carriage, (French) fer


7 Iron twenty-four pounders, on standing carriages, ferviceable 2 Brafs four pounders, on standing carriages, (French) ferviceable 2 Brats thirteen inch mortars, on standing carriages, (French) unferviceable

2 Iron half pounder fwivels, ferviceable; 2 ditto, unferviceable 50 Twenty-fix pounder round fhot

500 Twenty-four pounder round fhot

70 Four pounder round flot

44 Mufkets, (English) ferviceable

29 Mufkets, (French) ferviceable; 40 ditto, unferviceable. 48 Bayonets, (English) ferviceable

37 Bayonets, (French) ferviceable

52 Cartouch boxes, (English) unferviceable

31 Cartouch boxes, (French) unferviceable

109 Thirteen inch fuzees, (French) unferviceable

N. B. About 6 or 7 cwt. of powder in cafks, and cartridges badly filled.

In this return the ordnance and ftores on the Souffriere and Vieux Fort, &c. are not included, no returns having been received from thence. A more particular return will be fent by the next conveyance.

VAUG. LLOYD, Brig. Gen. Colonel
of Artillery.

LEWIS HAY, Commanding Royal

Admiralty-Office, July 4, 1796.

DISPATCHES, of which the following are copies, have been received at this office by Evan Nepean, Efq,

Copy of a Letter from Captain Parr, of his Majefty's Ship Malabar, to Rear-admiral Sir H. C. Chriftian, K. B. dated off Demerary, May 13, 1796; tranfmitted by the Rear-admiral to Mr. Nepean.


I HAVE the pleasure to inform you, that the colony of Berbice accepted the fame terms granted to Demerary on the 2d inftant, which I enclose to you; and have the honour to remain, with great refpect, &c. &c. &c.



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