Slike strani

Dgls 456

† Edwards, G. O., Prof. of Mathematics

456 W-M W F, 9.
2546 Dana st

Bkly 1613 Edwards, Miss G. E., Stenographer in

President's Office 1358 Scenic av

Bkly 2099 Eells, Miss C. A., Stenographer, Dept.

Agriculture 760 Fifty-sixth st, O Eggert, H. O., Clinical Instr. in Operative

Dentistry (D) 350 Post st, SF

Grfid 257 Ehlers, Miss A, E., Asst. in Botany 2434 Piedmont av

Bkly 8341 Ehrlich, L., Lectr. in Political Science

475 W-M Tu W Th, 4

Faculty Club Local 28 or Bkly 2855 **Einarsson, S., Instr. in Practical Astron

1108 Laurel st

Bkly 7754 Eisenhardt, Miss F., Instr. in Physical

Education for Women
3 H-W, 10-11; Th, 2-3; F, 9-10
2539 Durant av

Bkly 890 † Elliott, E., Prof. of International Law and

432 W-M W, 11-12, 1:45
33 Canyon rd

Bkly 7394 Elliott, Miss R., Instr. in Physical Edu

1 H-M Tu W Th, 10-11; M Tu, 2-3
2539 Durant av

Bkly 890 Elwood, C. F., Instr. in Agr. Extension 2613 Durant av

Bkly 3699 Englehardt, Miss B. A., Scientific Asst.,

Dept. Agriculture 647 El Dorado av, O

Pied 2418 † Epley, F. W., Asst. in Radiography and

Photography (D) 977 Clayton st, SF Erickson, C. J., Instr. (SMA) 2605 Durant av

Bkly 552 Essenberg, Mrs. C., Zoologist and Librar.

ian, Scripps Institution for Biological

La Jolla

† Etcheverry, B. A., Prof. of Irrigation Ed

307 AH-Tu Th, 11•11:30; MW, 9.

2598 Buena Vista way

Bkly 3366
Eubank, Miss L. B., Asst, in Agr. Exten.


110 AH Evans, E. S., Instr. (SMA) 2333 Channing way

Bkly 8321 Evans, G. H., Asst. Clinical Prof. of

Medicine (M)
233 Post st, SF
† Evans, H. M., Prof. of Anatomy (M)

16 Anat
2617 LeConte av

Bkly 8626W
Evans, Miss M., Clerk, Office of the Presi.

dent of the Academic Board (SMA) 1168 Colusa av

Bkly 8520 Falconer, Miss C. L., Departmental Sec

retary (M)
1280 Eighth av, SF

Snst 1374 Faso, A. J., Technical Asst. (HF) 613 Green st, SF

Dgls 3610 Faucheux, G., Assoc. Prof. of French Lit.

463 W-MW F, 10.11
2642 Bancroft way

Bkly 653 **Fawcett, H, S., Assoc. Prof. of Plant

Pathology in the Citrus Experiment
Station and Graduate School of Trop

ical Agriculture 2033 Park av, Baltimore, Maryland Fay, P. B., Asst. Prof. of Romanic Phil

425 W-daily, exc. S, 9.
2508 Hilgard av

Bkly 1961 W Formery, G. E., Asst. in Agricultural En

gineering University Farm, Davis Fern, A., Armorer 2648 Harrold st, O

Fryl 881.1 14 Ferrier, W. W., Lectr. in Law (to Dec.

31, 1917) 2845 Regent st Fielder, H. E., Instr. (SMA)

2617 Durant av Filbert, Miss I. C., Stenographer, Dept.

Agriculture University Farm, Davis † Fisher, I., Hitchcock Lectr. for 1917-18

460 Prospect st, New Haven, Conn. fFisher, Mrs. M. J., Clerk, Dept. Chemistry 473 Thirty-eighth st, O

Pied 3432W

Bkly 8823W

Bkly 373

^ Essig, E. O., Asst. Prof. of Entomology

Court House, Ventura † Essig, F. M., Asst. in Botany

1803 California st * Esterly, C, O., Zoologist in the Scripps

Institution for Biological Research
Occidental College, Los Angeles

Fisk, J. K., Asst. to the Recorder of the

206 Cal
2318 Telegraph av

Bkly 5964
Flagg, I., Prof. of Greek, Emeritus

1200 Shattuck av Flaherty, M. C., Assoc. Prof. of Forensics

422 W- M, 11.12; F, 10-12, 2-3

3338 Twenty-third st, SF Msn 3460 Fleckenstein, Miss L., Stenographer, Univ.

Extension 1221 Eagle av, A *Fleischner, E. C., Instr, in Pediatrics (M) 350 Post st, SF

Krny 97 † Fletcher, L. J., Instr. in Agricultural En

gineering University Farm, Davis Flinn, Miss C. M., Stenographer and Li

brarian, Dept. Anatomy (M) 1799 University av

Bkly 2174 †Flinn, J. W., Supt. of the Printing Office 1799 University av

Bkly 2174 Flossfeder, F. C. H., Instr. in Viticulture

and Supt. of Grounds (FS) University Farm, Davis Floyd, Miss N., Technical Asst. (HF)

Hooper Research Lab, SF Snst 600 Fluegel, F., Asst. in Economics 2440 Hilgard av

Bkly 2049J Fonseca, A. W., Instr. (SMA) 2610 Valdez st, O

Oakd 4453 † Foote, F. S., Jr., Prof. of Railroad Engi

305 CE-M W, 11-11:30; Tu, 3-4

1541 Hawthorne ter Bkly 8333W † Forbes. J. F., Lectr. in Accounting

22 W m 203 Crocker bldg, SF Krny 5080 *Force, J. N., Asst. Prof. of Epidemiology ;

Lectr. in Preventive Medicine and

Hygiene (M) HP-Tu Th, 9-11 2952 College av

Bkly 7162W *Forke, A., Agassiz Prof. of Oriental Lan.

guages and Literature 336 W-MWF, 11-12 1840 Berryman st

Bkly 8150W Fosdick, Miss B., Clerk, Office of the

President of the Academic Board

2216 Dwight way

Bkly 3745 †Foster, H. B., Engineer, Comptroller's

1930 El Dorado av

Bkly 5538
Foster, Miss M. G., Fellow (HF)

2901 Washington st, SF Flmr 1094

Fowler, Mrs. M. N., Asst. in Agr. Exten

3114 Eton ar

Pied 1572W
Frandy, M. L. J., Asst. in Physics
2316 Bow ditch st

Bkly 6504 Franklin, W. S., Asst. Clinical Prof. of

Ophthalmology (M) 135 Stockton st, SF

Sutr 5252 Frazier, D. J., Instr. (SMA) 2607 Woolsey st

Bkly 3751W Freeberg, H. E., Clerk to Post Surgeon

(SMA) 2214 Dana st

Bkly 1531 † Freeborn, S. B., Instr. in Entomology

203 AH-daily, 1-3
2819 Garber st

Bkly 328J Freed, M., Special Asst. in Boxing

2 HG
Harmon Gymnasium

Local 16 Fricktad, Miss H., Stenographer, Dept.

Agriculture 2145 Stuart st

Bkly 4701 Fritz, Miss D., Stenographer, Dept. Agri

culture University Farm, Davis † Frost, H. B., Instr. in Plant Breeding in

the Citrus Exp. Sta. and Graduate

School of Tropical Agriculture
1363 W Twelfth st, Riverside
Fryer, J., Prof. of Oriental Languages,

2620 Durant av

Bkly 7910 *Furlong, E. L., Asst. in Palaeontology 1031 Fell st, SF

Mrkt 8641 *Furnstal, A. H., Technical Asst. (HF)

1113 Cole st, SF
24 Gardner, N. L., Asst. Prof. of Botany

7 B-Tu Th, 8-10
2901 Hillegass av

Bkly 1484J †Garratt, M. D., Chief Clerk (M) 131 Hugo st, SF

Snst 234 *Garthwaite, E. L., Asst. in Agr. Extension,

Asst. Farm Advisor, Kern Co.
Court House, Bakersfield
Gay, C. V., Instr. (SMA)
2828 College av

Bkly 8896.
sGay, F. P., Prof. of Pathology (M)
2347 Prospect st

Bkly 3271
#Gayley, C. M., Prof. of the English Lan-

guage and Literature
407 W-M W. 2-3
2328 Piedmont av

Bkly 386 Geldermann, Miss K. V., Clerk to the

Dean of the College of Letters and
Science and to the Dean of the Lower

4486 Pleasant Valley court, O

Pied 3916W † George, J., Asst. in Mechanics and Fore

man of Iron work
24 M-daily, 9.4; S, 8-11

2600 Grant st Gericke, W. F., Asst. Prof. of Soil Chem

istry 209 Budd

1517 Scenic av
Gibson, G. E., Instr. in Chemistry

309 Gilman-M W F, 11.12
2444 Hillside av

Bkly 1589W fGifford, E. W., Assoc. Curator of the An.

thropological Museum
5 Mus
1444 Third av, O

Mer 614 Gifford, Mrs. M. F., Asst. in Pediatrics

990 Geary st, SF

Frkn 7768 Gillespie, C. G., Lectr. in Preventive Medi

cine and Hygiene (M)
102 CE
1930 El Dorado av

Bkly 5538 Gillespie, Mrs. K., Instr. in Decorative

Design, Mechanical Drawing and
Arts and Crafts (A) (resigned Feb.

28, 1918)
3307 Clay st, SF

West 4228 Gilman, C. L., Storekeeper, Dept. Chem.

istry 2611 Dana st 14Gilmore, E. A., Prof. of Law (to Dec, 31,

*Gilmore, J. W., Prof. of Agronomy

309 Hilgard-daily, 11-12
1227 Bonita av

Bkly 8251 Ginn, Mrs. M. F., Asst. in Agr. Extension

104 Court House, Bakersfield Girard, W., Instr, in French

473 W-daily, 11-12, 3-4
1589 LeRoy av

Bkly 8387J Glaser, E. F., Instr. in Ophthalmology (M) 391 Sutter st, SF

Dgls 4138 Gompertz, Miss K., Physician for Women;

Asst. in Orthopedic Surgery (M)
1232 Grove st

Bkly 3396 *Gontard, J. C., Lectr. in Romanic Lan

guages, University Extension 3746 Twenty-first st, SP Valen 279

fGoodspeed, T. H., Asst. Prof. of Botany

4 B-M W, 11-12
1415 Hawthorne ter

Bkly 4010
Gow, Mrs. L. K., Clerk, University Ex:

tension 594 Sixty-second st, O Pied 7236W *Graham, Mrs. M. L. B., Filing Clerk, Comp.

troller's Office 2736 IIaste st

Bkly 8680 Graham, M. W., Instr. in Spanish 430 W-MW F, 11-12, 3-4; Tu Th, 10

11, 2-3
1639 Oxford st

Bkly 2594
Graham, Miss V., Reader in Music
2208 Stuart st

Bkly 4982W *Graser, H, I., Asst. in Agr. Extension

Grass Valley Grass, J. F., Jr., Asst. in Agr. Extension

Gray, Miss C., Bookkeeper, Dept. Chem-

2440 Hillside av

Bkly 7434W ^ Gray, G. P., Asst. Prof. of Entomology

and Chemist in Insecticide Lab.
300 Ent-daily, 9.12
2409 Virginia st

Bkly 4178) #Gray, Mrs. J. B., Record Clerk, Dept.

University Farm, Davis
Gray, T., Teaching Fellow in Anthropol-

6 Mus, M Tu W, 10; Tu, 2

2540 Benvenue av Grebs, E., Instr. in Commercial Art (A)

1212 Tamalpais rd îGreen, F. T., Prof. of Chemistry, Director

of the Chemical Labs., and Dean of

the Calif. College of Pharmacy (Ph.) 500 Divisadero st, SF

Park 478 Green, J. L., Instr., Training School for

Ordnance Field Service
Faculty Club

Local 28 or Bkly 2855 ¡Gregg, J. W., Prof. of Landscape Garden.

ing and Floriculture
304 AH
2249 Glenn av

Bkly 2192 f Greves, G. L., Instr. in Electrical Engi

40 M-M W F, 9-10
1608 Oxford st

Bkly 62 103 Grilliths, F. P., Lectr. in Law

106 Boalt
1902 Myrtle st, O

Lksd 1926
Griffiths, Miss G., Nurse

Local 15

Bkls 4742

Bkly 7708

†Grinnell, J., Assoc. Prof. of Zoology and

Director of the California Museum of

Vertebrate Zoology 11 MVZ-daily, 11 2811 College av

Bkly 6915J #Gudde, E. G., Teaching Fellow in German

441 W-Tu Th, 2-3
Alta Vista apts

Bkly 3471
Gunderson, Miss A., Nurse

Local 15 Gunthorp, Miss P., Head Cataloguer in

Library 2327 Cedar st †Gurley, J. E., Instr. in Dental Chemistry

350 Post st, SF

Grfid 257 *Haberdier, 0. A., Asst. in Prosthetic Den.

tistry (D)
1222 Eighth av, SF

Snst 1195 *Hackett, C. W., Asst. Editor of Historical

Publications; NSGW Fellow in Pa.

cific Coast History 1620 Arch st

Bkly 7740J Hackh, I. W. D., Asst. in Chemistry 1635 Euclid av

Bkly 4138J Hagelthorn, Miss S. E., Instr. in Physical

2 H-W, 4:30-5
Clinton court, SF

Grfld 1469 Hagen, R. M., Instr. in Agr. Extension 1608 LeRoy av

Bkly 8337J 'Hall, C. C., Student Fellow (HF) (to Dec.

31. 1917)
1489 Fifth av, SF

Snst 3062 Hall, E. E., Assoc. Prof. of Physics

120 S-Tu Th, 2-3; W F, 9.10
1501 Le Roy av

Bkly 1024W #Hall, H. M., Assoc. Prof. of Economic

Botany and Asst. Botanist in Agr.
Experiment Station (absent on leave,

Jan. 10-Feb. 21)
306 HM
1615 La Loma av

Bkly 4188 Hall, I. C., Asst. Prof. of Bacteriology (M)

5 HP-Tu Th S, 11-12

1634 Blake st Hall, R. A., Instr. SMA) 2618 Durant av

Bkly 1975J Hammon, J. B., Asst. in Soil Technology

320 Hilgard Hanford, W. H.. Instr. in Extracting (D) 577 Fourteenth st, O

Oakd 749 Hanna, Miss F. H.. Receiving Clerk in

Comptroller's Office 2560 Regal rd

Bkly 5338

Hansen, H. W., Asst. in Physics 1924 Channing way

Bkly 4210 †Harder, H. H., Asst. in Testing Lab.,

Dept. Civil Engineering 702 Thirty-sixth av, O †Harding, S. T., Asst. Prof. of Irrigation 307 AH-M W F, 11.11:30; Tu Th, 10

2728 Haste st

Bkly 5392W Hardison, E. D., Military Instr. (SMA) 2647 Durant av

Bkly 102 34 Haring, C. M., Prof. of Veterinary Science

Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia.
Harrison, Miss J. E., Technical Asst.

1451 Willard st, SF

Mrkt 6758 Harrison, M. E., Lectr, in Law

213 Boalt
57 Post st, SF

Dgls 326 Harrison, R. C., Asst. Prof. of Law (H) 640 Mills bldg, SF

Dgls 799 † Harrison, R. W., Prof. of Law (H)

Humboldt Bank bldg, SF Sutr 1935 Harrison, Miss S. J., Telephone Operator

1708 Linden st, O Hart, G. H., Assoc. Prof. of Veterinary

102 Budd
2821 Hillegass av

Bkly 2543J *Hart, W. M., Assoc. Prof. of English

Philology and Dean of the Summer

209 Cal-Tu W Th F, 2-3
2255 Piedmont av

Bkly 2078 *Harvey, R. W., Instr. in Neurology (M)

211 Edgewood av, SF Park 7095 Haseltine, L. E., Asst. in Agr. Extension

574 Castro st, Hayward Hayward 176 *Haskell, M. W., Prof. of Mathematics

421 W-M W, 11, 3
2019 Durant av

Bkly 1211 Haskett, Miss E. L., Secretary to Director

(LO) (to Dec. 31, 1917) Hassler, W. C., Lectr. in Preventive Medi

cine and Hygiene (M) 1085 Mission st. SF

Mrkt 1491 îHatch, W., Secretary, Bureau of Visual

Instruction, l'niversity Extension 6420 Regent st, O

Pied 1895W Hatfield, H. R. Prof. of Accounting on

the Flood Foundation, Dean of the
College of Commerce, and Dean of the

215 Cal-daily, 9:30-10:30
2633 LeConte av

Bkly 2302

Hauge, Miss T., Nurse

Local 15 Hauser, Miss E., Stenographer and Asst.

in Law Library, Dept. Jurisprudence 2010 Durant av

Bkly 3940 W +Hauser, E. J., Asst in Agr. Extension Sequoia apts

Bkly 761 Haworth, H. H., Asst. in Botany 2200 Durant av

Bkly 140W Hayes, F. M., Asst. Prof. of Veterinary

University Farm, Davis
Haves, Miss L., Technician (M)

U C Medical School, SF
Hays, W. C., Assoc. Prof. of Architecture

Arch-Tu Th, 3-5
Cloyne Court

Bkly 4710 Hayward, E. D., Instr. in Civil Engineer

ing Hazzard, Miss J. C., Asst. in Agr. Exten

sion 719 S Hill st, Los Angeles Hecox, Mrs. H. L., Stenographer in Comp

troller's Office 5453 Manila av, 0

Pied 5350 Hedrick, Miss E. A., Classifier in Library Cloyne Court

Bkly 4710 Heffner, R. J., Military Instr. (SMA) 2236 Durant av

Bkly 6088W * Heileman, W, H., Asst. Prof. of Agr. Ex

tension Willows Heitman, H., Clinical Instr, in Operative

Dentistry (D)
240 Stockton st, SF

Krny 282 †Heller, K., Instr. in German

440 W-MW. 11-11:30
1329 Oxford st

Bkly 502.J Henderson, V. H., Secretary of the Re

gents and Land Agent 2816 Derby st

Bkly 1716 i Hendricks. H. E., Instr. in Biology and

Anatomy (D) 4981 Seventeenth st, SF Mrkt 4854 îHendrickson, A. H., Asst. Prof. of Pom

ology University Farm, Davis Hendry, G. W., Asst. Prof. of Agronomy

122 Hilgard

Faculty Club Local 28 or Bkly 2855 Henneberry, Miss M. M., Clerk, Comp

troller's Office 1491 Thirty-fourth st, O Pied 1858W

Henroteau, F. C. P., Martin Kellogg Fel.

low (LO) Mt. Hamilton Henzel, Miss E., Technician (M)

UC Medical School, SF Snst 1155 3+ Herms, W. B., Assoc. Prof. of Parasitol.

1424 LeRoy av

Bkly 3302 Herrod, Mrs. M., Office Mgr., University

Extension 2226 Chapel st

Bkly 879 *Hersam, E. A., Assoc. Prof. of Metallurgy

204 HM-daily, exc. S, 11:30-12
47 Arden rd

Bkly 1209J Hertel, J. P., Asst. in Agr. Extension,

Asst. Farm Advisor, Imperial Co. Box 447, El Centro † Hibbard, P. L., Asst. Prof. of Agr. Chem

istry 1 FCL

R. F. D. No. 1, Hayward 3 Hildebrand, J. H., Assoc. Prof. of Chem.

istry Hill, Mrs. C. E., Stenographer and Li

brarian (M) 1730 Addison st Hill, Miss C. J., Asst. in Dairy Testing,

Dept. Agriculture 2113 Rose st

Bkly 7985 W *Hill, J. J., Asst. in Bancroft Library 2205 Haste st

Bkly 3829 Hill, S. A., Clinical Prof. of Applied Home

opathic Therapeutics (M) 306 Arguello blvd, SF

Pac 8157 * Hinman, F., Instr. in Urology (M) 516 Sutter st, SF

Grfid 1902 Hoag, C. L., Asst. in Surgery (M); Instr.

in Physiology (D) (to Dec. 31, 1917) City of Paris bldg, SF Sutter 3428 Hoagland, D. R., Asst. Prof. of Agr. Chem

FCL-daily, 9-5

Faculty Club Local 28 or Bkly 2855 Hobe, Miss A. M., D. 0. Mills Asst. in

Astronomy (LO) Mt. Hamilton * Hodgen, J. D., Prof. of Histology and

Dental Pathology (D) 240 Stockton st, SF

Dgls 216 Hodgson, R. W., Instr. in Citrieulture

357 Court House, Los Angeles i Hoff, S. B., Storekeeper, Dept. Agriculture

University Farm, Davis

1 Absent on leave, January 16-April 16, 1918,

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