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Prescribed at the end of the junior year for all students in the College

of Civil Engineering, Railroad course. The work should be taken during the summer following the year in which Civil Engineering 2A, 2B, and 2c are completed. Additional prerequisites are Civil Engineering 3A and Astronomy 3. Four weeks' continuous field practice. 3 units credit.

Section 2. Irrigation and Sanitary Section.
This course comprises field and office work necessary for,
A. The location of a canal, including the following problems:

Determination of stream flow.
Location and design of head works.
Trial line survey.
Contour and topographic surveys.
Location survey.
Cross-sectioning of one mile of the line.
Calculation of earthwork and other quantities.

Making of preliminary estimates.
B. A hydrographic survey of an existing reservoir.
C. Sanitary studies, including:

Construction, operation and control of camp filter plant.
Bacterial determination of filter plant efficiency.
Surveys, designs and estimates for lateral, main and intercep-

ing sewerage systems. Prescribed at the end of the junior year for students in the Sanitary

and Irrigation courses who do not elect Section 1. Prerequisites: Civil Engineering 3A, 2A, 2B, 10, 11A, or Irrigation 2; Astronomy 3.

Four weeks' continuous field practice. 3 units credit. Students interested in surveying field practice are advised to secure the Special Bulletins of Information of the Summer School of Surveying.

Communications regarding the work of the Summer School of Surveying should be addressed to the Dean of the College of Civil Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, California.


VERNON L. KELLOGG, M.S., Professor of Entomology, Stanford University.
BENNETT M. ALLEN, Ph.D., Professor of Zoology, University of Kansas.
CHARLES A. KoFoid, Ph.D., Professor of Zoology.
Tracy I. STORER, M.S., Instructor in Zoology in the Summer Session.
BENJAMIN H. PRATT, Assistant in Zoology.

1. Evolution Today.

Professor KELLOGG. The present-day position of the evolution theory in science and

natural philosophy, including an account of the facts and cur. rent hypotheses which compose it, together with a special discussion of the recent scientific criticism of the selection hypotheses (Darwinism) and of the modern substitutes offered to replace

them as causal factors of species-forming and descent. 2 units. M Tu W Th F, 9. 101 East Hall.

2. The Birds of California.

Mr. STORER. Lectures, laboratory and field work, with conferences and collateral

reading. A study of birds in the field, their identification, classification, distribution, habits, general ecology, etc. Laboratory fee,

$2.50. 2 units. M Tu W Th F, 8. 103 East Hall. Laboratory hours to be arranged.

3. The Biology of Sex.

Professor ALLEN. The facts of sex and reproduction in the plant and animal world.

The presentation of these facts to the child by the parent and teacher. Problem of instruction in sex hygiene in the public

schools. Lectures and demonstrations. 1 unit. MW F, 2. 101 East Hall.

$108. Embryology.

Professor ALLEN. A course in comparative embryology. Lectures dealing with the

fundamental facts of reproduction, the early stages of development of vertebrates, the formation of organs, and the foetal membranes of mammals, including man. Laboratory study of preparations of chick and pig embryos. Demonstrations. Laboratory fee,

$5.00. 4 units. M Tu W Th F, 8-12. 326 East Hall.

s113. Advanced General Vertebrate Zoology.

Mr. STORER. A systematic and faunistic study of the birds, mammals and reptiles

of California, including a brief treatment of the amphibians and fishes. Lectures, field, laboratory and museum work, with papers

on assigned topics. Laboratory fee, $5.00. 3 units. Hours to be arranged. 103 East Hall.

S224. Research Problems in Zoology and especially in Protozoology.

Professor Koroid. Laboratory fee, $2.50. Hours and units arranged. May 15-July 1. 217 East Hall.

S230. Research Problems in Embryology.

Professor ALLEN. Hours and units arranged. Laboratory fee, $2.50.


Abbott, Edward

Garden Grove Teacher, G, S. Abbott, Frances

Santa Fe, N. M. Teacher, G. S. Abbott, Leta

Santa Ana Housewife Abbott, Mary Watson

Ogden, Utah Teacher, G. S. Abbott, Osmer

Teacher, H. S.
Abrahamson, Rose Hamburg, Germany

Teacher, H. S.
Abrams, William Hanson

Student, U. C.
Acheson, Mary G.

Berkeley Student, U'. C. Ackerman, Phyllis

Oakland Student, U. C. Adams, Cornelia J. K. Honolulu, T. H.

Teacher, G. S. Adams, Edna Little

Springville Teacher, Snell Seminary Adams, Elsie Marion

Monrovia Teacher, G. S. Adams, Lewis E.

Los Angeles Teacher, L. A. Military Academy Adams, Mildred Wheaton San Francisco

Student, U. C. Adams, Nellie Leigh

Oakland Auditor Agar, Lucy M.

San Francisco Teacher, H. S. Ainslie, Charles Albert

Los Angeles Student, I'. C. Ainsworth, Faith A.

Sacramento Auditor aitken, Robert Thomas Mt. Hamilton

Student, U. c.
Aiton, Phebe Robertson

Teacher, H. S.
Alan, Edwina

Goldfield, Nev. Teacher, G. S. Aldridge, Esther

Los Angeles Teacher, H. S. Alexander, Marion

Pasadena Tutor Algeo, Amy Catharine

Fresno Teacher, G. S. Allen, Marie

Oakland Teacher, G. S. Allen, Matilda

Acomita, N. M. Student, Stanford U.

Allen, Sarah Hastings San Francisco

Teacher, G. S. Alling, Claribel Chase

Berkeley Housewife Allyn, Mary Elizabeth Seattle, Wash.

Teacher, H. S. Alper, Judah

New York City, N. Y. Nurse Altona, Lucie Dorothy

Alameda Student, U. c. Ament, William S.

Claremont Teacher, Pomona College Ames, Caroline Lovilla

Red Bluff Teacher, G. S. Ames, Charles

Eureka Teacher, H, S. Ames, Mary Dwight

Oakland Student, U. C. Ames, May Stewart Vancouver, Wash.

Teacher, H. S. Amiot. Alice Blanche

Berkeley Student, U. C. Amundsen, Edward Otto

Berkeley Student, U. C. Anderson, E. G.

San Francisco Secretary Anderson, Esther

Los Angeles Teacher, H. S. Anderson, Gwynn Page

Berkeley Teacher, H. S. Anderson, Laurel Edwin Burlingame

Student, Stanford U. Andreason, Mary Amy

Berkeley Student, U. C. Anthony; Gladys Fern

St. Helena Teacher, G. S. Anthony, John Hamilton Sanitarium

Bookkeeper Aoki, Yoshio

San Jose Studert, College of the Pacific Appel, Cyril

San Francisco Clerk Applegarth, Kate Louise

Hanford Teacher, G. S. Applegate, Evelyn R. Klamath Falls, Ore.

Teacher, piano Arbogast, Ella Reid

Attica, Ind. Student, U. C. Arbogast, Retta

Nevada City Teacher. G. S. Arendt, Marion L.

San Francisco Student, U. c.

Armstrong, Alta A. North Bend, Ore.

Housewife Armstrong, Constance

Oakland Housewife Armstrong, Lola

Orange Teacher, H. S. Arnold, Mary Caroline

San Diego Teacher, G. S. Arnot, Agnes Jean Vancouver, B. C.

Student, U. C. Aschenbrenner, Alice

Berkeley Housewife Ashburn, Emma

Ontario Teacher, G. 8. Ashburn, F. Ellsworth

Ontario Teacher, G. S. Ashdown, Ann

Seattle, Wash. Teacher, G. S. Ashurst, Maude

Azusa Teacher, G. S. Autrey, Bernice Edith Mesa, Arizona

Teacher, H. S. Avakian, Garapet

Pasadena Student, U. C. Averill, E. Reed

Lancaster Teacher, G. S. Avery, Lois Le Baron

Ontario Teacher, H. S. Ayer, Helen De Ette

San Francisco Student, U. C. Ayer, May Carr

San Francisco Student, U. C. Baade, Herman J.

Pacific Beach Teacher, S. D. Army & Navy Academy Backstein, Rytha Ferdinand

Clifton, Arizona Student, U. of Ariz. Bacon, Grace

Kennett Student, U. C. Bacon, Howard L.

Oakland Student, Hastings College of the Law Bailey, Elizabeth H.

San Jose Teacher, H. S. Bailey, George W. Salt Lake City, Utah

Teacher, H. S. Bailey, John Emil

Los Angeles Student, U. C. Bailey, Lloyd E.

Berkeley Student, U. C. Bailey, Nettie

East Orange, N. J. Housewife Bailey, Oscar

San Diego Student, U. C. Bair, Dolly Hathaway

Claremont Student, Pomona College Baird, Oscar

Tacoma, Wash. Teacher, H. S. Baird, William Leonard Portland, Ore.

Teacher, G. S. Baker, Alice

Sacramento Teacher, G. S.

Baker, Charles Wood

Azusa Teacher, G. S. Baker, Guy E.

Long Beach Student, U. C. Baker, Harold William

Redding Teacher, H. S. Baker, May

Alameda Housewife Baker, Sara Agnes

Nordhoff Student, U. C. Baker, Sarah Alice Eagle, Wisconsin

Teacher, G. S. Balch, Henrietta

Oakland Student, U. C. Baldwin, Marion D.

Berkeley Student, Cal. S. of Arts and Crafts Baldwin, Ralph

San Francisco Teacher, H. S. Baldwin, W. H.

Sacramento Housewife Ball, Alice

Los Angeles Teacher, G. S. Ball, Cynthia Maude

Pasadena Teacher, G. S. Banks, Katherine Olga

Williams Teacher, G. S. Bannister, William Daniel

Berkeley Teacher, H. S. Banta, Roscoe Marion

Sheep Ranch Teacher, G. S. Bardsley, George Henry Grinnell, Iowa

Student, U. C. Barker, Rose

Berkeley Student, U. C. Barkley, James M.

Brentwood Student, U. C. Barmann, Natalie

Los Angeles Teacher, G, S. Barnard, Mary

Niles Student, music Barnett, Alice Mason

San Francisco Supervisor of Music Barnett, Maude Lucy

Berkeley Teacher, H. S. Barrett, Theodore Roy

Berkeley Florist Barrows, Frank Leslie

Antioch Teacher, G. S. Barry, Annie Little

Berkeley Housewife Barry, Harry Webster

Buhl, Idaho Teacher, H. S. Bartlett, Mrs. Emma M.

Beaumont Teacher, H. S. Bartz, Pearl El Nora Huntington Park

Teacher of Music Baruch, Herbert Marks Los Angeles

Student, U. C. Bashaan, B.

Mill Valley Assayer

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