Slike strani

not to represent his zeal, ability, and courage, which are confpicuous on every occafion that offers.

Enclosed I tranfmit you a lift of the killed and wounded, and also of the veffels taken.

I have the honour to remain, &c."

Sir John Jervis, K. P.


A Lift of Killed and Wounded in his Majefty's Squadron under the Command of Commodore Horatio Nelfon, on the 31st of May, 1796.

I killed; 2 wounded.

Blanche. 1 wounded.


A Lift of Veffels of War and Transports taken by the Squadron under the Command of Commodore Horatio Nelson, on the 31st of May 1796. Vefels of War.

La Genie, (ketch) 3 eighteen-pounders, 4 fwivels, and 60 men. La Numero Douzel, (gun boat) 1 eighteen-pounder, 4 swivels, and 30 men.


La Bonne Mere, 250 tons, brig rigged, laden with brass twenty-four pounders, thirteen-inch mortars, and gun carriages.

La Verge de Confolation, 120 tons, ketch rigged, laden with brafs guns, mortars, fhells, and gun carriages.

Le Jean Baptifte, 100 tons, ketch rigged, laden with brandy and a fmall quantity of bread.

Name unknown, 100 tons, ketch rigged, laden with Austrian prifoners.

St. Anne de Paix, 70 ton, ketch rigged, laden with wheelbarrows and entrenching tools, deftroyed.


Admiralty Office, July 16, 1796.

Extract of a Letter from Sir H. Chriftian to Evan Nepean, Efq. dated on board the Thunderer, Choc Bay, St. Lucia, May 15, 1796.

I HAVE to acquaint you, for the information of the lords commiffioners of the admiralty, of the fafe arrival of his Majefty's floop Albacore at Barbadoes, with her prize L'Atheniene, French national corvette, of 14 guns. For a more particular account of Captain Winthorp's proceedings, I tranfmit a copy of his letter to me of the 9th inftant.


Albacore, Carlisle Bay, Barbadoes,
May 9, 1796.

I HAVE the pleasure to inform you, that in the latitude 14 deg. 43 min. longitude 47 deg. 39 min. I fell in with and captured L'Atheniene brig, French national corvette, mounting 14 four-pounders, and 83 men, commanded by M. Gervais, lieutenant de vaiffeaux. During our chace, which continued for fix hours, the threw overboard ten of her guns. I beg leave to obferve fhe is a new veffel,

well found, and every thing new on board her, and fails remarkably well.


Sir H. C. Chriftian, &c. &c. &c.

I am, &c.


Admiralty Office, July 16, 1796.

Copy of a Letter from Captain Hamilton, of his Majefty's Ship Melpomene, to Evan Nepean, Efq.


Melpomene, Plymouth Sound, July 14, 1796. YOU will be pleased to acquaint their lordships, his Majesty's fhip Melpomene, on the 11th inftant, at three P. M. Ufhant bearing E. N. E. fix leagues, difcovered an enemy's fhip in the S. E. quarter. After a chace of five hours, and her making every effort to escape, fhe ftruck her colours, and proved to be Le Revanche, of 18 guns, and 167 men; fhe had left Breft only a few hours, with a view of intercepting the Brazil convoy.

I have the fatisfaction to add, that though feveral guns were exchanged, no lives were loft; and that the officers and men I have the honour to command, behaved with the greatest zeal and propriety.

I judged it adviseable to return to the first port, on account of the number of prisoners, and shall fail again immediately to fulfil their lordfhips' orders.

I have the honour, &c.


Downing-street, July 16, 1796.

A letter, of which the following is an extract, has been received from Colonel Graham, by the right honourable Lord Grenville, his Majesty's principal Secretary of State for foreign affairs, dated Cagliano, June 21, 1796.

Early in the morning of the 17th inftant the enemy attacked the most advanced pofts on Monte Baldo, towards Ferrara, and obliged the volunteers (the best markfien of the different regiments, formed into companies of chaffeurs) to retire; but thefe uniting, and being fupported by two companies of croats from Artiglion, quickly drove back the enemy, with fome lofs, and re-occupied their pofts. The Auftrians had one man killed and about thirty wounded.

From the LONDON GAZETTE, July 19.

Parliament Street, July 19, 1796.

LETTERS, of which the following are copies, were yesterday received at the office of the Right Hon. Henry Dundas, one of his Majefty's Principal Secretaries of State, from Captain Drummond, of the 19th regiment of light dragoons, and Lieutenant Davies, of his Majefty's fhip Heroine.


Lazaretto, at Bocche de Caterro, in Dalmatia, June 12, 1796.


I HAVE the honour to tranfmit a copy of the terms of capitulation on which Colombo and its dependencies furrendered to his Majesty's and the Honourable East India Company's fea and land forces, under the command of Captain Alan Hyde Gardner, and Colonel James Stuart. My orders were to proceed to England, by the route of Suez and Alexandria, with Colonel Stuart's difpatches, and, if detained to perform a quarantine, I was directed to forward the abovementioned copy of the terms of capitulation to you.

I am, &c.

R. DRUMMOND, Captain 19th (Light) Dragoons, and Aid de Camp to Colonel Stuart.

Lazaretto, at Bocche de Caterro, in Dalmatia, June 12, 1796.


I HAVE the honour to inform you of my arrival here with dispatches over-land from Captain Alan Hyde Gardner, commanding his Majefty's fhip Heroine, in the East Indies, which, but for the many impediments I have met with, fhould have been near the delivery of at this time. I however hope to prove, that, on my part, every exertion has been used to get on, as advised by his Majefty's confuls.

Finding it impoffible to avoid a quarantine of forty days at this place, I have, according to my orders, tranfmitted to our conful at Trieste the copy of Captain Gardner's public letter, alfo of the terms of capitulation therein mentioned; and I fhall ufe every means to expedite my delivery of the original dispatch.

I have the honour to be, &c.

The Right Hon. Henry Dundas,
Ec. &c. &c.



First Lieutenant of his Majesty's fhip Heroine.

His Majefty's Ship Heroine, Colombo Road,
February 16, 1796.

HAVING received directions from Sir George Keith Elphinstone, commander in chief of his Majefty's fhips and veffels in thefe feas, to take under my orders the fhips of his Majefty and thofe of the Hon. United Eaft India Company, named in the margin,* and to co-operate with Colonel Stuart, commander of the land forces, in the reduction of Colombo, it is with peculiar fatisfaction I announce to you the furrender of that fortrefs, with the remaining poffeffions under the

*Rattlesnake, Echo, Prince of Wales, Bombay Castle, Bombay frigate, Drake brig, Queen ketch, Swift.


Dutch authority on the island of Ceylon, on the 15th inftant. I have the honour to tranfmit herewith the terms on which thefe places have become part of his Majesty's dominions.

The tranfports having been collected off Negombo, an anchorage eighteen miles to the northward of this place, on the 5th inftant, and that fort, having been evacuated by the enemy, was taken poffeffion of by Major Barbert on the fame day, and the whole of the army landed by the evening of the 6th inftant.

The inland navigation from Negombo to Colombo not being found adequate to the purpose of carrying the ftores, provisions, &c. to the ground neceffary for the army to occupy previous to opening our batteries, Colonel Stuart marched with a part of his force to poffefs himself of a ftrong post which the enemy opposed to him on the south bank of the Matual river, which, from his judicious and able conduct, was happily carried on the morning of the 12th, with little lofs on our fide, and confiderable to the enemy, who fled for protection under the walls of the fort, and enabled the colonel to take up his final position before Colombo on the evening of the fame day.

I also anchored on the morning of the 12th with the fhips of war and transports, about two miles from the fortrefs, in a very favourable fituation for landing the guns, &c. of which there being a fufficient number put on fhore, on the 14th Colonel Stuart and myself fummoned the fort to furrender, and its fuccefs will be fully explained by the articles of capitulation, which I have before alluded to, and which I humbly hope may meet his Majesty's approbation.

It becomes me, and is a very pleafing part of my duty, to make known to you, for his Majefty's information, the zeal and activity which have actuated every defcription of officers and men employed under my orders; and I am happy to inform you, that three feamen, of the Swift, wounded, are the only cafualties of the fiege.

First Lieutenant Davies, of the Heroine, an officer of great merit, who has given me every affitance on this fervice which his relative fituation enabled him to do, will have the honour of delivering to you this difpatch, and I beg leave to recommend him to your favourable notice and protection.

I have the honour to be, &c.


Articles of Capitulation of Colombo, in the Island of Ceylan. Preliminary Article.-John Gerand Van Angelback, counfellor of India, Governor and Director of the Dutch poffeffions in the island of Ceylon, offers to deliver up to Colonel Stuart and Captain Gardner, commanding the English troops, the fortrefs of Colombo, upon the following conditions, at the expiration of three days.

Anf. Major Patrick Alexander Agnew, Adjutant-General of the British troops in the Ifland of Ceylon, by virtue of the powers delegated to him by Colonel James Stuart, commanding the British army, and Alan Hyde Gardner, Efq. Captain of his Majefty's fhip Heroine, and fenior officer of the naval force before Colombo, confents to accept of the furrender of the fort Colombo, on the under-mentioned terms, provided the capitulation is figned this evening, and the fort delivered to the British troops to-morrow morning at ten o'clock, in the manner ftipulated in the following articles.


Art. I. In this capitulation fhall be included the town of Gale, and the fort of Caliture, with all their dependencies, lands, domains, &c. of the hon. Dutch East India Company; and the governor fhall iffue orders to the commander and council of Gale, and the commandant of Caliture, for the actual furrender, according to the contents of this capitulation.

Anf. Granted.

Art. II. The fort, with all its dependencies, artillery, ammunition, ftores, provifions, and all other effects belonging to the Company, with the plan and papers relative to the fortifications, fhall bona fide be de, livered up, without concealing or keeping back any thing.

Anf. Granted. The furveys of the diftrics of the island of Ceylon, and its coafts, with all other public plans, to be included.

Art. III. And as the banks at Colombo, as well as Gale, are two years in arrear, the delivery fhall take place according to the balances now actually exifting, and a reasonable time be allotted to the commercial fervants here, and at Gale, with their affiftants, to finish their books; and they fhall during that time receive the pay and emoluments fixed for their fervices. As the fmith, cooper, houfe carpenter, the overfeer of the arfenal, and the brick-maker, receive every thing by indent, their accounts fhall be examined by our accountants, and paid by the English: on the other hand, the above mentioned artificers and overfeers are refponfible for the articles iffued to them.

Anf. One year, or eighteen months, if abfolutely neceffary, fhall be allowed, for the purpose of arranging the books; during which time a reasonable falary fhall be paid to the fervants of the Dutch Company neceffarily employed in this department. The accounts of the artizans fhall be examined and liquidated.

Art. IV. All public papers fhall alfo be faithfully delivered over; but attefted copies of all the public and fecret confultations held during his fhort government, and which he has not had an opportunity of forwarding to Holland or Batavia, shall be given to Governor Van Angelbeck, to enable him to answer for his conduct, according to existing circumftances.

Anf. Graanted.

Art. V. The returns and merchandize of the Company, which are partly laden on board the ships Berlicum and Enfgezenheid, now lying in the roads, and partly ftored in private houses, as well as thofe at Gale, fhall alfo be faithfully delivered by the commiffaries, who fhall be appointed by the Governor, to Major Agnew, who is authorized by the Government of Madras to receive them.

Anf. All merchandize, ftores, and public property, of every defcription, either laden on board the fhips now anchored under the guns of the fort, depofited in public ftores, or diftributed in the houses of individuals; as well as all public property placed in a fimilar manner at Gale, Caliture, or any other part of the ifland of Ceylon, depending on thefe governments, fhall be delivered up by the commiffaries, who hall be named by the Governor Van Angelbeck to Major Agnew, the Major appointed by the Government of Madras to receive them, in three weeks from this date,

Art. VI. But as the Company has of late borrowed money upon intereft, of their fervants and inhabitants, and, when in want of ready money, have iffued (krediet breeven) promiflory notes, to the amount VOL. V.



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