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-List of subject headings for use in dictionary catalogues. 2d ed.

rev. 1898. Library Bureau, 156 Wabash Ave., Chicago. $2.00. -Papers prepared for the World's Library Congress. Washing

ton, United States Bureau of Education, 1896. Free. CUTTER, C. A. Rules for a dictionary catalogue. 4th edition re

written. Washington, United States Bureau of Education,

1904. Free. DEWEY, MELVIL. Abridged decimal classification and relative

index. 1895. Library Bureau. $1.50. -Simplified library school rules for popular libraries. 1898. Li

brary Bureau. $1.25.

The (unabridged) Decimal classification, Library school rules and Cutter's Alphabetic order table, altered and fitted to three figures by Kate E. Sanborn, will also be useful in connection with the instruction given.

All other supplies, blanks, and samples needed will be furnished, through the University, at a cost to each student of not over $6.00.

Prospective students in the School of Library Science should communicate as early as possible with Librarian Rowell.


All classes meet Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, unless otherwise specified. Recitations and lectures last fiftythree minutes, with intervals of seven minutes. The periods begin at seven minutes past the hour, and end on the even hour.

8 a.m.

Education 10
Latin 1
English 3
French 3
French 4
Mathematics 5

Prof. Farrington
Prof. Price
Prof. Wells
Prof. Clark
Mr. Child
Prof. Noble

109 California Hall
12 North Hall
1 North Hall
103 California Hall
.15 North Hall
.14 North Hall

9 a.m.Philosophy 1 Prof. Dodge

.1 Philosophy Building Education 6 Supt. Heaton

109 California Hall History 1

Prof. G. B. Adams 113 California Hall Economics 1 Prof. Whitaker

110 California Hall Latin 2 Prof. Price

12 North Hall English Prof. Penniman

.101 California Hall English 4 Prof. Wells

1 North Hall German 1

Dr. Ryder (cont'd at 2)..7 North Hall
Spanish 2
Prof. Clark

103 California Hall
Italian 1
Mr. Child

15 North Hall Mathematics 3 .....Prof. Noble

14 North Hall Mathematics 4 .Dr. Ling

10 North Hall Physies 1

Mr. Sheldon (6 hrs) .1 and 2 East Hall Physics 2 Dr. McKay and

Mr. Babcock (6 hrs)....1 and 2 East Hall Physics 3 Dr. McKay ( 6 hrs) .4 East Hall Physics 4 .Dr. Minor (6 hrs) .7 South Hall Astronomy 2 Dr. Ne kirk (S, 3 hrs,

and M W, 7-10 p.m.)....11 Observatory Physiology 1 .Dr. Maxwell, Tu Th Physiological Lab. Hygiene 1 Prof. Ward, M W F 2 Agricultural Bldg. Hygiene 2 Prof. Ward, Tu Th 2 Agricultural Bldg. Drawing 4 Mr. Neilson (3 hrs) .5 East Hall Drawing 5 Mr. Neilson (3 hrs) 5 East Hall Entomology 1 .Mr. Clarke

Entomological Lab. Domestic Sci. 1 .... Miss Secrest (also

Tu Th, 10:30-12) Hearst Hall

10 a.m.-
Philosophy 2 Prof. Dodge
Education 1 Prof. J. Adams
Education 7 Supt. Heaton
Law 3

Prof. Boke
History 3

Prof. Turner Economics 2 .Prof. Whitaker Greek 1

Prof. Clapp English 2

Prof. Penniman German 2

Mr. Demeter Mathematics 1 .Dr. Ling Mathematics 2 Dr. Putnam (2 hrs) Mathematics 6 Supt. Bunker Physics 6

.Prof. Rutherford
Geography 1 Prof. Holway
Botany 4

Prof. Osterhout
Sanitary Sci. 1 ....Prof. Hyde
Domestic Sci. 1 ....Miss Secrest (cont'd

Tu Th, 10:30-12)
Domestic Sci. 2 . Miss Secrest, M W F

.3 Philosophy Bldg.
1 Philosophy Bldg.
109 California Hall
19 North Hall
113 California Hall
110 California Hall

North Hall
.101 California Hal]
.7 North Hall
.10 North Hall
4 North Hall
16 North Hall
13 South Hall
22 South Hall
25 North Hall
2 Agricultural Bldg.

Hearst Hall
Hearst Hall

11 a.m.-
Education 2
Law 2
History 4
History 5
Greek 2
German 3
Vathematics 2
Physics 5
Astronomy 1
Geography 2
Geography 4
Chemistry 1
Botany 1
Botany 2
Botany 5
Sanitary Sci. 2
Drawing 6
Entomology 2
Entomology 3

Prof. J. Adams

.1 Philosophy Bldg. Prof. Boke

19 North Hall Prof. Turner

113 California Hall Mr. Smith

110 California Hall Prof. Clapp

.8 North Hall
Mr. Demeter

.7 North Hall
.Dr. Putnam (cont'd) 4 North Hall
.Dr. Minor, M Tu Th F....13 South Hall
Dr. Newkirk

.1 Observatory
Prof. Holway

22 South Hall Supt. Bunker

16 North Hall Prof. Blasdale

217 Chemistry Bldg. .Prof. De Vries, M Tu 109 California Hall Prof. De Vries, W

Botany Bldg.
Prof. Osterhout

25 North Hall
Prof. Hyde

2 Agricultural Bldg.
Mr. Neilson, Tu F 12 East Hall
Mr. Clarke, M WF Entomological Lab.
Mr. Clarke, Tu Th Entomological Lab.

1 p.m. Education 5

History 7

Botany 6
Geology 1
Drawing 1
Drawing 2

Prof. Yoder, Supts.

Ackerman and Cooper..1 Philosophy Bldg.
Profs. G. B. Adams,

Turner, and Stephens....110 California Hall
Mr. Gardner (3 hrs) 2 Botany Bldg.
Prof. Louderback 22 South Hall
Mr. Meyer (3 hrs) .22 East Hall
Mr. Meyer (3 hrs) .22 East Hall

2 p.m. Philosophy 4 Education 3 Education 8 Law 1 History 2

History 6
Greek 3
German 1
French 1
Physiology 2
Geology 2

Prof. Overstreet

.3 Philosophy Bldg.
Prof. Cubberley .1 Philosophy Bldg.
.Prof. Moore

109 California Hall
.Prof. Gilmore (2 hrs) ....19 North Hall
.Prof. G. B. Adams,

Hist. Sem. Rm., Library
.Mr. Smith

Bancroft Libr., Cal. Hall .Prof. Prescott

8 North Hall
Dr. Ryder (cont'd) 7 North Hall
.Prof. Fortier

1 North Hall
Dr. Maxwell (2 hrs) Physiological Lab.
Prof. Louderback,

22 South Hall
.Prof. Louderback,
Tu Th

.22 South Hall

Geology 3

[blocks in formation]

The Dean of the Summer Session will keep office hours daily, except Saturday, 11-12, Room 201, California Hall.

[blocks in formation]


High schools, academies, and colleges or universities attended, with periods and dates of attendance; also dates of graduation, and degrees received, if any. (Answer fully):

Business or profession, and present position:


(Names and addresses of school officers or others from whom infor.

mation about you may be obtained)

Specify the summer courses in which you desire to enroll:

(It is understood that this list is subject to change)

Place and date of writing this application:

da Applications should, if possible, be filed with the Recorder of the Faculties,

Berkeley, California, on or before June 13th. They may be sent by mail. In case of adverse action by the Faculty upon an application for admission to the Summer Session, the applicant is notified immediately, by mail; in other cases no acknowledgment or other notice is sent. Additional application forms may be obtained by addressing the Recorder of the Faculties.


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