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may desire to undertake work in another university or observatory; but it is possible that opportunities will arise to award this fellowship, in cases of special merit, without restrictions as to the places of residence of applicants and holders. The stipend per annum is variable in amount, and would aim to cover the necessary expenses of travel and residence. Applications, including outlines of proposed plans and estimates of necessary expenses, should be made in writing to the Director of the Lick Observatory.


On the recommendation of the Director and with the approval of the President persons with experience in astronomical investigation may occasionally be received at the Lick Observatory, to act as assistants in definite researches then in progress. These assistants, serving without pay, will be assig to such studies as will be advantageous both to the Observatory and to themselves. Opportunity for making independent researches will be available only in exceptional cases.

SPECIAL INVESTIGATORS It occasionally occurs that eminent investigators from other institutions desire to utilize the exceptional advantages of the Lick Observatory for the solution of special problems. Opportunity for such researches will be provided in case no interference with the regular programme of work would arise therefrom.



At the Lick Observatory graduate instruction in astronomy is offered by the Director and the Astronomers, in connection with the investigations in which they are engaged or which may be specially assigned to the student by the Director. Gra luate instruction at the Lick Observatory is restricted, as a general rule, to students qualified to be on the footing of astronomical assistants. All undergraduate instruction in astronomy and such graduate instruction as is not carried on at the Lick Observatory is conducted at Berkeley.

Applicants for admission to the Lick Observatory must first qualify as graduate students of the University. Applicants are advised to file their applications with the Recorder of the Faculties, at Berkeley, before May 1.

As many graduate students as can be furnished accommodations at Mount Hamilton, without expense to the University, may pursue astrouomical studies at the Liek Observatory; and in return for the accommodations they will be required to execute such computations, etc., as are assigned to them.

It is usually advantageous for students to choose their time of residence at the Lick Observatory in the period from May to December.


Graduate students enrolled in the Lick Astronomical Department of the l'niversity may become candidates for the degrees of Master of Arts, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy. The general conditions on which these degrees are granted are printed in the Announcement of the Graduate Division.

Candidates holding fellowships in the Lick Astronomical Department are usually required to spend one term each year in graduate work at Berkeley, the place of residence being assigned by the Director of the Liek Observatory, from a consideration of the needs of the Observatory work and of the courses of instruction available at Berkeley, after consultation with the heads of the related departments of the University. In all other cases the term of residence at Mount Hamilton and at Berkeley is determined by the proper committee for each individual candidate.


('omfortable quarters (partly furnished) are allotted to students at the Observatory. The cost per month for each student need not exceed $35. Each student should bring with him the linen for his room, blankets, etc., and should also provide himself with the textbooks which are constantly needed Young's General Astronomy, Campbell's Practical Astronomy, Bruennow's Lehrbuch der Sphaerischen Astronomie, or Chauvenet 's Spherical and Practical Astronomy, Watson's Theoretical Astronomy, Oppolzer's Bahnbestimmung, Klinkerfues’- Buchholz's Theoretische Astronomie, or Bauschinger's Bahnbestimmung; standard six-, five, and fourplace logarithmic tables; Crelle's Rechentafeln, etc. All injuries to apparatus must be made good at the student's expense, and students are expected to provide the larger part of the chemicals used in their practice of photography.

Intending students will do well to communicate with the Director of the Observatory before filing their formal applications for admission with the Recorder of the Faculties. The postoffice address is Mount Hamilton, Santa Clara County, California.


The Observatory buildings are open to visitors during office hours every day of the year. For the present, visitors who arrive at the Observatory on Saturday nights before 9 o'clock will be admitted to look through the great telescope. Whenever the work of the Observatory will admit it, the 12-inch telescope also will be placed at the disposition of visitors on Saturday nights.

Students of the University of California who visit Mount Hamilton are requested to make themselves known, in order that the work of the Observatory may be fully explained to them.

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