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KURT HELLER, Ph.D., Instructor in German.
ERNEST HESSER, Dean of Music Department, State Normal College,

Bowling Green, Ohio.
DAISY ALFORD HETHERINGTON, M.A., Director of the Play School in the

Summer Session. ERNEST BRYANT Hoag, M.A., M.D., Medical Psychologist to the Los

Angeles Juvenile Court. EDWARD MASLIN HULME, Ph.D., Professor of History, University of

Idaho. WILLIAM GRANDVILLE HUMMEL, M.S., Associate Professor of Agricultural

Education. CHARLES H. HUNT, Boy Scout Executive, Berkeley, California. DUANE G. Hunt, A.B., Instructor in Public Speaking, St. Patrick's Semi

nary, Menlo Park. John Gilroy ILIFF, M.A., Head of the History Department of the Stock

ton High School. MARGARET JAMES, Instructor in Household Art, Berenda School, Los

Angeles. EMMA J. JOHNSON, B.C.S., Instructor in Typewriting, Stockton High

School. JULIET W. JOHNSON, Assistant in Drawing in the Summer Session. RALPH ARTHUR JONES, in charge of electrical shops, Oakland Technical

Iligh School. CHARLES H. JORDAN, M.A., Assistant in German. ALEXANDER S. KAUN, Ph.B., Assistant in Russian. FRANK Louis KLEEBERGER, M.A., Director of the Men's Gymnasium and

Associate Professor of Physical Education. ANTOINETTE KNOWLES, M.A., Instructor in English, Stockton High School. *WILFRED FRANCIS LANGELIER, M.S., Assistant Professor of Sanitary Engi

neering ('. D. LEE, Superintendent of the Bureau of Records, Police Department

of the City of Berkeley. DERRICK NORMAN LEHMER, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematies. IVAN M. LIN FORTH, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Greek. JACOB LOEWENBERG, Ph.D., Instructor in Logic. LETHA MCCLURE, Director of Music Public Schools, Seattle, Washington. EUGENE Irving McCORMAC, Ph.D., Associate Professor of American

JAMES F MACKELL, A.B., Instructor in Physics, Garfield High School,

Terre Haute, Indiana.
RALPH R. MCMASTERS, Principal of the Orland Union High School.

In the Summer School of Surveying, Camp California, Swanton, California.

GEORGE RUPERT MACMINN, A.B., Instructor in English.
CHARLES LELAND McVEY, B.S., M.D., Physician for Men.
BERTHA MARCUM, Teacher in Oakland School Department.
CYRUS D. MEAD, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Elementary Education,

University of Cincinnati.
WOODBRIDGE METCALF, M.S., Assistant Professor of Forestry.
EDITH S. MICHELSON, A.B., Instructor in French and Spanish, High

School, Seattle, Washington. LOYE H. MILLER, Ph.D., Professor of Biology, State Normal School, Los

Angeles. RALPH S. MINOR, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physics. SYDNEY BANCROFT MITCHELL, M.A., Acting Associate Librarian, Univer

sity of California Library. AGNES FAY MORGAN, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Household Science. WILLIAM CONGER MORGAN, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry, Reed College. FRANK RAY MORRIS, M.A., Teaching Fellow in Mathematics. PERHAM W. NAHL, Instructor in Freehand Drawing and Art Anatomy. JAY B. Nash, A.B., Assistant Superintendent of Recreation, Oakland,

California. GENEVA S. ORCUTT, R.N., Children's Agent, State Board of Control. S. L. OSBORNE, B.P.E., Director of Physical Education, Berkeley High

School. WALTER Pach, Artist and Critic, New York. WILLIS ALLEN PARKER, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy, Pomona College. GERTRUDE B. PARSONS, Head of Music Department, Polytechnic High

School, Los Angeles. GEORGE JAMES PEIRCE, Ph.D., Professor of Botany and Plant Physiology,

Stanford U'niversity. NEWELL LEWIS PERRY, Ph.D., Teacher, California School for the Deaf

and Blind. JANE J. Pou'lSEX, John Muir Intermediate School, Pasadena. Paul Radin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Mills College. A. CÉCILE RÉAU, C.A.E.S., Instructor in French, Vassar College. ARCHIBALD F. REDDIE, A.B., Professor of Public Speaking, l'niversity of

Oregon. AGNES L. ROGERS, M.A., Instructor in Educational Psychology, Teachers

College, ('olumbia University. ALBERT M. SCHNEIDER, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Pharmacognosy, Eco

nomie Pharmaceutical Botany, Histology and Bacteriology in the
California College of Pharmacy; Instructor in Materia Medica in
The Medical School, and Dean of the Berkeley School for Police

FRANZ SCHNEIDER, Ph.D., Instructor in German.

Mary S. SHAFTER, Instructor in Dancing and Festival Work in the

Summer Session. ETHEL SHERMAN, R.N., Superintendent of the University Infirmary. HÉLÈNE KARR-SIMPSON, A.B., Assistant in French, Vassar College. WILLIAM H. SNYDER, Ph.D., Principal of the Hollywood High School,

Los Angeles. CLAIRE SOULÉ, A.B., Head of English Department, Pasadena High School. HÉLÈNE STANTON, Instructor in French, Wells College. Ruth RISDON STORER, B.S., M.D., Assistant Physician for Women. *PAUL A. SWAFFORD, B.S., Instructor in Civil Engineering. CHARLES V. TAYLOR, M.A., Instructor in Zoology in the Summer Session. Paul B. TAYLOR, A.B., Assistant in Physics. Ralph H. TAYLOR, B.S., Assistant Professor of Pomology. WILLIAM MARTIN TILTON, Instructor in Art, St. Stephens' School, Colorado

Springs. MARTIN H. TRIEB, Assistant in Physical Education, University of Cali

fornia. KATHARINE SMITH TURNER, B.L., Instructor in French in the Summer

Session. PEDRO HENRÍQUEZ UREÑA, Bach. C. y L., Professorial Lecturer in Romance

Languages, University of Minnesota. W. A. VAN DUZER, Instructor in Romance Languages, University of

Colorado. BENJAMIN CARLTON VAN WYE, M.A., Assistant Professor of Public Speak.

ing and English, University of Cincinnati. BURTON M. VARNEY, M.A., Instructor in Geography. AUGUST VOLLMER, Chief of Police of the City of Berkeley. HERMANN J. WEBER, Ph.D., Associate Professor of German. SHIRLEY HOWARD WEBER, Ph.D., Instructor in Greek and Latin, Wash

ington University, St. Louis, Missouri. CHAUNCEY WET MORE WELLS, A.B., Associate Professor of English Com

position. DAVID DAY WHITNEY, Ph.D., Professor of Zoology and Anatomy, Uni

versity of Nebraska. R. E. WIATT, Supervisor of Writing, Los Angeles School Department. Guest Wickson, A.B., Instructor in Outdoor Sketching, California School

of Arts and Crafts. EARL II. WIGHT, A.B., Instructor in Physical Education. NEYSA MATHE WIHR, Solo Danseuse and Teacher, New York City. *CLEMENT TEHLE WISKOCIL, C.E., Instructor in Civil Engineering.

* In the Summer School of Surveying, Camp California, Swanton, California.

MILFORD WITTs, Organist and Conductor of Community Music, Madison,

Wisconsin. CLYDE L. E. WOLFE, M.A., Teaching Fellow in Mathematics. GEORGE EDWARD WOODBERRY, Litt.D., formerly Professor of Comparative

Literature, Columbia University. BENJAMIN MATHER WOODBRIDGE, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Romance

Languages, Rice Institute. WILLSON JOSEPH WYTHE, B.S., Assistant Professor of Mechanical



The University reserves the right to withdraw any course in which the initial enrollment may be deemed to be insufficient. As a rule, an enrollment of less than four will be regarded as insufficient; in the Department of Agriculture an enrollment of less than eight, in any course, may lead to its withdrawal.

The l'niversity also reserves the right at any time to restrict attendance and enrollment in any course if for any reason such restriction becomes necessary.


1. Fundamentals of Agriculture. (2)

GILMORE and Staff.


2. Fundamentals of Animal and Dairy Industry. (2)


AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION S102. General Seience, First-year Agriculture. (2)

HUMMEL. S104. Agriculture in Secondary Schools. (2)

HUMMEL. S115. Individual Study of Selected Topics in Agricultural Education. (To be arranged.)


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