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WILLIAM CONGER MORGAN, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry. A.B., Yale College, 1896; Silliman Fellow in Chemistry, Yale University, 1896-99; Ph.D., 1899; Professor of Chemistry, Washburn College, 1899-1901; Instructor in Chemistry, University of California, 1901-06; Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 1906-.

WILLIAM ALLAN NEILSON, Ph.D., Professor of English, Harvard University.

Ph.D., Harvard University, 1898; Associate in English, Bryn Mawr College, 1898-1900; Instructor in Harvard University, 1904-06; Adjunct Professor and Professor, Columbia University, 1904-06; Professor of English, Harvard University, 1906-; author: The Origins and Sources of "The Court of Love": a study in Medieval Allegory; editor of the works of Shakespeare in The Cambridge Poets Series and of several separate plays of Shakespeare and the Minor Poems of Milton; general editor of The Types of English Literature.

KARL EUGEN NEUHAUS, Assistant Professor of Decorative Design, San Francisco Institute of Art.

Student in Royal Art School, Kassel, Germany; student, Imperial Institute for Applied Arts, Berlin, Germany, 190002; Instructor in Historical Ornament, School of Applied Arts, Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany, 1904; Instructor in Decorative Design, San Francisco Institute of Art, 1907-; Assistant Professor, 1908-.

WILLIAM ALBERT NITZE, Ph.D., Professor of Romanic Languages.

A.B., Johns Hopkins University, 1894; Ph.D., 1899; Tutor in Romanic Languages and Literatures, Columbia University, 1899-1903; Associate Professor of Romanic Languages, Amherst College, 1903-05; Professor of Romanic Languages, 1905-08; Professor of Romanic Languages, University of California, 1909-.

WINTHROP JOHN VAN LEUVEN OSTERHOUT, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Botany.

A.B., Brown University, 1893; M.A., 1894; Ph.D., University of California, 1899; Instructor in Botany, Brown University, 1893-95; Instructor in Botany, University of California, 1896-1901; Assistant Professor, 1901-08; Associate Professor, 1908-.


Testimonium maturitatis, König Wilhelm Gymnasium, Stettin, Germany, 1893; M.A., University of California, 1906; Ph.D., 1908; Instructor in German and Latin, Washington State Normal School, 1903-05; Assistant in German, University of California, 1905-07; Instructor in German, 1907-.

LOUISA ADELLE PLACE, Assistant in Physical Culture.

Teacher's Certificate in Physical Culture, University of California, 1899; Instructor in Physical Culture, Lowell High School, San Francisco, 1899-1900; Girls' High School, 190001; Assistant in Physical Culture, University of California, 1901-.

THOMAS MILTON PUTNAM, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mathematics.

B.S., University of California, 1897; M.S., 1899; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1901; Fellow in Mathematics, University of California, 1897-98; Assistant in Mathematics, 189899; Instructor in Mathematics, University of Texas, 18991900; Fellow in Mathematics, University of Chicago, 190001; Instructor in Mathematics, University of California, 1901-07; Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 1907-. WILLIAM JAMES RAYMOND, B.S., Associate Professor of Physics.

B.S., University of California, 1887; Assistant in Physics and in Mechanics, University of California, 1887-89; Assistant in Physics, 1889-91; Instructor in Physics, 1891-92; student, Johns Hopkins University, 1892-93; Instructor in Physics, University of California, 1893-95; Assistant Professor of Physics, 1895-1908; Associate Professor, 1908-.

THOMAS HARRISON REED, A.B., LL.B., Instructor in Political Science. A.B., Harvard University, 1901; LL.B., Harvard Law School, 1904; Assistant in Government, Harvard University, 1902-04; Instructor in Political Science, University of California, 1909-.

Mrs. ELLEN HENRIETTA RICHARDS, M.A., Instructor in Sanitary Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

A.B., Vassar College, 1870; M.A., 1873; B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1873; Instructor in Women's Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1876-84; Instructor in Sanitary Chemistry, 1884-; author: Chemistry of Cooking and Cleaning; Food Materials and Their Adulterations; Home Sanitation; The Cost of Living; The Cost of Food; The Cost of Shelter; The Cost of Cleanness; Air, Water, and Food; First Lessons in Minerals; First Lessons in Food and Diet; The Art of Right Living, etc. LEON JOSIAH RICHARDSON, A.B., Associate Professor of Latin.

A.B., University of Michigan, 1890; Assistant in Latin, University of California, 1891-92; Instructor in Latin, 189298; Assistant Professor of Latin, 1898-1907; Associate Professor, 1907-; Dean of the Summer Session, 1902-05. CHARLES HENRY RIEBER, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Logic.

A.B., University of California, 1888; M.A., Harvard University, 1899; Ph.D., 1900; Principal of Schools, Placerville, 1889-90; Teacher of Mathematics, Belmont School, 1890-97; Assistant in Philosophy, Harvard University, 1898-1901; Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Leland Stanford Junior University, 1901-03; Assistant Professor of Logic, University of California, 1903-05; Associate Professor, 1905-.

*WILLIAM EMERSON RITTER, Ph.D., Professor of Zoology; Director of the Marine Biological Station at La Jolla.

B.S., University of California, 1888; M.A., Harvard University, 1890; Ph.D., 1893; student Stazione Zoologica, Naples, Italy, and University of Berlin, 1894-95; Assistant in Chemistry, University of California, 1888-89; Assistant in Zoology, Harvard University, 1890-91; Instructor in Biology, University of California, 1891-94; Assistant Professor of Biology, 1891-98; Associate Professor of Zoology, 1898-1902; Professor of Zoology, 1902-.

HUGO KARL SCHILLING, Ph.D., Professor of the German Language and Literature.

M.A. and Ph.D., University of Leipzig, 1885; Professor of Modern Languages, Wittenberg College, 1886-91; Assistant Professor of German, Harvard University, 1891-1901; Professor of the German Language and Literature, University of California, 1901-.

RICHARD FREDERICK SCHOLZ, M.A., Assistant Professor of Ancient History.

A.B., University of Wisconsin, 1902; M.A., 1903; Fellow in Latin, University of Wisconsin, 1902-03; Fellow in History, 1903-04; Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford, 1904-07; Instructor in European History, University of Wisconsin, 1907-08; Assistant Professor of Ancient History, University of California, 1908-.

IRVING STRINGHAM, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics.

A.B., Harvard University, 1877; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1880; Fellow in Mathematics, Johns Hopkins University, 1878-80; Parker Fellow of Harvard University at Leipzig, 1880-82; Professor of Mathematics, University of California, 1882-.

Mrs. LAURETTA V. SWEESY, Special Lecturer in Music.

Student of Chicago Conservatory of Music, Chicago; Graduate of American Institute of Normal Music Methods, Chicago; Supervisor of Music, Pasadena Public Schools, 18971901; Supervisor of Music, Berkeley Public Schools, 1901-06; Instructor in National Summer School of Public School Music, 1902-06; Director of School of Public School Music and Methods, Berkeley, 1905-07; Instructor in Summer Session, University of California, 1907 and 1908.

WINFIELD SCOTT THOMAS, A.B., Assistant Professor of Education, and Examiner of Schools.

A.B., Johns Hopkins University, 1889; Assistant Professor of Education, and Examiner of Schools, University of California, 1903-.

* At the San Diego Marine Biological Station, La Jolla, California.

EDWARD LEE THORNDIKE, Ph.D., Professor of Educational Psychology, Teachers' College, Columbia University.

A.B., Wesleyan University, 1895; A.B., Harvard University, 1896; M.A., 1897; Ph.D., Columbia University, 1898; Instructor in Genetic Psychology, Teachers' College, Columbia University, 1899-1901; Adjunct Professor, 1901-04; Professor, 1904-; fellow, American Association for the Advance.ment of Science, New York Academy of Sciences; author: "Animal Intelligence, "The Mental Life of the Monkeys,' "Educational Psychology," "The Theory of Mental and Social Measurements, "The Elements of Psychology,' "The Principles of Teaching," "Measurements of Twins.' HARRY BEAL TORREY, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Zoology.

B.S., University of California, 1895; M.S., 1898; University Fellow, Columbia University, 1900-01; Ph.D., Columbia University, 1903; Assistant in Zoology, University of California, 1895-98; Instructor in Zoology, 1898-1900, 1901-04; Assistant Professor of Zoology, 1904-08; Associate Professor, 1908-.

CARRIE V. TRUSLOW, Supervisor of Music, Santa Monica Public Schools.

Contralto soloist, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, San Francisco, 1900; student in the Morrill School of Music and the Paris-Cleve School of Sight-reading and Ear-training, New York City, 1902-03; soloist, First Methodist Church, Pasadena, 1904; soloist, Unitarian Church, Santa Barbara, 190506; Instructor in Music, Blanchard-Gamble School, Santa Barbara, 1905-06; Supervisor of Music, Santa Monica Public Schools, 1907-.

*WILLIAM CLYDE WILLARD, C.E., M.S., Instructor in Civil Engineering. C.E., Cumberland University, 1906; M.S., Lehigh University, 1907; Instructor in Civil Engineering, University of California, 1907-.

SAMUEL WENDELL WILLISTON, M.A., LL.B., Professor of Law, Harvard University.

A.B., Harvard University, 1882; M.A., 1888; LL.B., 1888; engaged in the practice of law, Boston, Massachusetts, 1888-; Instructor, Harvard Law School, 1890-95; Professor of Law, 1895-; Lecturer, University of Chicago Law School, 1902-03; editor: "Parsons on Contracts," eighth ed., 1893; "Cases on Contracts," 1894; "Cases on Sales,'' 1894; "Stephen on Pleading," 1895; "Cases on Bankruptcy,'' 1902; "Cases on Contracts," 1903-04; "Wald's Pollock on. Contracts," 1905.

In the Summer School of Surveying, Camp California, Santa Cruz, California.

† At the San Diego Marine Biological Station, La Jolla, California.

CHARLES WILLIAM WOODWORTH, M.S., Associate Professor of Entomology.

B.S., University of Illinois, 1885; M.S., 1886; Entomologist and Botanist, Arkansas Experiment Station, 1888-90; Assistant in Entomology, University of California, 1891-92; Assistant Professor of Entomology, 1892-1904; Associate Professor, 1904-.

ALLYN ABBOTT YOUNG, Ph.D., Professor of Economics, Leland Stanford Junior University.

Ph.B., Hiram College, 1894; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1902; student clerk, United States Census, 1899-1900; University Fellow in Economics, University of Wisconsin, 1900-01; Instructor, 1901-02; Instructor in Economics, Western Reserve University, 1902-04; Associate Professor, 1904; Assistant Professor of Finance, Dartmouth College, 1904-05; Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Wisconsin, 1905-06; Professor of Economics, Leland Stanford Junior University, 1906-.

HENRY NEAL YOUNG, Assistant in Physics.

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