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engendered prejudices against its continuance. Your Committee would respectfully suggest to the State Geologist 'the propriety of advising the public, from time to time, in epitome, through the medium of the press, where inrestigations and surveys are going on, and the general results of bis labors. Local information and support will thus be gained and added to the store of general information acquired; and the peoplo, who are taxed for its support, will give more largely and less grudgingly when its benefits are set before them and they assume a practical form with happy results, demonstrable and tangible.

All of which is respectfully submitted.

CLARK, Chairman.







To the Honorable the Senate and Assembly of the State of California:

The undersigned, Joseph Neumann, pioneer silk manufacturer of the Pacific Coast, and practical worker in that especial branch of business, memorializes the Legislature in favor of silk manufacturing in this State, and begs leave, most respectfully, to submit for your careful consideration the following facts and suggestions :

I have been a resident of the State of California for upwards of ten years, resided in San Francisco the greater part of the time; and as it is a well known fact that when mechanics leave their home to emigrate to other countries, that they do not do so for the sake of seeking fortunes, but simply to improve, if possible, their situation in life, when I first arrived in California I commenced to study on this point so as to establish a silk manufactory in this State. But after a careful examination of the facilities of the land, and the probability of my obtaining machinery, tools, raw material, etc., and the tariff being so low at that time, it was a proof to me that I could not compete with foreign manufacture, and therefore I was compelled to abandon the idea, and had to turn my mind to other things so as to earn a livelihood for myself and family.

I followed the business of cigar and tobacco vendor, in which business I remained for over six years, and met with some success and some misfortunes.

I wish now to draw your attention to some of the facilities this State, at the present time, affords for the encouragement of silk culture and manufacture. They are as follows:

1. The Government of the United States having within the last few years raised the tariff on all imported goods, thereby giving to the mechanic a chance to display bis skill and knowledge, so that the United States can be made independent of other countries.

2. From my personal observation, I believe that this State must become the greatest silk producing country in the civilized world, if properly cared for, as the climate is unsurpassable and the people energetic.

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