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CHAP. XIII. Founding of Fort Cumberland-Secret Let
ter of Stobo-The Indian Messenger-Project of Din-
widdie His Perplexities-A Taint of Republicanism in
the Colonial Assemblies-Dinwiddie's Military Meas-
ures-Washington quits the Service-Overtures of Gov-
ernor Sharpe, of Maryland-Washington's dignified Re-
ply-Questions of Rank between Royal and Provincial
Troops-Treatment of the French Prisoners-Fate of La
Force-Anecdotes of Stobo and Van Braam,

CHAP. XIV. Return to quiet Life-French and English

prepare for Hostilities-Plan of a Campaign-General

Braddock-His Character-Sir John St. Clair Quarter-

master-general-His Tour of Inspection Projected

Roads-Arrival of Braddock-Military Consultations

and Plans-Commodore Keppel and his Seamen-Ships

and Troops at Alexandria-Excitement of Washington

-Invited to join the Staff of Braddock-A Mother's

Objections-Washington at Alexandria-Grand Council

of Governors-Military Arrangements-Colonel William

Johnson-Sir John St. Clair at Fort Cumberland-His

Explosions of Wrath-Their Effects-Indians to be en-

listed-Captain Jack and his Band of Bush-beaters, 52

CHAP. XV. Washington proclaimed Aide-de-camp--Dis-

appointments at Fredericktown-Berjamin Franklin and

Braddock Contracts Departure for Wills Creek-

Rough Roads-The General in his Chariot-Camp at

Fort Cumberland-Hugh Mercer-Dr. Craik-Military

Tactics Camp Rules-Secretary Peters-Indians in

Camp-Indian Beauties-The Princess Bright Light-

ning-Errand to Williamsburg--Braddock's Opinion of

Contractors and Indians-Arrival of Conveyances, 57

CHAP. XVI. March from Fort Cumberland-The Great
Savage Mountain-Camp at the Little Meadows-Divi-

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CHAP. IV. Dangers in the Interior-Machinations of the
Johnson Family-Rivalry of Ethan Allen and Benedict
Arnold-Government Perplexities about the Ticonde
roga Capture-Measures to secure the Prize--Allen and
Arnold ambitions of further Laurels-Projects for the
Invasion of Canada-Ethan Allen and Seth Warner
honored by Congress--Arnold displaced by a Committee
of Inquiry-His Indignation-News from Canada-The
Revolution to be extended into that Province-Enlist-
ment of Green Mountain Boys-Schuyler at Ticonderoga
-State of Affairs there-Election for Officers of the

Green Mountain Boys-Ethan Allen dismounted-Joins

the Army as a Volunteer-Preparations for the Invasion

of Canada-General Montgomery-Indian_Chiefs at

Cambridge-Council Fre-Plan for an Expedition

against Quebec-Departure of Troops from Ticonde-

ruga-Arrival at Isle aux Noix,


CHAP. V. A Challenge declined-A Blow meditated-A

cautious Council of War-Preparations for the Quebec

Expedition-Benedict Arnold the Leader-Advice and

Instructions-Departure-General Schuyler on the Sorel

-Reconnoitres St. Johns-Camp at Isle aux Noix-Ill-

ness of Schuyler-Returns to Ticonderoga-Expedition

of Montgomery against St. Johns-Letter of Ethan Al-

len-His Dash against Montreal-Its Catastrophe-A

Hero in Irons-Correspondence of Washington with


Schuyler and Arnold-His Anxiety about them, .

CHAP. VI. British in Boston send out Cruisers-Depre-

dations of Captain Wallace along the Coast-Treason in

the Camp-Arrest of Dr. Church-His Trial and Fate-

Conflagration of Falmouth-Irritation throughout the

Country-Fitting out of Vessels of War-Embarkation

of General Gage for England-Committee from Con-

gress-Conferences with Washington-Resolutions of

Congress to carry on the War-Return of Secretary

Reed to Philadelphia,


CHAP. VII. Measures of General Howe-Desecration of

Churches Three Proclamations-Seizure of Tories-

Want of Artillery-Henry Knox, the Artillerist-His

Mission to Ticonderoga-Re-enlistment of Troops-Lack

of Public Spirit-Comments of General Greene,

CHAP. IX. Washington's Anticipations of Success at Que-

bec-His Eulogium of Arnold-Schuyler and Montgom-

ery talk of resigning-Expostulations of Washington-

Their Effect-Schuyler's Conduct to a Captive Foe, 195

CHAP. X. Difficulties in filling up the Army-The Con-
necticut Troops persist in going Home-Their reception
there-Timely Arrival of Spoils in the Camp-Putnam
and the Prize Mortar-A Maraud by Americans-Re-
buked by Washington-Correspondence of Washington
with General Howe about the treatment of Ethan Allen
-Fraternal Zeal of Levi Allen-Treatment of General
Prescott-Preparations to bombard Bosto:-Battery at
Lechmere's Point-Prayer of Putnam for Powder,

CHAP. XI. Mount Vernon in Danger-Mrs. Washington

invited to the Camp-Lund Washington, the General's

Agent-Terms on which he serves-Instructed to keep

up the Hospitality of the House-Journey of Mrs. Wash-

ington to Camp-Her Equipage and Liveries-Arrival

at Camp-Domestic Affairs at Head Quarters-Gayetics

in Camp-A Brawl between Round-Jackets and Rifle-



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