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Alliance, A New Dual,

American Church at Berlin, 13.

American League for Civic Improvement, The, (Illus- Chautauqua, Out of Season at, 21.
trated), 501.

Answers to Search Questions, 102, 193, 310.

Anti-Trust Crusade, The, 439.

Arbitration, Progress of Compulsory, 441.
Aula Christi. Interview with Paul J. Pelz, 368.
Australia, Equal Suffrage in, 433.


Baldwin, Stephen L., 542.

Ballad Days, In Old, 595.

Barons of Gemperlein, The. Complete in six chapters.
From the German, 443.

and Portraits of more than One Hundred Writers for
Chautauqua Publications, 322.

Chautauqua Reading Course for Housewives, 76, 180,281.
Chautauqua Summer Schools, 390.

Chautauqua: The Largest Institution for Higher Edu-
cation in the World, 354.

With Maps, 350.

Chautauqua Expansion, 360.

Chautauqua Junior Naturalist Clubs, 78, 185, 286.

Chautauqua Lectures, 321.

Chautauqua Literature, Makers of Recent.

Child Labor and Women, 318.

CHU SEOUL BOK. Marriage Predestinate, 466.
Civic Improvement, The American League for, (Illus-
trated), 501.

CLARK, FELICIA BUTTZ. Bernini: The "Modern Michel-
angelo," 475.

CLEMENT, ERNEST W. The Japanese University for

Cleveland's Group Plan, 14.

Women, (Illustrated), 16.

C. L. S. C. Round Table. (See subjects separately in-

dexed under Round Table), 82.

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David, Statue of, (Frontispiece), 428.
DEERING, ROBERT WALLER. Goethe's Faust, Part I.,
66; IV. Goethe's Faust. Part II., 170; Heinrich
Heine His Life and Work, 271.

Chautauqua Clubs (Illustrated), 386.
Chautauqua, Evolution of. An Historical Sketch. Easter, Verse, 81.

Diplomatic Service of the United States, The, 121.
Dominican House of Studies, 13.

DOMETT, CAROLINE S. The French Juras, 484.

Children -Out-of-Doors, 185.

ELLIOTT, S. B. The Good Bumblebee, 522.
Engraving. Origin of Copper and Steel Plate, 219.
Episcopal House of Bishops, 14.

"Ethiopia, King of the Kings of " (Illustrated). 544.
Every-Day Japan (Illustrated), 582.

Faithfulness, Verse, 234.


Faust, Mephistopheles in the Guise of a Monk Appear-
ing to, (Frontispiece), 106.

KIMBALL, KATE F. C. L. S. C. Round Table, 82, 188.

FISHER, MRS. CARROLL B. The Whippoorwill, Verse, 465. Kitchen-Garden, The, (Illustrated), 281.
Foreign Trade and the “ Balance," 8.
KUHNS, OSCAR. Among the Alps, 153.
Formative Incidents in American Diplomacy (Illus-
"Labor" Decisions, Advanced, 217.
trated). Chap. XIII, The Critical Times of the Civil
War, 30-40. Chap. XIV., Arbitration in American LAMBERT, LILLIAN V. The Brownings in Florence, 590.
Diplomacy, 40-47. Chap. XV., Maximilian in Mex- Library Shelf, The, 92, 197-Rafting in the Black
Forest, 92; The Trumpeter of Säkkingen, 93; Hymn
ico, 134-143. Chap. XVI., Cuba, The Turkey of
Before Sunrise in the Vale of Chamonix, 197.
America, 143–152. Chap. XVII., Foreign Relations
of Our Colonial Possessions, 235-245. Chap. XVIII.,
Diplomacy and an Isthmian Canal - Conclusion, 245-

List of Secretaries of State, A, 108.


'Made in Germany," 127.

Garibaldi, Anita, 511.

German University, Taking a Degree in a, 553.
Germany, The Women Novelists of, 518.

Goethe's "Faust", 66, 170.

LITSEY, E. CARL. The Sage, 567.


FRAHE, HORACE SPENCER. The Renaissance of Olym- LOVEJOY, GEO. NEWELL. To a Seeker after Knowledge,
pia, Verse, 223.


France, A New Ministry in, 315.

France, Elections in, 214.

Lynchings and the Federal Power, 539.
Makers of Recent Chautauqua Literature. Sketches
and Portraits of more than One Hundred Writers for
Chautauqua Publications, 322.

Franchises as Property, Taxing, 437.

Frederick the Great for America, Apropos of a Statue
of, 507.

Frederick the Great, Rochambeau and, 319.

Freedom of Teaching in Germany, 12.

FREEMAN, HARRIET E. How Two Women Found the MCCLOSKEY, ALICE G. Water Folk, 286.
Shortia, 490.

MCILVAINE, CHARLES. The Good Bumblebee, 522.

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Italian Education, 116.

Italian Population of the United States, 219.
Japanese University for Women, The, (Illustrated) 61.
Juras, The French, (Illustrated), 484.

"King of the Kings of Ethiopia," (Illustrated), 544.
King Edward VII. in Coronation Robes, (Frontispiece),

Heine, Heinrich (Frontispiece), 208.

Heine, Heinrich-His Life and Work, 271.

Highways and Byways (With portraits, cartoons, and
other illustrations), 3-15, 107-120, 209-222, 313-
321, 429-442, 531-543.

Merger and the Trust Law, The, 6.

Methodists Seeking Adjustment of Work, 118.
Metz: A City with a Past, 230.

Milan, Moonlight in, 552.

HABBERTON, JOHN. Who Buy the Books. 543.

Missionary Bishops, Money for, 442.
Missions, Presbyterian, 221.

Hale, Edward Everett (With portrait), 120.

HAWLEY, FRANCES MEEKER. Out of Season at Chau- MOORE, N. HUDSON. Metz: A City with a Past, 230.
tauqua, 21.

Mormon Peril, 117.

Music of Nature, The, 600.

Heligoland (Frontispiece), 2.

Italy, Memories of, Verse, 552.

Italy, Glimpses of School Life in, 548.

Marriage Predestinate ("Gum Gwoo Kay Gwoon"),
(Illustrations drawn by Pang, Chinese artist), 466.
Martinique Disaster, The, 313.

Nature, The Music of, 600.
Necrology, 222.

New Phases of the Philippine Question, 10.
News from Readers and Circles, 94, 199, 300.
News Summary, 91, 195, 298, 528, 628.

HORWILL, HERBERT W. The Utilization of Time On the Conewango. Verse, 599.
Out of Season at Chautauqua, 21.

Waste, 178.

How Chautauqua Circles Have Promoted Public Li- PEABODY, F. E. Every-Day Japan, 582.
braries, 199.


How Two Women Found the Shortia (Illustrated), 490.
HULME, WILLIAM H. A Tramp through the Southern
Black Forest (Illustrated), 48; A Trip Down the
Rhine (Illustrated), 254.

Italy, 548.
Philippines, Civil Government for, 216.
Philippines, Civil Government for the, 431.
Philippines, Conduct of the War, 216.
Philippine Names, Pronunciation of, 117.
Philippines, The Vatican and the, 534.

Illustrations of Historic Interest, 12.
Industrial Combinations Today, 110.
Irrigation - Reclaiming an Empire, 430.

Irrigation and the American Frontier, (Illustrated), 568. PIERCE, GRACE ADELE. In Old Ballad Days, 595.
Israelite Alliance, 442.

Pontifical Commission, 117.

Anita Garibaldi, 511.
Glimpses of School Life in

Pope's Jubilee, The, 13.

Porto Rican Benevolent Society, The, 11.

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