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Juni 1767


New York, N. Y. 10003


Manufactured in the United States of America


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Battles of Lookout Mountain and Missionary
Ridge, The ......
..J. W. A. Wright....


Bent of International Intercourse, The..
..J. D. Phelan.


Bonaparte, Napoleon, Youth and Education of. Warren Olney.


Book Reviews :

Adams's (Oscar Fay) Brief Handbook of American Authors; Brief Handbook of English Au-

tbors, 666.-Adams, Samuel (James K. Hosmer, American Statesinen "), 221.-Afghanis-

tan he Anglo-Russian Dispute, 209. - Aldrich's (Thomas Bailey) Poems, 439.-- American

Commonwealths: Cooley's Michigan; Shaler's Kentucky 661; Spring's Kansas, 665.-Amer-

ican Statesinen: John Marshall (Magruder), 112; Samuel Adams (Hosmer), 221.- Androme-

da (George Fleming), 552.- Anecdotes Nouvelles, 224. – Annual Index to Periodicals (Q. P.

Index), 112.-Anstey's (F.) The Tinted Venus, 328.- Art and the Formation of Taste, 560.-

As It Was Written (Sidney Luska), 551. -Aulnay Tower (Miss Howard), 323.

Balzac's Père Goriot, 554.-Bar Sinister, The, 553. - Beers's (Professor Henry A.) Prose Writ-

ings of N. P. Willis, 224.-Besant's (Walter) Uncle Jack and Other Stories, 328.-Biglow
Papers, The (Lowell), 560.- Birds in the Bush (Torrey). 336.—Brief Handbook of American
Authors; Brief Handbook of English Authors (Oscar Fay Adams), 666.-Bureau of Educa-
tion, Reports of, 101, 215.—Burrouglis's (John) Wake-Robin, 112.-By Shore and Sedge

(Bret Harte), 327.-By-Ways of Nature and Life (Clarence Deming), 560.
Camp-Fire, Memorial Day, and Other Poems (Kate Brownlee Sherwood), 438.-Cattle-rais-

ing on the Plains of North America, 665.—Children's Books, 662.-Chinese Gordon, the Un-
crowned King. 112.-Cleveland's (Miss Rose E.) George Eliot's Poetry and Other Studies,
334.–Color Studies (Thomas A. Janvier), 551.-Coming Struggle for India, The (Vambery),
558.-Cooke's (J. Esten) The Maurice Mystery, 519.- Cooley's (Professor) Michigan, 664.
Coöperative Commonwealth, The (Lawrence Gronlund), 430.-Coöperative Index to Period-
icals, 112.-Coues's (Professor Elliott) Key to American Birds, 110.-Craddock's (Charles
Egbert) Down the Ravine, 327; The Prophet of the Great Smoky Mountains, 553. --Craw-

ford's (F. Marion) Zoroaster, 323.-Criss-Cross (Grace Denio Litchfield), 552.

Defective and Corrupt Legislation, 546. - Directory of Writers for the Literary Press in the

United States, 112.—Discriminate, 222.-Down the Ravine, (Charles Egbert Craddock), 327.

- Due South, 559.

Educational Reports, 101, 215.-Elegy for Grant, An, 436.-Ely's (Professor Richard T.) Recent

American Socialism, 429.- Endura, 549.

Fall of the Great Republic, The, 432.--Fiction, Recent, 323, 547.-Fish and Men in the Maine

Islands (W. H. Bishop), 447.- Fleming's (George) Andromeda, 552.- For a Woman (Nora

Perry), 551.-Forbes's (Archibald) Souvenirs of Some Continents, 447.-Frolicsome Girls, 560.

George Eliot's Poetry and Other Studies (Miss Cleveland), 334.-German Simplitied (Knoflach),

223, 666.-Glenaveril (Earl of Lytton, “ Owen Meredith"), 439.

Halévy's Un Mariage d'Amour, 112.-Harte's By Shore and Sedge, 327; Marnja, 550.—Haw-

thorne's (Julian) Love or a Name, 551.-Hawthorne's (Nathaniel) The Scarlet Letter, 554.-

Historic Boys (E. S. Brooks), 663.-Holiday Books, 661.-Holmes's The Last Leaf, 661.

Hosmer's (James K.) Samuel Adams, 221.-Houp La (John Strange Winter), 549.-Howard's
(Blanche Willis) Aulpey Tower, 323. -Howells's (W. D.) Venetian Life, 112; Rise of Silas
Lapham, 553.-How Should I Pronounce ? (Phyfe), 222.-Hunter's Handbook, The, 666.
Idylles (Henry Gréville), 666.-Ingelow's (Jean) Poems of the Old Days and the New, 440.-

Italy, 1815-1878 (Probyn), 110.

John Marshall (Allan Magruder), 112.—Journals of General Gordon at Kartoum, 335.-Joyous

Story of Toto, The, 663.

Kamehameha (C. M. Newell), 323.-Kansas (L. W. Spring, American Commonwealths), 665.-

Kentucky (N. S. Sbaler, American Coromonwealthis), 661.-Key to North American Birds,

(Professor Coues), 110.- Kindergarten Chimes (Kate Douglas Wiggin), 224.

Last Leaf, The (O. W. Holmes), 661.--Le Monde ou l'on s'Enniue (Pailleron), 666.-Lenape

Stone, The, 111.-Lilith (Ada Langworthy Collier), 438. --Litehtield's (Grace Denio) Criss-
Cross, 552. — Little Country Girl, A (Susan Coolidge), 663.- Lone Star Bopeep, A, and Other
Stories (Howard Seely). 551.-Love or a Name (Julian Hawthorne), 550.–Lowell's Biglow
Papers, 560.-Luck of the Darrells, The (James Payn), 519.-Lytton's Glenaveril, 439.—Lus-
ka's As It Was Written, 551.

Mahdi, The. 560.—Man's Birthright, 434. - Magruder's (Allan) John Marshall, 112.-Maruja

(Bret Harte), 550. - Marvels of Animal Life, The, 663. – Marvin's The Russians at the Gates

of Herat, 209.-Maurice Mystery, The (J. Esten Cooke), 549.-Michel Angelo Buonarotti,

560.- Michigan (T. M.) Cooley, American Commonwealths, 664 — Morals of Christ, The, 666.

National Academy Notes and Catalogue, 112 --Nature and Reality of Religion, The (Spencer

and Harrison), 448.–Nemesis, A, 329.-New England Conscience, A, 329.-Newton's (R.
Heber) Philistinism, 559.-Nimrod in the North (Frederick Schwatka), 661,

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