Mousterian "bone flute" and other finds from Divje Babe I cave site in Slovenia

Sprednja platnica
Znanstvenoraziskovalni center SAZU, 1997 - 223 strani
The most topical Middle Paleolithic site in Slovenia is presented in full detail in this series. The Divje Babe I cave site became famous for the discovery of what current investigations indicate could be the oldest human flute known, made of the bone of a cave bear. The principal parts of the book address typological, technological, acoustic and musicological aspects of this remarkable find. Individual chapters present the stratigraphy, chronology, fauna and flora from the site, in addition to the Paleolithic material finds up to the layer including the bone flute.

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Editors preface Slovene
Stratigraphy and diagenesis of sediments Ivan Turk
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