Prehistoric and early Roman settlement in northwestern Istria

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Založba ZRC, Znanstvenoraziskovalni center SAZU, 1997 - 193 strani
This publication presents the results of excavations carried out at an early Roman settlement at Sermin near Koper, not far from Trieste, Italy. It covers the extent of the settlement, the stratigraphy, and the remains of Bronze Age houses and Roman leveling of the ground. Metal, glass and bone material finds, as well as Prehistoric and Roman pottery, are analyzed in detail. It was determined that settlement was of long duration, probably continuous from the Middle Neolithic to the middle of the first century AD. Due to their abundance, material finds dating to the Middle and Late Bronze Ages as well as the Early Roman period are more striking. Sermin was constantly situated in the middle of trade and cultural currents between Italy, the Balkans and the Mediterranean region. The material finds are also an indication of the significance of the settlement during the period of the earliest Romanization.

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