Annual Announcement of Courses of Instruction

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The University Press, 1902

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Stran 27 - The object of this course is to familiarize the student with the organs to be operated upon, together with the principles that underlie all operations upon the teeth, and to provide a systematic course in manual training.
Stran 28 - Curator of the Department of Anthropology in the American Museum of Natural History of New York, is Chairman of the committee.
Stran 30 - Bracketed courses are not given in 1899-1900. 1. General Introduction to the Science of Language. The essential principles of the life and growth of language ; outlines of the science of phonetics ; history of the science of comparative philology ; historical and ethnological results of the science ; classification of languages ; salient characteristics of the various branches of the IndoEuropean family of languages ; methods of investigation.
Stran 62 - The instructors in English hold themselves ready to assist and advise competent graduate students who may propose plans of special study in the English language or literature. Such plans, however, must in each case meet the approval of the Department.
Stran 54 - Courses 9, 10, n to 14, 17, 18, 21, 23, and the graduate courses are especially adapted to the needs of students who desire to teach. Beginning with December, 1905, a final examination will be required of candidates for the teacher's certificate in English. The emphasis will be laid, not so much on detailed information as (a) on grasp of the subject of English in its twofold aspect — the language and literature, and...
Stran 77 - The progressions and other simple series, inequalities and limits, exponentials and logarithms, permutations and combinations, binomial theorem for any index, expansion of functions in series, convergency of series, determinants, elements of the theory of equations.
Stran 9 - Education to afford such instruction in the principles and the history of education as is desirable in a truly liberal culture, and to provide adequate professional preparation for University students who intend to teach.
Stran 25 - A study of the principles and practice of government expenditure, government revenue, and government debt, with special reference to the problems of taxation in the United States.
Stran 90 - A knowledge of general physics. For observatory work in connection with this course, students may elect Course 2, 4A, or 4B, subject to the prerequisites announced. 4A.
Stran 5 - ... investigation of the nature of a State, and its bearing on the limits of liberty and allegiance; sketch of the history of political theories.

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